TERRIFIC TEN by 82Ws7i4a


									                                               TERRIFIC TEN

   1.   You must complete enough activities to earn 10 points every week.
   2.   You must title and date every page.
   3.   You must write the activity number and activity title for each activity.
   4.   In each activity use all the vocabulary on our list.
   5.   Do not use the same activities every week.

1 point activities
_____ 1. Identify two synonyms and two antonyms.
_____ 2. Identify the root/base word and the origin of the word.
_____ 3. Classify each word according to its part of speech and explain what that part of speech is.
          (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and interjection)
_____ 4. Identify the prefix and/or suffix of the word and their meaning.
_____ 5. Write a dictionary definition for each word.

2 point activities
_____ 6. Create a Boggle Board arrangement with all the vocabulary word hiding in it.
______7. Create an “I” sentence using each word correctly and underline the vocabulary word.
______8. Draw a picture and hide the word in the picture. One drawing for each word.
          The picture should look like you took some time and real effort to draw it.
______9. Create an “I Spy” card for each word.
_____ 10. Create a Taboo card for each word.

3 point activities
_____ 11. Create a pictoword for each word.
_____ 12. Create a word wheel for each word.
_____ 13. Create a trivia question for each word.
_____ 14. Create a cartoon/caricature/comic strip.
_____ 15. Write a riddle.

4 point activities
______16. Create a vocabulary box.
_____ 17. Write a poem/song using the words.
_____ 18. Write a children story using the words. Underline each word.
_____ 19. Make a crossword puzzle on graph paper (or computerized), using the words.
            There must be clues listed for each word. (no word searches allowed)
_____ 20. Write an acrostic poem for each word.

5 point activity
_____ 21. Create a CDM (concept of definition map).
_____ 22. Create a context clue card for each vocabulary word.
_____ 23. Make a set of flash cards or a foldable for studying your words.
_____ 24. Create a graphic organizer to show relationship between words/concepts.
_____ 25. Create a figurative language phrase for each word and identify it.

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