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					 Agrupamento de escolas Gil Paes
Escola EB 2,3 Manuel de Figueiredo
               9th B

                          Work made by:
                         Nuno Moita, nº20,

 I’ve choosed this topic becuase this is my favourite car’s
make and I love her cars.
  The Germany make Porsche
  was found in 1931 by Ferdinand
   Porsche and his son, Ferry Porsche.
   Ferdinand Porsche was already
  known before he found Porsche because he worked for
another makes like Mercedes-Benz.

  In 1934, it was requested at Ferdinand Porsche the creation
of a car accessible at all German people. He created the
Volkswagen Carocha. Carocha served like an inspiration for the
Porsche 356 wich was produced in 1948. This was the first
Porsche. What differentiates Porsche from the other makes is
that Porsches have a back engine which a refrigerator system.
  In 1951, Ferdinand Porsche died from complications
following a stroke and in that year Porsche won “24 hours Le

  In 1953, Porsche put on the market 550 Spyder which was a
race car like 935 Moby Dick and 911 GT1.

  In 1964, Porsche put on the
   market one of the top cars,
  the 911. But these cars caused
   intern problems because the
  Ferry Porsches’ plans were differents of many people in
   In 1966, is created the 911 Targa wich has a panoramic roof
in glass.

  In 1969 is putting into the market the Porsche 914. This
Porsche were tree engine versions: 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0(cc).

   In 1972 from economic difficults, Ferdinand Porsches’ son
decide to past the enterprise to a public enterprise and its
direction was delivered at a person out of the family, but with
them supervision.

  In 1974 was putting in the
   market one of best Porsches,
   the 911 Turbo.
  In 1988, arrives at the market 911 Carrera 4 with 4WD.

   In 1992, Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking arrives at Porsches’
direction and Porsches’ economy turns better than before.

  In 1995, Porsches criated a system to reduce de CO2
emissions which was apply in 911 turbo.

  In 1996, is putting the most
   konown Porsches cabrio,
  Porsche Boxter.

  In 1997, is produced the new version of 911 Carrera.
  In 1988, Ferry Porsche died and in 1999 were putting in the
market 911 GT3, Boxter S and in 2001, 911 GT2.

  In 2002 are created the SUVs.
  These Porsches were the Cayennes.
   In 2003 is created the most
  expensive and fastest Porsche,
  The Carrera GT .

  In 2005, with Boxter similaritys was created the Cayaman, a
sport car.

  Most recently, 2009 was created the Panamera, a fantastic,
beautiful and expensive Porsche.
With thsi work, I stayed knowing about
Porsches and I’ve liked very much to develop
this work.

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