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       Most of the things
          We desire are
         But the truth is,
          The thing that
       Really stasify us are
            Free… love
        True relations…….

       Everything we want
         In Life is waiting
        For us outside our
        Comfort Zone and
         Inside our Effort
        Zone “Just make a

        To be Kind is more
        Important than to
            Be Right.
        Often people need
           Soft Heart ,
           That Listens,
       Rather than Brilliant
        Mind that Speaks..

   Zindagi Ko 1 Kaplan Smjho ,
    Subah Ko Sach Rat Ko Spna
     Smjho Baatna Chahte Ho
      Agr Apne Sare Gam To,
  Zindagi M Sbse Pehle Kisi 1 ko
           Apna Smjo…

 Lucky people get Opportunities ,
Brave people create Opportunities ,
  But Real winners Are those who
      Convert Their Problems
                            In to opportunities.

                    Days may end without seeing u,
                   Days may end without talking 2 u.
                   Days may end without messaging u.
                      Bt the day nvr ends without
                           remembering u…..!

           Don’ mix my personality and my attitude because
          My personalityis ME and my attitude depends an YOU.

                     Gandhiji ne apni wife ko chota sa
                    Leter likha or wife behosh ho gayi :
                      I LOVE U. Thumhara “BAAPU”

                            No 1 can Destroy
                       IRON bt its own RUST can.
            No one can Destroy a Person but his own thoughts.
                     Changes Our Life & Personality.

Hazrat Muhammad ne farmaya : “ Jab Tum kisi ko pyar kro to apne Dil me ek
                        Qubristan banalo,
              Jahan tum uski Galtiyon ko Dafna sako..”

                     Believe in karm, Not in Raashi.
               Remember : Ram & Raavan, Krishna & Kans,
                   Gandhi & Goodse, Obama & Osama.
        They had same raashi but their KARM made them different.

               Rahul Gandhi Chilla Chilla kr bol raha hain –
           Congress me ‘corrupt’ logo ke liye koi jagah nai hai !!
               Bhai, Seedhe seedhe board hai laga dete !!
                             HOUSE FULL !!
             Dharti par/Ishwaerki talash hai,
         Phirbhi tera/banda kitna nirash hai !!!!
          Q Dhundhta hai use / Yahan vahan,
Jab Ishwarka dusra roop / Maa baap tere pas hai !!!!!!!!!!

                 Neta gaon k ek ghar
                  May Jakar ek aurat
                 Say bola- ab hum aa
               Gaye hai ab Vikas Hoga….
                  Aurat-, pichhli baar
               Bhi tunay kaha Tha,………
                par munni Hui thi !!!!!

                     Boy askd god.
               WHY she love Rose Which
                    Dies in one Day,
               But doesn’t love me Who
                Dies for her Every day?
                     God replied:-
                     Mast hai………
                Facebook pe daal De!

          Nayi Shadi Aur Purani Shadi Mein
                 Kya Fark Hota Hai?
         Nayi Shaadi Mein Dono LIPS Milakar
                   Sote Hai Aur.
   Purani Shaadi Mein Dono HIPS Mila Kar Sota Hai.

                  ‘SACH KA SAMNA ‘
           Jawab sirf HAA ya NAA me dena hai
                   Aapke liye 1 sawal
         Kya Aapna Bhikhari Ke Katore Se Chillar
                 Churana Chhod Diya?
                Himmt hai to reply Do.
          Slavery and Torture
   Were banned long ago………………
But for some Unknown reasons…..……..
            Marriage is still

   A Really Well Siad 1- “Sometime u Hav
        To maintain Silence, Swallow
   You’re Pride & Accept that u’re WronG
        It’s Not Giving Up…It’s Called
                 Growing up…

              A short sentence
            But Rich in Meaning …
           “Think All you Speak….”
              “Never speak All
                 You think...”
                Just think….!

         Gardening tip For Life :
“plant your seif next to those who make
you breathe freely & help you grow ,not
next next to those who suffocate you!”

              Be In Today
           Believe In Today
           Behave In Today
           Be Alive In Today
          Yesterday Died For
             Today & amp;
           Tomorrow Takes
           Birth From Today

  Life gives strange Twists sometime .
 SomeOne you trust Very much , hurts
You &someone you R nvr bothered abt,
     Stands for u. That Is Life….!

     India me Insan sub se Zyda
       Mafi kis se mangta He?
           BOSS k samne?
            wife k samne?
         GIRL Frnd k samne?
           Bhikari k samne
     “Maff karo Baba, AageJao.”

    Har Kasti Ka Kinara Nahi Hota
 Jise Karte Hai Pyar Bas Wo Hamara
              Nahi Hota.
Rota Hoga Sagar bhi Kisi K Intazar Me,
         Varna Sagar Ka Pani
        Itna Khara Nahi Hota.

    Insan Pyar Krne k Liye Hote H
       Paisa Istemal Krne K Liye
          Pr Dard Tab Hota H
         Jab Log Paiso se Pyar
      Insano ka Istemal Krte Hai.

       ONE Light, One Love,
    One Friendship, One smile ,
       One Step ,One Hope.

          Telling a lie is a sin For a child ,
       Fault for An adult, An art for A lover,
            a Profession for a Lawyer ,
           a Requirement for Politician,
              a Management for a b

     Oss, an Accomplishment for A bachelor,
an Excuse for a Subordinate, & a Matter of survival
                For a married man.

      LIFE is BEST 4 those Who r Enjoying it
      DIFFICULT 4 those Who r Analysing it
        WORST 4 those who R Criticising it
        All depends on Approch n attitud.

               “If you can find the
              Brighter side of Life…
         Then, Polish the darker Side…!”
          Attitude of Adjustment is the
               Only instruments to
            Live a SUCCESSFUL Life…

             Life Is Like Tennis Match.
                If You Want To Win.
             Serve Well, Return Well,
        Play Cool And Do Remember That
        The Game Starts With “LOVE ALL”.

        Do not store Dreams in Your Eyes,
         they may roll Down with tears.
            Store them in your Heart,
           each heart Beat will inspire
              You to fulfill them!!!!

         Best relation in this World is~
        When a person Holds your hand
       You walk with that Person without
          Asking ‘where’ & ‘why’!!!!!!

         Always Respect & Pray For
          Those who Helped You In
     your Bad times & also be thankful to
          bad time for showing you
       those who are truthfully yours.

       Making memorable movements for
           yourself is not a big thing...
But 'YOU' being the reason behind someone else's
 memorable moment is an everlasting feeling.....

       Udas Nazro Me Khwab Milenge...
       Kanhi Kante to khi Gulab Milenge,
      Mere Dilki Kitab Ko Padh K To Dekho,
 Kahi Apki Yad To Kahi Khud Aap Milenge...........

       RAM lankase vaapas aa rahe the...
    Shurpnkha boli : Prabhu meraKya hoga ?
    RAM : kalyug me ayodhya par raj karogi,
         par vivah fir bhi nahi hoga..!
             Naam hoga 'mayavati

     Maturity is not when we start talking of
                   “Big Things”
   It is, when we actually start understanding
             “SMALL THINGS”………..

         THE Best MEDICINE in the WORLD
             without any side effect is a
                “ SMILING FACE”….
I pray , this medicine must be always with YOU…!
                 Take. CARE ^-^…

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