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									Leaders Never Wait For Later:
True leadership is usually about taking timely and decisive action. There is no area for
procrastination when it arrives to becoming a leader. To a huge extent, this accounts for the key
distinction in between an individual just keeping a situation of leadership, and truly becoming a
leader. In my more than 3 decades of consulting to, advising, and coaching properly more than a
thousand leaders, I have constantly heard somebody in leadership use the excuse for delaying action
that it was not a excellent time. The reality is that there actually is a very good time, if you are
searching for an excuse to procrastinate. Oprah Winfrey said this very best when she said, "The best
of times is now."

1. Procrastination is the antithesis of genuine leadership. When somebody delays taking necessary
action, it almost invariably can make issues much worse. Genuine leaders are usually planning, and
their success is often straight connected to their degree of preparation. When an individual has
prepared effectively, and hence is ready for contingencies, adversities are just a thing to perform on
and construct upon. Ill- prepared leaders, on the other handle, see adversities as problems, and run
away from these problems. People who delay taking action when required normally transform a small
issue into a key crisis. This delay generates significant costs when there would have only had to have
been minor tweaks.

2. Great leaders act! They do not delay, stall, avoid, or conceal from undertaking whichever is
necessary for the betterment of their organization. A Lot of this behavior is developed by the
companies themselves, due to the fact they look unwilling to proactively deal with the dearth of
efficient leadership issue.

Organizations should confront actuality by applying meaningful, consistent and important leadership
identification, qualification, teaching and improvement programs. Far too often, I have witnessed
companies that believe they have such kind of a method in place, only to have found that what they
thought was teaching was minor more than inconsistent or incomplete measures. In my many years of
experience, I have arrive to think that unless of course and until finally a team commits to a
professionally developed and designed program, that is utilized on a regular basis, and that is tweaked
on a regular basis so that the organization may possibly evolve as needed, there is simply a haphazard
opportunity of finding a competent and efficient leader. Individuals without having sufficient
instruction and know- how typically run away from troubles, preferring to stay away from the

Do you want to be a successful leader? If so, you must realize the necessity of taking timely decision
and action and the risks/ ramification when taking decision to be delayed and action is avoided.

With more than 30 years consultative sales, marketing, training, managerial, and functions
experience, Richard Brody has qualified product sales and advertising and marketing men and
women in many industries, provided hundreds of seminars, appeared as organization spokesperson on
above 200 radio and TV programs. He is negotiated, organized and arranged hundreds of events.

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