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PRI Telemedicine Presentation 5-21-09


									              Child Psychiatry Helpline

8-5 Monday – Friday consultation to physicians by child and adolescent
   psychiatrists via telephone or if needed telemedicine

Access to UAMS’ Psychiatric Research Institute children's evaluation
  treatment and referral unit for ages 2 to 12
     Planned admissions for comprehensive evaluation, initiation of treatment, and
      extensive treatment planning
     Focus on children who have not responded to previous treatment and those with
      severe conditions requiring inpatient treatment (psychosis)
     Opportunity for parent rooming-in, if appropriate
     EPSDT required screening
     Referral packet by calling 501-526-8100
              Child Psychiatry Helpline

Clinical managers will follow children into the community after discharge to ensure
access, availability of appropriate services, and monitor if progress is being made
     Will mentor and coach community providers in evidence-based care should the need
     Clinical managers will work telephonically with families, schools, and other child-
      serving providers
     Track outcomes of care for 90 days
     Enhance the diffusion of evidence-based care across the state
               Child Psychiatry Helpline

Regional round table for physicians and mental health clinicians
     To facilitate evidence-based care
     Provide training for evidence-based care via the web
     Mood Disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar)
     Disruptive Behavioral Disorders (e.g., conduct disorders, oppositional disorders,
      attention deficit disorders)
     Reactive Attachment Disorder
     Psychosis
     Anxiety
              Child Psychiatry Helpline

Interface between primary care and mental health care
    Uncoordinated care, by definition, is poor quality care especially for children and
    A child's life is not clearly divided between mental health issues and physical health
     issues as are most of our clinical delivery systems
    The more ill a person is, the more coordination is required between sectors.
    Through PRI and DHS we are prepared to share training, technology, etc. to help
     accomplish this vital coordination.
              Child Psychiatry Helpline

Professional / Clinical Aspects of Telemedicine
     Telemedicine for mental health care is not simply conducting therapy in front of a
      webcam on top of one’s computer
     Just as Dr. Lowery described the technical aspects for telemedicine, there are
      professional clinical requirements in order to provide telemedicine, especially for
      children and adolescents
     PRI will work with DHS to establish a credentialing process for telemedicine services
     PRI will offer training and capacity building workshops and seminars to further
      telemedicine practice
     PRI will offer consultation via telemedicine for child and adolescent psychiatry
      services for those providers who may prefer to outsource this service

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