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									Be safe while travelling in St. Louis!
Travelers not familiar with taxicabs, no matter what city they are in, can sometimes end up in a cab that is
not legally licensed. Vehicles and the drivers of those vehicles that are not licensed by the local taxi
agency may be dangerous to ride in for a variety of reasons. So always make sure to choose a legally
licensed cab and driver!

In St. Louis City and St. Louis County, legal taxis are easy to spot. Just look for a few simple

   1) All legally licensed cabs in St. Louis City and County have bright yellow license plates that start
      with TX and then the cab number. Here is a photo of one:

   2) Then, in the rear window, driver’s side, there is a sticker with the matching cab number on it. The
      sticker color changes from year to year, but it looks like this:

If the cab is legally licensed in this area, but has been taken “out of service” by the Metropolitan Taxicab
Commission (MTC), there will be a big bright red sticker on either the front or rear window. This means
this cab is NOT safe to ride in at this time. It looks like this:

Also, just as in most cities, the driver’s photo ID should be on display inside the vehicle, so you know the
driver has been approved by the local agency.

County Cab and Yellow Cab care about your safety while traveling in
St. Louis! Call us at 314-993-TAXI (8294).

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