Directions to Quality Inn and Suites

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					Directions to Quality Inn and Suites
120 Lindsey Road
Hannibal, MO

1. From Columbia, Missouri, Take I-70 E / US-40 E. to

2. US-54 exit- EXIT 148- toward AUXVASSE / MEXICO / FULTON.

3. At the end of the exit ramp, turn LEFT onto US-54 E.

4. Continue on US-54 E. This is a four lane divided highway until you reach Mexico. Then, it
becomes a two lane highway. This segment of the highway will end with an exit ramp. At the
stop sign where the ramp ends, turn right. You will still be on US 54. Again, continue on US-
54. At some point you will be on US-54 / MO-19. Stay on MO-19.

5. Continue on MO-19. Until you get to US-61 (at New London).

6. Turn left (North) onto US-61. Continue on US-61 to Hannibal. Once in Hannibal, you will get
to an intersection that has a Shell Gasoline station on your right and a Hardees fast food
restaurant on the left of the intersection.

7. Continue North on US-61 and get into the left lane after passing this intersection. You will
see signs for I-72 and/or US-36.

8. Turn left, west onto I-72/US-36. You will drive under the overpass and then turn left onto
the ramp for I-72/US-36. Use caution at this area, I think it is a potentially hazardous part of

9. Exit I-72/US-36 at Shinn Lane. (This is also the exit for Hannibal Regional Hospital.)

10. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp to Shinn Lane. Drive over I-72/US-36. Turn left onto
the frontage road. DO Not turn left onto the ramp for I-72/US-36. Drive pass the ramp.

11. When you are on the frontage road, you should see signs for the Quality Inn and Suites
(120 Lindsey Road, Hannibal, MO). It is behind Fiddlesticks Restaurant.

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