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S PRING 2004

The Visual Arts Flourish at Oxford

               he first thing you notice                                                                                         “These are the best art students I’ve ever
               about the art studio in the                                                                                      had in my life,” says Cottrell. “It’s a
               new Tarbutton Building is                                                                                        serious analytical thing that we do in
               the light. The studio is all                                                                                     the studio. My art students use the same
               glass on one side, part                                                                                          dedication and discipline in the art stu-
of which are doors that open onto an                                                                                            dio as they do in their other classes.”
enclosed patio. “The studio has beautiful                                                                                          Emily Pope ’04Ox appreciates
light,” says Camille Cottrell, assistant                                                                                        Cottrell’s enthusiasm. “She’s very pas-
professor of art history and visual arts.                                                                                       sionate about what she does,” she says.
“The studio is a relatively small space,                                                                                        Pope signed up for art classes with
but it is designed so well that you can                                                                                         Cottrell her first semester at Oxford,
get fifteen to twenty people in here                                                                                             and she liked them so much she has
working, with lots of good energy.”                                                                                             taken studio art or art history every
    This small but powerful studio space                                                                                        semester. She now plans to major in art
is the perfect setting for Oxford’s small                                                                                       history when she continues at Emory.
but powerful visual arts program. The                                                                                           “Professor Cottrell makes art more
visual arts program is in its second                                                                                            interesting and more important than
year and was created by Cottrell, an                                                                                            I ever thought it would be,” says Pope.
accomplished printmaker who came to                                                                                                Cottrell owes a lot of her program’s
Oxford from the University of Georgia                                                                                           success to the support she has gained
to head up both art history and visual                                                                                          from Dean Dana Greene. “Oxford has
arts. It is at Oxford that all the elements                                                                                     a great tradition of art history, but it has
came together—light, good energy, and                                                                                           never devoted many resources to studio
learning—both for the arts program and                                                                                          art,” says Cottrell. “Dana believes you
for Cottrell. The philosophy, students,        Professor Camille Cottrell, working here with art student Nicole Reynolds        can’t have a true liberal arts program
and support at Oxford have made for            ’04Ox, has built a small but strong visual arts program at Oxford.               without visual arts, and she has given
a unique arts program.                                                                                                          great support to help me get the pro-
    “I have always worked at big universities with lots of faculty,” says                gram going.” With that support, Cottrell’s art program has strengthened,
Cottrell. “This position is so different from any position I’ve ever had.”               and she has been able to develop other art ventures on campus. She shows
At Oxford the program is small, and the art faculty so few (just her), that              student and faculty work in two galleries on campus, and she has begun a
Cottrell has been able to develop an integrated method for learning art. Art             tradition of hosting visiting artist shows as well. Cottrell is even negotiating
students take both art history and studio art, and as a result, the students             to have a couple of national juried shows on campus. Recently Oxford was
understand art differently. “What is created is an intimate dialog between               one of the host venues for the Atlanta Celebrates Photography exhibit,
artist and scholar,” says Cottrell, “and traditionally art isn’t taught that             which also showed at such esteemed sites as the High Museum and the
way.” The philosophy of learning both disciplines at the same time makes                 Faye Gold Gallery in Atlanta.
students finer at both, believes Cottrell.                                                    In spite all this growth, Cottrell does not want to lose what makes her
    The students themselves add an interesting element to the mix. In                    art program unique. “I’d like to grow the department to be a substantial
Cottrell’s classes, which include art history survey courses and foundation              art department in the Southeast, but I want it to remain an intimate, inte-
courses for studio arts, you find future art majors (about thirty-five last                grated experience,” she says. Just as the studio space itself seems to strive
year), but you can also find future premed, history, and French majors—                   for an unusual blend of light, space, and energy, so does Cottrell’s program
not your typical art class demographics. Cottrell credits the liberal arts               strive for an unusual blend of learning and creativity. “We are going to
atmosphere at Oxford for giving students valuable skills for studying art.               make something different, something finer,” she says. Ox

                                                                                                                                                        OM         C
                                                                                                                                                    R                           NONPROFIT ORG

                                                                                                                                           IL E D

                                                                                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                       E 3 03


                                                                                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 3604

Health Issues Dominate
Oxford Peace Lecture
            ental health awareness, childhood                      She lauded new treatments and
            immunization, conflict resolution, and               research, but noted much more needs
            the Carter Center’s worldwide disease-              to be done. “The stigma is still perva-
prevention efforts were subjects discussed by for-              sive,” said Carter. “It keeps people
mer first lady Rosalynn Carter during her Samuel                 from seeking treatment because they          Former first lady Rosalynn Carter delivered the Samuel W. Mills Peace
W. Mills Peace Lecture, Wednesday, February 18,                 don’t want to be labeled mentally ill.”      Lecture in February.
at Oxford’s Allen Memorial Methodist Church.                       Carter then presented a solution.
   Carter spoke to a crowd of several hundred, then             “The way to overcome the stigma is for
answered questions. She donated to the library a                a neighbor, friend, or coworker to come out                 against Guinea worm. Carter said there once
signed copy of a children’s book her husband, for-              and say they suffer from depression. It takes               were 3.5 million cases of Guinea worm worldwide,
mer President Jimmy Carter, wrote about conflict                 the fear away.”                                             now there are just 35,000, primarily in Africa. She
resolution, saying that conflicts can be resolved the               Carter also expressed concerns about child               spoke of a recent trip she and the former president
same way for everyone regardless of age.                        immunizations in this country. When her husband             took to the west African nations of Togo, Benin,
   Founder and chair of the Carter Center’s                     became president in 1977, she said just fifteen              and Ghana.
Mental Health Task Force, Carter devoted the                    states required children under two be immunized                “We give hope where none exists,” she said
first portion of her talk to the importance of                   against diseases such as measles.                           of the Carter Center’s work, “and we give people
mental health, a subject she has stressed since                    Carter said she was proud that Georgia was               a reason to believe that things will get better.”
becoming the first lady of Georgia in the 1970s.                 third in the nation in the percentage of children              The Mills Peace Lecture was established by John
                                                                under two who have been immunized, but                      and Elizabeth Mills to honor their son, Samuel, a
                                                                expressed disappointment that the national                  former student at Oxford, who was killed in a car
 Tatum to Speak at                                              average (76 percent) has dropped.                           accident in 1986. The lecturer must be a Georgian
                                  Courtesy of Spelman College

                                                                   Turning her thoughts globally, Carter discussed          who has contributed significantly to peace and
 Commencement                                                   the Carter Center’s disease-prevention efforts in           understanding. The lecture is sponsored by the
      everly Daniel Tatum, presi-
 B    dent of Spelman College,
 will deliver the keynote
                                                                the developing world, specifically the center’s battle       Pierce Program in Religion. —Eric Rangus

 address at Oxford’s com-
 mencement ceremony May 8.
     A nationally recognized
 authority on racial issues in
                                                                PORT Project Opens Doors
 the United States, Tatum’s
 research examines racial identity development in
 teens and the impact of race on classroom dynam-
                                                                for Students
 ics. She is author of Why Are All the Black Kids

 Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? and Other                            ike any portrait, detail is essential to divine
 Conversations about Race.
                                                                         who the subject is. The Oxford College
     Tatum’s speech will coincide with Oxford’s cele-
                                                                         PORT project has brought this detail to the
 bration of the fiftieth anniversary of desegregation
                                                                college experiences of its students. PORT, which
 in schools following the 1954 Supreme Court ruling
 on Brown v. the Board of Education.                            represents a portrait, a portfolio, and a portal, is
                                                                an online system allowing students to track their
                                                                activities in a more enriching way than a resume.
                                                                    Joe Moon, dean of campus life at Oxford                The PORT project helps Oxford students log on and
                                                                                                                           organize their extracurriculars, research papers, and
 Wagner Inauguration Celebrated                                 College, said he and his staff first conceived of
                                                                                                                           career plans.
                                                                this project five years ago.

 O     xford kicked off the University-wide festivities
       celebrating the inauguration of President
 James W. Wagner. On March 29, a celebration
                                                                    “Oxford students have a lot of leadership, but
                                                                because Oxford is only a two-year college, we wor-         or goal-responsive choices in their academic careers
                                                                ried that students did not consider the lessons they       and extracurricular activities.
 of Emory’s heritage and tradition was held on the
 Green by the Ignatius Few Monument. Oxford was                 learned from their activities and experiences,” he             “We ask students to think about where they are
 chosen as the location of the first event in a week-            says. “At first we were going to create a college-          heading and what they want to do,” says Moon.
 long inauguration celebration in recognition of                maintained transcript of student activity to supple-       “For example, if their goal is to be admitted to
 the fact that Oxford College is the site of the                ment the academic transcript, but research found           graduate or medical school, their PORT should
 University’s founding. Wagner was inaugurated                  that this is hard to maintain, and students didn’t         have something related to that.”
 as the nineteenth president of Emory University                really buy in.”                                                Faculty advisers can use PORT to gain a
 in a ceremony on the Quad at Emory on April 2.                     Oxford’s campus life staff wanted to go beyond         glimpse into students’ lives. When students want a
 The ceremony was attended by delegates who                     a list and have an in-depth way to track students’         recommendation from a professor, PORT gives an
 traveled to Emory from schools as far away as                  activities. PORT offers a way for students to write        explanation of the skills a student has taken from
 Oxford University in England.
                                                                about their experiences with leadership positions,         involvement on campus and in the community.
                                                                research papers, and volunteer activities. As with a           The success of PORT at Oxford can be attrib-
                                                                journal, students can write about their frustrations,      uted to its being an institutionalized program.
                                                                their achievements, and the skills they’ve learned.        Students in this year’s first-year class are the first
                                                                    “A resume is a very brief listing of activity or       to have goal setting as a part of the freshman semi-
                                                                work life, and a mention of a major or degree; a           nar, and also to have PORT required when apply-
                                                                PORT should bring depth to a student’s experience          ing for campus leadership positions. Moon believes
                                                                at college,” says Moon. “Students add activities,          that at this level, students’ involvement must be a
                                                                and then there are about fifty descriptors for them         transition between high school and college, a shift
                                                                to check, such as life skill or social experience, that    from being a joiner to an engaged participant.
                                                                allow them to clarify what types of activities they            “High school is passive and about joining as
                                                                are participating in.”                                     much as possible; at college that appears thin and
                                                                    Another important PORT attribute Moon                  superficial,” says Moon. “Students are beginning
                                                                emphasizes is goal setting, whether it be a personal,      to build a portrait of themselves in college, which
                                                                academic, career, or human relations goal. This            makes being thoughtful about extracurricular activ-
                                                                helps students to make thoughtful goal-directed            ities that much more important.” —Megan Jentz


Oxford’s Inclusiveness Exemplifies Education
                          Reflecting on Oxford’s diverse humanity with our first alumni

                               ometimes I wander             student population is the most diverse of the              and females, those of different socioeconomic back-
                               the corridors of Seney        University’s nine schools, 11 percent African              grounds, those who were outside the established
                               Hall examining the            American, 24 percent Asian American, 4 percent             community. I would also ask our antique alumni to
                         class photographs from the          Hispanic. Students’ religious affiliation, Christian       reflect on the purpose of their classical liberal arts
                         late nineteenth century that        and non-Christian, is equally diverse. The first hint       education, with its fundamental commitment to
                         line the walls. The sober           of diversity came in 1962 when African Americans           intellectual breadth and to exploration of connec-
                         and earnest young men               entered Emory College, long after the historic             tive links between specialized forms of knowledge.
                         who look out at me are              Supreme Court ruling, Brown v. Board of                    I would remind these forefathers that religious sen-
dressed in the requisite high collar and formal              Education, in May 1954. At our May commence-               timent and intellectual commitment require that
wear. They are Methodist and Caucasian, except               ment this year we will celebrate the fiftieth anniver-      one reach out to that which is unknown, that
for the lone Yun Ch’i-ho, Class of 1893, the first            sary of that ruling. Beverly Tatum, President of           which is different. Such action produces not only
Korean to be educated in America. Trained for                Spelman College, psychologist and noted author             great heartedness, but understanding and wisdom
the professions—the ministry, medicine, law—the              of Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together             too. I would welcome these long-resurrected alumni
future of these young men was to lead Georgia and            in the Cafeteria?, will be the speaker.                    and ask them to celebrate with us our inclusion of
the South into the twentieth century. They would                 In addition to women, our nineteenth-century           women with men, of whites with every shade of
accomplish this with great success. As I scan their          visitors would be perplexed by this welter of              brown, of Christians with Jews, Muslims, and
Scot-Irish-English faces, I wonder what they would           humanity we have gathered as our student body.             Hindus. I would remind them we are kin and kith,
think if in 2004 they were somehow resurrected at            I would try to explain to these befuddled alumni           all part of the Emory lineage that they began long
their alma mater.                                            that there is a connective link between the world          ago. And I would assert that the open inclusiveness
    They would be surprised, first by the women—              they knew and the one we have created here at              of this little college makes it a better environment
there are women everywhere. Although beginning               Oxford today. I would ask them to recall their             both for the mind and heart. Vive la difference.
in the late nineteenth century Emory allowed a few           small classes, engaged teachers, and the vital stu-
daughters of faculty to attend class as nondegree            dent life they experienced. In that regard, life
day students, the college only officially became             has not changed at Oxford. I would suggest they
coeducational in 1953. In 2003 we celebrated that            remember their Methodist heritage, which is rooted
event with great fanfare. But for our nineteenth-            in John Wesley’s belief—that as he said, “The              Stay in touch with your alma mater,
century alumni, women and non-Caucasian class-               world is my parish.” The Wesleyan tradition fosters        Dana Greene
mates were virtually nonexistent. Today Oxford’s             a wide-spreading openness to all people—males    

 SPORTS                                                          “My number one purpose in life is to serve God
                                                             with my heart and my soul and my mind and my
                                                                                                                         HONORS            AND       DISTINCTIONS
 H     eather Voelkel’s ’04Ox dream is to have a big
       house with a lot of children running through it
 with glee. Her dream is not about giving birth to a lot
                                                             strength,” Voelkel says.
                                                                 “Heather is a great example of the student-ath-
                                                             letes we want to attract to Oxford,” says her soccer

                                                                                                                         • Euler Bropleh ’02Ox-’04C was one of four stu-
 of children but rather giving hope to abandoned kids.       coach and the school’s athletics director, Edgar Flores.    dents university-wide who were selected for the pres-
     “I want to get kids off the street and give them a      “And her laugh, well, you can hear it from the other        tigious Robert T. Jones Scholarship for study next
 sense of direction,” she says. “A number of people          side of the campus.”                                        year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
 helped me to get where I am today.”                             The echo of that booming laugh would fit in well         • Tina L. Edgerly ’03Ox-’05C has received the 2003
     Today Voelkel is an accomplished student, a             in a large house full of playful children.                  Princeton Review scholarship at Emory College and
 skilled athlete (soccer) and a positive influence in her                                           —John Arenberg
                                                                                                                         has been awarded a full scholarship for Scholars
 communities. She was one of three Oxford student-
                                                                                                                         Summer Study Abroad.
                                     athletes to receive
                                     national academic
                                     honors from the
                                                             T    he rebirth and rise of the athletics program
                                                                  at Oxford is akin to an eagle in flight. Hence,
                                                             “Eagles’ Flight” is an apt name for an ambitious
                                                                                                                         FACULTY AND STAFF

                                     National Junior         venture to permanently elevate the program to a             • Ken Carter published “The Grim Sleeper: Five
                                     Collegiate Athletic     new stratosphere.                                           Disorders that Make for Scary Slumber,” in Mental
                                     Association, which          The athletics department, guided by Edgar Flores,       Floss, January 2004.
                                     requires a 3.6 grade    is aiming to raise $100,000 for an endowment fund           • Fang Chen and Wendy Dirks will participate in
                                     point average by a      to support Oxford for varsity and recreational athlet-      the Gregory Seminar in May.
                                     sophomore.              ics. The interest from the endowment fund would             • Gayle Doherty participated in the 2004 Halle
                                         As a soccer play-   supplement the school’s existing budget for the ath-
                                                                                                                         Institute trip to India. She will attend the University
                                     er, Voelkel was the     letics department.
                                     team’s top scorer           “The money will help us sustain longevity of            Advisory Council on Teaching’s training seminar
                                     with thirty-two         excellence in athletics,” Flores says. “An endowment        for master teachers in May.
                                     points in twenty        fund will give us a solid foundation to keep our ath-       • Adriane Ivey will participate in the
                                     games last season,      letics program here forever.”                               Oxford/Emory College exchange. Darrell Stokes,
                                     which ranked her fif-        The top items on the current wish list are facility     Department of Biology, Emory College, will teach
 Soccer isn’t Heather Voelkel’s      teenth in the region.   maintenance, purchases of equipment and training            here in 2004–2005.
 only game.                          She was named to        room supplies, and salaries for the medical staff.          • Nitya Jacobs, Fang Chen, Christine Loflin, and
                                     the all-conference          The endowment project began last fall with the          Guibao Yang will attend a faculty retreat in March
 first team for the second consecutive year.                  help of Oxford basketball coach Lance Von Vogt              at Callaway Gardens sponsored by the Emory
     “I really like soccer, but there are many other         who worked with the campus’ institutional advance-
                                                                                                                         College Center for Teaching and Curriculum.
 things that I also enjoy,” Voelkel says in an under-        ment office. In January, approximately 500 letters
 statement after one reviews the list of activities on       were mailed to former Oxford athletes and their             • Kristina Jensen, reference instruction librarian,
 her resume.                                                 parents.                                                    has been accepted to the teaching track of the
     In the last two years alone, she has taught English         The drive coincides with the establishment of a         ACRL Institute Program for Information Literacy.
 as a second language to adults, tutored kids in an          booster club for Oxford athletics. The club was set         • Patti Owen-Smith’s article “How We Understand:
 after-school program, volunteered with a community          up to coordinate activities to promote the program          Using Student Writing to Assess Insight” appeared
 garden project, taught marine biology to innercity          to its parents, alumni, and friends. Dennis Spruell of      in the Journal of Student-Centered Learning.
 children, and coached youth soccer. After she gradu-        Monroe, Georgia, father of basketball player Andy           • Included in Peter Seldin’s 2004 edition of The
 ates, Voelkel wants to serve in the Peace Corps and         ’05Ox, is the booster club president.                       Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved
 Teach for America.                                              Club members will receive tickets, polo shirts,         Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decision
     Her service-oriented zeal can be traced back to         t-shirts, car decals, and newsletters, depending on
                                                                                                                         (Anker) are two chapters by Oxford faculty,
 her parents who were actively involved in Mexico in         how much money they donate.
 a civic organization, Feed the Hungry. Dad provided             Parties interested in contributing to the Oxford        Myra Frady’s “Developing and Implementing the
 expertise in agricultural development to the local          athletics endowment fund may contact Edgar Flores,          Teaching Portfolio at Oxford College of Emory
 farmers, while Mom set up and taught in a school            athletics director, at 770.784.4672 or                      University” and Steve Henderson’s “Sample
 for children.                                      —John Arenberg                            Portfolio.”

ALUMNI          NEWS

From the Director of Development

Oxford on the Move
                                                           Alumni Lead in Local Politics
T     he Office of Institutional Advancement reports

                                                               n January 2004 an Oxford alumni coup
      significant fund-raising accomplishments in the
                                                               occurred. Don Ballard ’48Ox was elected mayor
first six months of 2003–2004. We had a very suc-
                                                               of Oxford, and Sam Ramsey ’59Ox-’61B was
cessful EmoryGives campaign led by Mary Barnes
                                                           elected mayor of Covington, Georgia.
in the IA office. We raised a total of $5,959 (out
                                                               Ballard, who had served as city attorney for
of a university-wide total of $489,647) from thirty-
                                                           fifty-one years and spent twenty-six years in the
one donors (out of 2,091). EmoryGives solicits the
                                                           legislature (representative for fourteen years and
Emory community for gifts to a wide variety of
                                                           senator for twelve years), enjoys being mayor
nonprofits in the greater Atlanta area, and Oxford
                                                           because, as he says, “You get to do something
College was among the top units at the University
                                                           for your fellow citizen.” Ballard is a attorney at
in terms of percentage increase over last year.
                                                           Ballard, Stephenson, and Waters, and he has been
                              We have also had a great
                                                           practicing for fifty years.
                         Annual Fund response this
                                                               Though he was interested in political science
                         year. At the end of January,
                                                           while at Oxford, and eventually majored in it at the
                         we had raised $245,464
                                                           University of Georgia, Ballard had no plans for pol-
                         from 548 donors, which was
                                                           itics during his college years. He entered the politi-
                         well over our 2003–2004
                                                           cal realm later in life, because he “watched things
                         goal of $165,000, and we
                                                           work for years and has gotten an idea about what
                         still have six months of the
                                                           needs to be done,” he says. “Now I can do some-
                         year left!
                                                           thing about it.”
                              Our campaign to sell
                                                               While Ballard is beginning his first mayoral
                         seats in Williams Hall has
                                                           term, Ramsey is serving his third term as mayor
                         already brought in over
                                                           of Covington. He cites his business administration
$20,000 in new funds for the arts endowment.
                                                           major at Emory for part of his success in managing
Together with the seats sold in the previous cam-
                                                           Covington and working with the four large compa-
paign, we have sold a total of fifty-nine. We still
                                                           nies within its boundaries. The rest, he says, is due
have around 125 seats to sell, and one of our
                                                           to a “great city manager and a great group of city
young alumni has stepped forward and offered
                                                           employees.” Covington received Georgia Trend             Mayors Don Ballard (left) and Sam Ramsey say they
to match all gifts for this campaign from the Class                                                                 became involved in politics to give something back.
                                                           magazine’s City of Excellence award in 2003.
of 1988. You will be hearing more about this chal-
                                                               Like Ballard, Ramsey had little interest in poli-
lenge grant in the months to come.
                                                           tics during college. He began his political career
     The Department of Athletics has started a new
                                                           when he served on Covington’s planning commis-           “I have always enjoyed public service,” he says.
Booster Club and is also soliciting funds for the
                                                           sion for seventeen years and then spent eleven           “Covington and Newton County have always been
athletics endowment fund. (See Sports, p. 3.)
                                                           years on the city council. But his “political blood”     good to me, and I want to give something back to
     The Sophomore Class Gift Committee is work-
                                                           made a career in politics seemingly unavoidable.         the community.”
ing hard, and the IA office is providing all necessary
                                                           Ramsey’s great grandfather was tax commissioner             When each was asked about the other’s position
help to the committee. The gift itself will be
                                                           in Newton County, and his grandfather was                as mayor, Ballard and Ramsey both responded,
announced at Oxford Day.
                                                           sheriff of Rockdale County and mayor of Conyers.         “I’ve known him all my life,” and agreed they have
     We are making plans for a new calling center
                                                           In addition to running Ramsey Furniture in               a strong working relationship. “We work well for
on the Oxford campus, and it should be opera-
                                                           Covington, politics is a good career fit for him.         the good of everybody,” says Ramsey. Ox
tional by fall 2004. Not only will this center enable
Oxford students to call Oxford alumni, but it will
also provide students with well-paying, convenient,
part-time jobs. We think our Annual Fund solicita-
                                                            Return, Renew, Rediscover                                Giving to Oxford
tions will be even more successful; more important-         Emory in the Spring.                                     is just a click away.
ly, the calling center will help us reconnect with
                                                            The Association of Emory Alumni and Oxford
alumni who have been “lost” to Oxford.                      College are proud to announce
     Among large gifts recently received at Oxford
are James E. Barker’s ’47Ox pledge of $180,000 to           EMORY WEEKEND
the library and to the general fund; a new scholar-         A University-wide celebration of old friends,
ship in memory of Edred ’57Ox and Judith Benton             professors, new graduates, and all things Emory.
($50,000); and a new scholarship in memory of               Beginning in May 2004, Alumni Weekend will
                                                            become Emory Weekend, a prelude to Emory’s
Alan Palmer ’86Ox ($50,000, initially; $100,000,
                                                            liveliest time of year: commencement. Alumni
final goal).                                                 of all ages are invited to come home for
     We are continuing to work on funding sources           Emory Weekend.
for the new Library and Information Technology              To learn more, visit
Center. We are conducting research on individuals,          ALUMNI/EMORYWEEKEND2004/ or call               
                                                            404.727.6400 or (toll free) 866.727.6485.
corporations, and foundations, and we are looking
                                                                                                                     OXFORD’S    SUCCESS DEPENDS ON SUPPORT FROM
for that lead gift that will get this project moving.
                                                                                                                     ALUMNI, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS LIKE YOU.
We welcome your suggestions, and we promise
to follow up on all leads. This is the largest single
                                                            OXFORD           IN   PRINT
fund-raising project in Oxford’s history, and it            • Tommy R. Sikes ’83Ox of Meridian, Mississippi,
                                                            is pastor of the First Christian Church and has pub-     Oxford Outlook is published biannually for
will take all of us working together to make it                                                                      Oxford College of Emory University by University
                                                            lished his second book, Wind Chimes: Inspiring
successful.                                                                                                          Publications, a department of Public Affairs, located
                                                            Stories of Grief and Grace that includes stories
                                                                                                                     at 1655 North Decatur Road, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                            about Oxford College, Chaplain Sammy Clark,
                                                                                                                     30322. Third-class postage paid.
                                                            and life as a student at Oxford College.
                                                                                                                     Editor: Jane Howell
                                                                                                                     Contributing Writers: John Arenberg, Dana Greene,
                                                           Looking for Class Notes?                                  Megan Jentz, Stacey Jones, and Eric Rangus
                                                           In order to post all alumni submissions in a timely       Graphic Designer: Michael Hooten
W. Thomas Wilfong                                          manner, class notes are now featured on the web.          Photographers: Ann Borden, Kay Hinton,
Director of Development                                    For up-to-date coverage of alumni news, visit
                                                                                                                     William Mercer, Annemarie Poyo, and Jon Rou

    New and Improved TA K E                              A L O O K AT O X F O R D ’ S WEBSITE.

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