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                     JANUARY 2011
This Newsletter comes to you from the Hand Over Hand Club. The club is a
self-determining group of people with both hearing and vision loss. It is an important
part of the DeafBlind Association of NSW and is assisted by Vision Australia formerly
Royal Blind Society of NSW. The club provides interesting outings, information and
social interaction for its members. The newsletter is produced in Braille, Large Print,
Regular size print, as a word doc, on CD and can be sent by e-mail.

Put yourself on the mailing list by ringing Janne Bidenko 02 9456 2372 / 0419 420
239 Voice OR send a fax to DBA FAX: 02 9744 0171 Fax anytime OR e-mail to

Our website address is: http://www.dbansw.org.au

We meet on the last Saturday of each month except December.
We welcome all articles from members.
Articles, inquiries, comments and general correspondence may be sent to:
The Deafblind Association (NSW)
P.O. Box 1295
Strathfield NSW 2135

This month’s articles:
     - HOH CHRISTMAS PARTY 2010 – Tony Hirst
     OF AGM ON 29TH JANUARY 2011


This year we had a Dinner Party at the Burwood RSL Brasserie, with most people
having a Christmas dinner of pork and vegetables, followed by Christmas pudding
and custard. The volunteers we had all worked hard and I am glad we held it at the
RSL as the brasserie provided table service after we eventually organised what
people, who did not want the traditional meal, wished to order. All there had a good
time and gifts were handed around, before a few people went to listen to the live
music, before we all departed around 10.

The roll up included Felicity Douglas, Leonie and Kwame Ahenkan, Gaie Barrett,
Cindy Scarcella, Nerida Wooldridge, Patrick Slaven, Nolan Frazer, Chris Hammond,
Tony Hirst, Lawrie Kingshott, Mark Hoarau, Dean Hanlon, Brett McCreath & Leanne
Brimms, Joe Habib, Shayne McDonagh, Ros Sackley, Irene McMinn, Janne Bidenko
and it was good to see John Petersen together with his parents Theresa and Ken
plus sister and brother-in-law and nieces.


Happy New Year to all, I hope you had a Happy Christmas and were able to spend it
with friends or family. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with all my family,
when we all converged on Melbourne, where we were able to do lots of enjoyable
things over a 2 week holiday.

It is now time for work in 2011, and I hope lots of enjoyment with Hand-over-Hand
Club. Firstly we will have the AGM on 29th January, so I hope you will bring lots of
ideas for outings this year, maybe there are some new places that you would like to
try. Unfortunately I will be away in India for the AGM, but I am sure this will be a good
meeting and I hope you all enjoy the change of venue this year and lunch out. I
would also like to congratulate last year’s committee on their good work. I hope to
see you back in 2011 in whatever capacity you choose, or if there is anyone else who
would like to nominate please let Tony or Lawrie know.

This year you will hear much about advocacy for changes to disability funding, we all
hope that this advocacy will mean that deafblindness will be recognised in the future,
and funding will eventually become available to meet the many needs that are
currently denied Deafblind people. This is not going to happen immediately, but if we
all keep putting pressure on the Government for a ‘National Disability Insurance
Scheme’ we must surely succeed. PWD will be advocating for this as will other
advocacy organisations, there are articles in this ‘Rainbow’ and I shall continue to put
articles in ‘Rainbow’ about this important issue.


Happy Birthday to our January birthday people:
1st January      Peter Minter Risby
                 Eliza McEwin
4 January        Peter Tarrant
20 January       Evelyn Ferry


It has been a period of considerable activity since the last campaign update. Work will
continue in earnest over the Christmas/New Year period in preparation for what we
believe will be a very busy few months at the beginning of next year.

Most work has focused on the development of a new campaign website. The current
NDIS website has served us well until this point, providing a central repository for
information and encouraging people to visit and email their local MPs to build support
for the NDIS. We are however now ready to move to the next stage of the campaign.
The new website will be a simple, engaging, interactive website which will allow
people to engage with the campaign on a number of different levels. It will be a
website that speaks both to people with a disability and their families but also to the
general public. It will explain to people with no experience of disability what the
problems are and how the NDIS will provide solutions. It will constantly evolve and
change as the campaign itself evolves and changes. We hope very much that it will
become a site that people will come back and visit often to find out what is new and
what is happening with the campaign.

We intend to launch the new website at the end of January so stay tuned and we will
provide more details as the launch date grows closer. Please let everyone in your
networks know about the coming changes and to keep an eye out for the new site.

Since our last update there has been a state election in Victoria. We declared
October Visiting Month in Victoria and set ourselves the task of ensuring every state
MP and every federal member from Victoria received a visit from someone with lived
experience of disability to spread the word about the need for an NDIS. As with the
Federal election we were pleased that we were able to secure tri-partisan support for
the NDIS, with Labor, the Coalition and the Greens declaring their support for the
NDIS and promising to champion its introduction with their Federal colleagues if
elected on November 27. Achieving the support of all parties was particularly
important in this election which was predicted to be close – an accurate prediction as
it turned out. We will be now looking to the new Baillieu government to honour its
election commitments. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those
committed and passionate individuals who took the time to email or visit their local
MP to tell them about the need for the NDIS – we are sure all these visits contributed
to the two announcements made by the parties. We appreciate everyone’s energy
and commitment in tacking such a large task.

And finally, we are delighted to announce that the National Disability and Carer
Alliance will next year convene The National Disability and Carer Congress: Make
Every Australian Count to be held in Melbourne on May 2 and 3. Mark the date in
your diaries now. Come along to this exciting event and hear from our elected
representatives about their vision for people with a disability, their families and carers
in this country, hear from international experts about developments in disability policy
around the world and most importantly, hear from people with a disability, their
families and carers about their hopes for the future. This congress will be unlike
others with many opportunities for participants to quiz presenters and engage in
greater discussion and debate than is usually possible within traditional conference
programs. A discounted subsidised rate will be offered for individuals with a disability
and family members in order to ensure as many people as possible have the
opportunity to participate. We are on the cusp of transformational change in this
country – come along to the Congress and hear what it will mean for you and how
you can be part of it. Registrations will open early next year – save the date and
spread the word.

As always, thank you for your commitment to the campaign.

John Della Bosca and the NDIS campaign team
9 December 2010

National Disability Insurance Scheme, PO BOX R160, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225,

Release Date: 3 December 2010

Stronger Together Stage 2: $2 billion historic investment in disability services will
deliver 47,000 new places

The NSW Government today announced a further $2 billion investment in disability
services over the next five years for the second phase of the Stronger Together 2006-
2016 initiative - reaching out to the most vulnerable in the community and supporting
their carers.

The first five years of the program has already injected $1.3 billion in growth funding
to the disability sector. This is the largest investment in disability services in New
South Wales’ history and the most significant investment made by a State
Government anywhere in Australia.

The additional funding will increase disability services capacity by an estimated
47,000 places over the next five years. This funding is in addition to the $2.02 billion
it will cost to continue to fund the expansion of disability services already provided
under the first five years of the program.

It brings the total new investment by NSW over the ten years of Stronger Together
2006-2016 to a record $5.5 billion. In addition, the NSW Government will provide a
payroll tax exemption for employers of people with disabilities. The exemption will
apply to all new employees who are employed after 30 June 2011. The exemption will
be provided in the form of a rebate to employers who fully pay the wages of
employees with a disability.

The package follows extensive public consultation with disability service providers,
people with a disability, their carers and their families.

Premier Kristina Keneally and Minister for Disability Services, Peter Primrose today
joined disability service providers, people with a disability and their carers to
announce the expansion of Stronger Together.

“Stronger Together has already delivered an additional 29,000 disability service
places, and has helped service providers to be more responsive to the individual
needs of people with a disability and their families,” Ms Keneally said.

“The disability sector has made it clear through our consultation sessions carried out
earlier this year that Stronger Together has made a positive difference to people’s
lives. We recognise there is still more to do to make sure we get the plan right for the
next five years.”
“People with a disability in NSW need more support, as do their families and carers,
and this package is about giving disability service providers the flexibility they need to
better respond to people’s needs.”

“The Stronger Together program demonstrates how government and non-
government sectors can work together to provide certainty for people with a disability,
their families and carers.”

Minister for Disability Services, Peter Primrose said providing payroll tax exemptions
for employers of people with disabilities will help deliver the NSW Government’s State
Plan target of an extra 6,000 jobs for people with disabilities by 2016.

“This is great news for people with a disability and follows an announcement by the
NSW Government earlier this year exempting employers of people with a disability
from normal tendering requirements for Government goods and services,” Mr
Primrose said. “The new register enables Government agencies to procure goods
and services from companies that hire people with a disability without having to go
through a separate tender process. National Disability Services (NDS) will keep a
procurement register on behalf of eligible companies that fulfil certain requirements.”

“The changes are detailed in a Premier’s Memorandum that encourages NSW
Government agencies to access more goods and services from the register.”

For further information please visit www.dadhc.nsw.gov.au.


Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been selected as the host city for the XV World Dbl
Conference to be held September 27 - October 1, 2011. This conference will provide
the important opportunity to be updated on the marvellous work being done
throughout the region as the last Latin America Dbl World Conference was held in
Argentina, in 1995.

The conference theme is “Inclusion For a Life of Opportunities” thus encouraging
the exploration of relationships between Deafblind persons and their families, friends,
school partners and the professionals whom work with them. As well, it will provide
Deafblind persons the wonderful opportunity to share their experiences with the rest
of the world.

The Scientific Committee has selected the following topics to be discussed in both
plenary and workshop settings:

     1.   Inclusive Education

     2.   Assistive Technology

     3.   Pediatric Rehabilitation

     4.   Neurological/Cortical etiologies

     5.   UNCRPD – United Nations Convention on the Rights of People

          with Disabilities

     6.   Congenital Deafblind Adults/Transition

     7.   Changing Population

     8.   Syndromes

     9.   The Elderly

To learn more about this conference, we invite you to visit www.dbi2011.com.br.
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.


Campaign that aims to give people control of their support and their life

In Control Australia and Family Advocacy launched this campaign on 3 December
2010. Its focus is very much upon ensuring that the new supports promised in the
Stronger Together 2 Policy in NSW are delivered in a fashion that provides true
control for people with disability and for families of people with disability, over these
supports. PWD is directly involved through its membership of In Control Australia.

Four priorities for the campaign have been identified:

Priority 1: Providing all existing and new users of government and non-
government' disability services the opportunity to direct their own support.

We will be looking to ensure that:

    people who want control over their resources have the opportunity at the
     earliest time;
    individualised portable funding arrangements translate into choice, voice
     and control.

Priority 2: Providing decision making support that is independent of government
and service providers.

We will be working to ensure that:

    the 'decision making resources' are independent of government and service

      providers, able to be accessed easily and give the person with disability control.

Priority 3: Transition support for services

We will be working to ensure that:
    the voices of people with disability and families are heard in the process of
     service transformation.

Priority 4: Administrative processes consistent with a self-directed approach.

We will be working to ensure that:
   the Stronger Together goal of "choice, portability and flexibility in funding and
    supports” means that people have control over how the money is used;
   government and service provider processes do not intrude into people’s lives;
    and there is a minimum of bureaucracy and paperwork.

Meetings around these priorities have already taken place with Minister Primrose and
the Shadow Minister Andrew Constance. The campaign will greatly influence PWD’s
NSW election lobbying around the delivery of disability services in NSW, in the new

What can you do?
   Register your support on the Family Advocacy website at http://www.family-
   Find     out   more     http://www.family-advocacy.com/learn-more-about-this-
   Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Self.Directed.Support

AND Join us in enabling people with disability and their families to have control of
their support and their lives.


Robert and I flew from Sydney to Launceston, Tasmania to meet our tour hostess,
Barbara, our coach driver Brian and other people from Comealong Tours which is
based in Bankstown on the 3rd November last year.

On arrival in Launceston – on our way to our motel in Ulverstone, our first stop was
the House of Anvers in Latrobe (a Chocolate Factory & Cafe), tasted some lovely
chocolates and had afternoon tea in the garden.

The next day we traveled to Stanley for a ride on the chairlift to the ‘Nut’ and walked
back down the mountain. The ‘Nut’ rising like a strange box above the bay was
discovered by Bass and Flinders in 1798, is the stump rising abruptly 152 metres
from the sea to the flattish top. On a beautiful day, Cradle Mountain can be seen from
the chairlift. After lunch we continued onto Burnie for free time to wander around the
town before returning to Ulverstone via Penguin for the night.

Other towns around Tasmania, we visited Spreyton, Railton, Sheffield, Mount Roland
is a town full of murals – paintings on walls focusing on It’s early history, took a walk
along the pathway at the Cradle Mountain/Dove Lake area to take in the lovely

Located 83kms from Devonport is Cradle Mountain – St Clair National Park, part of
Tasmania’s world heritage area. It has over 25 major peaks and a wide range of
glacial lakes, U-shaped valleys and waterfalls. We stopped at the Information Centre
with it’s depiction of the wildlife, mountains and rivers of this National Park.

We strolled along the boardwalk to view the falls below, then we drove to Dove Lake
and the jagged peaks of Cradle Mountain, we drove through the towns of Tullah,
Zeehan on our way to Queenstown for the next 2 nights, traveled to Strahan to join
World Heritage Cruises for a cruise down the Macquarie Harbour to Hell’s Gate, the
entrance to the Great Southern Ocean, we cruised by the salmon farms onto Sarah
Island at Heritage Landing and we made our way back to Strahan to browse through
the shops and rode on the West Coast Wilderness Railway train back to Queenstown.
The historic 35 kilometres railway of tight curves and spectacular bridges through the
rugged wilderness, dense rainforest and steep gorges.

We left Queenstown for the next 6 days in Hobart, on our way there, we stopped at
Nelson Falls to take an easy boardwalk through lovely wilderness areas to refreshing,
clear waterfalls, we passed the Franklin River and enjoy another easy walk around
the shores of Lake St Clair, at the Cynthia Interpretation Centre.

We saw the Tarraleah Hydro-Electricity Operation, the views of the hydro-electricity
pipes located at the base of the mountain is a Visitors Gallery where the scale of the
generators and hydro-electric operation can be seen.

We then continue onto Ouse and continue onto New Norfolk to Hobart where we
spend the next 6 nights. We cruised along the Derwent River, visited a historic town
of Richmond where streets are lined with antique shops, cafes, galleries,we saw the
country’s oldest Catholic church and the scenic bridge.

There are convict carvings on the Ross bridge – the oldest and most beautiful bridge
in Australia. Then onto Campbell Town to see fine examples of Georgian
architecture. We visited Salamanca Square with it’s centerpiece fountain, Hobart’s
famous home of arts and crafts, Georgian cottages of Battery Point.

We visited the Something Wild Animal Park – we saw a 3 day old Tasmanian Devil
along with other animals also the Cadbury Chocolate Factory – where we spent up
big as the chocolates are very cheap there to buy in bulk!

Then onto Mt Fields National Park to view the stunning Russell Falls, walked through
a mixed forest comprising of towering swamp gums, the tallest flowering plant on
earth and species of wet forests.

Walked along the Tahune Tree Top Airwalk – the highlight of this walk is the
cantilever that is 48 metres above the river level, rode on a motorized buggy, visited
the Huon Valley Apple Museum, Geeveston Forest & Heritage Complex.

Our sightseeing concluded with a view of the city and harbour from the summit of
Mount Nelson. Also we stopped to admire the Tasman Blowhole, the Tasman Arch
and the Devil’s Kitchen on our way to the Tasmanian Devil Park and we visited the
most famous ruins of Port Arthur.

Strolled around the Salamanca Markets before heading off to Swansea and Coles
Bay area of Freycinet National Park.

Oh boy on our overnight stay at St Helens was very wet and freezing cold – 10

We saw Eddie Freeman (a chainsaw sculptor who carved out in memory of World
War 1 soldiers, we took a chairlift ride, walked across the suspension bridge we
visited the Honey Farm, the Ashgrove Cheese Factory Complex, the Grubb & Shaft
Museum at the Beaconsfield Goldmine, visited Platypus World and a Swiss village.

Our final stop was Entally House - a Historic House before we headed back to
Launceston Airport for our flight home. What a great holiday it was and the people on
our tour were very friendly.
DEAFBLIND ASSOCIATION (NSW) Inc. -                               ANNUAL GENERAL
As usual, our January Hand Over Hand activity was the Annual General Meeting. We
had a good rollup. After a late start, at 2PM, reports on our various activities for the 2009
year were presented. Then the meeting was handed over to our returning Officer, Lawrie
Kingshott, to conduct the election of your DBA Committee for 2010.

Mark Hoarau was returned to office as President unopposed. Gaie Barrett was re-
elected Vice President. Peter Minter was returned as Treasurer unopposed. Irene
McMinn was returned as Correspondence Secretary unopposed. Roz Sackley and Tony
Hirst were returned as Joint Minutes Secretary unopposed.

Leonie Ahenkan, Lawrie Kingshott, Felicity Douglas, Gaie Barrett, Joe Habib, Lisa-Maree
Walker were elected to the committee.

Congratulations to those elected to the 2010 DBA Committee.

We then elected members to work on various sub committees:

Submissions, Grants and Fundraising - Adele Robinson, Lawrie Kingshott, Juanita
McLeod, Rae Williams, Janne Bidenko.

HOH - Tony Hirst, Leonie Ahenkan, Lawrie Kingshott, Juanita McLeod, Nell Bennett.

Volunteer Training Committee - Nicola Stowe, Janne Bidenko, Juanita McLeod, Margaret

Rainbow Publishing - Tony Hirst, Janne Bidenko, Lawrie Kingshott, Irene McMinn, Adele
Robinson. Peter Mulham is expected to accept nomination for this committee.

Craft Committee - Adele Robinson, Pat Robinson.

Office & Library Lisa-Maree Walker, Irene McMinn

The meeting then accepted the following suggestions for HOH activities for this year.

Surfing at the Disabled Surf Carnival at Collaroy in February; Trip to ADBC DeafBlind
Conference in Melbourne at the end of April; Trip to the Philip Island Deafblind Camp in
November; Swimming only in the warmer weather; Ice Skating; Braille and Audio trail at
Cumberland State Forest; Trip to Newington Armoury where they have a mini train
around the facility; RDA - Riding for the Disabled; Go to the Wisemans Ferry Pub by
crossing the river on the Ferry; It was suggested that we move the November HOH date,
our Christmas Party, so it does not clash with the Blind Bowlers Christmas Party; Trip to
Davistown RSL. Train to Woy Woy then ferry trip to Davistown Central Wharf where the
RSL bus will take us to the club from the wharf; Steam Train Trip - Maybe Thirlmere;
Koala Park, Featherdale Farm or Merrylands Park; Taronga Park or Dubbo Zoo.
We also discussed a Trip to the Theatre and maybe some people could facilitate this
independent of HOH as there are few members who might be interested and would

At the close of the meeting, we had a great afternoon tea before heading off home at

29th JANUARY 2011 by Tony Hirst.
This year's first HOH activity is of course our AGM (Annual General Meeting) to be held
at 1PM on Saturday 29th January 2011.

CHANGE OF VENUE: This year's meeting will be held in one of the meeting rooms
upstairs at the Burwood RSL which is in Shaftesbury Road Burwood, very close
to Burwood Station. Just ask at Reception and they will direct you to the meeting room.
You need to bring along your suggestions for HOH activities for the coming year. You
also need to think about who might be a good person to be on the committee so you can
nominate and vote for them.

NOTE: In order to vote you MUST be a current financial member of DBA (NSW).
So please fill out the attached Membership form and pay your membership prior to the
meeting or at the meeting prior to the voting.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available at the meeting.

DATE: Saturday 29th January 2011.
TIME: Meeting at 1PM
WHERE: Burwood RSL, Shaftesbury Road Burwood
   - $5 annual subscription, subscription form and donations
   - Those travelling on the buses, note we will arrive at Burwood RSL just before
     Midday so you will have time to buy some lunch at the cafe inside the RSL. They
     do a very nice Pizza and Fish & Chips.
   - Your suggestions for HOH Activities for 2011
   - If you need transport to the meeting contact Tony on 02 9642 7734 (leave a
     message) or mobile 0425 289 259 or email to tony.hirst@optusnet.com.au
   - If you are buying your lunch at the Burwood RSL you will need to bring about $20

DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc.

Individual fee - $5.00
Organisations with annual income less than $100K fee - $ 50.00
Corporations or Orgs with annual income more than $100K fee - $100.00
Donation in addition to the Membership Renewal - $...............

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Birthday: ....................................... (you don't have to include the year)
Phone Number:........................................................
Fax Number: ............................................................
Mobile: .....................................................................
E-mail address:........................................................

Preferred contact: (Mail / Phone / Fax / Mobile / TTY / SMS / Email)
RAINBOW NEWS - the newsletter of the DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc. - is
produced monthly, 11 times each year. In which of the following formats would you
prefer to receive your newsletter: E-MAIL / PRINT / BRAILLE / CD - please circle
If in print, what size font would you prefer it in?:

14 Point / 18        Point / 24           Point / 30                Point / 36                      Point
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