CONCENTRATION CAMP RULES
                                     SOUTH AFRICA

                             Burgher Refugee Camp, East London

The following acts, matters, and things are prohibited:

    a. The depositing or throwing of slops, filthy water, urine, excreta, or refuse of any kind on
       the ground, or within the precincts of the Camp or in any other but the places set aside
       and indicated for this purpose by the Superintendent of the Camp or his subordinates.
    b. The relieving of nature in any other place or places other than those specially set apart
       and indicated for that purpose, or defiling such places in any matter.
    c. The willful destruction of any tents, utensils, bedding, clothing, fencing, gardens,
       plantations, or other property belonging to His Majesty’s Government, intended for the
       use of the inmates of the Camp, or the willful destruction of any property whatsoever
       kind belonging to or in the lawful possession of any of the inmates of the camp.
    d. Trespassing in the hospitals, wards, or any other place or places intended for the sole use
       of the Superintendent or other officials of the camp.
    e. The washing of clothes, soiled linen, cutlery or cooking utensils in any other places or
       places than those set apart and indicated for that purpose by the Superintendent or his
    f. The giving of medicines, liquids or solids, or any kind of food to any patient or patients
       in the hospitals or Camp, and which patient or patients are under the charge and care of
       the Medical officer of the camp, without the previous permission of the Medical Officer
       having been obtained.
    g. Neglecting to properly ventilate and cleanse the cubicles at such stated times as the
       Superintendent or his nominee may appoint.
    h. Neglecting to air the clothes and bedding when directed to do so, as in “G.”
    i. Any person or persons owning poultry permitting same to roam outside the places
       provided therefore.
    j. Any person or persons owning any dog or dogs permitting same to roam at large after the
       hour of 6:00 pm.
    k. Neglecting to put lights out at specified hours.
    l. Using coal, charcoal, wood, or oil fires and stoves of any kind, and also the use of any
       form of lamp or candle for lighting purposes in the cubicles.
    m. Being outside the Beacons surrounding the Camp without a pass from the
    n. Neglecting to perform any duty when directed by the Superintendent or his nominee.
    o. Communicating with the Commandant or any other military or civil official or officials
       either verbally or in writing except through the Superintendent.

I hereby declare non-compliance with any of the above Regulations for the Burgher Refugee
Camp to be, at least, neglect to the prejudice of good order, vide Martial Law Regulation for East
London District., No. 26 (2).

                                         H. H. Smythe,
                           Lieut.-Colonel, Commandant, East London.

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