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Consumer Trends in the Pasta & Noodles Market in Brazil, 2011


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This report provides the results for the Pasta & Noodles market in Brazil from
Canadean’s unique, highly detailed and proprietary survey of consumers’ Consumer
Packaged Goods (CPG) consumption habits, and forms part of an overall series
covering all CPG product markets.Its coverage includes, but is not limited to,
consumption behaviors, the extent to which consumer trends influence their
consumption and the value of the market these trends influence, brand and private
label choices as well as retailer choices. Much of this information can also be
analyzed by specific consumer group, providing hard and fast data on consumers
and markets at the product category level.

Why was the report written?
Marketers in the Pasta & Noodles market face a major challenge. Understanding
market size and segmentation is valuable, but the keys to effective targeting is
knowing just how valuable specific consumer groups are, and being able to quantify
the impact of consumer trends.This report solves these problems by providing
integrated survey-based data on consumer trends, consumer groups and market
data which show exactly the size of consumer groups, how much of the Pasta &
Noodles market they account for and which consumer trends drive their behavior.

Consumer survey data for the following specific categories: the Ambient Noodles,
Ambient Pasta, Chilled Noodles, Chilled Pasta, Dried Noodles and Dried Pasta

Detailed consumer segmentation based on survey data covering over 26 consumer
groups, 20 consumer trends and consumption frequency for each product category.

Reasons To Buy
Unique proprietary data that sizes and segments consumers, tracks their behavior
and shows the impact of this on their markets

Key Highlights
Kids & Babies consume the most Pasta & Noodles, with an 18% value share of the
market. However, this is equal to their share of the population. No age group
consumes Pasta & Noodles disproportionately to its size, indicating that marketers
need to introduce differentiated products aimed at different demographics in order
to maximize their revenues.

Table of Contents :

1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.2.1 Consumer Trends
1.2.2 Consumer Groups and Legal Drinking Age Consumption (for Alcoholic Drinks
1.2.3 End Consumers
1.2.4 Volume Units and Aggregations
1.2.5 Exchange Rates
1.2.6 Population Profiles (for interpretation of tables and charts)
1.3 Methodology
1.3.1 Introduction
1.3.2 Large scale, international, program of online consumer surveys
1.3.3 Nationally Representative results (age, gender)
1.3.4 Parents answered on their children’s behalf
1.3.5 Legal Drinking Age exclusions for alcoholic drinks categories
1.3.6 Integrated with industry calling and secondary research
2 Consumer Segmentation, Group Value and Trend Influence
2.1 Cohort Groups and Pasta & Noodles Market Value
2.1.1 Age Groups
2.1.2 Gender Groups
2.1.3 Location Groups
2.1.4 Education Achieved Groups
2.1.5 Wealth Groups
2.1.6 Busy Lives Groups
2.2 Cohort Groups and Market Value by Category
2.2.1 Ambient Noodles
2.2.2 Ambient Pasta
2.2.3 Chilled Noodles
2.2.4 Chilled Pasta
2.2.5 Dried Noodles
2.2.6 Dried Pasta
2.3 Behavioral Trends and Market Value
2.3.1 Ambient Noodles
2.3.2 Ambient Pasta
2.3.3 Chilled Noodles
2.3.4 Chilled Pasta

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