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									IFC Global Oil & Gas
                                      The World Bank Group

                   IBRD                           IDA                       IFC                    MIGA
            International Bank               International         International Finance        Multilateral
            for Reconstruction               Development                Corporation           Investment and
             and Development                  Association                                    Guarantee Agency
                  Est. 1945                    Est. 1960                  Est. 1956                Est. 1998

Role       To promote                   To promote                 To promote private      To reduce political
           institutional, legal and     institutional, legal and   sector development      investment risk
           regulatory reform            regulatory reform

Clients    Governments of member        Governments of poorest     Private companies in    Foreign investors in
           countries with per           countries with per         member countries        member countries
           capita income between        capita income of less
           $1,025 and $6,055            than $1,025

Products   • Technical Assistance       • Technical Assistance     • Equity/Loans          • Political Risk
           • Loans                      • Interest Free Loans      • Risk Management         Insurance
           • Policy Advice              • Policy Advice            • Advisory Services

                   Over $97 Billion Invested Since 1956

• Largest multilateral source of loan/equity financing                           IFC FY2011 Highlights
  for the emerging markets private sector
                                                                     Portfolio                          $42.8 billion
• Founded in 1956 with 182 member countries
                                                                     Committed                          $12.2 billion
• AAA-rated by S&P and Moody’s
• Equity, quasi-equity, loans, risk management and                   Mobilized                              $6.5 billion
  local currency products                                            # of Companies                               1,737
• Takes market risk with no sovereign guarantees                     # of Countries                                    127
• Promoter of environmental, social, and corporate
  governance standards
• Resources and know-how of a global development                            Sub-Saharan       Middle East
                                                                               Africa         & N.Africa
  bank with the flexibility of a merchant bank                                                                Global
                                                                                14%              11%            1%
• Holds equity in over 722 companies worldwide, 184 of
                                                                                                                       South Asia
  which are funds                                                                                                         10%
                                                              Europe &
                                                             Central Asia

                                                                                  East Asia                   America
                                                                                  and the                       24%

                       IFC’s Global Reach
                 100+ country and regional offices worldwide



                                                    Cairo                New Delhi
Mexico City
                                                                                     Hong Kong

               São Paulo                     Johannesburg

                       Buenos Aires

                                          IFC HQ/Hub Offices
                                          IFC Operational Centers
                                          IFC Country Offices

                           $2 billion Oil and Gas Portfolio

                                30 Companies in 23 Countries

                  By Product                                               By Region
                                                    Southern &                               Africa
* Equity at market value                          Eastern Europe                              10%
                                                        1%                                          Asia
                                                                 World 10%

        Senior Debt
       & Equivalents
            59%                                                   Latin America
                                                                      60.5%                                  Middle East
                                                                                                            & North Africa

                                                              Regional breakdown by IFC committed capital

Greenfield Projects to Corporate Expansions


   •Exploration                   •Liquefied Petroleum Gas
   •Appraisal & Development       •Floating Production, Storage, Offloading
   •Oil & Gas Pipelines           •Acquisition Financing
   •Oilfield Services             •Rehabilitation
   •Liquefied Natural Gas         •Debt Refinancing

                             IFC Value-Add in Oil & Gas

  Long-Term          Regional       Global Mining         Country Risk      Environmental         Advisory
 Competitive        Knowledge         Expertise            Mitigation        & Social Risk        Services
  Financing                                                                  Management
• Equity          • Extensive      • 50+ Years of        • Government       • Advice on        • Local Supplier
                    Local Office     Sector                Relations          Environmental      Development
• Fixed &           Network          Experience                               & Social Best
  Floating                                               • Reduced Risk       Practices        • Local
  Rates, Local    • Local          • Greenfield            of                                    Economic
  Currencies        Transaction                            Expropriation,   • Equator            Development
                    Experience     • Expansion /           Breach of          Principles
• Up to 15 Year                      Modernization         Contract,          Modeled after    • Community
  Loan Maturity   • World Bank                             Convertibility     IFC Standards      Development
                    Synergies      • Corporate                                                   Funding
• Catalyst for                       Strategy            • World Bank       • Local
  Other                                                    Synergies          Consultation &   • Financial
  Investors and                    • Access to                                Disclosure         Valuation Tool
  Lenders                            International       • Withholding
                                     Investors             Tax Benefit                         • Resource
• Capital                                                                                        Efficiency
  Mobilization                     • Technical

    Financing & Sustainability Expertise Under One Roof

                                                       IFC Oil & Gas
                                     Integrated Solutions Combining Capital and Expertise

Financing                                                          Advisory Services

•   Equity                                                         •   Supplier development (linkages)
•   Quasi-equity                                                   •   Community Development
•   Loans                                                          •   Municipal Capacity Building
•   Capital markets access and mobilization                        •   World-class environmental and social advice
•   Risk management                                                •   Resettlement & Indigenous Peoples
•   Political risk cover                                           •   Access to Community Development Funding

• IFC’s package deal brings together world-class talent, a global outlook and a social/environmental
  mandate to deliver sustainable business solutions; IFC’s team includes financial professionals,
  mining engineers, environmental specialists, development experts, and communications

Award Winning Recognition from the Market
               •Tullow Oil – Global Corporate Deal of the Year (2010)
               •Kosmos Energy – Africa Oil and Gas of the Year (2010)
               •Cairn India – Asian Pacific Oil and Gas of the Year (2010)
               •Peru LNG – Latin American Deal of the Year (2008)
               •Schahin Rigs - Americas Oil & Gas Deal of the Year (2008)

               •Peru LNG – Latin American Export Finance Deal of the Year (2008)
               •Schahin – Latin American Oil and Gas Deal of the Year (2008)
               •Cairn Energy – Asian Pacific Indepent Oil & Gas Deal of the Year (2006)

               •Peru LNG – Latin America Deal of the Year (2008)

               •BTC Pipeline– Deal of the Decade (2010)

One Stop Shop for Full Range of Financing Instruments

                 • Corporate/UJV
    Equity       • Typically 5-15% shareholding

                 • Subordinated loans
  Mezzanine /    • Income participating loans
  Quasi Equity   • Convertibles

 Senior Debt
 & Equivalents   • Corporate Loans - Reserve base lending, Straight corporate debt,
                  Partial credit guarantees for bonds
                 • Project Finance - Greenfield, Expansion

                                        IFC Advisory Services

IFC relies on 50+ years of experience of working in developing countries
  to develop practical, sustainable business solutions for our clients

                Community Development                                            Corporate Governance

• Community investment strategies                               • IFC works with the different governance priorities:
• Measuring the impact of community spending                      Publicly listed companies
• Increasing participation of local businesses in supply          Founder and family-owned firms
                                                                  Financial institutions
• Business skills training for local entrepreneurs
                                                                  Newly privatized and state-owned enterprises
• Promoting female workforce
                                                                • IFC Corporate Governance experts advise clients on:
• Helping local governments manage mining revenues for
                                                                  Defining shareholder rights
  economic development
                                                                  Creating a solid control environment
• Water risk/footprint assessment
                                                                  Ensuring high levels of transparency and disclosure
• Energy efficiency analysis to reduce water, energy and
  raw materials use                                               Setting up an empowered board of directors

                                           Recent IFC Investments

                         India            Thailand & Laos                              Brazil                                                     Tunisia

    Cairn Energy                 Salamander Energy            Constellation Overseas            Bankers Petroleum                    Topic
     $250,000,000                    $55,000,000                  $103,000,000                       $40,400,000                   $30,000,000
      Credit Facility                 Refinancing                                                 Senior Loan & Equity           Mezzanine Loan &
                                                                   Equity Investment
                                                                                                                                 Equity Investment
Mandated Lead Arranger                  Investor                        Investor                  Lender & Investor              Lender & Investor
     October 2009                        2011                        April 2010                       May 2009                     October 2008

                        Ghana                         Ghana                             Peru                          Kuwait                           Peru

  Kosmos Energy                        Tullow Oil                    Peru LNG                          Kuwait                        BPZ Energy
$50,000,000 Senior Loan               $115,000,000                  $300,000,000                     $100,000,000                    $75,900,000
$50,000,000 Junior Loan                 Senior Loan            Syndicated Project Financing      Reserve Based Islamic Fin.     Convertible Notes, Reserve
                                                                                                Income Participation Facility     Based Facility & Equity
Mandated Lead Arranger            Mandated Lead Arranger                 Lender                     Lender & Investor              Lender & Investor
      July 2009                        May 2009                        June 2007                       2009, 2011                      2006-2009
                          IFC: The Complete Package
IFC Investment & Advisory Services

                    Project          Cairn India (India)

                    Investment       Three rounds of debt and equity financing

                    IFC Role         • Cairn IFC Enterprise Center – supports local businesses and offers skills training to
                                       the local population .
                                     • Rural Dairy Development Project - provides farmers and their families with an
                                       alternative source of income by supporting traditional dairy development activities.
                                     • Child and Maternal Health Awareness Initiative –works with local community on HIV /
                                       AIDS prevention, reproductive, child and other major health concerns.
                    Project          Peru LNG(Peru)

                    Investment       $300 million loan

                    IFC Role         • Local supplier development program
                                     • Regional program to help municipalities better manage increased revenues
                                     • Program to have community members monitor environmental and social performance

                    Project          Kuwait Energy (Middle East and North Africa)

                    Investment       $100 million in debt and equity

                    IFC Role         • IFC’s corporate governance team has worked with Kuwait Energy to enhance its
                                       management and oversight structures as it prepares for a planned IPO on the London
                                       Stock Exchange.

         Global Coverage and Deep Sector Expertise

Global Oil & Gas
Lance Crist          Global Head                    Washington, DC     +1 202 473 0773    lcrist@ifc.org
Kamal Dorabawila     Principal Investment Officer   Washington, DC     +1 202 473 1037    kdorabawila@ifc.org

Jan Wehebrink        Principal Investment Officer   Washington, DC     +1 202 473 5324    jwehebrink@ifc.org

Didier Savary        Principal Engineer             Paris, France      +1 202 580 8410    dsavary@ifc.org

Jorge Bongiovanni    Principal Engineer             Washington, DC     +1 202 473 4591    jbongiovanni@ifc.org

Sing Foong Wong      Head                           Beijing, China     +84 4 3934 2282    swong@ifc.org

Igancio de Calonje   Senior Investment Officer      Istanbul, Turkey   +90 212 385 2550   icalonje@ifc.org

Sandeep Kohli        Senior Investment Officer      Dakar, Senegal     +221 338 597 164   skohlie@ifc.org

Latin America
Aldo Malpartida      Senior Investment Officer      Washington, DC     +1 202 473 8678    amalpartida@ifc.org


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