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									                 TB treatment and methods of infection

Is a chronic disease caused by infection with TB germs of this disease may
affect different parts of the body which affects mainly the lungs. It kills 2
million people each year. The global epidemic is growing and becoming more
dangerous. Disruption of health services, the spread of AIDS and the
emergence of species of bacterium tuberculosis resistant to many drugs is a
factor contributing to the increase in the bad influence of this disease.

In 1993, the World Health Organization took the unprecedented step and
declared that the instance of the modern global epidemic of tuberculosis a
global emergency. And currently is estimated is estimated that between 2000
and 2020 will be a billion people infected tuberculosis infection to date, and
that 200 million people become sick, and 35 million will die from TB - if not to
support the efforts to control it.

It is estimated that every second person in the world infected with
tuberculosis a recent injury, or almost one percent of the world population are
infected with TB infection date each year. It is also estimated that one third of
the world's population are living germ of tuberculosis. And 5-10% of patients
with active TB become infected or carriers of the bacteria at some time during
their lives.

Modes of transmission:
TB disease is contagious. Such as the common cold, it spreads through the air.
Infection first affects people possess a non-immunity is sufficient.
Transmission occurs through patients with pulmonary TB only. When a
people with a cough, sneeze, talk or spit, they publish the germs, known as the
tuberculosis bacillus, in the air. In order to be infected a healthy person needs
to inhale a small number of these germs.

In a few cases are primary infections, severe and develop into tuberculosis
runaway can occur in places several of the body but most often cures the
patient of this injury and Abaka place deposits of limestone and keep germs
locked for a long time, and in the weakness of the person or suffered illness
caused him wasting still sediment limestone and active TB germs of a new
person, causing the so-called secondary tuberculosis, starting with severe
chronic cough and general weakness and weight loss, chest pain, and
sometimes there is blood with spit and phlegm.

If not treat a person with active TB, it is spreading the infection to 10 or 15
people a year. But not necessarily everyone infected with TB patients. The
body's immune system is the packaging or restrict the germ of tuberculosis is
mainly protected by a thick waxy coat, can be kept Khameneh for years. So
when a person with weakened immunity become the greatest opportunities
for the emergence of the disease.

The patient is diagnosed by radiography and symptoms of the disease and
distinctive as well as the presence of bacteria in the sputum and sputum when
examined by Kterriologgio.

Tuberculosis treatment:

When the discovery of active TB cases (the presence of bacteria in sputum)
who are starting therapy should be based on anti-TB drugs given in a certain
way and the specific doses. Duration of treatment lasts from 6 to 8 months.
More drugs used to treat TB are isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide,
streptomycin, ethambutol.

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