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Diaper+Rash by lanyuehua


									                                                                              Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash                                          Washing Diapers
Diaper rash is a redness in the baby’s diaper        Soak soiled cloth diapers in a mixture of ½ cup
area that can make a baby uncomfortable. It is       (125 ml) of vinegar to one gallon (four quarts or
caused by the reaction of your baby’s sensitive      five litres) of water. Add ½ cup (125 ml) of
skin to urine, stool, or the type of diaper. Here    vinegar to the last rinse of the washing machine
are a few helpful hints for parents to use to        instead of fabric softener.
prevent diaper rash.

                                                     Treating Diaper Rash
Diapers                                              If diaper rash appears, the best thing to do is
For new babies, avoid using plastic pants which      leave your baby without a diaper for 10–15
may chafe your baby. At night, use a double or       minutes several times a day. This will expose
triple cloth diaper and place a rubber mat under     the skin to the air. The room should be warm so
the sheet. This will protect the mattress.           that your baby is comfortable. Applying zinc or
                                                     Vaseline may help to prevent chafing and be
                                                     soothing to the skin. If the rash doesn’t begin to
Changing                                             clear up after three days, take your baby to the
Try to change the diaper as soon as it is wet or     Community Health Nurse or the doctor.
soiled (dirty). Check the diaper every time the
baby feeds to see if it is wet. Disposable diapers
may seem to keep wetness away from the
baby’s skin, but they need to be checked as          If you have questions:
often as cloth diapers.                              Call the Healthy Beginnings Hotline at 413-7990
                                                     if your baby is 0 – 2 months of age. Call Capital
For a very young baby, change the wet diaper         Health Link at 408-LINK (408-5465) if your baby
at least once during the night, when the baby        is over 2 months of age. This phone line is
wakes to feed.                                       answered by registered health nurses
                                                     24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
After each change, try to rinse the baby’s diaper
area with clear water or baby wipes. Using mild
soap once a day is all right for your baby’s skin.

After changing and cleaning, your baby may
find it soothing to have a zinc preparation or
a petroleum jelly product applied to the
diaper area.

                                                     Community Health Services • CHP97-0127 (Revised 2001 01)

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