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					                                      HOME CONTENTS INSURANCE
NOTICE TO POLICYHOLDERS                                                           REINSTATEMENT SETTLEMENT

Thank you for taking out the Home Contents Insurance Policy. As our               The cost of repairing the damaged property or replacing the property which
                                                                                  is lost or damaged beyond repair with an article of the same kind. The
Policyholder, You will enjoy the following benefits:
                                                                                  maximum amount We will pay for any one claim is the limit of indemnity.

1) Home Contents Insurance Protection
                                                                                  INDEMNITY SETTLEMENT
2) Home Assistance Services
                                                                                  The cost of replacement or repair of that part of the insured property lost or
The Home Assistance Services are arranged through Service Provider by             damaged less an amount for wear and tear or depreciation. We will also
us. For details of the services, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of      take into account any improvement directly resulting from the replacement
the Home Assistance Services which do not form part of your Home                  or repair.
Contents Insurance Policy.
                                                                                  All your Valuables, collections of stamps, coin, medals, cash, currency or
                                                                                  bank notes, furniture, furnishings, home appliances, household and
                                                                                  personal effects in or on the buildings forming the Home belonging to You
THE POLICY APPLICATION FORM AND DECLARATION WHICH YOU                             and Your Family or for which You or Your Family are responsible, but We
SIGNED IS THE BASIS OF THIS CONTRACT.                                             do not cover:

WE WILL PROVIDE INSURANCE IN THE TERMS, CONDITIONS AND                            a) Motor vehicles (other than lawnmowers and pedestrian controlled
EXCLUSIONS SET OUT IN THIS POLICY. THE SCHEDULE AND ANY                              gardening implements for home use only), motor cycles, caravans,
SUBSEQUENT          ENDORSEMENTS           INCLUDING      CLAUSES      AND           trailers or their accessories and spare parts when on them;
                                                                                  b) Watercraft (other than hand-propelled), hovercraft, boats and outbound
                                                                                     motors or their accessories and spare parts;
                                                                                  c) Aircraft or any aerial or spatial device and their accessories and spare
                                                                                     parts including satellite dish or antennae;
                                                                                  d) Livestock, pets and animals;
THE    DUE     OBSERVANCE          AND   FULFILMENT     OF   THE   TERMS,         e) Standing timber, growing crops & plants;
CONDITIONS AND ENDORSEMENTS OF THIS POLICY IN SO FAR AS                           f) Landlord's fixtures and fittings other than owned by You;
THEY RELATE TO ANYTHING TO BE DONE OR COMPLIED WITH BY                            g) Money other than cash, coins, currency/bank notes;
YOU AND THE TRUTH OF THE STATEMENTS AND ANSWER IN THE                             h) Securities, certificates, deeds document of title, manuscript;
SAID APPLICATION SHALL BE CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO ANY                             i) Mobile/portable       radio     telecommunication     equipment      e.g.
LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY TO MAKE PAYMENT UNDER THIS                                  mobile/portable telephone and pagers;
                                                                                  j) Specially Held Items;
                                                                                  k) Loss of or damage to films, tapes, cassettes, cartridges, discs or
                                                                                     diskettes other than for their value as unused material, unless
                                                                                     purchased pre-recorded when We will pay up to the market’s latest
DEFINITIONS                                                                          price list;
                                                                                  l) Replacement cost/fee of personal documents;
Any word or expression to which a specific meaning has been attached              m) Contents on roof or in open area.
shall bear the same meaning whenever it appears.
                                                                                  The building(s) at the situation mentioned in the Schedule, which must be a
                                                                                  dwelling that You occupy excluding common area.
MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited

                                                                                  Coins, currency notes, bank notes, bullion, postal stamps in current use not
The person or persons named in the Schedule.                                      forming part of a stamp collection, stored value travel ticket, cheques,
                                                                                  travellers’ cheques, postal or other money order belonging to You or any
CLAIM PAYMENT                                                                     member of Your Family, but not Specially Held Items.

The amount We agree to pay You for any claim arising from an insured              PERIOD OF INSURANCE
cause. This may be in money or at our option by replacement,
                                                                                  The period specified in the Schedule for which We have agreed to accept,
reinstatement or repair. The maximum amount We will pay for any one
                                                                                  and You have paid or agreed to pay a premium.
claim is the limit of indemnity.

                        IMPORTANT - Please read this Policy carefully upon receipt and promptly request for any necessary amendments.

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PERSONAL EFFECTS                                                                  property insured caused by pollution or contamination resulting from
                                                                                  accidental loss or damage insured under this Section.
Articles of personal use specifically designed to be worn or carried,
belonging to You or any member of Your Family.                                6) Contents separately and specially insured under any other policy.

SPECIALLY HELD ITEMS                                                          7) Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss.

a) Items which are held or used in connection with any profession,            OTHER BENEFITS PROVIDED
   business or employment, or
b) Items which are insured under a separate policy.                           1) ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION

                                                                                  In the event of your Home being rendered uninhabitable due to
                                                                                  accidental loss or damage insured under this Section, We will pay the
a) scratching, denting, rust, corrosion, wear and tear or depreciation
                                                                                  cost incurred for reasonable temporary accommodation for as long as it
b) rot, fungus, woodworm, beetle, moth, insects or vermin
                                                                                  is reasonably required.
c) mechanical or electrical fault or breakdown
d) any process of cleaning, dyeing, renovation, re-styling, repairing or
                                                                                  Any claim payment will not be more than HK$2,000 per day and in the
                                                                                  aggregate not more than HK$50,000 per event.
e) any other gradually operating cause
f) consequential loss or damage of any kind of description
g) infidelity or dishonesty on the part of You, Your Family or any of your        We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
h) landslip or subsidence                                                     2) TEMPORARY REMOVAL
i) shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, contamination, change in
   flavour, colour, texture of finish, action of light                            We will cover accidental loss of or damage to the Contents whilst
                                                                                  temporarily removed from your Home to any other premises for
UNOCCUPIED                                                                        cleaning, maintenance, renovation, repair, modification, or dyeing within
                                                                                  Hong Kong subject to the terms, conditions and exceptions of this
a) is insufficiently furnished for normal living purposes, or                     Policy. But We do not cover the loss which is specifically covered under
b) has not been lived in for more than 30 consecutive days                        any other policy.

VALUABLES                                                                         Any claim payment will not be more than HK$100,000 per event.

Jewellery, items of gold, silver or other precious metals, watches,           3) DOMESTIC SERVANTS PROPERTY
photographic equipment, binoculars, works of art, curios, furs, musical
instruments (not pianos) belonging to You or any member of Your Family,           We will pay for accidental loss of or damage to clothing and Personal
but not Specially Held Items.                                                     Effects of your domestic servants normally residing with You whilst
                                                                                  such properties are contained in your Home but We do not cover loss
YOUR FAMILY                                                                       due to failure to observe the terms and conditions of the Policy by your
                                                                                  domestic servant as if he or she were You.
Your spouse, children, parents and relatives normally living with You.
                                                                                  Any claim payment will not be more than HK$10,000 per event.
                                                                              4) TEMPORARY STORAGE OF FURNITURE
Details of the Policyholder's name, address, location of risk, and limit of
indemnity issued to You.
                                                                                  We will pay for accidental loss of or damage to the Contents whilst they
                                                                                  are in temporary storage for up to 30 days in a furniture depository, but
                                                                                  We do not cover:
                                                                                  a) Valuables
                                                                                  b) Specially Held Items
Contents belonging to You or to members of Your Family are insured whilst
contained in your Home, against any accidental physical loss or damage,           c) Glass, earthenware and other items of a fragile nature which are
but We do not cover:                                                                   not sufficiently and suitably packed by professional packers /
1) Theft
   a) if the Home is Unoccupied.                                                  Any claim payment will not be more than HK$100,000 per event.
   b) if the Home or any part is lent or let unless force is used to enter
       the Home.                                                                  We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
   c) by deception unless deception is used to enter the Home.
                                                                              5) WINDOW / DOOR REPLACEMENT
2) Malicious Damage or Vandalism
   a) if the Home is Unoccupied.                                                  We will pay the reasonable cost incurred for the repair, replacement
   b) by a person lawfully in the Home.                                           and installation of window and external door and/or keys of the Home
                                                                                  with items that are similar but not better, following burglary or attempt
3) Loss or damage to Specially Held Items.                                        thereat.

4) Loss or damage arising from Uninsurable Risks.                                 Any claim payment will not be more than HK$5,000 per event.

5) Cost and expenses arising from loss or destruction or damage caused            We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
   by pollution or contamination except destruction or damage to the
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6) PERSONAL ACCIDENT                                                                  v)   Consequential loss or damage of any kind or description.

    We will pay HK$200,000 maximum compensation in the event of death                 vi) The first HK$10,000 or 10% (ten percent) of each and every loss,
    within three calendar months of either You or Your Family resulting                   whichever is the greater, as ascertained after the application of any
    from an injury caused in your Home by fire, burglary, robbery or attempt              condition of average and occurring within each and every separate
    thereat. Where compensation is payable in respect of the death of                     period of 72 consecutive hours during the currency of this Policy.
    more than one person arising out of the same event, the compensation
    payable for all such persons shall be apportioned in equal shares.                WARRANTED:

    We do not apply any excess for this benefit.                                      1) The Insured shall maintain the insured property in sound repair and
                                                                                         shall take all responsible steps to prevent damage from the perils
7) HOUSEHOLD REMOVAL                                                                     covered hereby.

    We will cover the accidental loss or damage to the Contents in the                2) The Insured shall maintain any man-made slope and retaining wall
    course of removal by professional removers from your Home to your                    for which they are responsible in accordance with laws regulations
    new permanent residence within Hong Kong but We do not cover:                        codes and guides issued by the Hong Kong Government including
    a) Valuables                                                                         the guideline stipulated in the GEOGUIDE 5 - GUIDE TO SLOPE
    b) Glass, earthenware and other items of a fragile nature which are                  MAINTENANCE published by the Geotechnical Engineering Office,
        not sufficiently and suitably packed by professional packers /                   Civil Engineering Department, Hong Kong.
    c) The first HK$1,000 in respect of each and every claim                          3) The Insured shall notify the Company immediately:
                                                                                         i) if any excavations are commenced beneath, around or in the
    Any claim payment will not be more than HK$500,000 per event.                            vicinity or the insured property. In such event the Company
                                                                                             shall have the right to vary or cancel the cover provided under
8) INTERIOR DECORATION PERIOD / REFURBISHMENT WORK                                           this Policy.
                                                                                         ii) of the operation of an insured peril affecting any part of the site
    We will pay for the accidental loss of or damage to the contract works                   (whether or not the insured property is involved) or its nearby
    during the period of decoration and/or redecoration by contractors for                   surroundings.
    up to 2 months, but We do not cover the loss which is specifically
    covered under any other policy.                                               BASIS OF CLAIM PAYMENT

                                                                                  1) A Reinstatement Settlement will be made.
    Any claim payment will not be more than HK$10,000 for any single item
    and HK$100,000 per event.
                                                                                  2) An Indemnity Settlement basis will be applied if
                                                                                     a) claims are on clothing, furs and pedal cycles.
    We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
                                                                                     b) You decide not to reinstate, repair or replace the Contents.
                                                                                  3) Any claim payment will not be more than:
                                                                                     a) HK$200,000 for any single item of furniture or domestic appliance.
    We will pay for accidental loss or damage to the Household Betterment
                                                                                     b) HK$20,000 for any single item of Valuables and subject to an
    including renovation, built-in closets, fixture, fittings and flooring, and
                                                                                         aggregate limit of HK$300,000 per event.
    forming part of Contents, for a sub-limit up to HK$600,000 per event.
                                                                                     c) HK$1,000 for cash, currency or bank notes, collection of stamps,
    But We do not cover the loss which is specifically covered under any
                                                                                         coins or medals and subject to an aggregate limit of HK$5,000
    other policy.
                                                                                         during each period of insurance.

                                                                                  4) The maximum amount We will pay under this Section is subject to an
                                                                                     aggregate limit of HK$1,000,000 during the Period of Insurance or the
    It is hereby agreed and declared that notwithstanding anything in the
                                                                                     sum insured as specified in the Schedule provided that the sub-limit in
    within written Policy contained to the contrary the Insurance under this
                                                                                     respect of “Other Benefits” as provided under this Section shall not be
    Policy shall extend to cover:
                                                                                     greater than:
                                                                                     a) HK$50,000 per event under "Alternative Accommodation".
    Loss of or damage to the property insured directly caused by
                                                                                     b) HK$100,000 per event under "Temporary Removal".
    subsidence of the site or landslip, occurring within the period stated in
                                                                                     c) HK$10,000 per event under “Domestic Servants Property”.
    the schedule but excluding:
                                                                                     d) HK$100,000 per event under "Temporary Storage of Furniture".
                                                                                     e) HK$5,000 per event under "Window / Door Replacement".
    i)    Loss or damage occasioned by or through or in consequence
                                                                                     f) HK$200,000 per event under “Personal Accident”.
          directly or indirectly of any of the following occurrences:                g) HK$500,000 per event under “Household Removal”.
          a) Coastal erosion                                                         h) HK$100,000 per event under “Interior Decoration Period /
          b) Heave                                                                       Refurbishment Work”.
          c) Bedding down of structures or the settlement of made up                 i) HK$600,000 per event under “Household Betterment”.
              ground within 5 years of the completion of such works
                                                                                  5) If there is a loss of an article which is part of a pair or set, the measure
    ii)   Loss of or damage to paths, drives, fences, gates, boundary and            of the loss shall be a reasonable and fair proportion of the total value of
          retaining walls caused by subsidence and/or landslip.                      the pair or set, giving consideration to the importance of the said article,
                                                                                     but such loss shall not be construed to mean total loss of the part or
    iii) Unless otherwise specifically insured, the cost of removal of               set.
         subsidence and/or landslip debris or the making good of the site
         following subsidence and/or landslip except in so far as is              EXCESS
         necessary to repair the property insured.
                                                                                  Unless specifically mentioned, We shall not pay the first HK$200 in respect
    iv) Loss or damage directly occasioned by or through defective design         of each and every claim under this Section with the exception of water
        or workmanship or the use of defective materials.                         damage claim for which HK$500 is to be applied.

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SECTION 2 - WORLDWIDE ALL RISKS                                                 3) UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CREDIT CARDS

Valuables and Personal Effects belonging to You or Your Family will be              We will pay for accidental loss due to unauthorized use of credit cards
insured against any accidental physical loss or damage happened                     up to HK$5,000 per event.
anywhere in the world, but We do not cover:
                                                                                    We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
1) Contact or corneal lenses.
                                                                                BASIS OF CLAIM PAYMENT
2) Specially Held Items.
                                                                                1) A Reinstatement Settlement will be made.
3) Theft
   i) by deception unless deception is used to enter the Home.                  2) An Indemnity Settlement basis will be applied if
   ii) from any unattended vehicle, unless all windows, doors, luggage             a) claims are on clothing and furs.
        compartment, boot, sunroof and windscreen are completely closed            b) You decide not to re-instate, repair or replace the Contents.
        and securely locked.
   iii) of any pedal cycle away from the Home not securely locked at the        3) If there is a loss of an article which is part of a pair or set, the measure
        time of loss.                                                              of the loss shall be a reasonable and fair proportion of the total value of
                                                                                   the pair or set, giving consideration to the importance of the said article,
4) Loss of or damage to any pedal cycle while being used for racing or             but such loss shall not be construed to mean total loss of the part or set.
   reliability or time trials.
                                                                                4) The maximum amount We will pay under this Section is subject to an
5) Malicious acts by You or Your Family.                                           aggregate limit of:
                                                                                   a) HK$3,000 per event under "Personal Document";
6) Loss or damage arising from Uninsurable Risks.                                  b) HK$3,000 per event under "Personal Money";
                                                                                   c) HK$5,000 per event under “Unauthorized Use Of Credit Cards”;
7) Valuables and Personal Effects separately and specially insured under               and
   any other policy.                                                               d) HK$15,000 per event in respect of any other claim provided that
                                                                                       We will not pay more than HK$5,000 for any individual single item.
8) Detention, seizure or confiscation by customs or other officials.

9) Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss.                                SECTION 3 - PERSONAL LIABILITY

                                                                                We will indemnify You and Your Family in respect of all sums which You
10) Mobile / portable radio telecommunication equipment including mobile /
                                                                                and Your Family will become legally liable to pay as damages in respect of:
    portable telephones and pagers.
                                                                                a) accidental bodily injury (including death or disease) to any person
                                                                                b) accidental loss of or damage to property
11) The first HK$200 in respect of each and every claim.
                                                                                occurring during the Period of Insurance and within the geographical limits.

                                                                                We will also pay the legal costs and expenses recoverable by any claimant
                                                                                from You and all costs and expenses incurred with our written consent.

                                                                                We do not indemnify You in respect of:
    We will pay for the cost reasonably and necessarily incurred for
                                                                                a) Bodily injury to You or Your Family or any person in the service of You.
    applying replacement of credit cards, passports and other personal
                                                                                b) Loss of or damage to property belonging to or in the custody or control
    documents including identity card and any certificate of identity for You
                                                                                   of You or Your Family or any person in the service of You.
    or Your Family due to accidental loss or damage.
                                                                                c) Liabilities arising from the ownership, occupation or use of any land or
                                                                                   building other than your Home specified in the Schedule.
    Any claim payment will not be more than HK$3,000 per event.
                                                                                d) Any agreement to make payment by way of indemnity or otherwise
                                                                                   unless such liability would have attached in the absence of such
    We do not apply any excess for this benefit.
                                                                                e) The exercise of any trade, profession or employment other than the
                                                                                   employment of domestic servant in your service.
                                                                                f) The ownership, possession, driving or use of mechanically-propelled
    We will indemnify You against accidental loss or theft of Money and
                                                                                   vehicles, aircraft or watercraft.
    securities or unauthorized use of cash card anywhere in the world, but
                                                                                g) The use of any horses for hunting, racing or polo.
    We do not cover loss:
                                                                                h) The ownership, use or possession of any animals other than domestic
                                                                                   dogs or cats.
    1) Which are not reported within 24 hours of discovery to the local
                                                                                i) Personal injury or bodily injury or loss of, damage to, or loss of use of
       police authority
                                                                                   property directly or indirectly caused by seepage, pollution or
    2) Caused by depreciation, confiscation or shortage due to errors or
                                                                                j) The cost of removing, nullifying or cleaning-up seeping, polluting or
                                                                                   contaminating substances.
                                                                                k) Fines, penalties, punitive or exemplary damages.
    3) Arising from Uninsurable Risks                                           l) Liability directly or indirectly arising out of a breach of any duty imposed
                                                                                   by law in relation to
    Any claim payment will not be more than HK$3,000 per event.                    (i) any building within the meaning of the Buildings Ordinance
                                                                                         (Cap.123) erected in contravention of that Ordinance;or
    We do not apply any excess for this benefit.                                   (ii) any building works, or street works, carried out in contravention of
                                                                                         the Building Ordinance (Cap.123).
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m) Any claim or loss arising out of any activities and/or business                   CONDITIONS WHICH APPLY TO THE WHOLE POLICY
   conducted and/or transacted via the Internet, Intranet, Extranet and/or
     via your own website, Internet site, web address and/or via the                 1) Prevention of loss
     transmission of electronic mail or documents by electronic means.                  You and Your Family must comply with all statutory obligations and
n)   Liability for all claims and losses based upon, arising out of, directly or        take reasonable steps to
     indirectly resulting from or in consequence of, or any way involving:              a) prevent loss, damage or injury
     (i)    asbestos, or                                                                b) maintain in efficient conditions, good repair of any insured property
     (ii)   any actual or alleged asbestos related injury or damage involving           c) keep the Building in good condition and maintenance
            the use, presence, existence, detection, removal, elimination or            d) fulfill the requirement of the deed of mutual covenant, any other
            avoidance of asbestos or exposure or potential exposure to                      relevant regulations, or statutory instruments in relating to the
            asbestos.                                                                       Building and your Home

                                                                                     2) Change in risk
GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITS                                                                     During the currency of this Policy You must advise Us of any change in
                                                                                        your occupation or circumstance which would increase the possibility of
a) Hong Kong and/or Macau                                                               loss and pay an additional premium if We require.
b) Worldwide in respect of temporary visit with each visit shall not exceed
     60 consecutive days. For this purpose, visit means a round trip                 3) Cancellation
     commencing in Hong Kong.                                                           (a) By You
                                                                                            You may cancel this Policy at anytime by giving Us a written notice
                                                                                            and the cancellation will be effective on the 1st day of the following
Extended Owner’s Liability Cover in Common Area

                                                                                         (b) By the Company
If You are owner of the Home insured under Section 1 of the Policy, We will
                                                                                             We may cancel the Policy by giving You 30 days written notice by
indemnify You against your proportional legal liability as a part Owner of the
                                                                                             registered letter to your last known address and return to You a
Common Parts of the Building of which your Home forms part.
                                                                                             proportional part of the premium corresponding to the unexpired
                                                                                             Period of Insurance.
The expressions “Common Parts”, “Building”, and “Owner(s)” have the
same meaning as assigned to those expressions in the Building
                                                                                     4) Termination of Coverage
Management Ordinance Chapter 344 of the Laws of Hong Kong (referred to
                                                                                        When any or any part of premium pertaining to the Policy is not paid
hereinafter as “the Ordinance”).
                                                                                        when due, We will terminate the coverage effective from the 1st day of
                                                                                        the month for which premium is not paid.
The indemnity under this Policy is provided only under the following
                                                                                     5) Claims Misrepresentation
                                                                                        If You or anyone acting for You makes a claim under the Policy
(i) this Policy is operative only if there is no public liability insurance policy      knowing the claim to be false, We will not pay the claim and all cover
    being taken out by or on behalf of the Joint-Owners of the Building                 under the Policy is cancelled immediately.
     (referred to hereinafter as “the Primary Policy”) in relation to such
     Common Parts of the Building; or                                                6) Arbitration
                                                                                        All differences arising out of this Policy shall be determined by
(ii) where a Primary Policy has been taken out, this Policy applies only in             arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Ordinance as amended
     respect of any excess liability beyond and above the amount paid or                from time to time. If the parties fail to agree upon the choice of
     payable under such Primary Policy.                                                 arbitrator, then the choice shall be referred to the Chairman for the time
                                                                                        being of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. It is expressly
subject to a limit of HK$1,000,000 for all sums payable by Us including legal           stipulated that it shall be a condition precedent to any right of action or
costs and expenses arising out of one occurrence or series of occurrences               suit upon this Policy that an arbitration award shall be first obtained. If
consequent on one source or original cause.                                             the Company shall disclaim liability to the Insured for any claim
                                                                                        hereunder and such disclaimer have been referred to arbitration under
We will only indemnify You in respect of your separate proportional share of            the provisions herein contained then the claim shall for all purposes be
liability (and, for the avoidance of doubt, not joint liability) as an Owner in         deemed to have been abandoned and shall not thereafter be
the undivided parts of the Building as determined in accordance with                    recoverable hereunder.
Section 39 of the Ordinance.
                                                                                     7) Governing Law
LIMIT OF INDEMNITY                                                                      This Policy is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special
                                                                                        Administrative Region and is to be construed according to the laws of
Unless specifically mentioned, our liability under this Section for all sums            Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
inclusive for all legal costs and expenses payable arising out of one
occurrence or series of occurrences consequent on one source or original             8) Subrogation
cause will not be more than HK$5,000,000.                                               The Insured shall at the request and at the expense of the Company do
                                                                                        and concur in doing and permit to be done all such acts and things as
JURISDICTION CLAUSE                                                                     may be necessary or reasonably required by the Company for the
                                                                                        purpose of enforcing any rights and remedies or of obtaining relief or
The indemnity provided by this Policy shall not apply in respect of                     indemnity from any other parties, to which the Company shall be or
judgements which are not in the first instance delivered by or obtained from            would become entitled or subrogated upon its paying or making good
a court of competent jurisdiction within Hong Kong nor to orders obtained in            any damage under this Policy, whether such acts and things shall be or
the said court for the enforcement of judgements made outside Hong Kong                 become necessary or required before or after indemnification by the
whether by way of reciprocal agreement or otherwise.                                    Company.

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9) Contribution                                                                           of or amounting to an uprising, military or usurped power; or
   If at the time any claim arises under this Policy there be any other
   insurance covering the same liability the Company shall not be liable to          b) any act of terrorism including but not limited to
   pay or contribute more than its ratable proportion of any such claim and             • the use or threat of force, violence and/or
   costs and expenses in connection therewith.                                          • harm or damage to life or to property (or the threat of such
                                                                                            harm or damage) including, but not limited to, nuclear radiation
                                                                                            and/or contamination by chemical and/or biological agents,
CLAIMS CONDITIONS                    WHICH         APPLY        TO     THE
WHOLE POLICY                                                                              by any person(s) or group(s) of persons, committed for political,
                                                                                          religious, ideological or similar purposes, express or otherwise,
a) When a claim occurs or is likely to occur You must advise Us in writing                and/or to put the public or any section of the public in fear; or
   as soon as reasonably possible.
b) For loss or damage claims You must:                                               c)   any action taken in controlling, preventing, suppressing or in any
   i) at your own expense provide Us with all certificate information and                 way relating to a) or b) above.
        evidence as We may request.
   ii) notify the police immediately of any items missing, loss by               3) Political Risks
        deception, theft, malicious acts or riot and civil commotion.
c) For liability claims You must:                                                    a) permanent or temporary dispossession resulting from confiscation
   i) send to Us any letter, claim, writ or summons immediately when it                 nationalisation commandeering or requisition by any lawfully
        is received.                                                                    constituted authority
   ii) advise Us immediately when You have knowledge of any                          b) permanent or temporary dispossession of any building resulting
        impending prosecution inquest or fatal inquiry.                                 from the unlawful occupation of such building by any person
   iii) not make any admission, offer or promise of payment without our
        consent and We shall be entitled if We so desired to take over and           provided that the Company is not relieved of any liability to You in
        conduct in your name the defence or settlement of any claim or to            respect of physical damage to the Property Insured occurring before
        prosecute in your name for our own benefit any claim for indemnity           dispossession or during temporary dispossession which is otherwise
        or damage or otherwise and shall have full discretion in the conduct         covered by this Policy
        of any proceedings and in the settlement of any claim and You
        shall give all such information and assistance as We may require.            c)   the destruction of property by order of any public authority
d) We have the right to the salvage of any insured property which is the
   subject of the claim.                                                         4) Sonic Bangs

                                                                                     Pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices.
EXCLUSIONS              WHICH       APPLY        TO      THE      WHOLE
                                                                                 5) (i) DAMAGE: to any computer or other equipment or component or
                                                                                        system or item which processes stores transmits or retrieves data
                                                                                        or any part thereof including loss or corruption of data whether
The insurance by this Policy excludes death, disability, loss, damage,
                                                                                        tangible or intangible (including but without limitation any
destruction, any legal liabilities, cost or expense including consequential
                                                                                        information or programs or software) and whether the property of
loss of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from or
                                                                                        the Insured or not, where such DAMAGE is caused by
in connection with any of the following regardless of any other cause or
                                                                                        [programming or operator error,] Virus or Similar Mechanism or
event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss:

1) Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Biochemical and
                                                                                     (ii) CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS: directly or indirectly caused by or arising
   Electromagnetic Weapons
                                                                                          from [programming or operator error,] Virus or Similar Mechanism
                                                                                          or Hacking
    a) ionising radiations from or contamination by radioactivity from any
       nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of
                                                                                     but this exception shall not exclude any claim for subsequent loss or
       nuclear fuel
                                                                                     destruction of or damage to any property or consequential loss which
                                                                                     itself results from a Defined Contingency (as defined hereunder), but
    b) the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or
                                                                                     only to the extent that such claim would otherwise be insured under this
       contaminating properties of any nuclear installation, reactor or
       other nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof

    c)   any weapon or device employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or
         fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter
                                                                                     For the purpose of this exception only, "Defined Contingency" shall
                                                                                     mean fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft and other aerial devices or
    d) the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or
                                                                                     articles dropped therefrom, riot, civil commotion, strikers, locked out
       contaminating properties of any radioactive matter. The exclusion
                                                                                     workers, persons taking part in labour disturbances, malicious persons
       in this sub-clause does not extend to radioactive isotopes, other             other than thieves, earthquake, storm, flood, escape of water from any
       than nuclear fuel, when such isotopes are being prepared, carried,            tank apparatus or pipe, impact by any road vehicle or animal, volcano,
       stored, or used for commercial, agricultural, medical, scientific or          freeze or weight of snow.
       other similar peaceful purposes
                                                                                     Virus or Similar Mechanism
    e) any chemical, biological, bio-chemical, or electromagnetic weapon             Virus or Similar Mechanism means program code, programming
                                                                                     instruction or any set of instructions intentionally constructed with the
2) War and Terrorism Risks                                                           ability to damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely affect computer
                                                                                     programs, data files or operations, whether involving self-replication or
    a) war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or warlike                not. The definition of Virus or Similar Mechanism includes but is not
       operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion,            limited to trojan horses worms and logic bombs.
       revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions

Page 6 of 7 (SHCSC0E)
    Hacking means unauthorised access to any computer or other
    equipment or component or system or item which processes stores
    transmits or retrieves data.

6) Date Recognition General Exclusion

    There is no insurance under this Policy in respect of any claim of
    whatsoever nature which arises directly or indirectly from or consists of
    the failure or inability of any

    (a) electronic circuit, microchip, integrated circuit, microprocessor,
        embedded system, hardware, software, firmware, program,
        computer, data processing equipment, telecommunication
        equipment or systems, or any similar device

    (b) media or systems used in connection with any of the foregoing

    whether the property of the Insured or not, at any time to achieve any
    or all of the purposes and consequential effects intended by the use of
    any number, symbol or word to denote a date

         including without limitation, the failure or inability to recognise
         capture save retain or restore and/or correctly to manipulate,
         interpret, transmit, return, calculate or process any date, data,
         information, command, logic or instruction as a result of

         (i) recognising using or adopting any date, day of the week or
             period of time, otherwise than as, or other than, the true or
             correct date, day of the week or period of time

         (ii) the operation of any command or logic which has been
              programmed or incorporated into anything referred to in (a) and
              (b) above

    but this general exclusion shall not exclude any claim for subsequent
    loss or destruction of or damage to any property or consequential loss
    which itself results from a Defined Contingency (as defined hereunder)
    arising under any of the following Sections, but only to the extent that
    such claim would otherwise be insured under that Section

    a) Contents
    b) Worldwide All Risk

    This general exclusion does not apply in respect of the following
    Section, if provided by this Policy.

    a) Personal Liability


    For the purpose of this general exclusion only, "Defined Contingency"
    shall mean fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft and other aerial devices or
    articles dropped therefrom, riot, civil commotion, strikers, locked out
    workers, persons taking part in labour disturbances, malicious persons
    other than thieves, earthquake, storm, flood, escape of water from any
    tank apparatus or pipe, impact by any road vehicle or animal, theft,
    volcano, freeze or weight of snow.

If We allege that by reason of these Exclusions 1) to 6) mentioned above,
any loss, damage, cost or expense is not covered by this insurance the
burden of proving the contrary shall be upon You.

Page 7 of 7 (SHCSC0E)
保單持有人須知                                    銀行鈔票、傢具、家居陳設、家庭電器、家居及個人物品,惟本
譯本並不是亦不應被視為有關保險單之一部份或在闡釋保                  a) 汽車(剪草機及由個人操控的家居園藝工具則除外)、電單車、
險單內任何條文時有任何影響。保單條文一切以英文版為                     拖車、托架或放置在其上之零件及配件;
準。》                                        b) 船(手動除外)、氣墊船、船隻、外置發動機或其零件及配件;
                                           c) 飛機或任何飛行或航天裝置,以及此等裝置的配件及零件,
多謝您投保家居財物保障計劃。作為保單持有人,您可享有以下                  包括衛星接受器或天線;
保障:                                        d) 牲口、寵物及動物;
                                           e) 矗立的樹木、培植中的農作物及植物;
1) 家居財物保障                                  f) 並不屬於您的業主裝修;
2) 家居支援服務                                  g) 現金、錢幣、貨幣或銀行鈔票以外的款項;
                                           h) 股票、證書、契約、手稿;
家居支援服務將由本公司安排之服務供應商提供。有關服務之詳               i) 流動 / 手提無線電訊器材,例如流動 / 手提電話及傳呼機;
情,請參閱家居支援服務之條款與規章, 而家居支援服務並非保              j) 特別物件;
單合約的一部份。                                   k) 菲林底片、錄影帶、卡式盒帶、唱碟、影碟或磁碟如遭遺失
本保單是您(保單持有人) 及本公司之間的合約。                       錄,則最高會按市場最新的售價作出賠償;
                                           l) 補領個人文件的開支及收費;
                                           m) 位於屋頂或露天地方的家居物品。

                                           承保表所載之建築物必須為您所居住的住宅 ,公用部份除外。
詞彙解釋                                       限。


 本公司」 我們」
MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited。
                                           a) 因任何貿易、職業或受僱工作而持有或使用的物品;或
                                           b) 已另行投保的物品。
 保單持有人」       閣下」
「保單持有人」/「您」/ 「閣下」
                                           a) 刮花、撞凹、腐蝕、生銹、損耗或折舊;
此乃我們就承保事項引致索償而同意支付給您之款項。該款項可               b) 腐壞、霉菌、由木蛀蟲、甲蟲、飛蛾、昆蟲或害蟲引致的蟲
能以現金或由我們選擇以恢復原狀、修理或更換受損物品的方式                  蛀;
作出賠償。每項索償的最高金額為賠償限額。                       c) 機械或電力失靈或故障;
                                           d) 清潔、染色、装修、修理或修補過程;
   原狀賠償                                    e) 其他因日常運作而逐漸造成的損毁;
因維修已遭損毀的物件或以同類物品重置已遺失或不能維修之物               f) 任何性質的後果損失或損毀;
件而引致的費用。每項索償的最高金額為賠償限額。                    g) 您、閣下家庭成員或您的任何一位僱員不誠實或不忠實導致
   賠償                                      h) 山泥傾瀉或地陷;
因重置或維修已遭損毀或已遺失的受保財物而引致的費用(已扣除              i) 收縮、蒸發、減輕重量、污染、有關氣味、顏色、質料的改
損耗或折舊)。任何由重置或維修而直接令財物狀況獲得改善的情                 變、光線的照射。
 家居物品」                                     a) 沒有足夠作正常居住用途的設備;或
您及閣下家庭成員所擁有或您或閣下家庭成員所需負責並放置於               b) 超過連續 30 日沒有人居住。
屬於您或任何一位閣下家庭成員之珠寶首飾、金、銀器或其他貴        本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 10,000 元。
樂器(鋼琴除外),但並非特別物品。                  4)   傢俬短暫寄存保障
 閣下家庭成員」                                意外損失或損毀,我們便會作出賠償,但本公司並不保障:
與您一起居住之配偶、子女、父母及家屬。                     a) 貴重物品
                                        b) 特別物品
 承保表」                                   c) 沒有得到專業搬運公司的妥善及適當包裝的玻璃、陶
本公司發予您而訂明保單持有人姓名、地址、風險地點及保額的               瓷及其他易碎物品
                                        本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元。

第一部份 - 家居物品全險                           本項保障不設自負額。

保障在家居內屬於您或閣下家庭成員的受保家居物品,因意外造       5)   窗戶 / 門鎖保障
成之損失或損毀,但以下項目不在保障之列:                    如家居發生盜竊或企圖盜竊事件,以致窗戶、大門及/或
1) 盜竊                                   非更高品質的窗戶、大門及/或門鎖。
   a) 如家居為空置單位
   b) 如家居或任何部份為出租或借用(除非遭強行進入家居)         本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 5,000 元。
   c) 遭欺騙(除非藉詞欺騙進入家居)
2) 惡意破壞
   a) 如家居為空置單位                     6)   個人意外保障
   b) 因合法停留於家居內之人士所引致                   如您或閣下家庭成員因家居發生火警或偷竊或企圖盜竊事
3) 特別物品的損失或損毀。                          200,000 元的賠償。如同一意外事故導致多於一(1)人身
4) 由不承保事項所引致的損失或損毀。
5) 因污染或沾污物導致損失、損毀或損壞而引起的費用及開
   支,惟因屬本部份承保之意外損毀或損失而引起的污染或沾      7)   遷居保障
   污物對受保財物造成的損毀或損壞則除外。                  如您聘請專業搬運公司協助從受保家居搬遷往香港境內的
6) 已另行投保的家居物品。                          失或損毀,但以下項目不在保障之列:
                                        a) 貴重物品
7) 離奇失蹤或無法解釋的損失。                        b) 沒有得到專業搬運公司的妥善及適當包裝的玻璃、陶
其他保障                                    c) 每宗損失首港幣 1,000 元

1) 暫住居所                                 本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 500,000 元。
   住,我們便會賠償合理的臨時居所費用。              8)   內部裝修 / 修茸保障
 本項索償的每日付款額不得超過港幣 2,000 元,每次事故的最        (2)個月為限)倘若裝修工程遭意外損毀,我們便會作出賠
 高賠償額為港幣 50,000 元。                      償。惟我們並不賠償於其他保單內已承保之損失。

 本項保障不設自負額。                             本項索償的每件物品最高賠償為港幣 10,000 元,每次事
                                        故的最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元。
2) 暫時搬遷
   如您需暫時將家居物品遷往在香港境內的其他地點,進行清      9)   家居修繕保障
   潔、維修、裝修、修理、翻新或染色工程時因意外導致損失           如家居装修(包括入牆櫃、地板、其他裝修項目,並構成
   或損毀,我們將根據本保單內的條款細則及不承保事項而提           家居物品的一部份)因意外導致損失或損毀,我們便會作
   供保障。惟本公司並不提供於其他保單內已承保之損失。            出賠償。本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 600,000
 本項索償的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元。
                                   10) 山泥傾瀉及地陷附加保障
3) 家務助理的物品                             現正式協議及聲明,儘管保單明文訂有相反條款,本保單
            i) 以下事故直接或間接引起或導致的損失或損毀:            下,此等損失或損毀不應視為整套物品完全損失或損毀。
               a) 海岸風化侵蝕
               b) 巨浪                           自負額
               c) 任何結構物落成後五(5)年內下陷或已完工土地在竣
                  工後五(5)年內下沉。                  除非另有訂明,否則在本部份之每宗及每次索償中,您須自負首
     ii)    行人徑、行車道、圍欄、閘、邊界及護土牆因地陷及/或          港幣 200 元,惟每宗因水浸而引致的索償,自負額為港幣 500
            山泥傾瀉蒙受損失或損毀。                       元。
     iii)   除另行投保外,清理地陷及/或山泥傾瀉泥頭的費用或地
            外)。                                第二部份 - 全球性私人財物全險
     iv)    設計或工藝不良或使用不良物料而引起或導致的損失或損
            毀。                                 如您和閣下家庭成員的貴重物品或個人物品在全球任何地點因意
     v)     任何性質的後果損失或損毀。                      外引致有形的損失或損毀,我們便會支付賠償。 但以下項目不在
     vi)    根據比例分攤條件釐定,而於本保單生效期間任何連續七          保障之列:
            十二(72)小時的時期內發生的每宗損失,首港幣 10,000 元
            或百分之十(10%)為自負額(二者以較高為準)。           1) 隱形眼鏡;
                                               2) 特別物品;
     保證:                                       3) 盜竊;
     1) 投保人必須維持家居的狀態及功用良好,並且以負責的態                  a) 因欺騙失竊(除非藉詞欺騙進入家居);
        度採取所有措施防止其受本保單承保的意外發生。                     b) 無人看管汽車內財物失竊(除非所有車窗、天窗、擋風玻
     2) 投保人必須依照由香港政府訂立的法律、規例、規則及指                     璃、車門及行李箱已完全關好並安全上鎖);
        引(包括香港土木工程署不時發出及修訂之「岩土指南第                  c) 因單車位於家居外其他地方失竊,而當時並未鎖好;
        五冊 ─ 斜坡維修指南」之規定)維修您應負責維修的人造            4) 單車用作競賽、耐力賽或計時比賽時蒙受損失或損毀;
        斜坡及護土牆。                                5) 您或閣下家庭成員因蓄意造成的損失或損毀;
     3) 如有以下事況,必須立刻通知本公司:                      6) 不承保事項之損失或損毀;
        i) 如閣下的家居之下、周圍或附近進行任何挖掘工程。             7) 已另行投保的貴重物品及個人物品;
            於該情況下,本公司有權更改或取消本保單之保障。            8) 海關或其他官員扣留、扣押或充公受保事件。
                                               9) 離奇失蹤或無法解釋的損失;
        ii) 任何本保單承保的意外發生,並正影響閣下家居所在
                                               10) 流動/手提通訊器材,例如流動/手提電話及傳呼機;
                                               11) 每宗及每次索償的首港幣 200 元自負額。
1)    我們為損毀的受保物件恢復原狀。
                                               1) 個人文件
2)    於下列情況下,我們為您提供相等於受保物件時值(扣去折舊)
     a) 對衣服、皮革及腳踏車之索償
     b) 您決定不把家居物品恢復原狀、重置或維修
                                                本項保障的每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 3,000 元。

3) 有關索償將不會超越以下金額:
     a) 任何一件傢俬或家用電器之最高賠償額為港幣 200,000 元
     b) 任何一件貴重物品之最高賠償額為港幣 20,000 元,每次事
                                               2) 個人款項
        故總額為港幣 300,000 元。
     c) 現金、貨幣或銀行鈔票、珍藏郵票、錢幣或徽章的最高賠                 金卡被他人盜用引致損失,我們將會作出賠償。惟我們並不
        償額為港幣 1,000 元,每個保險期的最高賠償額則為港幣             賠償下列損失:
        5,000 元。                                  1) 並沒有在 24 小時內報警處理有關損失
                                                  2) 因折舊、充公沒收、或由錯誤 / 忽略以致之損失
4) 我們於保險期內就本部份的最高賠償總額為港幣 1,000,000 元              3) 由不承保事項引致之損失或損毀
   賠償金額將不會超過以下所列:                               本項保障的每次事故最高賠償金額為港幣 3,000 元。
   a) 暫住居所每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 50,000 元
   b) 暫時搬遷每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元                本項保障不設自負額。
   c) 家務助理的物品每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 10,000 元
   d) 傢俬短暫寄存保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元           3) 非法盜用信用卡
   e) 窗戶 / 門鎖保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 5,000 元               如信用卡遭非法盜用,我們將會作出賠償,每次事故最高賠
   f) 個人意外保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 200,000 元                償金額為港幣 5,000 元。
   g) 遷居保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 500,000 元
   h) 內部裝修 / 修茸保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 100,000 元         本項保障不設自負額。
   i) 家居修繕保障每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 600,000 元
 5) 如任何屬於一對或一套的物品遭受損失或損毀,此等物件的
    損失或損毀賠償將按整套物品價值的比例計算。於任何情況                 1) 我們為損毀的受保物品恢復原狀。
2) 於下列情況下,我們為您提供相等於受保物件時值(扣去折舊)       b) 世界各地的短暫到訪,惟每次到訪不得超過連續六十(60)天。
   的賠償:                                  於本條而言,到訪指從香港出發的來回旅程。
   a) 皮草及衣物損毀
   b) 您決定不把受保物件恢復原狀、重置或維修              用部份的附加業主責任保障
3) 如任何屬於一對或一套的物品遭受損失或損毀,此等物件的
   損失或損毀賠償將按整套物品價值的比例計算。於任何情況         如果您是本保單第一部份所承保家居的業主,我們將保障您作為
   下,此等損失或損毀不應視為整套物品完全損失或損毀。          家居所屬建築物公用部份的業主之一而按比例承擔的法律責任。
4) 我們就本部份的最高賠償總額如下:
   a) 個人文件每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 3,000 元        「公用部份」、「建築物」及「業主」的釋義以香港法例第 344
   b) 個人款項每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 3,000 元        章「建築物管理條例」(以下簡稱「該條例」)的釋義為準。
   c) 非法盜用信用卡每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 5,000 元
   d) 其他索償每次事故最高賠償額為港幣 15,000 元,惟任何   我們只會在以下情況提供本項保障:
      一件物件的最高賠償額為港幣 5,000 元。          i) 如建築物的聯權共有人或其代表並無就建築物的公用部份投
第三部份 - 個人責任保險
                                      ii) 如已投購主保單,本保單只賠償超出主保單已支付或應付賠
如您及閣下家庭成員招致法律責任而須為下列情況支付有關損               償額的溢額。
於保險期內在地域界限內發生的:-                      律費用及開支的最高賠償限額為港幣 1,000,000 元。
a) 他人意外身體受傷,包括死亡或患病;
b) 財物意外損失或損毀                          本公司只會就您作為該條例第 39 條所釋定為不可分割份數業主
此外,我們並會支付任何索償人向您追討的法律費用及開支,以          任何共有責任)。
a) 您或閣下家庭成員或任何為您服務人士的身體受傷;            除非另有訂明,否則本部份就單一事源或事故引起的任何一宗或
b) 您或閣下家庭成員或任何為您服務人士所擁有、保管或控制         一連串事件(包括所有法律成本及費用)作出的最高賠償限額為港
   的財物損失或損毀;                          幣 5,000,000 元。
c) 由您擁有、佔用或使用但並非承保表訂明為閣下家居的任何
   土地或建築物所引起的責任;                      司法裁判權條款
d) 協議支付賠償或其他款項(除非即使不訂立協議,有關責任仍
   然存在);                              如任何法院對投保人作出裁決,惟此等裁決並非首先由香港特別
e) 家傭為您從事家務以外之貿易、職業或受僱工作;             行政區具司法管轄權的法院發出或頒令,本公司毋須承擔賠償責
f) 擁有、佔用、駕駛或使用機動車輛、飛機或船隻;             任。此外,如香港法院以相互協議或其他方式發出命令強制執行
g) 使用馬匹作打獵、賽事或馬術用途;                   香港境外法院的裁決,亦不適用於本保單。
h) 擁有、使用或佔有任何動物(寵物狗或貓除外);
i) 由滲漏、污染或沾污物直接或間接引起的個人損傷或身體損
j) 搬運、清除或清理滲漏、污染物或沾污物之費用;             本保單通適的一般條款
k) 罰款、刑罰、處分或懲教損失;
l) 由於並無為符合有關下列事項之法定要求而履行所需責任,         1) 預防招致損失
   而直接或間接引起的責任:                          您和閣下家庭成員必須遵從所有法定條例,同時採取所有合
   i) 任何屬於建築物條例(第 123 章)有關建築物之定義,但建      理措施,以:
       構上違反該條例的建築物;或                     a) 預防損失、損毀或人身損傷發生
   ii) 任何違反建築物條例(第 123 章)的建築工程或街道工程      b) 保持受保財物於良好狀態及進行保養
m) 任何透過互聯網、內聯網、外聯網及/或透過您自己的網站、           c) 保持建築物於良好狀態及進行保養
   互聯網網站、網址進行之活動及/或業務及/或交易,及/或透          d) 確保建築物及您的家居符合公契及其他有關條例的法定要
   過電子方式傳送之電子郵件或文件所引起的任何索償或損                求
n) 根據以下事項、源於、直接或間接導致、引致或與此有關的         2) 風險變化
   所有索償及損失的責任:                           於保險期內,您的職業有所更改或任何足以增加損失風險的
   i) 石棉;或                               事況發生,您必須通知我們。如有需要您須繳付額外保費。
   ii) 任何涉及石棉的使用、存在、出現、發現、清除、消除,
       又或因避免石棉、接觸石棉或可能接觸石棉所導致的實際      3) 取消保單
       或據報身體損傷或損毀。                       a) 閣下取消保單
地理區域界限                                      取消將於下一(1)個月的首日生效。

a) 香港及/或澳門                             b) 本公司取消保單
   知書將以掛號郵件方式寄至您最後登記的地址。於該情況        相關之死亡、傷疾、損失、損害、損毀、任何法律責任、費用或
   下,我們將根據尚未屆滿的保障期按比例退回保費。          開支,並包括任何性質之後果損失,不論此等損失乃同時或以任
4) 終止保障
   當任何有關本保單保費在繳費到期日未能悉數繳交,我們將       1) 輻射污染、化學、生物、生化或電磁武器
                                      a) 任何核子燃料、核子廢料或核子燃料燃燒造成的電離子輻
5) 虛報索償                                  射或放射性污染;
   償,本保單所有保障並會即時廢止。                   b) 任何核子裝置、反應器或其他核子機組或其核子元件之輻
6) 仲裁
   本保險單一切任何爭議均依據現行仲裁條例裁決。如有關人         c) 任何應用原子 或核子分裂,及/或核聚變或其他同類反
   士未能就選擇仲裁員達成協議,仲裁員人選事宜將轉介現行            應,或輻射性能量或物質之武器或裝置;
   須首先取得仲裁決議,方可按本保險單採取法律行動或提出         d) 任何輻射物質造成之輻射性、毒性、爆炸性或其他危險或
   訴訟。若本公司拒絕向投保人作出賠償,而投保人又未能按            污染物質。當輻射同位素正在預備、預置、運載、儲存或
   本仲裁條款提出仲裁,投保人會被視作完全放棄其索償權,            使用於商業、農業、醫療、科技或其他類似的和平用途
   投保人不得於日後按本保險單條款提出索償。                  時,則本項之不承保範圍並不包括該等輻射同位素,惟核
7) 管轄法律
   本保單受香港特別行政區的專有司法裁判權管轄,並且根據         e)   任何化學、生物、生化或電磁武器。
                                    2) 戰爭及恐怖活動風險
8) 代位權
   如本公司就任何損毀支付款項或作出賠償後,便擁有本保單         a) 戰爭、侵略、外敵行動、敵對局面、交戰事件(不論正式
   訂明的權利或取代權,則投保人必須應本公司不時要求,作            宣戰與否)、內戰、叛亂、革命、反叛、叛亂升級或擴大
   出及同意作出及批准作出所有必要及合理的事宜及行動,以            至大規模叛變事件、軍事或篡權行動;或
   償,不論此等事宜或行動是在本公司作出賠償之前或之後所         b) 任何恐怖活動,包括但不限於:
   需者亦然。                                 任何人士(人等)或團體因政治、宗教、意識形態或類似目
9) 分攤
                                         - 使用或以武力、暴力威脅及/或
                                         - 人身或財產的傷害或損害(或受到此等傷害或損害威

本保單通適的索償條款                            c) 採取任何行動控制、阻止或壓制或以任何方式控制、阻止
                                         或壓制與上述 a) 或 b) 條有關之行動。
a) 如已發生或可能發生索償事件,您必須盡快以書面通知我
                                    3) 政治風險不承保條款
b) 如提出財物損失或損毀索償:
                                       a) 被任何法定機關充公、收歸國有或徵用而永久或暫時喪失
   i) 您必須按我們要求,自費提供所有附有正式證明的資料及
                                       b) 因建築物被任何人士非法佔用而永久或暫時喪失其佔管權
   ii) 如發現任何物件遺失或因欺騙、失竊、惡意行為、暴亂或
c) 如提出責任索償:
   i) 接獲函件、索償、令狀或法院傳票後,必須立刻轉交予我
   ii) 如獲悉任何即將展開研訊或死因調查,必須立刻通知我       c) 任何公營權力機關下令銷毀財產。
   iii) 未經我們同意,不可承認、建議或應允付款。我們可按意   4) 聲震
        以閣下名義進行有關賠償或其他方面的研訊,我們擁有酌     飛機或其他飛行裝置產生的壓波
        資料及援助。                      5) (i) 損壞:任何電腦、其他設備、元件、系統或項件所處理、
d) 我們有權取回任何已獲索償受保財物的損餘。                    儲存、傳遞或檢取之數據或其任何部份,包括不論乃有形
本保單的不承保事項                                  (程式或操作錯誤)病毒或同類機制或黑客入侵所致。

本保單並不承保因以下事故直接或間接導致或引致或與以下事故          ii) 間接損失:由(程式或操作錯誤)病毒或同類機制或黑客入
 惟本不承保事項並不適用於任何「釋定緊急事件」(釋義以下     人士、地震、暴風、水災、任何水箱器具或管道漏水、任何
 文訂明為準)嗣後導致財產損失、損毀或損害或間接損失所引     車輛或動物撞擊、偷竊、火山或霜雪所造成的事件。
 釋義                             或損害不屬於本保單之保障範圍,受保人必須舉證證明本公司必



6) 日期確認的一般不承保事項


 a) 電路、晶片、綜合電路、微型處理器、裝嵌器、硬件、軟

 b) 任何與上述物件一同使用的器材或系統



   i) 除正確日期、星期內的日子或時段外,確認任何日

   ii) 以上(a)及(b)所引述的任何指令或邏輯操作


 a) 家居物品全險
 b) 全球性私人財物全險


 a) 個人責任保險


Appendix: Notice to customers relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
("the Ordinance")

MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited ("MSIG", "we" or "us") would ask that you take the time to read these terms and conditions
carefully. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of this statement, the English version shall prevail.

Privacy Policy

MSIG takes your privacy very seriously. To ensure your personal information is secure, we communicate and enforce our privacy and
security guidelines according to the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. MSIG takes precautions to safeguard your
personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.
Furthermore, we will not sell your personal information to anyone for any purpose. MSIG imposes very strict sanction control and only
authorised staff on a need-to-know basis is given access to or will handle your personal data, and we provide regular training to our
staff to keep them abreast of any new development in privacy laws and regulations.

We will only retain your personal data in our business records for as long as it is necessary for business and tax purposes as permitted
by the laws. We will require our agent, contractor or third party who provides administrative or other services on our behalf to protect
personal data they may receive in a manner consistent with this policy. We do not allow them to use such information for any other
purpose. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

Personal Information Collection Statement
Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person. As our customers, it is necessary from
time to time for you to supply us with your personal data in relation to the general insurance services and products (“the Product”) that
we provide to you and in order for us to deliver and improve the customer service. This includes but not limited to the personal data
contained in the proposal form or in any document in relation to the Product or any claim made under the Product.

Your personal data may be used for the purpose of:
    •   our daily operation and administration of the services and facilities in relation to the Product provided to you;
    •   any sales, marketing, promotion of other general insurance services and products provided by us;
    •   variation, cancellation or renewal of the Product;
    •   assessing and processing claims in relation to the Product and any subsequent legal proceedings; or
    •   exercising any right of subrogation by us.

In connection with any of the above purposes, the personal data that we have collected might be transferred to:
     •  our related, subsidiary or affiliated companies within the MSIG Group or MS&AD Insurance Group in or out of Hong Kong;
     •  any other company carrying out insurance or reinsurance related business in or out of Hong Kong;
     •  any association or federation of insurance companies that exists or is formed from time to time; or
     •  any agent, contractor or third party who provides administrative, claims handling or other services relating to the Product to
        MSIG or any member of the MSIG Group or MS&AD Insurance Group.

In order to confirm the accuracy of your personal data, you agree to provide us with authorisation to access to and to verify any of your
personal data with the information collected by any federation of insurance companies from the insurance industry.

Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to and to request correction of your
personal data held by us, and to request to opt out from receiving any direct marketing communication from us. If you wish to exercise
these rights, please write to our Data Protection Officer.

                                                       The Data Protection Officer
                                                  MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited
                                                 9/F., Cityplaza One, 1111 King's Road,
                                                        Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong.

Nothing in this statement shall limit your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Update of personal information for MSIG clients:
If you have a policy with MSIG and would like to update your contact information, you can do it through your insurance advisor or
complete the form in “Contact Us” page in our website (www.msig.com.hk) quoting your policy number. Please be assured that all
information provided will be treated in strict accordance with the personal information collection statement.

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     致各客戶有關個人資料(私隱)條例( 條例”
附錄 : 致各客戶有關個人資料(私隱)條例(“條例”)通知書
                      三井住友保險         本公司」)請你仔細閱讀下列條款與條
                                我們   本公司





  • 向你提供與產品及設施相關之日常運作及行政用途;
  • 任何我們提供的其他一般保險服務及產品之銷售、市場營銷及推廣用途;
  • 產品變動、取消或更新用途;
  • 評估及處理透過產品索償及任何繼後法律訴訟之用途;或
  • 由本公司行使代位權利之用途。

  • 在三井住友保險集團或 MS&AD 保險集團內,在本港或海外與本公司有關之機構、子公司或附屬公司;
  • 任何其他在本港或海外經營有關保險或再保險業務之公司;
  • 任何現存或不時成立的協會或保險公司聯會;或
  • 任何提供行政服務、索償處理或其他與三井住友保險集團或 MS&AD 保險集團成員相關產品服務之代理、承辦商或



                                 香港太古城英皇道 1111 號
                                  太古城中心第一期 9 樓



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