MCDC Operations Manager

					MCDC Operations Manager

The position
The Operations Manager is a key senior position that oversees the day-to-day operation of MCDC’s core
business of small business lending. This includes: underwriting and processing loans for customers;
monitoring the performance of loans on the books; overall portfolio management; lending staff
management; and program planning, budgeting and management. The Operations Manager reports
directly to the Executive Director.

We seek a candidate who enjoys the puzzle of organizing a complex lending process so that the team
can perform at its best while the customer gets great service. The ideal candidate is very familiar with
business financing, and also has a proven track record of supervision and program management. The
financing knowledge can come from experience in commercial lending, or from direct experience in
setting up financing for a business. However, we are willing to train a candidate who has had
signifcant responsibility for tracking and managing financial performance in small businesses. The
management experience can come from significant supervisory experience, division management, or
small business management.

The MCDC loan fund expects to experience significant growth in the next five years, at least doubling
its current $5 million capital base, and reaching a level of annual lending of approximately $3 million
per year. To accomplish this growth we need a systems-oriented, entrepreneurial person who can
focus the strength of our lending team on making loans, and on achieving the best internal systems
possible for efficiency, good customer service, and high community value.

A detailed description of job content follows.

The company and the loans we offer
MCDC is a non-profit loan fund and business development service. We make small business loans in
situations where bank financing doesn’t fit, and we work one-on-one with business owners who are
trying to improve their company’s performance. The goal of this work is to create quality businesses
with good employment opportunities for working people in western Montana communities. Our work
is grounded in a vision of creating a “regional opportunity economy” which is deeply entrepreneurial
and strongly supportive to all members of the community.

MCDC’s Revolving Loan Fund is capitalized at $5 million, derived from both public and private
investments. The fund makes commercial loans and microloans to small businesses engaged in widely
varying enterprises including retail, light manufacturing, service and some agriculture.

MCDC makes loans that would generally not meet commercial bank underwriting standards, most often
because of weak collateral and/or equity levels. We take added credit risk to achieve the community

                               MCDC Loan and Consulting Clients
development mission that our funders have invested in. Because of the credit risk, our underwriting
process requires a comprehensive assessment of the borrower’s condition from financial, market,
management and operations standpoints. The loan package is developed in cooperation with the
borrower, and often requires 4-12 weeks of development. The close relationship continues as MCDC
monitors the credit over the life of the loan.

MCDC’s $5 million dollar fund has $2.7 million in loans outstanding and loan volume was $1.5 million
last year. In June of 2005, MCDC also launched The Montana Fund, a quasi-equity loan product. A
total of $750,000 has been invested to date. The Montana Fund loans are underwritten and monitored
by the Business Development Manager.

A board of directors from the service area governs the organization. A total of nine employees make
up the staff. Operations at MCDC are funded by a combination of long-term government grants, loan
revenues and foundation grants. The 2006 operating budget is over $1,000,000.

MCDC is a fun, progressive place to work. The work atmosphere is informal and flexible, but the
standards for work quality are very high. The values that guide MCDC staff include passionate
leadership, dignity, effective community building, learning & building expertise, and ethical
accountability. Staff members participate strongly in all aspects of program development and

To learn more and to apply
This is unique position for an entrepreneurial and community-minded individual. You will find
detailed information about our organization and it’s loan programs online. We are also happy to
discuss MCDC and this job with you, and welcome your email or phone call to learn more.

To be considered for this position, please send:
     Resume including salary history;
     Professional reference list with contact information;
     Very important – a letter that explains:
            o How you feel that you can tailor your experience to MCDC’s loan program;
            o Your interest in a job that builds opportunities in the community for people of all
                income levels;
            o Your approach to supervision and program oversight.

If you become a candidate, we will also ask for your permission to check your credit history and to
contact your references.

For electronic submission (in Word or PDF format only) please e-mail Mica Lindsey at You may also mail the materials, attention Mica Lindsey, to the MCDC address

Montana Community Development Corporation
110 East Broadway #200
Missoula MT 59802

                                       Job Description

Position: Operations Manager
Classification: Full time exempt
Reports To: Executive Director
Salary: $40,000 to $50,000 DOE. Bonus plan.
Benefits: Health insurance plan, paid vacation, sick leave and holidays, contribution to
Simple IRA, and flexible benefits plan.

Position Summary: The Operations Manager is a key senior position which reports directly to
the Executive Director. The person manages the day-to-day operation of our core business of
small business lending. This includes loan production and monitoring; portfolio management;
and budgeting and financial management.
Job Duties:

   Strategic Leadership
    Represent the operations function in organizational strategic planning.
   Lending Program Management
    Develop annual lending work plan in cooperation with Business Development Manager,
       with loan volume goals, portfolio quality goals, budget and action steps.
    Implement work plan with MCDC Lending Team.
    Provide work plan progress reports as needed for MCDC staff and board.
   Lending Team leadership
    Assist lending staff members to develop goals and standards to achieve the annual
    Supervise lending team members including regular progress meetings, coaching, and
       documentation of employee performance.
    Manage weekly lending meeting.
   Loan Portfolio Management
    Monitor the financial performance of MCDC’s loan funds against annual lending work
       plan goals, and prepare reports as needed for MCDC staff and board
    Lead and monitor portfolio quality activities by Lending Team, including file reviews,
       borrower site visits, and plans of action for problem loans.
    Insure that the policies and procedures for underwriting, portfolio management and
       receiving investments are effective, up-to-date and in compliance with funder
    Oversee completion of required funder reports by the Loan Administrator.
    Oversee data collection related to loan funds in Webcats and in portfolio impact
   Loan production
    Oversee Loan Officer in production of loans.
    Underwrite loans and prepare loan proposals for committee.
    Work with Business Development Manager as needed to complete lending marketing
       activities to implement lending work plan and MCDC marketing plan.

Skills and Qualifications:
     Business financing knowledge:
           o Two years commercial lending experience (preferred); or,

       o    Demonstrated knowledge of business financing through track record of
            achieving financing in a small business; or,
        o Significant responsibility for tracking and managing small business financial
   Demonstrated ability to build and manage service systems, preferably through two
    years experience as a manager or owner of a company having significant responsibility
    for production, service systems, or processes.
   Two years significant supervisory experience.
   Knowledge of loan portfolio standards preferred. May demonstrate financial
    management skills attained through small business financial management.
   Degree in business or finance preferred.
   Commitment to using capital to help people and communities in need in western
   Interest in innovation in loan products and delivery systems.
   Demonstrated interest in community activities and/or economic development.
   Proficiency in MS Office programs required, and experience in automated network
    setting preferred.


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