Color Contact Lenses

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					The most popular coloured prescription contact lens range in Europe is now
available in Australia!
Chosen for the dynamic designs, highest quality and widest range of colours and styles in the
market, customers across Australia are now asking for ColourVue. Whether looking for a simple
colour change, or for the perfect addition to a party outfit, they are choosing ColourVue.

Color Contact Lenses
Coloured contact lenses are a great way to modify your look. Ever wondered what you would
look like with completely different coloured eyes? Imagine being able to instantly change from
brown to blue or green to violet in eye colour? This is all possible through the use of coloured
contact lenses.

There are coloured lenses that can give you a completely new look, and others that can enhance
your natural eye colour. Really stand out from the crowd! Accessorise your look with colour
contacts and create an impact everybody will notice. Generally the Basics, Glamour, Big Eyes
and Fusion range will change the colour of both dark and light eyes, while the 3 Tones range will
intensify the natural colour of your eyes. Check out our large range of disposable coloured
contact lenses that are now available from Treat your eyes to a make over
through ColourVUE today!

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