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									                             Daddy’s Specialties

  Loving and passionate father figure-diapering-daddy/ab role-play-discipline –sissy babies

    Hello little ones my name is Daddy Paul. I am a loving and nurturing to the babies I play with. I love
diaper changes whether it is cloth diapers and plastic pants or disposables. I just can’t wait to play with
you sweet sissy babies. I like baby talk, trips to the park, and of course treating my special sweeties to
big boy time with Daddy.

   I am usually pretty gentle and can sometimes be a push over for babies. However if they get out of
line I care enough about them to teach them a lesson. If I have to Daddy will get out his paddle and belt
and pull you over my knee. Then you will have to stand in the corner with a sore bottom and hurt pride.

    In my group of friends in college I was always kind of the fatherly figure and really enjoyed it. I was
there when they needed someone to talk to and listen to their problems. My first experience with
diapers though was at a college graduation party. I couldn’t figure out why this girl was all over me one
minute and pulling away the next. I found out from her friend who had been drinking that she was
diapered, by choice. When I asked her out a week later I changed my first adult diaper. I have been
drawn to it ever since and play with both girl adult babies and boy adult babies and the sissies that fall
somewhere in between.

  If you are looking for a sweet and caring understanding daddy then give me a call.

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