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 Galion, ohio
  Merrel lust retires
1963 Prizewinner shares
   MeMories and reciPes
  croP insurance
  corner                                                                                               Leader
                                                                                                       is published quarterly for stockholders, directors
                                                                                                       and friends of Ag Credit Agricultural Credit
  BY Michele harsh                                                                                     Association.

                                                                                                       Neil Jordan

                                                                                                       Board of directors
                                                                                                       Tom Antesberger, Chairman
                                                                                                       Charles Bostdorff, Vice Chairman
iMPortant dates:                                           aMount Paid                                 Paul Aley
March 15 – Last day to obtain crop insurance               in indeMnities               Year           Jerry Bumb
                                                            $161,058,131                 2002          Hal Dalton
coverage for 2006 spring crops. If you
                                                                                                       Allen Hartschuh
currently have a policy, it is continuous unless              60,584,071                 2003
                                                                                                       Jerry Layman
cancelled in writing by March 15th.                           56,731,865                 2004
                                                                                                       Harold Lunde, Ph.D.
April 5 – corn planted before this date will                  41,119,197                 1999          Merrel Lust
not have replant coverage.                                    37,590,757                 1996          Dennis Schroeder
April 20 – soybeans planted before this date                  27,620,315                 2001
will not have replant coverage.                               23,348,362                 2000          editor
                                                              16,965,730                 1995          Constance Ruth

Many times people ask how many acres are                      15,568,557                 1991
insured in their area so I thought the following                                                       AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
information from the RMA website (www.                    Recently, when reading some record
rma.usda) would be interesting.                      books from my grandparent’s estate, we found      PuBlishing director
                                                                     planting records belonging to     Donna Camacho
2004 ohio insured acres                                              my great-grandpa. In 1925,
                 insured        total acres                          the records show he planted       designers
croP              acres           in state           % insured                                         Will Gettys, Darren Hill, Renée Rhoads, Travis Taylor
                                                                     corn the first part of May
Corn           2,333,118           3,350,000             70%
                                                                     and, as the growing season
Soybeans       2,895,219           4,450,000             65%                                           Printer
                                                                     progressed, he replanted the      Spectra True Colour
Wheat            309,743             920,000             34%
                                                                     corn at the end of the month.
Popcorn           15,191              32,000             47%
                                                                     Eighty years ago, farmers         circulation
Tomatoes           3,025               6,600             46%
                                                                     never imagined tractors could     Kathi DeFlorio
     Since 1990, the amount of insured acres         be guided by GPS but we can relate to the
in the state have continued to increase as more                                                        Address changes, questions, comments or requests
                                                     same weather frustrations generations of
                                                                                                       for copies of our financial reports should be
producers realize the importance of having           farmers experienced in the past.
                                                                                                       directed to Ag Credit, ACA by writing 610 W. Lytle
crop insurance incorporated in their risk                 Crop insurance has become a popular          Street, Fostoria, Ohio 44830 or calling 800-837-
management planning.                                 management tool in recent years because of        3678. Our quarterly financial report can also be
                                                     the variety of coverage offered. Policy types     obtained on our website:
                   acres insured
     Year            in ohio                         include: CAT, Multi-Peril (yield coverage),
                                                     Crop Revenue Coverage/Revenue Assurance           advertiseMents
     1990             1,4667,689
                                                                                                       If you are interested in advertising in the Leader
     1995              6,200,082                     ($/acre coverage) and GRIP/GRP (county
     (In 1995, FSA programs required CAT policies)                                                     magazine, which goes to more than 7,000
                                                     average coverage). Visit with your agent to
                                                                                                       households in 18 Ohio counties, please call the
     2000              4,198,970                     review your coverage and make sure your           Norwalk office for more information at
     2004              5,566,400                     policy fits your financial goals. Ag Credit’s     1-800-686-0756.
                                                     crop insurance agents would be happy to
      Don’t risk your retirement plans by            meet with you to “insure” you have the best       cover Photo
gambling against Mother Nature and leaving                                                             Cover photo of Lexi and Adam New with their
                                                     coverage available for your farm.
                                                                                                       snowman was taken in Vermilion, Ohio by Connie
your crops uninsured. Of the last fifteen
years, 2002 was the worst crop-loss year in           fun farM fact:          People have decorated
Ohio. Crop insurance was a big asset during           and given eggs to each other in the springtime
the less-than-ideal growing seasons. Knowing          for hundreds of years as a symbol of the new
your business has adequate crop insurance             life in the springtime.
coverage makes “peace of mind” priceless.             source:
2 | March 2006, Ag Credit ACA

  news and noteworthY
  Merrel Lust Retires                      4

  Message froM the President
 We Put Profits                           5
  in Your Pockets—24%

  the lighter side
  The Art of Mending Revisited             6

  Just Another Birthday                    7

  association news
  Vote! Your Support is Requested          8

  Ag Credit Board of Directors             9

  feature storY
 Galion, ohio                           10

  Recent Land Sales                       1

  Ag Credit Hosts Japanese Visitors       14

  New Home Construction—                  15
  A Family Affair

  coMMunitY news
 196 Prizewinner Shares                 16
  Memories and recipes

  Around Ag Credit                        18

  How to Buy an                           20
  Ethanol-Powered Vehicle

  Women in Ag Go to Washington            21

  Agates from Agatha                      22

                 March 2006, ag credit aca | 
news and noteworthY

   Merrel lust
                           Merrel lust retires
                           by alice   beers

As Merrel Lust reflects on his years on the         along with Jackson Purchase, Central                 When asked what he misses the most since
Ag Credit, ACA and AgFirst Farm Credit              Kentucky and Chattanooga, Agricultural         his retirement from the bank board, he replied, “I
Bank Boards, the one word to best describe          Credit Associations reaffilliated, with what   won’t miss the trips to Columbia, South Carolina,
his tenure is—CHANGE.                               was then the Farm Credit Bank of Columbia.     each month, but I will miss the friendships I
      Merrel was first elected to the Marion        Merrel was elected to represent the four       made with my fellow board members.”
Federal Land Bank Board in 1977. In                 associations on the bank board.                      Merrel indicated he has been honored to
1985, the Marion FLBA joined the Marion                  A couple of years later, the Farm         serve on two fine boards. He has enjoyed seeing
PCA, Northern Ohio PCA, Fremont,                    Credit Bank of Baltimore merged with the       the successes of both Ag Credit and AgFirst. He
Ottawa and Bowling Green FLBAs under                Farm Credit Bank of Columbia to become         credits Ag Credit’s success to the leadership and
joint management. Merrel relates, “All the          AgFirst Farm Credit Bank. In 2001, Merrel      vision of Joe Leiser and Neil Jordan.
members of the various boards shared a              was elected chairman of the AgFirst Bank             Merrel’s fellow board members will miss
common goal and as a result, in 1992, Ag Credit,    Board. During his tenure on the bank board,    his positive attitude, storytelling ability and
ACA was formed.”                                    Merrel served on various committees and was    humor. We wish Merrel the very best in the
      Having served on the board during the         AgFirst’s representative on a National Crop    future. Thanks, Merrel! n
farm crisis of the 1980s and mergers of the         Insurance task force.
associations, it was only fitting when Ag Credit,

4 | March 2006, Ag Credit ACA
                                                                                                                                Message froM the President

                                                                                                                                                     neil Jordan

                                                          we Put our Profits
                                                          in Your Pockets!

                                                          24%                                         *

What is the impact of your cooperative’s patronage refund, or profit sharing on the
amount of interest you paid in 2005? 24%! In other words, if your loans accrued
$30,000 of interest in 2005, $7,200 is being declared and allocated as patronage to
you. This is real and tangible evidence of the value of Ag Credit ownership. This profit
sharing substantially lowers your net cost of borrowed funds.

Another way of looking at this value of                   their December meeting, our Board raised                       Your Board continues to look for the
ownership is, if the average rate on your                 their projected April 2006 cash distribution to           positive impact of patronage refunds on your
loans is currently 7.0%, your net rate after              nearly double the amount of the April 2005                “bottom line.” When reviewing Ag Credit’s
considering patronage is 5.32%, (7.0% X 24%               cash distribution.                                        Annual Report we recognize the continuing
deducted from 7.0%).                                            In September 2005, our Board projected              positive net income trend, the strengthening
     As an Ag Credit Stockholder, you have                a Stockholder distribution of allocated                   of the capital position, and the credit quality
been receiving profit sharing checks from                 reserves from 2000.** At the time of this                 of the loan assets. We are pleased with the
your association twice a year in April and                writing, your 2005 net income has not been                positive financial progress and are confident
September. The April distribution is a “cash”             validated; however, the prospects are very                we can continue to distribute cash and
payment from the immediate past year. In                  favorable that we will achieve record cash and            allocated reserves to our Stockholders, putting
April 2006, that “cash” patronage will come               allocated reserves distributions in 2006!                 our profits into your pockets! n
from the net income generated in 2005. At

*The percentage is approximate since actual results may vary slightly and our calculations are currently based on preliminary 2005 net income and total agricultural
interest paid.

**Patronage allocation and subsequent distribution is always based on the discretion of the Board based on the financial condition of the cooperative at the time the
distribution resolution is enacted.
                                                                                                                                        March 2006, ag credit aca | 5
the lighter side

                                        The ArT of Mending revisiTed
                                        Does anyone else out there still mend overalls? It’s     the whole leg front with new material. The problem
                                        the season for that sort of thing. It’s time to tackle   was the new patching was so obvious against the
                                        the piles in the guest room, which, in the average       worn jeans. I regarded the new fabric as a badge of
   Pat leiMBach
                                        home, is the place where mending and everything          honor, but the kids weren’t so convinced.
                                        else pending, collects. (I’ve been quartering guests           I’m no longer averse to cutting off the backs
Pat Leimbach is a farm widow who        in my bedroom of late, the guest room being such         of the legs of hopeless jeans and using them to
still farms with her son Orrin at       a booby-trapped warren of package wrapping, pre-         patch others. Standard form with young mothers,
End o’ Way Farm near Vermilion,         Christmas sewing, post-Christmas decorations,            if they mend at all, is the iron-on patch, which I’ve
Ohio. Her late husband, Paul, and       mending, ironing, dormant geraniums, etc.)               never found to be large enough nor serviceable in
her father-in-law, Henry, were both           Overalls have changed like all of life. Only       the long run.
directors of the Production Credit      an old farmer like me calls them overalls. They’ve             I hem the patches, pin them in place, turn
Association at Ashland, Ohio during     been blue jeans ever since the urban masses copped       the jeans inside out, and laboriously work my way
the 1960’s. Pat wrote the Country       them from us 35 years ago. Synthetic fibers served       down the legs with the sewing machine. ‘Tain’t
Wife column for the Elyria Chronicle    to prolong their life for a while. Then people who       easy, but there’s almost no bit of home economics
Telegram for many years, as well        didn’t work hard enough to make blue jeans look          more satisfying than a stack of newly patched,
as for farm magazines nationwide.       worn decided they should be beaten with rocks,           neatly folded overalls.
She has shared her lively wit           bathed in acid, and pre-washed a hundred times to              Someplace I have seen ads for used blue jeans.
with audiences in 48 states and 5       simulate the look a hardworking farmer might give        The offering price is between $8 and $15. I would
Canadian provinces. Among those         them as a matter of course.                              have bundled up my mending and sent it, but they
audiences have been dozens of Farm            This was a successful ploy all the way around.     only wanted Levis™. Alas, old standards from
Credit groups.                          Stone bruised denim quickly deteriorates creating        Penneys™ and Sears™ do not qualify. n
                                        that hole-in-the-knee look so much admired by the
She is also the author of three         young. (It goes well with the dragging shoestrings.)
books, A Thread of Blue Denim,          A mother who proceeded to patch those holes
All My Meadows, and Harvest of          would, I suppose, earn nothing but scorn. It must be
Bittersweet. Pat’s books can still be   a bonanza for the merchants and manufacturers who
obtained by contacting her at End       probably sell twice as many blue jeans as before.
o’ Way, 8888 Bank Street, Vermilion,          Though the quality has fled, the price of jeans
OH 44089.                               has continued to rise, so as a prudent farm wife,
                                        I do what I can to preserve those under my care.
                                        What is more, there is nothing on the farm more
                                        dangerous than ragged clothing easily snagged by
                                        nails, gears, chains, augers, p.t.o. shafts, etc.
                                              Once upon a time, the women of the church
                                        had sewing sessions where we mended used
                                        clothing for the needy. Every woman had her
                                        pet theory on the best way to mend overalls. My
                                        approach was to buy denim by the yard and cover

6 | March 2006, ag credit aca
                                                    A Rural Perspective
                   Just Another Birthday
                                                                by JaMes   Mcconnell
              JaMes Mcconnell is a MeMber of ag credit who farMs 2,500 acres in southern lorain county with his two brothers.

                           I just “celebrated”       retirement age. (By the way, the entire idea of   careers of their own makes for a real dose of
                           another birthday.         eventual retirement is probably an even more      reality but also gives me a strong sense of pride
                           This is one of those      difficult concept for me to deal with than is     and satisfaction. A granddaughter who lights
                           benchmark birthdays       this age business. Retirement will likely be      up every room she enters is a treat which only
                           that end in zero and      the subject of a future article. Let’s work on    comes with some added birthdays, I suppose.
                           are ascribed more         one problem at a time!)                                 So, how old would I be if I didn’t know
                           significance than the            Except for not milking cows anymore,       how old I am? I really don’t know how to
                           one last year or the      I still do the same work I did ten or twenty      answer with a specific number. I certainly
   JiM Mcconnell           one next year.            years ago. In fact, with the aid of bigger and    couldn’t delude myself into believing I am still
                           However, the question     better equipment, we actually farm more acres     25 or 30, but 60 years old? Sixty just doesn’t
I’m having trouble with is, “How can I               and raise more bushels than ever before. I        seem possible. I guess I’ll just quit thinking
actually be this old?”                               still have cattle to care for seven days a week   about it. To paraphrase Satchel, if I don’t
       I’m not the smartest person I know,           and never run out of jobs that need doing.        mind then I guess it just won’t matter. n
but I can do the math, and any way I look            I’ve always been active in community affairs
at it I turned 60 years old on January 25. I         and organizations off the farm and, goodness
can look back and recognize specific events          knows, this is still the case. I’m even doing
along the way making it impossible to deny I         some things now I didn’t do just a few
have really lived all those years. It is just the    years ago – like writing articles for a farm
idea of actually “being 60” with which I’m           magazine. So, from a day-to-day perspective,
struggling. To lesser degrees I had the same         is there any reason I should view myself
dilemma ten and twenty years ago, but this           differently than I did when I turned 50? Well,
particular birthday seems to be causing me a         there are signs that some things are different.
bit more consternation than I think it should.              As a good friend (who also has to deal
       Satchel Page was known as an ageless          with this same benchmark birthday) recently
competitor in the game of baseball. According        observed, “The heifers seem to run faster than
to the official Satchel Page web site, when          they used to when they get out of the pasture.”
he last pitched for the Kansas City Athletics        I’ve noticed some other problems I don’t
in 1965 (three shutout innings) he was,              recall dealing with in the past. For instance,
coincidentally, 60 years old. He is perhaps just     I never used to strain muscles just pulling on
as famous for some of his quotations. Two            my boots. It also feels as though the silos
of his quotes come to mind as I wrestle with         are taller when they need to be climbed and
this birthday business: “Age is a question of        getting to the top is harder. Unloading hay on
mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t      a hot July day takes longer than I remember
matter.” And, “How old would you be if you           and I need more time between loads. Though
didn’t know how old you are?”                        baling and putting away more than 1,200 bales
       I can easily relate to both statements.       of straw a day used to be a realistic goal, I
Most of the time my mental concept of                can now be satisfied with a lot less and still
how old I am does not fit my stereotype of           consider it a good day’s work.
someone 60 years old. I don’t see myself as                 There are other signs time has marched
someone nearing what our society considers           along. Having three married daughters with

                                                                                                                           March 2006, Ag Credit ACA | 7
  association news

                                                                    On behalf of the Directors and Employees of Ag Credit, I invite
                                                              you to our Annual Stockholder Meetings on Monday, April 3, and
                                                              Tuesday, April 4, 2006. I encourage you to review the Official Annual
                                                              Meeting Notice, which accompanies this issue of our Leader magazine.
                                                                    As a Stockholder in this member-owned cooperative, I urge you
                                                              to take an active part by participating in our upcoming elections. You
                                                              will be receiving your ballot by mail the week following our Annual
                                                              Meeting. Please follow the enclosed ballot casting instructions and mail
                                                              your vote back to the association.
                                                                    We appreciate your participation in one of the elements that
                                                              sets your cooperative business apart from the rest—Ag Credit, ACA

      Your suPPort                                            Stockholders determine their own governance by electing their peers to
                                                              the Board of Directors.

      is requested
                                                                    Your Board and Management Team have always believed in this
                                                              simple observation: “Who, better than farmers themselves, know what
                                                              farmers need?”
                                                                    Your vote supports this concept. Thanks for supporting your

                                                                  Neil Jordan

     New Fixed Rate
Construction Loan Program
• Very competitive rates and closing costs
• Interest only payments though construction
• Fixed rate from construction through permanent loan phase
• Up to 95% financing
• Free pre-approvals

     Home Purchases      Refinancing     Home Construction

     by Ag Credit, ACA

            Call your local branch office or                                          Serving 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
            1-800-837-3678 Ext. 133 or 137                                            Serving 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Agricultural Credit Association
                                      Board of directors

                                                   March 2006, ag credit aca | 9
feature storY

                                                    nnie ru
                                            s BY co
                             ke wit h Photo
          BY laurie

10 | March 2006, ag credit aca
What town in Crawford Township has “Big Town Close, Small Town Cozy” painted on
its water tower? Need another hint? It’s located in the middle of north central Ohio
amid productive farmland, is close to all the major metro areas, and has a population
of 11,400. Galion, Ohio, is where we headed one recent, blustery cold, winter day.

Area History                                        Bishop William Brown. It was built in 1887
                                                    for $6,500 and stood empty for forty years
                                                                                                        provided by Andrew Carnegie. The original
                                                                                                        log cabin library is now located at Heise Park,
      The Wyandot Indians were the first to
inhabit the area setting up hunting camps           after his death. Rumor has it the Bishop still      one of many parks in the area.
along the Olentangy River. In 1817, Benjamin        makes appearances in a ghostly form. The                 We got a kick out of the Galion Theater
Leverage and his family arrived from the east       day we were there we met a teenage boy who          (a former movie theatre) now owned by
and became the first white settlers. Benjamin       tried to dispel the rumor by saying that he’s       Galion Community Group that does stage
built the first cabin and his son, James, built a   been in the cottage three times and has never       productions throughout the year. The theatre
cabin nearby. A year later the first school was     seen anything. He added, “More people               can also be rented for private functions. It
erected followed by a blacksmith shop which         are afraid of me by the way that I dress.”          was built in 1949 and has a retro look. As
attracted more settlers to the area.                (Hmmm, maybe he’s onto something.)                  we drove through town we also noticed many
      Since a stagecoach route ran through                The Big Four Depot built in 1900, is          beautiful old churches and a Victorian bed and
the area the settlers needed a name for their       another location worth visiting. The city           breakfast named The Rose of Sherron.
town and petitioned the postal officials to         of Galion purchased the former New York
call it “Goshen” but the name was already           Central Depot in 2000. Back in the glory                                      see GALION, page 12
taken by another settlement in Ohio. The            days of the railroad there were 32 mail and
name “Galion” was assigned by a Cincinnati          passenger trains that passed through Galion.
postmaster and to this day it’s a mystery why       Currently, the city is trying to decide what
this name was chosen.                               would be the best use for this unique building.
      In 1831, Galion was laid out into thirty-     You may also want to check out the Galion
five lots but two years later an additional         Public Library built in 1904. It is a beautiful
thirty-three lots were added due to the arrival     building of classical design built with funds
of steadfast German families who started
                                                                        Left: Log cabin in Heise Park
the town’s first livery stables, markets, and
                                                                           Below: Brownella Cottage
taverns. Railroads from Cleveland, Cincinnati
and Columbus passed through Galion in 1851
and another rail line to Bellefontaine was
built two years later. Several campaigning
Presidential candidates made speeches from
the town’s train platforms, most notably
Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and
Richard Nixon.

Points of Interest
     Galion takes great pride in its
revitalization and it shows. Located in the
downtown area of the public square are three
brick buildings dating back to the 1860s. A
neat place to visit is Brownella Cottage,
which now houses the Galion Historical
Society headquarters and museum. The
cottage was once the home of Episcopal
                                                                                                                       see HEADLINE, page (enter pg #)
Opposing Page:
Top left: Galion Theater                                                                                HEADLINE
Top right: A street scene                                                                               continued from page (enter pg #)
Bottom left: River scene
Bottom right: Rose of Sherron Bed and Breakfast

                                                                                                                        March 2006, ag credit aca | 11
feature storY

Two churches of Galion

GALION                                           Keeping with the theme I ordered a Coney        bread surrounded us and made it hard to resist
continued from page 11                           dog and Connie had a club sandwich and both     the temptation of all the mouth-watering
                                                 hit the spot. Galion has a nice assortment of   goodies on display.
      To raise our spirits (and credit card      eating places.                                        Wow, we sure had a fun and interesting
balances) on this frigid day we decided it             No trip would be complete without         day. All of the people we met were
was time to check out the specialty shops        stopping at the bakery for goodies to take      accommodating, friendly and welcoming.
that grace the uptown area. Our first stop       home. As we walked into Cake Creations          All I can say is, “Hats off to Galion; your
was The Evergreen Company. We could              and Fine Bakery the aroma of freshly baked      revitalizing efforts are really paying off.” n
have spent hours browsing there. They carry
about every gift item you could want—from
                                                 Pop’s Sweet Shoppe and Pizza Parlour
pictures, ornaments, candles, moisturizers,
figurines, purses and seasonal decorations
to apple and banana-nut pancake mixes and
other specialty food items. For those who like
country and primitive decorations Bittersweet
Hen House has a nice selection of decorative
items. If you prefer modern objects you will
want to stop at Home Elements. They also
feature specialty furniture and unique accent
pieces for your home. There is also Galion
Flea Market crammed with all kinds of
treasures and antiques packed on two floors.
You expect a hardware store to carry your
typical bits and pieces, but Poland True Value
has much more than you would expect in a
hardware store. This store was brimming
with decorations, Ohio State items, candles
and a huge assortment of gift ideas as well as
hardware and building supplies.
      Feeling nostalgic we went to Pop’s Sweet
Shoppe and Pizza Parlour for lunch. Pop’s
is filled with Coca Cola® memorabilia and
really does remain an old-time ice cream
shop with swivel stools at the soda fountain.

12 | March 2006, Ag Credit ACA
                                                                                                                               coMMunitY news

recent land sales                                                                                    Number of Acres of Sale: 70, more or less
                                                                                                     County or Township: Huron County, Bronson
The following information was provided by:           Number of Acres of Sale: 85                     Date of Sale: July 7, 2005
Bradley Real Estate and Auction, Inc.                County or Township: Van Wert County, Ridge      Selling Price: $223,000.00
Contact: N. Keith Bradley, Auctioneer                Township                                        Price per Acre: $3,185.71 (Per Crop Acre Price:
1037 N. Main St.                                     Date of Sale: October 26, 2005                  $3,185.71)
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402                            Selling Price: $300,770.00                      Description: Agricultural property was offered                              Price per Acre: $3,538.00                       in 8 tracts using multi-parcel auction bidding
                                                     Unimproved                                      method. Property sold as one parcel.
Number of Acres of Sale: 80.00
County or Township: Wood County, Portage             Number of Acres of Sale: 145                    Number of Acres of Sale: 231, more or less
Township –SE Section 35                              County or Township: Van Wert County, Liberty    County or Township: Huron County, Norwich
Date of Sale: Aug. 31, 2005                          Township                                        Township
Selling Price: $342,000.00                           Date of Sale: November 2, 2005                  Date of Sale: August 27, 2005
Price per Acre: $4,275.00                            Selling Price: $379,175.00                      Crop Acres: 185.92 (Woodland Acres: 37.92,
Unimproved                                           Price per Acre: $2,615.00                       Waste/Row: 4.71)
Description: A 1½ story, four bedroom house          Unimproved                                      Selling Price: $588,000.00
and all outbuildings were part of this farm. The     Description: 25 acres of woods cut up by open   Price per Acre: $2,545.45 (Per Crop Acre:
house was in fair condition.                         ditch. Farm needs tile.                         $3,162.65)
                                                                                                     Description: Agricultural. Farm offered in 2 tracts
Number of Acres of Sale: 77.999                      The following information was provided by:
                                                                                                     at auction selling the multi-parcel bidding method.
County or Township: Wood County, Henry               Straley Realty and Auctioneers, Inc.
Township, NW Section 18                              Contact: Dick Miller                            Number of Acres of Sale: 160
Date of Sale: October 6, 2005                        419 West Ervin Rd., Van Wert, OH 45891          County or Township: Seneca County, Reed Township
Selling Price: $248,000.00                                            Date of Sale: April 27, 2005
Price per Acre: $3,179.48                                                                            Selling Price: $557,000.00
Unimproved                                           Number of Acres of Sale: 50.9
                                                                                                     Price per Acre: $3,481.00 (Per Crop Acre:
Description: All bare ground with frontage on        County or Township: Van Wert County, Tully
Potter Road, as well as Hammansburg Rd;              Township
                                                                                                     Description: Property offered and sold in 3
Hoytville type soil                                  Date of Sale: December 20, 2005
                                                     Price per Acre: $2,800.00
                                                                                                     Tract 1 - 12.5 acres, house, and buildings,
Number of Acres of Sale: 105.21                      Unimproved
County or Township: Wood County, Perrysburg
                                                     Number of Acres of Sale: 74.1                   Tract 2 - 95 acres, farmland, $298,500.00
                                                     County or Township: Van Wert County, Pleasant   Tract 3 - 52.5 acres woodland, $157,500.00
Date of Sale: September 14, 2005
Selling Price: $950,000.00                           Township
                                                                                                     Number of Acres of Sale: 96 acres, more or less
Price per Acre: $9,029.56                            Date of Sale: October 29, 2005
                                                                                                     Crop Acres: 94.250
Unimproved                                           Price per Acre: $3,400.
                                                                                                     County or Township: Seneca County, Venice
Description: Great location on Reitz Road,           Unimproved
between State Rt. 25 and I-75. This property         Number of Acres of Sale: 231.76                 Date of Sale: May 4, 2005
is located in Perrysburg Township and is             County or Township: Van Wert County, Pleasant   Selling Price: $366,000.00
approximately one mile South of the Perrysburg       Township                                        Price per Acre: $3,859.53 (Per Crop Acre:
Corporation Limits. It is an un-zoned township.      Date of Sale: October 8, 2005                   $3,883.28)
                                                     Selling Price: $948,000                         Description: Property was offered in 2 tracts.
The following information was provided by:
                                                     Improved                                        Tract 1 – 1.789 acres, home and buildings,
Bee Gee Realty and Auction Co.
                                                     Description: A small 1,000 sq. ft. home was     $71,000.00
Contact: Bob Gamble
                                                     included. Close to Van Wert.                    Tract 2 – 94.830 acres sold for $295,000.00
122 N. Washington St., Van Wert, OH 45891
Website:                        The following information was provided by:      Number of Acres of Sale: 41
                                                     Ned F. Gregg Realty, Inc.                       County or Township: Seneca County, Seneca
Number of Acres of Sale: 73 acres
                                                     131 N. Sycamore Avenue                          Township
County or Township: Van Wert County, Ridge
                                                     P.O. Box 364, Sycamore, Ohio 44882              Date of Sale: July 23, 2005
                                                                            Selling Price: $262,000.00
Date of Sale: October 26, 2005
                                                                                                     Price per Acre: $6,390.24 (Per Crop Acre:
Selling Price: $208,050                              Number of Acres of Sale: 148.676                $14,116.37)
Price per Acre: $2,850.00                            County or Township: Seneca County, Eden         Description: Home, pond, barn
Unimproved                                           Township
Description: Many house lots had been sold from      Date of Sale: June 27, 2005                     Attention Auctioneers:
the frontage of the farm. The lots varied in depth   Selling Price: $661,500.00                      Would you like to be featured in a future column?
making the land difficult to farm.                   Price per Acre: $4,449.27 (Per Crop Acre:       It’s easy! Visit our website and
                                                     $5,152.87)                                      click on the Auctioneer’s link to find the Recent
                                                     Description: Agricultural                       Land Sale form online. Fax completed forms to
                                                                                                     (419) 663-4120.
                                                                                                                         March 2006, Ag Credit ACA | 1
association news

ag credit hosts JaPanese visitors
by dave starner

Ag Credit hosted visitors from the Agriculture,       Yanagida, the committee visited with Ag Credit          homeland. Their visit reinforced the value
Forestry, and Fisheries Finance Corporation of        and other lenders in the area. They were                of our cooperative way of doing business,
Japan on October 17, 2005. The purpose of             keenly interested in the Farm Credit System,            our attention to who owns our business, and
their visit was to learn how Ag Credit secures        its Government Sponsored Entity (GSE)                   our attention to who pays back the investor
and distributes more than $600 million in             status, the way we channel money from                   obligations—our Stockholders. n
investor funds in rural northern Ohio. They           investors to farmers, our Farm Credit System
also were interested in learning how the Farm         Insurance Corporation (FCSIC), our methods
Credit System distributes more than $110              of limiting risk and leveraging capital, and how
billion to rural America (and eventually to our       we share our profits with the farmers who own
farmers and ranchers). Finally, they hoped to         Ag Credit. A few days after visiting Fostoria,
gain a better understanding of cooperatives in        they traveled to New York to learn more about
order to develop a similar capital distribution       our Farm Credit System Funding Corporation.
system in Japan.                                            We felt fortunate our Japanese friends
      Led by their General Manager of                 wanted to study our cooperative in order
Industry Research Division, Shosaku                   to duplicate something similar in their

             From the left: Mr. Morito Ohara, Mr. Shosaku Yanagida, Neil Jordan, Alice Beers, David Starner, Mr. Tomohiko Kato, Dr. Hiroaki Kawamura

14 | March 2006, ag credit aca
new hoMe construction—
a faMilY affair!
by Karen fredericK

It’s not often two brothers build new homes at          Gabrieal, who’s worked with Tom since       builder. Tom calls when he needs funds and
the same time, use the same builder and then      2001, and his wife, Jessica, began their home     the inspection and disbursement is usually
choose the same financing—but it happened         construction in June 2005. Located northeast      done the same day. The Trainer families like
in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, to brothers Benjamin and     of Mt. Gilead, the easy ranch style with its      the “one closing” feature of their construction
Gabrieal Trainer.                                 open floor plan and beautiful wooded setting      loan and Ag Credit’s AutoDraft* feature,
      Their builder is Tom Wiseley. Tom           make this cozy 1,700 sq. ft. home perfect         which saves them both time and money. They
and Trina Wisely own Sunset Building              for these newlyweds. Rising energy costs          also appreciate the value of mortgage life
Systems located in Mt. Gilead. Sunset             prompted Gabe and Jessica to have Jonathan        insurance programs to protect their financial
Building Systems, established in 1997,            Bosh, owner of Bosh Heating and Cooling,          future. Country Mortgages offers loans to
constructs homes, agricultural buildings, light   of Mt. Gilead, install a Hardy Outside Wood       build, buy, or refinance, no matter what
commercial buildings and does a variety of        Burner as part of their overall forced air        location, in town or in the country. We also
remodeling and home improvement projects.         heating system.                                   make lot loans.
Tom is also a Kraftmaid Marquis dealer and a            Benjamin and his wife, Holly, started             Contact your local Ag Credit ACA office
Rockford Steel Building dealer. His advice for    their project in September 2005. Also located     for more information about our residential
anyone thinking about building a new home is      northeast of Mt. Gilead, their spacious 2,800     loan program. You may also contact Tom
to be selective and read the paperwork. Also,     sq. ft. floor plan will accommodate their three   Wiseley at 419-362-1161 or 419-295-3698
know exactly what is and is not included in       children, Chelsea, Noah, and Ethan. Ben           and Jonathan Bosh at 419-946-1558 for
the job specifications. A clear understanding     and Holly selected a geothermal heating and       information. n
between the builder and homeowner before          cooling system for their new home.
construction begins will keep problems from             Country Mortgages by Ag Credit              *AutoDraft automatically deducts loan payments
                                                                                                    from a checking or savings account. AutoDraft is
arising during the construction process.          customized a construction loan for each home      safe, easy and free. Call your local branch for more
                                                  that was convenient for the borrower and the      information.

      Ben and Holly and                                                                                                       Gabe and Jessica with Tom
               family…                                                                                                        Wiseley, their builder…

   ...and their new home.                                                                                                     ...and their new home.

                                                                                                                      March 2006, ag credit aca | 15
    coMMunitY news

    1963 Prizewinner shares
    MeMories and reciPes
    by brian ricKer

    T    he recent release of the movie “The
         Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio,” has
    brought back fond memories and notoriety for
                                                               women signed to allow companies the rights
                                                               to their entries. I recently sat down with Betty
                                                               and learned about the contests and winnings
                                                                                                                      met Jimmy Durante in the hotel lobby and
                                                                                                                      Art Linkletter was the master of ceremonies
                                                                                                                      during the banquet. One of the pictures in the
    Payne area resident and Ag Credit member,                  during this time period. She showed me a               scrapbook shows Art Linkletter talking with
    Betty Yearling.                                            scrapbook which brought back memories of               the folks at Carl and Betty’s table.
         Betty was an avid contester during the                an exciting chapter in her life.                             Betty had some success before the
    1950s and 60s. She entered a variety of                          One contest, which Betty remembers               Pillsbury contest. In 1960, she won a trip
    contests from formulating catchy jingles to                well, was the 15th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off.          for two to Brazil along with $500 spending
    developing new recipes. The movie’s main                   There is a short clip in the movie showing             money, $200 cash bonus, and a Westinghouse
    character is based on Evelyn Ryan (played                  Betty’s character preparing her entry for the          dishwasher by winning a contest from Family
    by Julianne Moore) from Defiance, Ohio.                    Bake-Off. For this famous contest, Pillsbury           Circle magazine. Contestants were requested
    Evelyn’s prizewinning ability helped provide               gave the rules, directions and ingredients the         to write a last line to a jingle. Mrs. Yearling
    for her family during a time when the family               contestants could use. From there, Betty began         took 2nd prize in the national contest that was
    was under financial hardship. There are                    to work on creating her new pork casserole             open to residents of the United States, Puerto
    several scenes in the movie where Betty                    recipe to enter in the contest. After a long           Rico, Canada, and Bermuda. Betty was
    Yearling’s character (played by Lindsay Leese)             wait, she received a letter from Ann Pillsbury         expecting her youngest child, Jack, so they
    is portrayed. Dortha Shaefer (played by Laura              stating the Bake-Off judging organization had          could not go on the trip to Brazil.
    Dern) was also in a contest club with Evelyn               released their top 530 state winners and her                 During her contesting days, Betty
    and Betty. They belonged to the “Affidaisies”              recipe made the cut. After another wait and            estimates she won approximately 67 contests.
    club named after the affidavits the                                 much anticipation, she received the           Other prizes won included a Kodak camera,
                                                                        letter she was hoping for.                    bicycle, many cash prizes, watches, a
                                                                              The letter began like this:             television, dishwasher, 8mm movie camera,
                                                                                                                      and a transistor radio to name a few. One
                                                                        “Dear Mrs. Yearling,                          of the most original prizes was a black pony
                                                                              The ‘BAKE-OFF’…1963… and you            won from a contest when Ford was promoting
                                                                        Mrs. Yearling… one of the one-hundred         the Edsel car. Betty said, “There are not many
                                                                        winners. Hard to believe?… I am sure it       contests anymore. There are sweepstakes but
                                                                        is, but pinch yourself because it is really   there is no challenge.”
                                                                        true …congratulations.”                             Betty said she remembers her children
                                                                                                                      would always be excited to get the mail to find
                                                                               Betty says, “I am not really a         out if they had won any prizes. Betty enjoyed
                                                                         good cook; I just like to experiment.”       helping on the farm and said Carl always liked
                                                                         Well, experimenting paid off! Betty          her help because they had sheep, dairy cows
                                                                         and her husband, Carl, were flown            and field crops to tend to. There were not a
                                                                         to Los Angeles where they stayed at          lot of outside job opportunities in the area
                                                                         the Beverly Hilton in September of           and with all the prizes she was winning it was
                                                                          1963. Betty said they were treated          perhaps better than a job.
                                                                          like royalty. “When we stepped off                Betty and her late husband, Carl, had 3
                                                                          the plane we were handed all these          children, Mike, Ann, and Jack. Both Mike
                                                                          invitations.” The invitations were          and Jack have followed their father’s footsteps.
                                                                          luncheons, entertainment, and other         Mike lives with his wife, Eunice, and farms
                                                                           activities they could partake in           in the Payne area. Jack also farms full-time.
                                                                           during their all-expense paid trip.        Their sister, Ann, resides in Florida with her
                                                                           Along with the trip came $100, a           husband, Dr. Gregg Kroen. n
                                                                           range, mixer, tours of Hollywood
                                                                           and the opportunity to bake her
                                                                            recipe before more judges. Betty
                                                                            laughed and said, “We felt kind of
                                                                            guilty knowing we had a 2 year-old
Betty is presented a check from a Pillsury representative at her home       at home and here we were having
                                                                            fun at Disneyland.” Betty said Carl
    16 | March 2006, ag credit aca
                                                                                Above: Betty today with her scrapbook
                                                                                Below: Pillsbury Bake-Off Memorabilia

Betty (center) with her daughter Ann, and son, Mike, with her
Party Pork Barbeque Casserole.

        PartY Pork BarBecue
        Prize Winning Recipe by Senior Winner Mrs. C. E. Yearling of
        Payne, Ohio
        Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes      Serves 6-8

        c = cup         t = teaspoon    T = tablespoon
        # = pound       oz = ounces
        ¼ c Pillsbury’s Best All-Purpose Flour
                                                                          droP Biscuits
                                                                          Sift together into mixing bowl
        ½ t salt
                                                                          1 c sifted Pillsbury’s Best All-Purpose Flour*
        1/8 t pepper
                                                                          1 ½ t double–acting baking powder
                                                                          ½ t salt
        1 ½ # boneless pork shoulder cut in bite-size pieces with flour
                                                                          ½ t celery salt
        mixture (3 c leftover pork roast may be substituted for pork
                                                                          Cut in
        shoulder) with flour mixture. Brown well in large skillet with
                                                                          ¼ c shortening until particles are fine
        3 T cooking oil or shortening
                                                                          1/3 c milk
        1 ½ c chopped celery
                                                                          1 slightly beaten egg
        1 medium onion, sliced and broken into rings
                                                                          1 T dry onion flakes
        1 c (8 oz. can) un-drained pineapple tidbits
                                                                          2 T mushrooms, chopped if desired. Stir only until all dry
        1 c catsup
                                                                          particles are moistened.
        ½ c water
        2 T chopped green pepper
                                                                          by rounded tablespoons onto meat mixture
        2 T prepared mustard
        1T Worcestershire sauce and
                                                                          at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown.
        1 t salt
                                                                          * For use with Pillsbury’s Best Self-Rising Flour, omit baking
        simmer 20-30 minutes or until meet is tender
                                                                          powder and salt in biscuits.
        into 2-quart casserole dish
                                                                                                             March 2006, ag credit aca | 17
association news

                                                                         BetsY Beaudet retires
                                                                         Betsy Beaudet retired from
                                                                         Ag Credit on October 31,
                                                                         2005. An open house was
                                                                         held honoring her for 17 years
                                                                         of dedicated service. Betsy
                                                                         began her career at Ag Credit
                                                                         working in Fostoria at the
                                                                         Administration Office’s special
                                                                         account dept. for four years
                                                                         and then moved to the Bowling
                                                                         Green branch office. She was
ag credit calendar                                                       instrumental in the success
                                                                         of the Women in Agriculture Betsy Beaudet receiving honorary plaque
April 14                                                                                                 from Neil Jordan
                                                                         program sponsored by OSU
Offices closed for Good Friday                                           Extension. The customers and staff of the Bowling Green branch will
May 29                                                                   miss her smiling face and positive attitude.
Offices closed for Memorial Day                                               We wish Betsy the best of luck in her retirement.

July 4
Offices closed for Fourth of July                                        Michelle Butler donates
                                                                         to locks of love
                                                                         A few years ago, Michelle
a reMinder…                                                              Butler (daughter of Phyllis
Ag Credit’s Annual Stockholder meetings will be April 3 (Ole Zims,       Butler, CSR Marion Branch)
Lindsey) and April 4 (Tri-Rivers, Marion). Don’t forget to purchase      was working in a retail store
your tickets no later than one week in advance of the meeting you will   when her attention was drawn
be attending. Tickets are available at any branch office.                to a mother and her young
                                                                         daughter who had no hair.
ag credit welcoMes new                                                   Michelle overheard the young
                                                                         girl wishing for long, curly
freMont Branch / countrY                                                 hair and decided to grow her
Mortgages eMPloYee                                                       hair and donate it for a child’s
The Fremont Branch welcomed Mandy Stacy,                                 wig. She had friends who
Home Loan Originator, to Ag Credit, ACA                                  had donated to a non-profit      Michelle Butler and her donation
on December 30, 2005. Mandy is part of the                               organization called Locks of
Country Mortgages team and will be working                               Love. So, she visited the web site and learned
with borrowers from the time they apply for a                            most children who receive these human hair wigs suffer from a medical
home loan through the loan closing.                                      condition called alopecia areata which has no known cure. She also
     Mandy resides on a farm north of Tiffin                             learned she would have to grow her hair long because a 10” pony tail
with her husband, David.                                                 or braid is needed to make a wig. During her Thanksgiving 2005 break
     If you are in the market for a new home,                            from college she made an appointment to have her hair cut so she could
                                                      MandY stacY        donate it to Locks of Love.
either through construction or the purchase of
an existing home, give Mandy a call. She can                                   If you would like to know more about Locks of Love, visit their
explain the various financing available through the Country Mortgages    web site or write to: Locks of Love, 2925 10th Ave. N. (Suite 102) Lake
department of Ag Credit, ACA. Mandy can be reached at the Fremont        Worth, FL 33461.
office (419-332-2639) or her cell phone (419-307-4387).

Balancing farM,                                                          Check out your loan information online 24 hours a day on our website.

faMilY and coMMunitY                                                     Follow the easy steps online or call your local branch and we will get
                                                                         your temporary password for you.
The 13th Annual Women In Agriculture Conference, will be held on
Friday, March 17, 2006 at the Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio
from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. For more information and registration forms
call 419-354-9050.
(Sponsored by the Women in Agriculture Committee of OSU Extension
Wood County)

18 | March 2006, Ag Credit ACA
ag credit eMPloYee
distinguished service awards
Distinguished Service Awards were presented by Tom Antesberger,
Chairman of the Board, and Neil Jordan, President, at the Ag Credit
Christmas party on December 10, 2005, in Findlay, Ohio.

    15 Years                               25 Years
    Sandy Coppus                           Jan Kocher
    Michele Harsh                          John Orians
    Laurie Mierke
    Danna Myerholtz                        30 Years
    Linda Smith                            Chris Rose
                                                                             Honored for their years of service: Greg Siebenaller, Sandy Coppus, Linda
    20 Years                               35 Years                          Smith, Bobbi Hays and…
    Bobbi Hays                             Alice Beers
    Greg Siebenaller                                                         Chris Rose, Alice Beers, Jan Kocher, and John Orians

    individual awards
    Workhorse of the Year - Greg Siebenaller
    Workhorse of the Year - Dan Ebert

    Branch teaM awards
    Leading in Return on Equity to our Stockholders
    Mt. Gilead

    Leading in Loan Volume Growth

    Leading in Capital Management—
    Strongest Net Increase in FSA Guarantee Volume
    Norwalk               Fremont
                                                                             willowaY nurseries, inc.
    Leading in Capital Management—FSA Guarantees
    Kenton                Ottawa
                                                                             President toM deMaline—
                                                                             2005 nurserY grower of the Year
    Leading in Operating Efficiency Ratio                                    Ag Credit member, Tom Demaline, has been selected by his industry
    Bowling Green         Fremont       Bucyrus                              peers as NMPRO (Nursery Management and Production) 2005 Grower
    Customer Service—96% Very Satisfied Stockholders                         of the Year. Demaline is president of Willoway Nurseries of Avon, Ohio.
    Van Wert                                                                 Demaline was chosen for this honor due to his advancements in quality
                                                                             plant cultivation and business management. Willoway Nurseries was
    Leading in Business Development—                                         one of the first nurseries in the midwest to dedicate large portions of
    Volume per Loan Officer Increase                                         production to pot-in-pot growing, a method of growing and harvesting
    Bowling Green                                                            plants with in-ground containers. The company has production facilities
    Leading in Business Development—Home Lending                             in Avon and Huron and operates a landscape distribution center in
    Tiffin                Findlay                                            Hilliard. Demaline has served as president of the Ohio Nursery and
                                                                             Landscape Association and is a senator serving Ohio for the American
    Leading in Business Development—FRS Income                               Nursery and Landscape Association.

                             agfirst ceo elected to
                             national 4-h council Board of trustees
                             Andy Lowrey, chief executive officer of AgFirst Farm Credit Bank, was one of seven new members recently elected to
                             the Board of Trustees of the National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, Md. 4-H is a community of young people across the
                             United States who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.
                                  The leadership programs for youth provided by 4-H are top-rate,” said Lowrey. “I am honored to be asked to serve on
       andY lowreY           the national board, and I am particularly proud to be associated with an organization that embraces diversity and enables
       agfirst ceo
                             our youth to take full advantage of their own unique skills, creativity, and cultural differences,” he added.

                                                                                                                             March 2006, Ag Credit ACA | 19
coMMunitY news

how to BuY an
ethanol-Powered vehicle
There are many vehicle and equipment             at Contact
makers, dealers, and fuels to choose from        Sam Spofforth 614.292.5435 for assistance in
right here in Ohio. Ultimately, your choices     locating a dealer.
will be based on your location, vehicle needs,         Ford: Contact John Cowan 614.464.6000
driving pattern, and your personal reasons for   at Graham Ford an authorized Ford AFV
wanting a more efficient or cleaner American     dealer or Germain Ford 614.889.7777. Visit
fueled vehicle, such as saving fuel, improving   the website
air quality, decreasing exposure to harmful      alternative_vehicles to learn more.
fumes, supporting Ohio’s economy and                   General Motors: Contact Jeff Kenerly
supporting efforts to wean our nation from       614.279.8880 at Haydocy Automotive, the
petroleum fuels.                                 first certified GM dealer in Central Ohio, or
      Check out the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s       visit GM’s web site to
Vehicle Buyer’s Guide for Consumers at           learn more.        (Information provided by the Ohio Corn
      The Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition     Growers Association)
at 614.292.5435 can assist you in evaluating
alternative fuel vehicle options. Contact the
coalition for help in working with any dealer.
      Daimler-Chrysler does not have an
authorized area AFV dealer but you may
look at their product line on their web site

20 | March 2006, ag credit aca
woMen in agriculture
go to washington

            y husband, Marv, and I took a bus         the group was surprised all
            trip to Washington, D.C., with a          of these people had working
            “Women in Agriculture” tour in            farm backgrounds. I thought
early December. Forty-two men and women               we would be hearing from
had a whirlwind trip. This well-organized             officials who didn’t have
event was planned by Doris Herringshaw,               a clue of what we do out
Wood County OSU Extension; Susan Zies,                here. Instead, they were very
Lucas County OSU Extension; and Holly                 interested in what we had to
Gates, Tiffin FSA. Connie Rime, Loan                  say and picked our brains
Specialist FSA, coordinated arrangements              about what should be included
from Washington.                                      in the new Farm Bill.
      After arriving and settling into our hotel,           Ag Credit was
we took off for Mt. Vernon, home of our               recognized as the largest
first president, George Washington. Three             Guarantee Lender in the              The delegation gave Connie Rime a Brutus Buckeye which,
times a year the Mt. Vernon staff dress in            nation! (I felt proud to work        she thought was a potato.
authentic costumes and portray people from            for a company that truly cares                          Influenza strain. He explained this strain is not
the era when Washington lived. Mt. Vernon             about its borrowers.)                                   a new strain and the H5-H7 is a low path virus.
was decorated for Christmas and they were                   We were told the Secretary of                           The group got back on the bus and toured
“receiving” guests for the evening. Mrs.              Agriculture, Mike Johanns, was coming down              the National Cathedral, the Capital building,
Washington was there but unfortunately                for a question and answer period. Secretary             the Library of Congress, the WW II, Korean,
George was not in town. Mrs. Washington               Johanns was very personable. He comes                   and Vietnam War Memorials, the White
was happy to see farmers who actually                 from a farm in north central Iowa. He has               House decorated for Christmas, the Botanical
understood her husband’s love of farming.             been busy traveling to Geneva for the Do                Gardens, Arlington Cemetery, and the
The dining hall had fresco molding around             Ha Rounds. Secretary Johanns told us his                Holocaust Museum. While we were outside
the ceiling depicting different aspects of            department has been holding forums in all               the White House we were surprised to see 5’x
agriculture: wheat, sickle, plow, etc.                50 states for the new 2006 Farm Bill and he             6’ area covered with a tarp with anti-war signs
      On Monday, our group boarded the                has been meeting with the President in Texas.           all around. Our tour guide explained an anti-
bus for meetings at the Department of                 When asked what the ranch looked like, he               war protester had been camped there for 22
Agriculture, the only government department           replied, “I really don’t know; I’ve only seen           years. Only in America!
on the Mall. The agenda of speakers                   the path to the house and back.” He indicated                 Marv and I had a fun-filled, jam-packed,
included Teresa Lasseter, Administrator for           work on the new farm bill wouldn’t begin                hectic two days in the city. We Americans can
FSA; Brad Kramer, Assistant to the Deputy             until the end of 2006 or early 2007. He also            take pride in the beautiful city of Washington
Administrator for Farm Programs; Carolyn              told us, “Ninety per cent of all farm subsidies         D.C. and a government “of the people, by the
Cooksie, Deputy Administrator for Farm                go to five major crops.” Secretary Johanns              people, and for the people.” n
Loan Programs and Steve Connelly, Deputy              told us one of the U.S.D.A.’s main goals is to
Administrator for Field Operations. I think           educate the media and the public on the Avian

Martha Washington at Mt. Vernon                     Teresa Lasseter Administrator of FSA                  Linda Tuttle, Mike Johanns, Holly Gates

                                                                                                                               March 2006, ag credit aca | 21
      coMpiled by connie ruth, aKa agatha credit
      Note: Agatha Credit is the nickname my husband, Dan, bestowed upon me when I first started working at Ag Credit. He enjoyed the
      enthusiasm I had for my new job.

             reading and Breathing–
          essentials for winter survival
I’ve had enough of winter! The season            up when the kids were home for Christmas,           avid Nancy Drew mystery fan. I devoured the
really crept up on me this year. Just after      but the snow and leaves remain.                     books after discovering Nancy’s mother had
Thanksgiving the snow came and before I               In winter Dan, Jen, and I like to stay         also died when she was very young –just like
knew it, 2006 had arrived. We still have piles   indoors and enjoy the luxury of reading every       mine had.
of leaves in our yard (under the snow) because   chance we get. On frosty Sunday afternoons                In high school my friend, Janet, and I
we were optimistically waiting for one more      if you listen hard enough you can hear a            tried to out read each other. We meticulously
pleasant day to haul the remaining leaves into   collective “Ahhh!” as we settle down in our         kept track of the books we’d read from of
the woods. My husband hoped it would warm        own cozy reading spots.                             the pompously-named, “Recommended
                                                      I grew up in a house without a television.     Reading List for College-Bound Students.”
                                                     My insightful dad decided our family would      Janet read more books than I did. (She also
                                                      be better off without one. I begged in         finished college, law school, and is now a
                                                           vain and was shocked when my older        veterinarian.)
                                                             sisters actually agreed with him.             In the early 80’s, I read Dr. Spock’s
                                                             (Those traitors!) So, for lack of       parenting manual but was relieved to discover
                                                              anything better to do in the winter,   the more laid-back tone of Dr. Linden
                                                                      our family read. Every         Smith’s books. Dr. Smith’s calm words were
                                                                        two weeks we walked          invaluable in the middle of the night while
                                                                        the familiar four blocks     pacing the room with a screaming, feverish
                                                                       to the Amherst Public         baby. During those years I also read a lot
                                                                       Library to get armloads       of Sesame Street, Berenstain Bears, and Dr.
                                                                       of books. When I was in       Seuss during the day.
                                                                    first grade, the children’s            In 1988, I quit smoking with the aid of
                                                                  librarian, Hazel Richmond,         Anne Tyler novels and hundreds of packs of
                                                                  suggested the “Raggedy Ann         Trident® sugar-free gum. The next year I
                                                                 and Andy” stories. I remember       discovered Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, The
                                                       the excitement of kneeling on the library     Bean Trees. The adventures of Tyler Greer
                                                           floor trying to find one I hadn’t read    and her adopted daughter, Turtle, helped keep
                                                             yet. I was hooked!                      me sane while we waited for our adopted
                                                                   I think back on the big events    daughter to arrive from Korea. I read the
                                                             of my life and realize how books        follow-up novel Pigs in Heaven after she
                                                             have helped me through tough            arrived.
                                                             times. In middle school I was an

22 | March 2006, Ag Credit ACA
      My husband was quite ill during 2000-        and dealing with life. This winter I re-read            or, the breath in me greets the breath in you;
2002, so reading Jan Karon’s novels set-in         the Bird by Bird book. One of my favorite               or, the light in me greets the light in you;
the idyllic, fictional town of Mitford, North      passages is her advice for dealing with                 or, the God in me greets the God in you.
Carolina, helped pass the times when he was        difficult people. Lamott writes:                        However translated, this greeting is a reminder
hospitalized. I also read several beautifully            “I don’t think you have time to waste on          of the positive spirit we all possess and the
written novels by Elizabeth Berg and the           someone who does not respond to you with                gift of sharing it with others.
eloquent words of Pulitzer Prize winner, Anna      kindness and respect. You don’t want to spend                 Breathe deeply! Read a good book.
Quindlen, during this stressful time. These        your time around people who make you hold               Spring is just around the corner.
books helped reduce my anxiety.                    your breath.” She adds later, “You can’t fill                 Namaste,
      More recently, I read the comic-relief       up when you’re holding your breath.”
tales by Janet Evanovich whose heroine,
Stephanie Plum, is featured in eleven books
to date. I don’t think I can take #12, but these
                                                         The passage about breathing really rings
                                                   true to me. I’ve been thinking more about
                                                   breathing since I began taking a yoga class.
easy-read adventures were hard to put down         Jan, my instructor, has taught me a healthier
at the time.                                       way to breathe because I was unconsciously
      When I discover an author I especially       holding my breath a good amount of the time.
like, I try to read more of their books. Last      I don’t want to continue to go through life
year I searched out the works of Ann Lamott        holding my breath. I want to fill up on life and
after reading her non-fiction, Bird by Bird-       breathe in the joy, love, and beauty around me.
Some Instructions on Writing and Life. I                 “Namaste” (pronounced nama-stay) is
don’t agree with everything she has to say         a yoga (Hindu) greeting which means: The
but I have enjoyed her honest style of writing     goodness in me greets the goodness in you;

                                                      tell Your neighBors aBout us
                                                     Referrals are important to the growth of our association and we want to thank you for telling
                                                     your neighbors and friends why you do business with Ag Credit.
                                                          Refer someone who is not a member to Ag Credit and if the referral results in a new
                                                     loan or lease, you will receive a jacket. Be sure to let us know you referred them to us prior
                                                     to their loan application. Just fill out the form and give it to your branch office staff. n

                                                                                         ag credit, aca
                                                                  MeMBer referral card
                                                       This card introduces:
                                                       Name: _________________________________________________________________
                                                       Telephone No. ___________________________________________________________
                                                       Address: ________________________________________________________________
                                                       to Ag Credit. Please give this prospective customer every consideration and courtesy for
                                                       available products and services that may be of value to them.

                                                       Date: ______________________ Name: _____________________________________
                                                                                                               (signature of Ag Credit member)

                                                       Phone: _____________________ Branch Office: _______________________________
                                                       Jacket Size: __________________

                                                     This promotion does not apply to home loans or home equity lines due to restrictions under the
                                                     Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

                                                                                                                                 March 2006, Ag Credit ACA | 2
                                                                                At Ag Credit, we offer Crop Insurance. As a cooperative, owned by the
                                                                                people who use us, we have served the needs of rural Americans for
                                                                                generations. In fact, for 90 years we have been a dependable source of

    Don’t gamble
                                                                                credit to agriculture.
                                                                                We are pleased to offer this valuable crop insurance service to our
                                                                                members. Crop Insurance can benefit you and your farming operation.
   with your future.                                                            It is one of the most reliable crop risk management tools available today.
                                                                                So, whether you are a commercial operator, a part-time farmer or simply
                                                                                like living in the country, we want to do business with you. And we’ll be
                                                                                there for future generations.

                                                                                Contact Michele Harsh
                                                                                (740) 225-0808                                                                       ®

                                                   2006 AnnUAl StockholderS MeetIng
                                                                  lindsey                                                           Marion
                                                           Monday, April 3, 2006                                             tuesday, April 4, 2006
AGRICULTURAL CREDIT ASSOCIATION                               6:30 p.m. dinner                                                  6:30 p.m. dinner
                                                           ole Zim’s Wagon Shed                                          tri rivers Vocational School
                                                        Sr 590, 1 mile south of US 20                                    Sr 95, 1 mile east of US 23

               keynote speaker: Bruce Boguski
               Bruce Boguski knows first hand the attitude and skills required to overcome physical and mental challenges. At age 18, Bruce was partially paralyzed in
               an automobile accident. Although doctors warned that he might never walk again, he left the hospital a few months later under his own power. After a
               two-year struggle to regain full use of his body, Bruce went on to become a two time state champion in racquetball and played on a state championship
               softball team. He later served as head baseball coach and assistant football coach at Van Buren High School, and the men’s and women’s tennis coach at
               The University of Findlay. We believe you will find his presentation to be thought provoking, entertaining, and inspirational.

               Along with his wife, Mary and two children, Brian and Allison, Bruce resides in Findlay, Ohio.

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