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									                       Cough reasons and treatment

Cough is the most important symptoms that may turn the patient to the
doctor because of it - and its importance as it may be a simple symptoms
associated with a cold may be an indication of several diseases in the
respiratory tract or other organs, and therefore we would like to review some
important questions about the cough.

When should I review my doctor if a cough?

Cough is usually divided into two parts:

Section I: Is the cough a short-term (3 weeks or less) and this cough is usually
associated with cold, or inflammation that affects the mucous membranes in
the throat and vocal cords and usually disappear cough gradually with
therapy or without him and do not need to see a doctor. There are other
diseases such as cough widest of Pneumonia.

Section II: When is a cough continues for a period of two weeks or more or a
cough associated with sputum or blood, then you should consult a doctor
because it may be due to a serious disease such as Tuberculosis or lung
causes of cough long term:

Asthma and allergies: and this problem may appear only in the form of cough
without other symptoms such as wheezing, known or difficulty in breathing,
which occur due to asthma.

Of other reasons or what is known as the problem of the flow of nasal
secretions to hand back the pharynx, larynx, this problem results from
inflammation of the sinuses or chronic allergies in the nose.

Recovery of digestive juices from the stomach into the esophagus
(Gastroesophageal reflux). This problem may cause cough and in the presence
of a nervous connection between the esophagus and bronchi. This problem
affects people who have a relaxation of the valve located between the
esophagus and stomach.

Bronchitis associated with smoking and this problem be chronic smokers can
not be disposed of only to leave smoking.

What is the best medicine for cough?

Usually in the treatment of cough should not focus on giving the drug the
abode of the cough, but it also treat the causes of cough for example, cough
associated with common cold should be given an anti-congestion and points of
the nose and these medicines relieve cough associated with cold the cough
associated with asthma must tackle the problem of asthma. Cough and then
disappear for good.
You could take the popular drugs for the treatment of cough?

Of folk remedies to ease the customary cough is honey, warm milk, ginger and
preferably warm fluids and stay away from citrus fruits. And also drenched
licorice, chamomile and soaked, and boiled guava paper.

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