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Four ways to stop colds and flu by nody201195


									                      Four ways to stop colds and flu

Some tips to reduce the duration of colds and flu, which may alleviate the
symptoms associated with cold and flu:

1. Double vitamin D for three days: Vitamin D deficiency is widespread among
people who live in cold regions, when the temperature drops decreases
vitamin D in the body - and because the body produces after soaking up the
sun - and that makes people vulnerable to viruses. Where have shown that a
previous study that the reactivation of T cells - responsible for the defense of
the body - Includes vitamin d. When the flu, researchers are advised to eat
25,000 to 30,000 units during the 3 days. And then reduce the dose to 4000
units a day for a period of time.

2. Increase the level of vitamin C: more than vitamin C from the body's
immunity, it increases the ability to attack the infection by stimulating white
blood cells and increase the rate of arrival to the place of injury, a study
showed that taking vitamin C increases the effectiveness of white blood cells
in the elimination of pathogens.

3. Stimulate blood circulation: in order to stimulate the immune system, can
be made as follows: wear socks wet with cold water and then wear the other
dry above and then go to sleep, which leads to activating blood circulation and
can be done for three nights in a row.

4.Increase the level of probiotics: All people benefit from probiotics found in
milk in facilitating the process of digestion and increased immunity, where
previous studies have shown that probiotics reduce the incidence of
respiratory infections, antibiotics may cause the immune system is put out
while working on probiotics activated again.

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