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									                                                                   Our Mission:
                                                        To companion the end of life journey
                                                             with skill and compassion


Paid Time Off (PTO) benefits are accrued on a percentage basis. Continuous years of service,
classification, or position determine accrual percentage. Sell-back option.

Night pay differential is provided to inpatient nursing staff. Paid meal breaks are provided for
inpatient staff as well as one free meal per shift.

Three Trails Employee and Family Assistance (EFAP) Program - Under contract with CWHTP,
Three Trails offers individual and/or family counseling at no charge to CWHTP employees.

Retirement Plan - Upon reaching a year’s employment an employee may choose to contribute to a
401K Retirement Plan.

Additional Benefits include:
   Direct Payroll Deposit
   Mileage Reimbursement
   Holiday Pay Premium for Inpatient clinical staff
   Inpatient Call Back Bonus
   Annual Family Event - Staff Luncheons
   Annual Service and Appreciation Recognition
   Hospice & Palliative Certification Bonus
   Educational/Conference Opportunities
   Free Notary Service
   Paid Funeral/Bereavement Leave
   Annual Wage Review
   Annual On-Site Blood Draw for Health Screening
   Monthly Employee Newsletter

                                                        Revised 2/12-cwhtp-dhaymond-HR-Benefits
HEALTHCARE - Medical and Dental Benefits are paid at 80% for full-time CWHTP employees.
While benefits are available for dependants, CWHTP contributes zero towards dependant coverage.
       Medical – We currently have a contract (July ’11 through June ’12) with BCBS of
       Wyoming to provide Medical insurance to our full-time employees. We have a $500
       deductible/person – 80/20, with $1,500 out of pocket, a prescription and preventative care
       benefit. This includes vision care and a $10,000 life insurance policy.
       Dental – Our current contract (May ’11 through April ’12) is with Delta Dental. Our
       contract has a $50 deductible/person and covers Diagnostic and preventative services.

Healthcare Benefit Costs - Monthly
BCBS of Wyoming – effective July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012
Adult premium rates are based from the employee’s age. Health history may change the below base
rates: Dependent children (maximum of four) are $242.90 monthly.

     Age                Male                     Female                   2 adult
     18-29              238.90                   569.60                   906.10
     30-39              321.00                   582.20                   945.40
     40-44              432.60                   604.10                   1053.80
     45-49              553.60                   681.40                   1242.50
     50-54              727.60                   816.60                   1549.50
     55-59              983.80                   952.90                   1938.80
     60-64              1260.20                  1142.80                  2404.40
     65+                1399.20                  1247.90                  2647.20

Deductible $500/family $1000 - 20% Coinsurance of the next $1000
Out of Pocket Max (Ded. & Coin) $1500
Maternity as any other illness
Preventative Care – 100%
Prescription Coverage - $5/20% $10/20% $20/50% - $2500 annual out of pocket max
Life Insurance Coverage premiums are $3.40 and included in our BCBS policy:
Employee Benefit/$10,000, Spouse/$2000 and Child/$1000.

BCBS Vision, Plan C – Single/$4.85 Single & Dep. Child/$8.35       2 Adults/$9.70   Family/$13.20
Delta Dental – effective May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012
               Employee                 31.20
               Employee + one           68.55
               Employee & family        112.35

Supplemental Insurance
Aflac benefits may be provided pre-tax if the employee chooses. There are a variety of services
available through Aflac, to include but not limited to; Accident/Disability, Cancer, Hospital
Intensive Care, Long Term Care, and Short-Term Disability. Employees are encouraged to discuss
options with our Aflac representative within their first couple weeks of employment.

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