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					  Welcome to the Peer
  Coaching Summit - 2011
  The Silver Bullet

                Educational Technology Support Center
April 9, 2012   ESD 105
                Forrest J. Fisher
    Understandings for Today
   This is the ninth day of training this year for Peer Coaching
    1 - First Year
   This is the third day of training this year for Peer Coaching
    Continued (Experienced Coaches) – Years 2+
   Peer Coaching is an established program in the state (10
    years) and at ESD 105 (8 years)
   The Enhanced Peer Coaching grant is one of several
    funding sources available for Peer Coaching. Districts
    also use:
     Title IID funds
     professional development funds
    Administrivia for Today

 Please set your cell phone to silent,
  vibrate or “off”
 Restrooms are accessible from the

  hallway behind you around to the left
 Power Cables are available in boxes

  near the sign-in table
    Administrivia for Today
 It is not absolutely necessary to use a
  laptop this morning but you may want
  to sit near someone who has one.
 Please the computer network as little
  as possible during the presentations
    Peer Coaching Benefits at ESD 105
   While enrolled in Peer Coaching training, coaches may
    attend any regular ETSC training class at no cost
   Peer Coaches receive a SHARE website, curriculum
    development tools and interactive tools for students
   Peer Coaches participate in an online forum called the
    Peer Coaching Café
   Peer Coaches receive notice of grant opportunities,
    special training, etc. when available
    Today’s details
   Lunch will be served at noon
   Everyone should have:
     Handout
     “Clicker” (Turning Point Classroom Response System)
     Peer Coaching Summit 2011 USB Drive
     Nametag

  A Handout for notes is available at:
> Peer Coaching Summit 2011
    Who is this guy?
   Forrest Fisher has been in charge of the Educational Technology
    Support Center at ESD 105 for seventeen years
   He was formally a teacher at the elementary and secondary levels
    for ten years
   He was then an administrator at the secondary level for four years
   He also was an educational consultant for IBM
   He is also a professional musician
   He is currently on the Washington State Educational Technology
    Advisory Committee and helped to develop the Enhanced Peer
    Coaching Grant program
   Currently expert in Windows, Macintosh, Linux, ColdFusion,
    OSXServer, digital photography, video editing and Sibelius music
    publication software
With all the people at your table, discuss:
What strategy has the best potential for
improving student learning?
What is the biggest challenge you face for
improving student learning?
What results do you hope to achieve through
Peer Coaching in your school?

                              April 9, 2012

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