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					Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.   112 W. 34th Street, Suite 1133    New York, NY 10120      1-800-266-3314

                                                                                                                          Spring 2012

              K.I.D.S. Continues National
            CLOTHES4K.I.D.S. Campaign and
               Multiple State Campaigns
2   012 has entered with a big bang, with
    major product distributions taking place
throughout the country. Whether as part
                                                                                          extended past the parking lot and into the
                                                                                          street as single mothers, families below the
                                                                                          poverty line, infants and caring siblings waited
of the national “Clothes4K.I.D.S.” Campaign                                               to receive the items so necessary for the proper
or through our “state” campaigns, product                                                 functioning of their lives.
donors, local agencies and communities
are working together to ensure that those                                               This moving experience was followed by the
otherwise neglected are provided the                                                    distribution of Huggies diapers to pregnant
essentials they need to survive and thrive.                                             single moms at the Covenant House in
                                                 Graco employees pictured at the Caring Washington, D.C. on February 21st (please
Our theme of “Caring Continues” is manifested for Others event in Atlanta               see separate article on page 5). Being able to
in the many events that have brought together                                           provide an item that is so critical for toddlers’
corporations with recipients. The first of these                                        development makes us feel grateful to be
multiple occasions occurred on February 11th when 60 Graco partnered with wonderful companies like Kimberly Clark and
employees and their families gathered at Caring For Others in other not-for-profits such as the National Diaper Bank Network.
Atlanta, Georgia to distribute 250 strollers and car seats. The line
                                                                                                    Reaching across the country,
                                                                                                    K.I.D.S. partnered with Big City
                                                                                                    Moms at their Baby Shower in
                                                                                                    Los Angeles. K.I.D.S. has worked
                                                                                                    with Big City Moms, the largest
                                                                                                    mommy blog in NYC, for several
                                                                                                    years, always appreciating the
                                                                                                    opportunity to be exposed to,
                                                                                                    and welcomed by, the juvenile
                                                                                                    product industry. K.I.D.S. Executive
                                                                                                    Committee member, Renee Pepys
                                                                                                    Lowe, represented K.I.D.S. in Los
                                                                                                    Angeles and had the opportunity
                                                                                                    to introduce or reacquaint
                                                                                                    companies in this segment to the
                                                                                                    role that K.I.D.S. plays in meeting
                                                                                                    families’ needs.

                                                                                                      On April 2nd, K.I.D.S. will be
                                                                                                      in Miami. Again, with Big City
                                                                                                      Moms, we will be part of their
                                                                                                      Baby Shower in which companies
                                                                                                      can learn about the importance
                                                                                                      of providing us with product for
                                                                                                      agencies that serve children in
                                                                                                      need. This trip will be accompanied
                                                                                                      by a major distribution of Gerber
                                                                                                      children’s wear to families served

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       Letter from the Chairman

          Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,
          In the midst of unstable economic conditions, K.I.D.S. continues to successfully work through
          fluctuations in the markets and reductions in excess inventory to serve the poor, the neglected and the
          dependent. Because of its central importance, we at K.I.D.S. have designated 2012 as “Clothes4K.I.D.S.”
          year because apparel, undergarments and outerwear are the most essential items that children require
          to attend and function in school. And, while we have diversified to include such other products as
          books, DvDs, home goods, personal care items, shoes and baby gear, our greatest need still remains the
          clothes that kids put on their backs.
          As you will see described in the pages throughout this Newsletter, our national “Clothes4K.I.D.S.”
          campaign is taking us around the United States from California to Florida; from Houston to Georgia.
          In communities throughout the country, we are linking product donors with community recipients in order for the impact of
          merchandise to be seen and felt. In Miami, Florida, we will be distributing Gerber children’s wear items to low income families;
          in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ll be providing Carter’s apparel to families of the military being assigned to overseas duty. The event
          in Georgia will take place around Mother’s Day in order to pay homage to the important role that wives left behind play in
          maintaining equilibrium in the family during tours of duty.
          In addition to our major product drive, we are undertaking “state” campaigns around other essential product segments that
          we are distributing this year. In Atlanta, we distributed much needed Graco strollers and car seats to families living under the
          poverty line. In California, in partnership with Fashion Delivers, we will provide 3,500 pairs of new Skechers shoes to those in
          need. In North Carolina we will be donating a mix of product to urban kids who are being motivated through the Cal Ripkin, Sr.
          Foundation to gain skills and incentive through baseball training and play.
          Also included in these “state” and national events are fundraisers in local communities. These are being hosted or attended by
          foundations, corporations and individuals who are associated with K.I.D.S. While our main source of funding comes from our
          Gala, Women’s Luncheon and community foundations, the opportunity to involve local citizens in our mission is an important
          part of the K.I.D.S. outreach. And, speaking of our Women’s Luncheon, please refer to the flier in our Newsletter which features
          this upcoming event. Taking place on May 31st, our 6th Annual WIIL (Women in Industry Luncheon) event features Sandy Wax,
          President of PBS Sprout Kids; Sharon John, President of Stride Rite Children’s Group and Kathy Ireland, CEO of Kathy Ireland
          Worldwide. Our luncheons are one of the most inspirational events of the year and an opportunity to learn, in a moving
          experience, about K.I.D.S. and what it means to women of achievement. Looking forward to seeing you either on May 31st in
          New York City or around the country at our local events.
          With continued gratitude,

          Kevin Burke

                               Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. Board of Directors 2012
                                                               Executive Committee members denoted by *
    KEVIN M. BURKE*         KENNEth BARONOff             JACK hADDAD                    JOhN w. LEE II                gABE MILLER                 CARI ShAPIRO
    CHAIRMAN                Peter J. Solomon Company     Haddad Brands                  Callaway Arts & Entertainment Toys”R”Us, Inc.             Ross Stores
    American Apparel and
     Footwear Association   LAURA BREVEttI, ESq.         LAUREL hURD                    MARK LEVENfUS, CPA            MEg OStROM*                 gARy f. SIMMONS*
                            K & L Gates LLP              Newell Rubbermaid              Marks Paneth & Shron LLP      Vi                          Gerber Childrenswear LLC
    VICE CHAIRMAN           KAREN BROMLEy*               DEBRA JOEStER                  RENEE PEPyS LOwE*             CAROLE POStAL*              RIChARD A. SUttON
    NCircle Entertainment   The Bromley Group LLC        The Joester Loria Group                                      CopCorp Licensing           LT Apparel Group
                                                                                        BRIAN LyNCh
    DAVID M. COLEMAN*       ChRIS DEMOULIN               ShARON JOhN                    Carter’s, Inc.                CONNIE RIShwAIN             ROBERt wALLER
    TREASURER               MAGIC/Advanstar              Stride Rite Children’s Group                                 UGG Australia               Juvenile Product
    DMC Consulting          Communications, Inc.                                        RIChARD L. MARKEE                                           Manufacturers Association
                                                         hOwARD KAhN*                   The Vitamin Shoppe            PEtER ROSENthAL
    MARK ADJMI              ABBEy DONEgER                Kahn Lucas Lancaster, Inc.                                   Rosenthal & Rosenthal       JANICE wEINMAN*
    Adjmi Apparel Group     The Doneger Group                                           SUSAN S. MCLAIN                                           PRESIDENT
                                                         ANDy KEIMACh                   Disney                        RIChARD f. SChAUB JR.*      Kids in Distressed
    NANCY ARONSON           MILOU gwyN*                  Munchkin, Inc.                                               LaJobi, Inc.                  Situations, Inc.
                            Jockey International, Inc.                                  ChRIStINA MILLER
    VICtOR AzRAK                                         thOMAS KOLtUN                  Turner Sports                 JOE ShAMIE
    American Marketing                                   Kolcraft Enterprises                                         Delta Children’s Products
     Enterprises, Inc.
                    AGENCY OF THE QUARTER: Cranio Care Bears

N     ot long before her infant son Brentley had brain surgery for
      Craniosynostosis (a medical condition that hinders a baby’s
skull to form normally) Summer Ehmann got a care package in the
                                                                           Based in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington, Cranio Care
                                                                           Bears has recently gone international. “We’ve sent care packages to
                                                                           over 20 different countries in Europe, South Africa, Australia and the
mail from a mom who had just gone through a similar situation.             Middle East,” says Summer. And it’s not just families who are dealing
The fuzzy socks, snacks, toiletries and toys were her way of paying        with a Craniosynostosis diagnosis who are reaching out. “We never
it forward after she received a care package from Shelby Davidson,         turn down any request from parents who have children facing
whose son also had survived this major skull procedure. Summer             serious surgical procedures. The illness is different, but the feelings
and Shelby connected and turned their passion for providing cranio         of helplessness are the same,” she notes. With K.I.D.S. by their side,
families with support, information and most importantly, friendship        Summer and Shelby are confident they can continue to meet the
into an organization called Cranio Care Bears.                             needs of anyone and everyone who contacts them.
It was from their network of “cranio
moms” that Summer first heard
about K.I.D.S. “I was amazed first by
the list of donors who gave through
K.I.D.S., and then by the reach the                                                                                   3 year old Nathan in his
organization had in so many areas                                                                                     Stride Rite Sling Shot Shoes.
of the country,” she said. That feeling                                                                               “Walking the halls in his cool
continued after becoming a partner                                                                                    new Slingshot shoes from
agency in November, 2011, with her                                                                                    Stride Rite. We put them
first “incredible” donation from Stride                                                                               on and he said “now I run
Rite. “The shoes were wonderful,                                                                                      fast!” I got him to the door
and the families who received them                                                                                    where he tried to take off
were so grateful to have them,” she                                                                                   still attached to his IV pole.
                                                                                                                      Oops. He was very excited to
said, adding, “This type of generosity                                                                                wear his new shoes. Thanks
coming at a time when their lives have                                                                                Cranio Care Bears, K.I.D.S.
been so turned around is something                                                                                    and Stride Rite!”
they’ll never forget.”

K.I.D.S. Continues National CLOTHES4K.I.D.S. Campaign and Multiple State Campaigns
continued from page 1
by Neat Stuff in Miami. Neat Stuff is the largest organization to help     Another early Mother’s Day event will occur on May 6th at the Fort
abused, abandoned and otherwise mistreated children in Dade                Greene base in Brooklyn, N.Y. when K.I.D.S. will partner with one of
County and is a long time partner with K.I.D.S. The distribution will      its Board members, Debra Joester, and Operation Homefront, to
be part of the Clothes4K.I.D.S. Campaign as we distribute different        provide clothes to mothers and their children. This occasion will be
types and sizes of children’s wear to recipients of all ages.              made possible both through the financial and product donation of
                                                                           the Joesters who recognize the importance of supporting military
Following closely on the heels of the Miami event, K.I.D.S. will           families as they address the daily and existential challenges they
partner once again with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation to provide          face. As in Fort Benning, the occasion will include food, activities,
a mix of product items to children who receive training and life           distributions and speakers.
lessons through baseball practice sponsored by the foundation.
At the launch of another ball field under the Cal Ripken auspices,         And, finally, on May 12th, K.I.D.S. and Delta Enterprises will provide
K.I.D.S. will present the families merchandise that they can use           cribs to 250 underserved families of Newark Now. As last year, the
during sports activities and/or in after-school programs. Attending        event will involve inspirational words from public officials, screening
the event and underscoring its importance will be the Mayor of             for social service support (health care, housing allowances, etc.)
Greensville, state officials and celebrities.                              and will include a big party full of games, raffles, delicious food
                                                                           and party gifts. Delta Enterprises has been a source of great joy
On April 20th, K.I.D.S. will participate in yet another major              to so many families who would otherwise not have a safe, usable
distribution event. Carter’s will distribute clothes to families on        and necessary crib for their toddlers. Without this product, many
the military base at Ft. Benning, Georgia. This occasion will serve        impoverished babies sleep with their parent, thereby increasing the
as a pre-Mothers Day event for those women whose husbands are              probability of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
being deployed and will highlight again the value of providing
apparel to children of all ages. Carter’s has been one of K.I.D.S.’ main   In all, the first five months of the year initiate and lay the foundation
donors over the past few years both for disaster relief and during         for the remaining months of both campaigns, national and state,
times of daily disasters at home. K.I.D.S. remains ever so grateful to     clothing and other products, and always involving the local
this undeterred and unwavering partner.                                    community. Our goals are great for 2012 and through this series of
                                                                           events America will recognize and gain from the work that K.I.D.S.
                                                                           does at the grass-roots level, day-in and day-out.

         Some Companies Give Money through Employee Giving
            Programs; Other Companies Have Fun Doing It
    F  or many years, Kolcraft, located in Chicago, has been a product donor to K.I.D.S. Its President, Tom Koltun,
       serves on the K.I.D.S. Board and on its Juvenile Products team.
    Wanting to do more for our charity, the employees decided to run a series of events in which they would have
    fun and generate cash for K.I.D.S.
    Employee giving to K.I.D.S. has grown dramatically over the past year with
    employees collecting funds in honor of a colleague, holding drives, and selling
    off items.
    But, at Kolcraft, the initiative grew into a multi-pronged program that was
    kicked off with a slide presentation of what K.I.D.S. was all about and followed
    by a week full of events that involved everyone in the spirit of “giving back.”
    Said Kim DeMeester, “So far, we’ve had a bake sale, a pizza lunch, a bean bag
    toss tournament, and a casino night. Everyone seems to be having a really
    great time and people already have ideas for next year! So far, we’ve raised
    over $7,000 – we even got a donation from our UPS man! We still have a
    timeshare outside of Disney World to auction off, so I’m hoping we will raise at
    least $2,000 by the end of the week.”
    Thank you to the employees of Kolcraft for their ingenuity, initiative and their Kolcraft employees enjoy Casino Night, another way of
    commitment. And, to Kolcraft for generously agreeing to match what its raising money for K.I.D.S. and having fun at the same time!
    employees raised, making the total over $4,000!
    If you are interested in conducting an employee giving drive or want some ideas on how to do so, please contact Cristina Morais at
    212-279-5493 or

          Donor of the Quarter:                                                  Our Homes Away from Home
      Skechers and Fashion Delivers
       T   his spring, millions of feet
           will be ready to run courtesy
       of Skechers which recently
                                                                               A    s poverty, natural disasters, and other hardships befall
                                                                                    citizens across the country, K.I.D.S. expands its inroads into
                                                                               local communities more than ever. In addition to our national
       donated 3.5 million pairs of                                            “Clothes4K.I.D.S.” Campaign, we are establishing affiliated
       new Tom’s shoes to Fashion                                              locations in our regional partner centers (RPC). These have been
       Delivers. Fashion Delivers and                                          described before in previous newsletters. With new features
       K.I.D.S. are working to distribute                                      added to the regional center model and additional activities
       the shoes to over 50 distribution                                       taking place between them and K.I.D.S. we hope to:
       sites in eight states, including
       Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.                      • create a better inventory management system for
                                                                                         donated goods;
       The 3.5 million shoes are being distributed to West Coast
       agencies and international K.I.D.S. programs.                                   • lower transportation costs;
       Additionally, 3,456 shoes were sent to disaster relief sites                    • meet the needs of product donors wishing to make
       in Indiana and Kentucky for distribution to our partners                          larger donations;
       working in areas devastated by recent tornados.                                 • raise awareness of the K.I.D.S. brand to local agencies;
       The shoes will be particularly useful during the spring months                  • provide more product to RPCs and their local partner
       when many children are spending more time outdoors and                            agencies;
       need the extra footwear.
                                                                                       • help K.I.D.S. tap into a larger non-profit network to
       Fashion Delivers, which serves the adult community, has                           distribute donated goods where they can be best
       long collaborated with K.I.D.S. to ensure that families are                       utilized and
       taken care of during times of crisis as well as every day.
                                                                                       • conduct joint fundraising opportunities with our RPCs.
       We are deeply grateful to Skechers and to Fashion Delivers
       for their extremely generous and much needed contribution.              Should you want additional information about this new
                                                                               initiative, please contact Chris Blake at 212-279-5493 or cblake@

   K.I.D.S. and the National Diaper Bank Network to Donate
     20 Million Huggies Brand Diapers to Families in Need
                                          Year-Long Initiative Launched
K   .I.D.S. and the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) recently announced that they have partnered to distribute 20 million Huggies
    brand diapers to families in need throughout the U.S. in 2012.
“Diaper need is a silent crisis in the United States. Diapers are as essential for a child’s health and well-being as food and shelter, yet one in
three families in America struggle to provide diapers for their families. We are thrilled to be working with K.I.D.S. and our Founding Sponsor
the Huggies brand to get diapers to those who need them,” said Joanne Goldblum, the Executive Director of NDBN.
To address today’s dire need for diapers, every three months,
K.I.D.S. and NDBN will distribute five million diapers, donated by            Are You Up-To-Date On K.I.D.S. News?
Huggies Every Little Bottom, to more than 90 diaper banks, food
banks and other such agencies for families in need across the                       Who, What, Where, When
United States. Huggies Every Little Bottom was launched in 2010

with the sole purpose to help address the issue of diaper need in              .I.D.S. is working hard to broaden and strengthen our AWARENESS
North America. Since its inception, the program has donated more               and vISIBILITY as a charity through the development of a
than 60 million diapers toward this cause.                                 National Product Campaign. We continue to refine our digital and
“Diapers are a basic necessity for babies and toddlers, but the            social media platforms to keep the public up to date on our Product
ability to ensure a sufficient supply is out of reach for many in this     Campaign and our work across the country.
country, thus affecting their health and well-being,” said Dr. Janice      In an effort to support our new National Product Campaign we
Weinman, President of K.I.D.S. “We are so grateful to be partnering        have added many new features on our website. We have created
with the National Diaper Bank Network to help combat this terrible         an events calendar on our home page that gives details about
situation. There is nothing more relevant to the mission of K.I.D.S.       upcoming distributions, and includes date, location, agency, donor,
than to provide the basic essentials to those in need, to ensure a         and the type of product we plan to distribute. visit us at www.
physically and emotionally healthy development.”                 
                               The partnership launched on                 You can also see the work that K.I.D.S. is doing on a local level by
                               February 21st with a distribution           watching our DISTRIBUTION NEWS TICKER which is located at
                               event at Covenant House to                  the bottom of our home page and gives updates on the types and
                               benefit needy teen mothers in the           amounts of product our generous donors have donated and which
                               Washington, D.C. area. Attendees            agencies we distributed the products to.
                               of the event included: Dr.  Janice
                               Weinman, President of K.I.D.S.;             Our work is not complete until our NEARLY 1000 local social service
                               Joanne Goldblum, Executive                  agencies which are located in every state across the country
                               Director of the National Diaper             distribute the products to the recipients in need. The great work
Distribution event at Covenant Network;     Corinne     Cannon,            that these partner agencies do is highlighted in a new section titled
House in Washington, DC         Founder of the DC Diaper Bank;             AGENCY SPOTLIGHT on the home page. The SPOTLIGHT features
                                and Daniel Brannen, Executive              stories and quotes from our various agencies about the distributions
Director of Covenant House in Washington, DC.                              they received and the impact the products have on the lives of the
                                                                           people we serve.
According to the most recent census, 22 percent of American
children live at or below the poverty line. In many cases, their                     Stay connected and engaged by visiting our FACEBOOK
families cannot provide the diapers they need because diapers,                       wall and become
which can cost as much as $100 a month, cannot be bought with                        a fan by CLICKING LIKE. The wall contains photos and
the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP,                         videos of our distributions and events. We post messages
commonly known as “food stamps”) or the Special Supplemental               and engage in conversation with our fans on a daily basis . We look
Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).                  forward to you joining the +2940 fans currently engaged with us.

Most childcare programs require parents to provide disposable              Follow us on Twitter and connect with followers who are
diapers for their child’s use, so a lack of diapers can keep children      inspired by K.I.D.S.’ work and help us spread the message.
out of childcare, forcing their parents to stay home from work.
Some parents try to stretch their diaper supply by leaving the                                Click on YouTube and watch clips of
children in diapers longer between                                                            LIvE NEWS BROADCASTS AND vIDEOS of our
changes or by reusing disposable                                                              work helping children and families in need.
diapers, but these measures can
                                                                           When you ask yourself “Am I up-to-date on K.I.D.S. news?” let the
affect the health and emotional well-
                                                                           answer be “yes” ... with the assistance of Digital and Social Media.
being of children and their families.
                                                                           We look forward to seeing you join our social and digital media
Cloth diapers are not a solution
                                                                           forces that broadcast our work!
because many families are without
easy access to laundry facilities.
                               Dr. Janice Weinman, President of K.I.D.S.
                            with diapers for a young mother and baby
       K.I.D.S. Continues National
      “Clothes 4 K.I.D.S.” Campaign
    F   ifteen million children live in poverty in the U.S. For many, their lives are better because of the generous
        contributions of K.I.D.S. product donors. K.I.D.S.’ 2012 goal is to help more than 4 million children living in
    poverty in the United States. Help keep our trucks on the road so America’s hard-hit families will have
    clothes on their backs.

             If you have not made your merchandise donation yet this year, here are just a few of our
             upcoming distributions that you can be a part of…

                      By providing apparel for school-age children, you can help children in cities
                      across the country to attend school and participate in after school activities.
                      Our next distribution event is in Miami on April 2nd.

                      Military Children
                      This spring, K.I.D.S. donors are sending merchandise donations to serve our
                      smallest patriots! You can send merchandise donations for our West Coast (CA)
                      or East Coast (NC) distribution events for children living on military bases.

                      Disaster Relief
                      Because of our network of partners, K.I.D.S. is often the first relief agency to
                      respond after a disaster. We have already shipped shoes, diapers and toys to
                      cities that were all but destroyed following recent tornados. But we need your
                      excess apparel to be ready when the next disaster strikes.

                      Summer Camp Campaign
                      K.I.D.S. is confronting child abuse by providing product to innocent victims.
                      This summer, K.I.D.S. will serve over 6,000 abused and neglected children living
                      in foster care through a network of partner summer camp programs. You can
                      help by sending swimwear or summerwear to our camps in any of the 32 states
                      where summer camps are located.

        Make A Donation Of Your Excess Inventory And Make A Difference Today!
        For more information, call or e-mail Chris Blake at 212-279-5493, ext. 206 or
                              Thank you for all your greatly needed support.




         112 W. 34th Street, Suite 1133 . New York, NY 10120 . 1-800-266-3314 .


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