California food workers fight to save health care

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Oct. 30, 2003         Vol. 45, No. 42


                                                                                                                          La ONU         Lo que esconde
  workers and oppressed peoples                                                                                           la resolución sobre Irak   16
  of the world unite!

                                AS IRAQI RESISTANCE GROWS.

  Bush tries to sell
‘endless war’ to Asia
                                              By Fred Goldstein                                                   threat could easily be construed as broader in application, since
THE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS:                                                                                          Bush has described any number of countries as enemies—includ-
                                                 The “endless war” plans of the Bush administration after Sept.   ing Iran, Syria, Cuba, Libya and North Korea.
                                              11 were to crush Afghanistan, destroy the regime of Saddam
 Popular movements                            Hussein and quickly stabilize puppet colonial regimes in both       U.S. pressure on Korea
 shake BOLIVIA,                               countries. Bush wanted to use this momentum of military ter-           Bush went to South Korea to pressure the government there
                                              ror to move rapidly forward with a campaign of “regime change”      to send troops to Iraq and to get it to commit money for the Iraq
 LATIN AMERICA 13                             and “preemptive war” directed against all governments and lib-      occupation at the upcoming Madrid Donors Conference to take
                                              eration movements that refused the dictates of Washington.          place on Oct. 23-24. The South Korean president, Roh Moo-
                                                 The momentum of this campaign, however, has been drasti-         hyun, agreed in principle. However, fearful of mass opposition,
 What you're not seeing                       cally slowed by the determined resistance of the Iraqi people to    he made the timing and the number of troops conditional on
 in the big-business media                    the brutal colonial occupation of their country, with more and      “taking into account public opinion.”

                                              more U.S. soldiers being killed and wounded on a daily basis and       Bush also pressed the South Korean government to support
                                              hatred for the occupiers spreading throughout Iraq.                 his new initiative of getting the Democratic People’s Republic of
KOREA & CONGO                                    But as Bush’s poll numbers sink at home, under the impact of
                                              the growing U.S. casualty rate and the skyrocketing costs of the
                                                                                                                  Korea—North Korea—to agree to destroy its nuclear weapons
                                                                                                                  program in exchange for a multilateral security “guarantee” that
                                 12, 14
                                              occupation, the administration’s response is to go abroad to        the U.S. would not militarily attack Korea. This proposal is, on
                                              stoke up a war psychology at home and to rekindle support for       the surface, a partial retreat from the previous “no negotiation”
 Why it's so vital                            its campaign of aggression and world domination.                    hard line of the Rumsfeld-Cheney faction.
 to build struggle for                           Before Bush embarked on his trip to Asia, he set the political      But it can also be seen as a maneuver by Bush and his admin-
 SOCIALISM & to                               tone while appearing with Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger in       istration to make the U.S. look “reasonable,” when in actuality
 ABOLISH WAR                                  San Bernardino, Calif. Bush declared “America is following a new    they are maliciously proposing something that is highly unac-
 – Mark Dec. 6-7 on your                      strategy,” according to the Oct. 17 New York Times. “We are not
                                              waiting for further attacks. We are striking our enemies before
                                                                                                                  ceptable to the North Koreans and lays the basis for further U.S.
                                                                                                                  aggression. It’s a way of avoiding the completely justifiable North
    activist calendar!            10-11       they can strike us.”                                                Korean demand that the U.S. sign a non-aggression treaty, which
                                                 Thus Bush was reiterating his “preemptive war” doctrine, and     would have to be ratified by the U.S. Senate.
                                              specifically laying the basis for expanded intervention in Asia.       The fact is that North Korea was invaded by the U.S. military
 Hell no, they won't go!                      The Philippines and Indonesia were mentioned by name, but the                                                  Continued on page 8
and F R E E
STEPHEN FUNK                             6

 REPRESSION & WAR                        9

 Are economic
 ‘HAPPY DAYS here again’?
 LABOR and the
 what $87 BILLION
 could provide                          4-5

 Howard DEAN,
 Gen. CLARK:
 Are they really 'PEACE'
 candidates?                             7

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Page 2     Oct. 30, 2003

     Dollars for change

                    e can’t think of any time in recent history when the working class has been                                          Calif. food workers fight for health care. . . . . . . . . . . 3
                    more disgusted with both the big corporations and their political repre-                                             Wal-Mart charged with sex discrimination . . . . . . . . . 3
                    sentatives in Washington and the statehouses.                                                                        Labor and the anti-war movement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
          As we found out Oct. 4 when we distributed thousands of copies of Workers World                                                The $2-trillion rat hole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
       to the big immigrant-rights march in Queens, N.Y., these low-paid workers are eager                                               GI anger grows over role in Iraq. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
       to hear from the left. And they are very interested in the movements that are resisting                                           Free Stephen Funk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

       the Bush administration’s disastrous drive for world empire.                                                                      Are Dean and Clark really “peace” candidates? . . . . . 7
                                                                                                                                         Prisons and imperialist war. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
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       world. We get many letters and messages whose essence is, “Wow! We didn’t know                                                       International
       such a revolutionary newspaper existed in the United States!”                                                                     Bush tries to sell “endless war” to Asia . . . . . . . . . . . 1
          We think that many opportunities are opening up to infuse the struggles for jobs,                                              U.S., Israel step up war on Palestinians . . . . . . . . . . 12
       education, housing and justice with a socialist perspective, one that rejects every form                                          Building unity with the Palestinian struggle . . . . . . . 12
       of bigotry and oppression. We want to make Workers World bigger and better to meet                                                Bolivian people get ready for next round . . . . . . . . . 13
       these challenges.                                                                                                                 Popular movements shake Latin America . . . . . . . . . 13
          This issue that you’re reading now is a special 16-pager put out for the major demon-                                          Korean people resist Bush’s war drive . . . . . . . . . . . 14
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       tions and rallies and online. It would cost much more, but all the labor is free—donated
                                                                                                                                         Resolución de la ONU sobre Irak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
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California food workers
fight to save health care
By John Parker                                                                                   poverty. They took out a full-page ad in        worked 10 to 30 years making these stores
Los Angeles                                                                                      major newspapers including the Los              run smoothly and all they’ve worked for
                                                                                                 Angeles Times, falsely stating that they        could be lost.”
   You can hear the solidarity beeps from                                                        are just asking $5 a week for individuals          As if this is not enough, she said,
motorists passing by striking and locked-                                                        and $15 a week for families’ health-care        Ralphs is now planning to build two addi-
out workers at their local Ralphs, Vons or                                                       contribution. Regarding wages, the ad           tional stores in California and hire non-
Albertson’s store—honking in solidarity                                                          asserted, “a full-time food clerk in            union workers. The UFCW would have to
with the over 70,000 striking United                                                             Southern California can earn as much as         pay for the cost of organizing the shop
Food and Commercial Workers union                                                                $17.90 an hour. ... We’ve offered our cur-      once it was established as a non-union
members here in Southern California.                                                             rent employees a wage increase plus two         facility.
However, it’s noticeably quieter in the                                                          lump-sum bonuses.”                                 Because there is so much at stake,
store aisles.                                                                                       UFCW Local 770 quickly took these lies       Orozco says, the members remain deter-
   “By 10 a.m. there’s usually many regis-                                                       to task on its web site. The union              mined. “As a group we are willing to stay
ters open, but this morning only one was                                                         explained that regarding health care, the       until we get a fair health contract because
open,” locked-out UFCW picketer Karen                                                            companies also want to increase co-pay-         as union members we know that this is a
Donaldson told Workers World on Oct. 16.                                                         ments, institute deductibles and place          worthy cause to fight for,” she concluded.
She was talking about the usually busy                                                           caps on payments for prescriptions and             Another excuse used by the grocery
Ralphs, with a two-story parking garage                                                          surgeries. All this would amount to a 50-       chains is that they are forced to make these
on Western Avenue.                                                                               percent cut in medical benefits that would      cuts because of shrinking market share.
   Community solidarity has been                                         WW PHOTOS: BOB MORRIS   shift almost a billion dollars in health care   However, the statistics don’t support this.
strengthened by the Teamsters union. Its                                                         costs onto the workers over the term of the     In the first place, over the past five years
members refuse to drive trucks across the      even bigger. It took place in the Black com-      contract.                                       the big three’s profits have increased by 91
picket lines, and have threatened a soli-      munity on Oct. 20.                                   In addition, medical costs paid by           percent. In addition, in Southern
darity strike.                                    At least six unions were represented at        retirees would increase by hundreds of          California the Ralphs, Albertson’s and
   Teamster officials said Oct. 13 that the    these rallies. Joining Icaza were Los             dollars a month if the stores get their way.    Vons alone claim about 65 percent of the
union, which represents warehouse              Angeles County Labor Federation Pre-                 Regarding wages, many of the employ-         total market share; the closest competi-
workers and tractor-trailer drivers, was       sident Miguel Contreras along with rep-           ees earn less than $10 an hour. Seventy-        tors are Stater Brothers with 4.8 percent
preparing to expand its support of the         resentatives and rank-and-file members            five percent of supermarket employees           and Smart and Final with 3.4 percent of
grocery workers’ strike. “It’s going to hap-   from the Teamsters, Hotel and Restaurant          work part-time. These workers average           the market.
pen,” said Jim Santangelo, president of        Employees, Television and Radio Artists,          $312 a week.                                       Also, the supposed market shrink did-
the Teamsters Joint Council 42 in El           Service Employees and other unions. All              In addition, management intends to           n’t stop Safeway CEO Steven Burd from
Monte. “That really affects the compa-         carried placards representing their               slash wages for new employees. This             receiving his annual salary of $1 million
nies, big time.”                               unions.                                           would create a second tier of employees         with a bonus of $258,000. He usually gets
   The strike and lockout involve a work          At the first rally, while workers were ral-    who would be paid much less than their          a $1.1 million bonus but sacrificed and
force that is predominantly Black, Latina/o    lying and hearing talks, members of the           co-workers, providing an economic incen-        only took the lower amount. He made up
and Asian workers with a high proportion       Community Action Project to Support               tive to replace current employees.              for this, however, by taking over $9 mil-
of women. They began Oct. 11 with Safe-        Labor stood by the entrance of the Vons              Regarding workers close to retirement,       lion in stock sales since Sept. 8.
way’s, Vons and Pavilion employees, fol-       Pavilion discouraging shoppers from               Ely Orozco, a member of Local 770 pick-            By the way, Burd never checked out any
lowed by lockouts from the employers at        crossing the picket line. The group is a          eting at the Ralphs in Korea Town, told         bags in his career. He never held an hourly
Ralphs and Albertson’s.                        subcommittee of the Los Angeles chapter           Workers World, “There are people who’ve         wage job at a supermarket. His career
   The next day, a Sunday, UFCW picket         of the anti-war coalition                                                                                   prior to Safeway consisted of
lines surrounded nearly 900 Southern           ANSWER—Act Now to Stop                                                                                      buying and selling with the
California stores.                             War and End Racism.                                                                                         money made by others’ labor.
   “They’re talking about cutting our ben-        These activists promoted
efits in half,” said UFCW Local 770 Presi-     solidarity with the UFCW                                                                                   ‘Organize Wal-Mart!’
dent Rick Icaza. Fifteen thousand Local        workers with leaflets headlined                                                                              The Rev. Jesse Jackson was
770 grocery workers are on strike in Los       “Community Support Needed.”                                                                                cheered when he told UFCW
Angeles County. “This could mean the loss      Union members at the rally                                                                                 workers and supporters at the
of vision coverage, dental, even pension       received ANSWER volunteers                                                                                 Oct. 20 solidarity rally that this
benefits. That’s how Draconian this is.”       enthusiastically, and a few                                                                                assault was not just about
   The threats against health care inspired    union members grabbed leaf-                                                                                health care, but also about a
a mountain of support from other unions        lets to help distribute to                                                                                 Wall-Street-driven effort to
in addition to the Teamsters. Many hun-        passers-by and workers.                                                                                    bust the union. He led a thun-
dreds attended two union solidarity rallies                                                                                                               derous chant that could be
within one week.                               Crocodile tears                                                                                            heard for blocks, repeated in
   The first one was at Vons Pavilion near       The Greedy Three are trying
Hollywood on Oct. 16. The second, nine         to justify their vicious attacks
days after the strike was first called, was    on the workers by crying                                                                                               Continued on page 4

Biggest civil rights lawsuit in history

Wal-Mart charged with sex discrimination
By Sue Davis                                   motions because of their sex.                       It’s no secret that anti-union Wal-              But don’t think the bosses cut a better
                                                  Statistics show that women make up 65          Mart is ruthless in its pursuit of profit.      deal for women managers and profes-
   On Sept. 24 a U.S. District Court judge     percent of the current Wal-Mart sales             The number of lawsuits it has lost—for          sionals. On the contrary, the gap
heard arguments on turning a case              force, but only 33 percent of managers.           discriminating against African American         between men’s and women’s earnings
charging Wal-Mart with sex discrimina-         Only after the lawsuit was filed did the          men and people with disabilities, for           widens as the rungs of the corporate
tion into a class-action lawsuit. If the       company begin posting job openings so             example—is huge. In fact, the National          ladder get higher. Managerial and pro-
judge decides in favor, the case would         all workers could apply.                          Organization for Women has a Web                fessional men were paid on average
become the biggest civil-rights lawsuit in        Though she struggled for seven years           page detailing cases, and Web sites like        $1,058 per week in 2002 compared with
history—involving 1.6 million current or       for a promotion, plaintiff Christine     track the com-             $756 for women.
former female workers. Should Wal-             Kwapnoski didn’t get one until after the          pany’s many unfair labor practices.                The case against Wal-Mart holds
Mart lose, it would have to stop its sexist    lawsuit was filed. She can document that            No matter how bad Wal-Mart’s record           huge potential. A victory could be used
practices, pay millions of dollars in com-     she earned a nickel an hour more than             may be, paying women less than men for          by unions, women’s organizations and
pensatory wages back to 1998 and adjust        a male counterpart who had half her               comparable work is standard operating           social-justice groups to demand equal
wages going forward.                           experience. Lead plaintiff Betty Dukes,           procedure under capitalism. Depart-             pay for all women workers. What’s
   Six female Wal-Mart workers in differ-      who’s worked for Wal-Mart since 1994,             ment of Labor statistics for 2002 show          needed to win such a victory are mass
ent cities filed the lawsuit in 2001. They     says: “I saw a lot of men advancing;              that median weekly earnings for all             demonstrations before and during the
charge that the world’s biggest private        opportunities did not seem to be                  women were $530 compared with $609              trial. There’s nothing like the workers’
retail corporation paid them on average        there for me. It’s beyond my store                for men. Earnings specifically for              righteous anger to frighten the likes of
$1,400 less than male co-workers and           in Pittsburgh.” (Contra Costa Times,              African American and Latina women are           Wal-Mart’s billionaire owner Sam
that they were overlooked or denied pro-       Sept. 25)                                         even lower.                                     Robson Walton into paying up.
Page 4 Oct. 30, 2003

Natural allies in the making

Labor and the anti-war movement
By Milt Neidenberg                             dictable, except for excessive credit card         grant-bashing, racism and repression.          try to take back every economic and social
                                               use, as long-term unemployment and cur-            They demanded jobs and the right to orga-      gain the unions have won over years of
   “Happy days are here again”—so say          rent layoffs remain high. And poverty is           nize and join unions. Some traveled            strikes and struggles.
Wall Street and the Bush administration.       growing among all sectors of the work              throughout the country gathering support          As a strike becomes effective, the
In September, the Federal Reserve Board        force, particularly among people of color          for the rally in Queens, N.Y. These work-      employers call on the capitalist govern-
reported a jump in industrial output and       and teenagers.                                     ers know that the war against Iraq is not      ment to use all its powers to break the will
a spike in auto production, along with            “U.S. Overcapacity Stalls New Jobs and          in their interests.                            of the workers, who have the legal right to
increases in defense and space equipment       Surplus of Boom-Era Factories Has                     Strikes and work stoppages raise the        withhold their labor. From national
production.                                    Industry Loathe to Hire,” announced the            banner of unity. This unity can spill over     strikes that stop interstate commerce to
   The increases gave the military-indus-      front-page headline of an Oct. 19 New              to workers here and abroad. The                local stoppages, the employers and the
trial complex a tremendous boost in prof-      York Times article by Louis Uchitelle, a           strike/lockout involving 70,000 United         government will conspire to break it up by
its as the Pentagon continued to spend         prominent economic analyst. The well-              Food and Commercial Workers in south-          using any anti-labor law, injunctions,
money at a reckless pace on the Iraq War       documented article stated: “Not since the          ern and central California, including Los      arrests and scabs to starve the workers out
and other imperialist conquests.               severe recession of the early 1980s has            Angeles, against the three largest gro-        and frame up the leaders.
   The recent $87-billion “supplemental”       capacity use in manufacturing stayed so            cery chains with 859 stores, has spread
appropriation is intended to give a shot in    low for so long a time, government data            to 44 stores in West Virginia, Kentucky        Union yes, war no
the arm to industrial expansion. Approved      show. ... On average, manufacturers are            and southern Ohio. (New York Times,               Today, the U.S. union movement needs
overwhelmingly by both capitalist parties,     using less than 73 percent of capacity. ...        Oct. 14)                                       allies to change the relationship of class
it sends a strong message that George W.       This is true with a vengeance.”                       The work stoppage at Ford in Genk,          forces in the face of a formidable enemy.
Bush and his war-mongering class are in           Workers are being pushed to the limit,          Belgium, is a splendid example of the sol-     In a period of imperialist wars, the unions
the Iraq occupation to the bitter end.         increasing productivity and glutting               idarity that has been spreading in Europe.     are in battle against their parasitical
   This obscene amount, added to the           markets here and abroad. And the U.S.              Strikes, work stoppages and demonstra-         employers, who grab obscene salaries,
billions already spent, guarantees giant       faces shrinking world markets in the face          tions in Latin America, Asia and else-         bonuses, stock options, and lifetime guar-
corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel         of global resistance. Militarism, war and          where, are getting attention and support       antees of health care and pensions.
and others long-term profits that will         permanent unemployment are the ruling              from other sectors of the labor movement          In a war economy, every strike and work
divert funds so necessary to run social        class’s solution to these devastating              internationally.                               stoppage becomes a political struggle. The
programs here.                                 contradictions.                                                                                   anti-war movement and the labor move-
   U.S. troops will stay longer to protect                                                        Strikes are schools                            ment need each other.
those investments and nullify the right of     War in Iraq, war at home                           of class warfare                                  Will the AFL-CIO leaders, who have
the Iraqi people to run their economy.            In fact, the Wall Street/corporate opti-           Strikes and work stoppages arise out of     ignored the consequences of the Iraq War
Many more GIs will die for this shameful       mism is based on the brutal, relentless            the inherent nature of capitalism—a            on the workers and the oppressed—a war
war profiteering.                              assault by the Bush administration that            bosses’ system of exploitation of the work-    that is inextricably tied to the war at home
   Profits are rising among many Fortune       continues to dump the economic crisis on           ing class.                                     against labor—join in that struggle? This
500 corporations, particularly in defense      the backs of the organized and unorga-                The economy is so fragile that labor        remains to be seen.
and related military-oriented subsidiaries.    nized, the jobless and the poor.                   strikes in this period, at a time of U.S.         On Oct. 25, tens of thousands of anti-
The financial institutions that bankroll the      How can this ruling class “solution” be         imperialist expansion and preemptive           war protesters, and possibly even more,
military-industrial corporations will pros-    otherwise? This capitalist class is caught         war, can undermine the economy and             will converge on Washington, D.C., San
per, reflecting one of the reasons the stock   in the vise of the Iraq War that is going          divert the ruling class from its objectives.   Francisco and other cities to demand that
market is once again an attraction to          badly and an economy whose fundamen-                  A strike is an important part of this       the Iraq occupation end and the troops be
greedy investors with a boom mentality.        tals are out of control. Resistance among          development even though it may be a reac-      withdrawn.
   These investors are overlooking the         sections of the labor movement is grow-            tion to unacceptable demands made by              The critical issue: Will the anti-war
underlying conditions that led to the 1987     ing, particularly among the lower-paid,            the employers. The strike weapon edu-          movement—which has grown so strong
stock market crash and the 2000-2001           multinational, service-oriented work-              cates the rank-and-file workers—who            and is dedicated to the fight against
collapse. Capitalist overproduction, huge      force.                                             have nothing to sell but their ability to      racism, repression and U.S. military dom-
corporate debt and enormous government            At a time when the Bush administration          labor—to understand that their strength        ination of other peoples—turn its face to
borrowing have led to a $7-trillion debt.      is losing popularity among the laboring            lies in withholding that labor, because it     the strikes and struggles of the multina-
Pentagon spending will only add to these       masses, strikes, marches and rallies are           produces all the wealth.                       tional working class?
huge deficits.                                 occurring in the labor movement. They                 The strike breaks through the smoke-           Herein lies the challenge in the days
   Speculative risk investments called         appear to be isolated events but signify a         screen of lies and demagoguery—the             ahead to develop the revolutionary
derivatives, amounting to $140 TRIL-           growing class consciousness.                       bosses and the workers are one big happy       process that will end economic disasters
LION—more than 10 times the total value           On Oct. 4, over 100,000 immigrants,             family”—that the employers use as they         and capitalist wars.
of the Gross Domestic Product—loom             organized by a group of AFL-CIO leaders
over the entire economy.                       of service-oriented unions, took to the

                                                                                                                         California food
   Consumer spending remains unpre-            streets to express their resistance to immi-

SOLIDARITY: spelled G-E-N-K                                                                       Continued from page 3                          Mart. Two months later, growing numb-
                                                                                                  loud refrain: “Organize Wal-Mart.”             ness in one of her legs immobilized her,
                                                                                                     Wal-Mart has become the darling of          forcing her to report the incident. Her doc-
                                                                                                  Wall Street and the Bush administra-           tor prescribed surgery, and a second doc-
                                                                                                  tion. It reflects the aspirations of many      tor, selected by Wal-Mart, concurred.
                                                                                                  companies. This giant chain has brutally       However, Wal-Mart fought the claim for
                                                                                                  subjected its work force to poverty wages      months.
                                                                                                  without health care, pensions or other            Eight months later the company finally
                                                                                                  benefits.                                      allowed the surgery, in April 2001.
                                                                                                     While Wal-Mart has not yet invested         However, the delay in surgery had proba-
                                                                                                  in the Los Angeles area, the Greedy            bly caused more serious problems and by
                                                                                                  Three food chains hope to use the Wal-         January Funderburk was immobilized by
                                                                                                  Mart model to force the UFCW to accept         pain. She went on medical leave. After sev-
                                                                                                  drastic concessions.                           eral epidural pain blocks failed to work,
                                                                                                     This is the strategy of Wall Street and     two doctors advised more extensive
                                                                                                  the giant food chains. The banks that          surgery. Although Texas’ State Workers’
                                                                                                  invest in these companies need to              Compensation Commission and its
                                                                                                  assure their investors that the company        Independent Review Board sided with
                                                                                                  is determined to reduce labor costs            Funderburk three times, Wal-Mart has,
                                                                                                  as much as humanly possible, driving           through appeals, successfully delayed a
                                                                                                  conditions for workers down to virtual         court decision on the surgery and the case
                                                                                                  slavery.                                       is still pending.
                                                                                                     Since so much attention is being given         Last June, Wal-Mart terminated Mittie
                                                                                                  to the great Wal-Mart model it’s probably      Funderburk because she had been off
                                                                  PHOTO: SOLIDAIRE (WWW.PTB.BE)   appropriate to tell a warm and fuzzy Wal-      work for more than a year, even though
The work stoppage at Ford in Genk, Belgium, is a splendid example of the                          Mart story:                                    her doctor advised her not to go back to
solidarity that has been spreading in Europe. Strikes, work stoppages and                                                                        work without the surgery.
demonstrations in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere, are getting attention and                       Mittie Funderburk, 52, injured her back
                                                                                                  in 2000 while moving photo-lab mer-               The state of Texas finally agreed to pay
support from other sectors of the labor movement internationally. Above: 15,000
workers and supporters march to defend Ford jobs in Genk, Belgium, on Oct. 18.                    chandise in the San Angelo, Texas, Wal-        for her spinal-fusion surgery in July, cost-
                                                                                                                                              Oct. 30, 2003   Page 5

The $2-trillion rat hole

What is, versus what could be
By Deirdre Griswold                               plemental” $87 billion. Add the two             the population of the whole United States.
                                                  together and you get $455.2 billion for            What a great tax “refund” that would be       Actually, that $87 billion is
   What’s $87 billion? It’s become more a         FY2004.                                         for lower-income people. Imagine wiping          just the tip of the iceberg. …
symbol than a number. It’s a shortcut for            If you add up the Pentagon budgets for       out homelessness and substandard hous-
saying that the government ignores peo-           both years, plus the “supplementals,” the       ing in one fell swoop! And imagine how           If working people controlled
ple’s needs here in the United States while       total comes to $882 billion. Do the math        many millions of jobs that would create,         the destiny of this country,
spending huge sums on the conquest and            on that and you’ll see that, over these two     not only in construction but also in man-
occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.               years, the average family of four is            ufacturing all the items needed to furnish       wouldn't the welfare of the
   Will it be the last little straw that buck-    expected to pay about $12,160, or more          an attractive and comfortable home.              people be our priority—
les the camel’s back like a ton of bricks?        than $3,041 per individual, for war.               Right now all but a few states are in cri-
   You hear it mentioned when another                                                             sis because their revenues are down and          not endless war?'
piece of the infrastructure crumbles, or          What could be done                              they can’t print money like the federal gov-
state workers are laid off or further             with the money                                  ernment. Their budget cuts are affecting        But that would still be covered by the $87
inroads are made into vital services. When           The hard-working and increasingly            county and city governments, too. As a          billion in the newest “supplemental”
the news media ask people on the street           low-paid people of this country have many       result, the biggest cutbacks in years have      appropriation for war and occupation.
for their comments, they angrily bring up         other things they could do with that            just begun in schools, libraries, fire sta-        If the working class controlled the des-
the $87 billion.                                  money. Like getting your teeth fixed, or        tions, parks, medical programs, senior          tiny of this country, wouldn’t the welfare
   It’s a lot of money. It comes to $300 for      paying on your student loans so your bank       centers and scores of other vital services.     of the people be our priority—not an end-
every single person in the United States.         account isn’t seized by the IRS, or paying         About 1 million people are losing            less and expensive state of war that makes
Any worker told that the government was           down your credit card debt.                     Medicaid coverage this year, according to       the U.S. more hated, not more secure?
not going to spend that money and would              But instead, this government of, by and      the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.        U.S. soldiers are now dying every day in
give it back to them in a refund would con-       for the rich will be using it to build sub-     Higher education has been cut in 13             Iraq and Afghanistan, as resistance to for-
sider that a very special day.                    marines, fighter jets and missiles.             states. Elementary and secondary educa-         eign occupation grows. The $87 billion not
                                                     Last January, before the war started,        tion has been cut in nine. Subsidized           only pays for this repression of the people
$87B tip of iceberg                               Yale University economist William D.            childcare for low-income families has           but is also earmarked for building puppet
   But actually, that $87 billion is just the     Nordhaus predicted that a war with Iraq         been cut in 18 states and the District of       governments packed with former exiles
tip of the iceberg.                               could cost the economy a total of $1.6 tril-    Columbia. Desperate parents have to             like Ahmed Chalabi, a convicted financial
   It refers to a “supplemental” appropri-        lion over the next decade. (Washington          choose between either risking their chil-       felon who hadn’t been in Iraq for 40 years
ation passed by Congress on top of the            Post, Jan. 8)                                   dren’s safety or risking their jobs.            until he was installed as a leader by U.S.
already huge military budget for the com-            With growing resistance in Iraq to for-         With the cutbacks, the jobs of hundreds      troops.
ing year.                                         eign domination, and the reluctance of          of thousands, even millions, of teachers,          This money is also going to U.S. corpo-
   Here’s the breakdown on military               other countries to help pay for a war they      librarians, fire fighters, social workers,      rations close to the Bush administration,
spending for fiscal years 2003 and 2004:          never thought should have happened, this        meat inspectors and other public workers        like Halliburton. Its affiliate Kellogg
   For FY2003, which covered the period           estimate will undoubtedly turn out to be        are on the line.                                Brown & Root got contracts to rebuild the
of the massive assault on Iraq, Congress          conservative.                                      As the layoffs kick in, the weakened         infrastructure in Iraq—not to help the
approved a Pentagon budget of $364.4                                                              economy will take another severe hit in the     people there but so other U.S. corpora-
billion. But in April of this year, it gave the   New homes for a quarter                         one area—services—that was supposed to          tions can profitably take out the oil and
war makers another $62.4 billion in a             of the population                               compensate for the shrinking industrial         natural gas. Vice President Dick Cheney,
“supplemental” bill to cover the Iraq war.           Talk about trillions and most people’s       work force.                                     even as he sits in the White House, gets $1
   Now comes FY2004. It took all of 25            eyes glaze over. It’s hard to wrap your head                                                    million a year from Halliburton in “pen-
minutes on Sept. 17 for the conference            around such immense sums. So let’s break        Get rid of budget deficits                      sion” money from his days as CEO of the
committee that reconciles the House and           them down.                                        How big are the budget deficits that are      company.
Senate versions of the military spending             Take the figure of $2 trillion. That’s how   driving all this pain?                             So that’s it—the problem is the criminal
bill to approve an even larger appropria-         much the Congressional Budget Office, in          In FY2003, state budget deficits added        corporate ruling class, not how much
tion than last year: $368.2 billion.              a report released last January, estimated       up to about $76 billion, according to the       wealth there is. There’s plenty of wealth
   Then, adding insult to injury, the Bush        the federal government would spend over         National Conference of State Legislatures.      already to build a harmonious society in
administration said that wasn’t enough.           the next five years on “national defense.”      Just the “supplemental” federal spending        which no one goes hungry, homeless or
They needed more for the occupation and              Think about this for a minute: Two tril-     for the war in Iraq in the same year would      lacking in any basic human need. The
“rebuilding” of Iraq and Afghanistan. So          lion is enough money to build brand-new         almost cover that.                              problem is to get rid of this capitalist eco-
they got the generous guardians of the            $100,000 houses and apartments for 20             For FY2004, the state deficits are            nomic system, which is uncontrollably
public treasury to slip them another “sup-        million families—more than a quarter of         expected to jump to as high as $85 billion.     addicted to profit and war.

workers fight for health care
ing $30,000, and will try to get the money                                                                                                        public health at Columbia University. She
                                                    'In the context of
from Wal-Mart.                                                                                                                                    said that 44 million people in this country
                                                   this country's                                                                                 are uninsured. And—get this—eight out of
Money for health care, not warfare                                                                                                                10 of these uninsured people are workers
                                                   overall health-care
   Metropolitan Transit Authority bus dri-                                                                                                        or their dependents. She also noted that
vers and mechanics are also out on strike          situation … these                                                                              an additional 38 million have inadequate
in L.A. As with the UFCW workers and the           attacks by the big                                                                             health insurance.
44 million without it in this country,                                                                                                               Last year record numbers of workers
health care is a central issue.
                                                   three grocery giants                                                                           lost their health care. Today a job does not
   “We’re paid less than other transit             are part of the                                                                                guarantee health care. If the Wal-Mart
mechanics in major cities,” Reid Parker                                                                                                           model is adopted, what will that say about
                                                   ruthless assault on
told the Oct. 16 Los Angeles Times. Parker                                                                                                        tomorrow?
fixes bus air-conditioners. He was on the          all workers.'                                                                                     However, these attacks, especially
picket line outside MTA headquarters in                                                                                                           attempted cuts in health care and retire-
downtown Los Angeles. “But we were OK             they produce with their labor.                  facilitating community support for the          ment benefits, can also provide the basis
with it,” he continued, “because the med-            The Iraq war’s relevance to these union      strike through a food drive for workers on      for furthering and deepening broad, mas-
ical was good, until now.                         struggles is being shown by ANSWER.             the line.                                       sive support among all workers, union and
   “Maybe we can tap into some of that            This understanding that the assault on             When put in the context of this coun-        non-union. They could force a tidal wave
$87 billion from George Bush’s war bud-           workers and the economy is fueled by the        try’s overall health-care situation—espe-       of resistance so powerful that non-union
get,” Parker said. “You know, I think you         U.S. war drive has led ANSWER to join           cially for retired workers and the most         Wal-Marts would be swept away and only
could probably cover every single state           locked-out and striking UFCW grocery            oppressed workers, with wages barely            allowed to exist as union shops.
budget deficit in the country with what           employees on the picket lines, and to           above the poverty line, and under the              All this is possible. The raw material
we’re spending this year in Iraq.”                organize community-support networks             poverty line for Wal-Mart employees—            for such support already exists. The pro-
   The attacks on the UFCW can be com-            for the grocery store strike.                   these attacks by the big three grocery          gressive community, including every
pared to an imperialist war whereby all              The action at the labor solidarity rallies   chains are part of the ruthless assault on      union and every worker, should do their
rules of combat and international laws            was just one of many initiatives ANSWER         all workers.                                    utmost to assist the courageous UFCW
protecting basic human rights are                 plans. In addition to helping get union            A Public Broadcasting Service special        workers in their battle against Ralphs,
thrown aside to steal from workers—               leaflets translated into Korean and             aired two years ago interviewed Sherry          Albertson’s and Vons—because this fight
steal an even greater share of the value          Spanish, these activists are working on         Gilied, Ph.D., an associate professor of        is our fight.
Page 6 Oct. 30, 2003

Is resistance near?

GI anger grows over role in Iraq
By Dustin Langley                              morale as “low” or “very low.” Among               Team Headquarters told a reporter from         ing dissent within the military.
                                               reservists, the number rose to 48 percent.         ABC News, “I’ve got my own ‘Most                  The Support Network for an Armed
   As Washington’s bloody occupation              The French Press Agency reported Oct.           Wanted’ list,” referring to the “Most          Forces Union—SNAFU—is an organiza-
and war against the Iraqi people drags on,     21 that at least 28 of the 1,300 soldiers who      Wanted” deck of cards of Iraqi officials       tion of activists and veterans formed to
U.S. troops are becoming desperate to end      went on leave in the United States start-          the Pentagon produced. “The aces in my         work in counter-recruiting and support-
their enforced stay in that country. More      ing two weeks earlier have failed to report        deck are Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld,         ing resisters inside the military. It has
and more are looking for ways to get out       for flights back to Iraq. Military spokes-         George Bush and Paul Wolfowitz.”               been active in the defense of several
and stay out of Iraq.                          people tried to play down the importance              Other soldiers who have returned home       resisters, including Stephen Funk, the
   And more groups in the anti-war and         of this first crack in the chain of command.       are also beginning to speak out. Frank         Marine Corps Reservist who refused to
anti-occupation movement are reaching             For the Pentagon, this morale problem           Mendez is a U.S. Army Reservist stationed      deploy with his unit.
out to the GIs, just as they did during the    means that rank-and-file troops’ attitude          in Iraq. While on leave, he led a demon-          Judi Cheng, an organizer with SNAFU
1960-1975 U.S. war on Vietnam.                 begins to interfere with their willingness         stration against the war outside the New       ( and a GI counselor,
   The Oct. 5 New York Post reported that      and ability to effectively carry out orders        Jersey offices of Sens. Jon Corzine and        said: “SNAFU has launched a support
calls to the GI Rights Hotline, which coun-    to repress the Iraqi population. Forty-nine        Frank Lautenberg.                              campaign for Stephen Funk, a resister and
sels GIs regarding discharges and their        percent of those surveyed said that it was            “The military is aware of how low troop     Marine who has been sentenced to six
rights, had increased by 75 percent in the     unlikely or very unlikely that they would          morale is,” Teresa Panepinto, program          months for refusing to take part in the
last 12 weeks. Many of those callers asked     re-enlist when their term is up. This can          coordinator of GI Rights Hotline, told the     unjust war against the people of Iraq.
about the punishment associated with           create problems for the Bush Doctrine of           Post. “They’re concerned these people are         “Progressives everywhere should know
going “absent without leave”—AWOL.             endless war.                                       going to come home and not go back.”           that there is a movement of resistance
   Many of the calls came from soldiers on        At least 13 soldiers have committed sui-                                                       among the troops, who are members of the
leave from Iraq. “What would happen if I       cide in Iraq, according to Reuters.                Anti-war movement                              working class and have found themselves
just don’t go back” to Iraq, one caller           Falling morale also shows that GIs are          reaches out to troops                          in a quagmire. It’s becoming clearer to
asked. Another said, “I’m going to shoot       becoming more aware of their true inter-              The Pentagon has good reason to worry.      them that this war and occupation is not
myself in the foot.”                           ests. As the lies used to justify this war are     Resistance inside the military, with the       in their interests.”
   Even the military had to admit it faces     exposed, the possibility for anti-war resis-       support of members of the anti-war move-          Another group, Military Families Speak
a serious morale problem. The Oct. 16          tance inside the military grows.                   ment, played a big role in forcing the end     Out, has created a web site (www.bringth-
Stars and Stripes newspaper reported on                                                           of the war against the people of Vietnam. to “mobilize military
a survey of soldiers in Iraq, which revealed   Soldiers begin to speak out                           Several activist groups and publications    families, veterans, and GIs themselves to
that 34 percent overall rated their own          One sergeant at the 2nd Battle Combat            have stepped forward to support the grow-                        Continued on next page

Lesbian, gay, bi, trans Oct. 25 contingents to demand:

‘Free Stephen Funk!
Bring the troops home now!’
By LeiLani Dowell                              bian, gay, bisexual and trans coalitions           the Out Against the War Coalition; and         end war and racism, through the fight to
                                               are building contingents for both rallies          Queers for Peace and Justice, Bay Area         free Stephen.”
  As the anti-war movement gears up for        to support gay conscientious objector              have issued a joint statement calling for         As with all previous national marches,
national protests in San Francisco and         Stephen Funk.                                      “Freedom for Stephen Funk LGBT                 LGBT activists from across the country
Washington, D.C., on Oct. 25, three les-         Queers for Peace and Justice NY/NJ;              Contingents.”                                  are mobilizing to build contingents and
                                                                                                     The call includes demands to “Free          feeder marches and provide leadership
                                                                                                  Stephen Funk” as well as “End the Occu-        for the Oct. 25 protests.
                                                                                                  pation of Iraq—Bring the Troops Home              Stephen Funk, a 21-year-old gay
                                                                                                  Now,” and “Money for Jobs, AIDS &              Filipino U.S. Marine Reservist, refused to
                                                                                                  Housing, Not for War and Occupation.”          deploy when his unit was called to active
                                                                                                     The significance of a national call to      duty. He instead began speaking out
                                                                                                  link the struggles of the LGBT community       against the war.
                                                                                                  and anti-war movements cannot be over-            His mother, Gloria Placis, told Workers
                                                                                                  stated. The Bush administration’s attacks      World: “Steve was the first conscientious
                                                                                                  on working people, such as massive             objector to successfully use the media as
                                                                                                  unemployment and cuts in social ser-           an advocate for the anti-war movement.
                                                                                                  vices, while money is fueled into the war      His personal struggles opened up public
                                                                                                  effort in the Middle East, directly affect     awareness of the government’s manipu-
                                                                                                  both the LGBT communities and straight         lation of the press and its covert alliance
                                                                                                  people.                                        with the military.”
                                                                                                     Bush’s declaration of Oct. 12-18 as            On Sept. 6, a jury of four Marines found
                                                                                                  “Marriage Protection Week” is yet              Funk guilty of unauthorized absence and
                                                                                                  another attack on the LGBT communi-            sentenced him to six months in prison, a
                                                                                                  ties. The violence LGBT people increas-        pay cut of two-thirds during his incarcer-
                                                                                                  ingly face on the streets is barely reported   ation, a bad conduct discharge and demo-
                                                                                                  in the mainstream media. The Sept. 30          tion to the rank of private—the Marines’
                                                                                                  murder of Sindy Cuarda, a 24-year-old          lowest rank.
                                                                                                  transgender woman of color in San Pablo,          Of the 28 Marine conscientious objec-
                                                                                                  Calif., is just one of the most recent in a    tors to the Iraq war, Funk was the only
                                                                                                  wave of murders across the United States       one to face prosecution. He says he was
                                                                                                  against LGBT people, particularly trans        targeted for being gay and speaking out
                                                                                                  people of color.                               against the war. Funk’s case is currently
                                                                                                     LGBT activists and straight allies are      under appeal.
                                                                                                  refusing to allow themselves to be swayed         The call for the Oct. 25 contingents
                                                                                                  by the divide-and-conquer tactics of the       reads: “Stephen’s determination is an
                                                                                                  ruling class and the mainstream media.         example to thousands of potential war
                                                                                                  While LGBT activists have always been in       resisters in the U.S. military who see the
                                                                                                  the forefront of the anti-war movement,        occupation for what it is and experience
                                                                                                  the consolidation of LGBT forces nation-       the racism and homophobia of the armed
                                                                                                  wide is considered an advance in the           forces first hand.
                                                                                                  movement.                                         “It is for this reason that we call on
                                                                                                     Imani Henry, organizer for Queers for       LGBT activists to unite on Oct. 25 to call
                                                                                                  Peace and Justice NY/NJ, says, “Now            for an end to the occupation and freedom
                                                                                                  more than ever, the anti-war movement          for Stephen Eagle Funk. The military
                                                                                                  has the opportunity to make a powerful         anticipates that Stephen will be alienated
                                                                        WW PHOTO: BILL HACKWELL   link between the oppression faced by           from society because he is gay and Asian.
Anti-war protestors in San Francisco's Castro District show their support                         LGBT communities and the struggle to           We will not let this happen.”
for GI resister Stephen Funk on Sept. 4, the day his trial opened in New Orleans.
                                                                                                                                            Oct. 30, 2003   Page 7

Are Dean & Clark really ‘peace’ candidates?
By Sara Flounders                               politicians were silent last year before the   ernor of Vermont confirms that he would             In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gen.
                                                invasion of Iraq and hurriedly voted to        also continue the war on the domestic front.     Clark was in charge of the internment
   The polls confirm that support for           give Bush full authority to wage war. Now         Dean not only supported the Clinton           camps packed with Haitian refugees flee-
George W. Bush is at the lowest level of his    these same politicians are reading the         administration’s drastic overhaul—basi-          ing U.S.-supported dictator Jean-Claude
presidency. The growing resistance in           polls. A whole field is rewriting scripts.     cally, repeal—of the federal welfare pro-        “Baby Doc” Duvalier and later the brutal
Iraq is creating a crisis for the Bush          They are anxious to gather the army of         gram, but he pushed through state legis-         U.S.-installed regime that overthrew the
administration. The excuses for the war         grassroots volunteers that every political     lation for workfare programs. He cut ben-        elected Aristide government. Clark was
are being exposed as lies. There is grow-       campaign needs.                                efits and imposed strict time limits on sin-     chief of operations at the Navy internment
ing unease at the huge tax breaks and              The presidential election campaign,         gle mothers on welfare.                          camp at Guantánamo.
lucrative military contracts Bush has given     although still a year away, seems to have         As governor, Dean tried hard to cut ben-         This presidential hopeful has not spo-
to his cronies, along with the permanent        reached an all-time height of dema-            efits for elderly and disabled people. He        ken a word against the ongoing torture
loss of more than 3 million jobs. Anyone,       goguery and opportunism. The two lead-         increased funding for state colleges by          and brutal detainment there of hundreds
it seems, would be better than Bush.            ing Democratic contenders—Howard               only 7 percent while raising prison fund-        of “suspects” seized during the U.S. war
   But who are the candidates who have          Dean and Wesley Clark—have cynically           ing by 150 percent.                              against Afghanistan.
millions of dollars pumped into their cam-      posed as anti-war candidates.                     Howard Dean has no doubts about class            Last October, when Clark endorsed
paigns and have received endless media             Looking at the record of the current two    interests. He was born into the elite. His       Katrina Swett for Congress, he told the
attention as the ones who can beat Bush?        Democratic front runners demonstrates          father and grandfather were based in the         Union Leader newspaper that if she were
How different are they?                         that their role is to capture the growing      Wall Street investment firm Dean Witter.         elected, he would advise her to vote for the
   U.S. elections are a contest between two     dissatisfaction while offering very little     His family never had to worry about their        resolution to give Bush full authority to
big-business parties over control of the        substantive difference.                        pensions being cut.                              use military force against Iraq but only
capitalist government. Both of these par-                                                         Howard Dean never worried about               after vigorous debate. (Oct. 10, 2002)
ties serve the same class.                      Dean: Wall Street’s child                      deteriorating schools or tuition increases.         Three months later, Clark went on
   There are competing policies and con-           Howard Dean, the leading “peace” can-       He went to elite private schools like St.        record supporting the Bush administra-
flicting financial interests among these        didate, told journalist Fred Hiatt, “I don’t   George’s boarding school, where students         tion’s unilateral action of bypassing the
sharks. But they are all predators. Their       even consider myself a dove.” (Wash-           have a 69-foot yacht to play on.                 United Nations Security Council to invade
policies are in the best interests of the       ington Post, Aug. 25)                             Dean speaks with the arrogance of his         Iraq. “The president is going to have to
handful of super-rich owners of industry           Last January and February, when mil-        class when he says that welfare recipients       move ahead, despite the fact that the allies
and banking.                                    lions of people were in the streets in         “don’t have any self-esteem. If they did,        have reservations,” he said. (CNN, Jan. 21)
   Overwhelmingly, Democratic Party             protest, Dean said, “America may have to       they’d be working.” (Nation, May 26)                He added weeks later, “The credibility
                                                go to war” against Iraq. His only concern                                                       of the U.S. is on the line, and Saddam
                                                                                               Wesley Clark:
                                                was that there was not enough interna-                                                          Hussein has these weapons and so, you

GI anger
                                                                                               the Pentagon candidate
                                                tional support. (Washington Post, Feb. 17)                                                      know, we are going to go ahead and do this
                                                   Dean’s criticism at that time was that         Without the total compliance of a corporate   and the rest of the world’s got to get with
                                                Iraq was the “wrong war at the wrong           media that was willing to be embedded in the     us.” (CNN, Feb. 5)
Continued from facing page                      time.” He argued that North Korea was a        Pentagon war machine during the invasion            Clark was not even a registered
demand: an end to the occupation of Iraq        greater threat.                                of Iraq, Wesley Clark’s pose as a peace          Democrat until he decided to run for the
and other misguided military adventures;           Now Dean does not call for bringing the     candidate would be seen as a ridiculous          nomination. He voted for Richard Nixon
and an immediate return of all U.S.             troops home. He said he was actually for       masquerade.                                      and for Ronald Reagan, praised President
troops.”                                        sending more troops to Iraq, according to         Wesley Clark is a former top Pentagon         George W. Bush and raised money for
   Stan Goff is a Special Forces veteran        the March 29 New York Times.                   general. As NATO commander in 1999,              Arkansas Republicans.
who wrote “Hideous Dream,” a book                  “Now that we’re there, we’re stuck,”        Clark led the U.S. war against Yugoslavia.          Anyone who is angered about Vice
about the U.S. military in Haiti. Goff, an      Dean has said publicly. He said that who-      Under his command, U.S. forces carried           President Dick Cheney’s role in steering
organizer with the MFSO, said: “They            ever is elected to the Oval Office in 2004     out 80 days of bloody bombing raids              millions of federal dollars into corpora-
were told it would be like [World War II        will have to live with this. “We have no       against utterly defenseless civilian popu-       tions he represented should look at Clark’s
soldiers] going into Paris. It’s a lot more     choice,” he claimed.                           lations in major cities.                         role after he retired from his 34-year army
like Mogadishu [Somalia]. Bush and                 And he repeated the same vague and             Clark personally planned and autho-           career in 2000. Clark quickly became a
Rumsfeld care for soldiers like Tyson           baseless lies: “It’s a matter of national      rized the use of even prohibited anti-per-       director of four firms, joined the advisory
Foods cares for chickens.”                      security. If we leave and we don’t get a       sonnel weapons, including thousands of           board of two others and became the man-
   Goff’s son is a vehicle mechanic with the    democracy in Iraq, the result is very sig-     tiny, razor-sharp cluster bombs and              aging director of an investment firm. His
82nd Airborne, recently sent in to replace      nificant danger to the United States.”         radioactive depleted uranium rounds. In          role was to boost these companies’ mili-
the 3rd Infantry Division. MFSO will be         (Washington Post, Feb. 17)                     violation of the Nuremburg and Geneva            tary contracts.
marching as a contingent in the Oct. 25            Howard Dean was a fervent supporter         Conventions and international law, these
                                                of the massive 1991 bombing of Iraq,           bombs were dropped in crowded urban              Build an independent
march in Washington, D.C., to “end the
                                                which was also a criminal imperialist war      centers, in market places and even on hos-       movement!
occupation and bring the troops home
now!”                                           for control of oil. Dean supported the 2001    pitals and schools.                                 With capitalist elections, regardless of
   Fernando Suarez, also of MFSO, lost a        U.S. bombing that devastated Afghani-             Anyone who thinks Clark would be              which candidate and which party comes
son in Iraq. Suarez will speak at an Oct. 22    stan, one of the poorest countries in the      more humane than Bush should revisit a           out on top, none of the institutions of the
public meeting in Madrid to oppose the          world.                                         Washington Post report of Sept. 21, 1999.        state—the Pentagon, CIA, State Depart-
“Donors Conference” of countries Wash-             During his political life he has not        It describes how at one point during the         ment—is substantially changed.
ington is squeezing for funds for Iraq. He      opposed any Pentagon war, occupation,          bombing campaign Clark rose out of his              These institutions that make up part of
is also scheduled to participate in the Oct.    coup or invasion.                              seat, slapped the table and declared, “I’ve      the state machinery of oppression have
25 protest in Washington.                          A quick glance at Dean’s record as gov-     got to get maximum violence out of this          been shaped over many generations to
   The Central Committee for Conscien-                                                         campaign—now.”                                   serve the interests of one tiny class of
tious Objectors, which has been active                                                                                                          super-rich capitalists in a system that
since the Korean War, operates the GI                                                                                                           feeds on war and conquest.
Rights Hotline. The number of monthly                                                                                                              The top military brass don’t face elec-
calls to the hotline has risen from 2,000 to                                                                                                    tions. Neither do the CEOs, Wall Street
3,500 in the last three months.                                                                                                                 brokers or owners of industry and bank-
   “GI Special” is a regularly distributed e-                                                                                                   ing who chase profits from capitalist
mail bulletin compiled by Thomas Barton,                                                                                                        globalization.
a veteran of the Vietnam anti-war GI                                                                                                               Poor and working people need a move-
movement. “GI Special” focuses on issues                                                                                                        ment independent of the two parties of big
related to the occupation.                                                                                                                      business that represent the interests of bil-
   Traveling Soldier (www.traveling-sol-                                                                                                        lionaires who strive to control the world’s is a newsletter that discusses                                                                                                       resources and labor.
the occupation as well as other issues                                                                                                             Millions of people came into the
related to military personnel and veter-                                                                                                        streets last year in an effort to stop the
ans, including cuts in benefits, the dan-                                                                                                       U.S. war. Now, aroused by the brutality
gers of depleted uranium and news from                                                                                                          of occupation, the anti-war movement is
the front lines.                                                                                                                                mobilizing again.
   The growth of anger inside the military                                                                                                         If this young movement resists being
and of these organizations outside are                                                                                                          sucked into electoral campaigns that are
signs that GIs’ low morale about serving                                                                                                        not capable of making change or of chal-
as cannon fodder for U.S. militarism could                                                                                                      lenging the very system that is responsi-
soon turn into high morale—for the strug-                                                                                                       ble for war and racism, it will pose a real
gle for their own right to come home.                                                                                                           challenge and will be a tremendous force
                                                                                                                                                for change.
The writer is an organizer for SNAFU.
Page 8 Oct. 30, 2003



  As Iraqi resistance grows.                                                                                                                      tality, such as existed during the Vietnam
                                                                                                                                                  War, which is angering Iraqis and sowing
                                                                                                                                                  demoralization among many U.S. soldiers.

Bush tries to sell ‘endless war’
                                                                                                                                                     Under such conditions the U.S. occu-
                                                                                                                                                  pation will only meet more resistance,
                                                                                                                                                  have to stay longer and maintain if not
                                                                                                                                                  expand its forces. U.S. imperialism is
Continued from page 1                            Arroyo with a five-year military supply and      tunity to interfere in Thai military affairs.   being stretched ever thinner by this colo-
from 1950 to 1953. Five million Koreans          training plan. Under the guise of fighting       (Bangkok Post, Oct. 21)                         nial occupation. It is in desperate need of
were killed in that war. The U.S. has            terrorism, the U.S. has stationed 1,500             Bush was in Thailand to attend the Asian     troops and money.
refused to sign a peace treaty ending the        troops in the Philippines and is trying to       Pacific Economic Conference. He hijacked
                                                 overcome that country’s law that forbids         the economic conference’s agenda by             UN vote: U.S. bought victory
   Bush has branded North Korea as a             foreign troops from entering into combat.        demanding a resolution against terrorism           This is what was behind all the maneu-
member of his “axis of evil,” a status con-         Bush made his stock speech about the          and a resolution to pressure North Korea        vering at the United Nations Security
ferred also on Iraq and Iran. Iraq, of course,   “war against terrorism” before a joint ses-      to go along with Bush’s initiative to stop      Council. The struggle over the role of the
was then invaded by the Pentagon. Wash-          sion of the Philippine Congress, where his       that country’s nuclear program.                 UN is really the struggle of the French and
ington has 37,000 troops in South Korea.         speech writers had the audacity and/or                                                           German imperialists, allied with the
                                                 ignorance to allow him to reminisce over         Iraqi resistance deepens                        Russian capitalists, to break the iron grip
It has nuclear weapons, warships and mil-
                                                 how U.S. and Philippine troops “liberated        and widens                                      of the Pentagon and the U.S. Agency for
itary aircraft in the region, and has threat-
ened “surgical strikes” against the North.       the Philippines from colonial rule.”                But for all the resolutions and belliger-    International Development, which have
   Under such an extreme threat, the                He was referring to the Spanish-              ent speeches, Bush cannot escape the            been doling out all the contracts to U.S.
North’s demand for a non-aggression              American War of 1898, in which the U.S.          mounting setbacks to the occupation at          corporations such as Halliburton, Bechtel,
treaty in return for giving up a major           seized the Philippines from Spain. It then       the hands of the Iraqi resistance. Pictures     WorldCom and others.
deterrent against U.S. attack seems to be        killed up to 1 million Filipinos in the 12       of Iraqi youth on top of a burned-out U.S.         The Bush administration was forced by
very minimal.                                    years of war that were required to destroy       Army truck told the story of the Pentagon’s     the dire situation in Iraq to go to the UN,
   Bush moved on to the Philippines,             the national liberation movement there.          problems.                                       which it had previously scorned. It finally
where he sought to bolster the pro-U.S.          The U.S. carried out another counter-               “A roadside bomb—set against a mon-          got a unanimous resolution, authorizing a
regime of President Gloria Macapagal             insurgency war against the Hukbalahap            ument reading ‘Welcome to Falluja’—             multinational force, that presumably
                                                 liberation forces after World War II, while      exploded on a truck hauling Hellfire mis-       paves the way for other countries to send
                                                 granting formal independence to the              siles,” wrote the Oct. 20 New York Times,       troops and money. But the resolution, as
                                                 Philippines in 1946.                             “and then crowds incinerated the entire         written, was simply providing a UN cover
                                                    Bush then went to Thailand, where he          truck, using gasoline.” When U.S. troops        to the U.S. occupation, without yielding
                                                 declared the government there a key “non-        returned to get the wreckage, they were         any political or economic authority to any-
                                                 NATO” ally, a dubious status held only by        attacked again and forced to retreat.           one. Thus it raised eyebrows when the res-
                                                 the Philippines. He praised the regime for          On the same day, two U.S. soldiers were      olution was passed by a 15-0 vote.
                                                 sending engineers to Afghanistan and             killed in Kirkuk in the north. The follow-         But the Oct. 20 edition of the New York
                                                 Iraq and offered it military aid. This tips      ing day, one soldier was killed and six         Times carried a lead story shedding light
                                                 the Thai regime from its previous diplo-         wounded in Falluja. Times military corre-       on the vote:
                                                 matic and military position of formal neu-       spondent Michael Gordon obtained a doc-            “Under pressure from potential donors,
                                                 trality in the recent period and caused con-     ument prepared for Paul Bremer III, head        the Bush administration will allow a new
                                                 sternation in the country. For Thailand to       of the Occupation Authority, reviewing the      agency to determine how to spend billions
                                                 move closer to the U.S. militarily is a threat   military situation in the recent period. It     of dollars in Iraq, administration and aid
                                                 to Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia,             recorded recent events such as a missile        officials say. The new agency, to be inde-
                                                 and China, and could upset relations in the      attack on a C-130 transport, an attack on       pendent of the American occupation, will
                                                 region.                                          the motorcade of the governor of Diyala         be run by the World Bank and the United
                                                    While Thai Army chief Gen. Chaisit            Province, an attack on a convoy north of        Nations.”
                                                 Shinawatra defended the new status,              Mahmudiya, attacks in Tikrit, near Jalula,         The Times quoted a World Bank official
                                                 Suriyasai Katasila, who heads the anti-glob-     near al Fathah, near Safwan, in Basra in        as saying that the European countries
                                                 alization organization Campaign for Popu-        the south, and numerous other attacks.          “don’t want their funds to be perceived as
                                                 lar Democracy, said that the announcement        There are 11 “red zones” in and around          commingled with the funds controlled by
INDONESIA                                        was more likely to give Washington oppor-        Baghdad where no U.S. forces are sup-           the CPA [Coalition Provisional Authority].
                                                                                                  posed to go “unless on urgent business.”        They want their own say over how the
                                                                                                  (New York Times, Oct. 19)                       money is spent. ... [T]he new agency could
                                                                                                     The frequency, accuracy, coordination        open up” the contract process “and award
                                                                                                  and sophistication of the attacks are           contracts to global companies. Donors
                                                                                                  increasing and they are occurring over a        could also give directly to Iraq, specifying
                                                                                                  wider area. All indications are that the        that their own companies do the work.”
                                                                                                  hatred for the occupation is spreading and         The resolution passed in the Security
                                                                                                  the active resistance is growing. It is         Council had specifically designated the
                                                                                                  fueled by the increasing number of atroc-       U.S-controlled Development Fund for
                                                                                                  ities committed by U.S. forces.                 Iraq, set up by the Pentagon, as the only
                                                                                                     When a U.S. paratrooper was killed and       agency authorized to handle funds. But it
                                                                                                  six others were wounded in Falluja on Oct.      appears that the new agency, if it is actu-
                                                                                                  19, soldiers opened up with wild gunfire        ally formed, would “open up the process”
                                                                                                  and killed a Syrian truck driver taking a       to the other imperialists and allow them
                                                                                                  shipment to Lebanon. He was one of two          to get an economic foothold in Iraq. This
                                                                                                  civilians killed. Their bodies were taken to    must have been part of the price for the 15-
                                                                                                  the hospital. “One of them, Iraqi Nazem         0 vote and gave the U.S. a boost for the
                                                                                                  Baji, had a gunshot wound in the back of        upcoming Madrid Donors Conference.
                                                                                                  the head and his hands were tied in front          The anti-war movement should not
                                                                                                  of him with plastic bands similar to those      regard the entry of the UN and the World
                                                                                                  used by the U.S. military when they arrest      Bank into the reconstruction process as
                                                                                                  suspects.” (Associated Press, Oct. 20) The      any kind of victory for the struggle. If they
                                                                                                  victim’s brother told the AP that U.S. sol-     get in, it would open up the Iraqi people to
                                                                                                  diers “raided the house, shot him first in      a new group of corporate robbers while
                                                                                                  the leg, tied his hands and then shot him       relieving some of the pressure on U.S.
                                                                                                  in the head.”                                   imperialism.
                                                                                                     These are the unspoken rules of engage-         On the contrary, the movement should
                                                                                                  ment sanctioned and encouraged by the           make every effort to get all the imperial-
                                                                                                  brass. Soldiers are rarely charged in any       ists off the backs of the Iraqi people, get
                                                                                                  instance of killing civilians, let alone pun-   the troops out, use the war money for
                                                                                                  ished. This was an execution carried out        human needs, and allow the Iraqis to
                                        SOUTH KOREA
                                                                                                  in plain sight. It bespeaks a culture of bru-   determine their own destiny.
                                                                                                                                           Oct. 30, 2003   Page 9

Shackled woman prisoner after childbirth. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin                     The Cuban 5: Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández
                                                 and René González.

                                                29 prisoners and 10 hostages dead. What          super-exploitation lowers the wages of         the MOVE 9 and many more.
                                                this uprising showed was that economic           many workers and undermines the cam-              The repressive U.S. Patriot Act since
      fter a war waged by the U.S. military     and political repression gives birth to          paign to organize the unorganized. Unions      9/11 has sanctioned the illegal detentions
        against Vietnam which took the          social consciousness, solidarity and class       should make it a policy to organize pris-      and torture of thousands of unidentified
         lives of more than 3 million Viet-     struggle.                                        oners as they are doing with immigrants        South Asian, Middle Eastern and Muslim
namese people and more than 58,000 GIs,                                                          and other low-paid workers.                    immigrants within these borders and on a
the U.S. finally withdrew in 1975. It had U.S. terrorism at home                                    One of the main reasons such blatant        U.S. military base in Guantanamo, Cuba.
suffered its first official major military and abroad                                            exploitation and oppression exists inside         Palestinian detainees such as Professor
defeat by a united people’s struggle led by      Fast forward to what is happening now.          the prisons is institutionalized racism that   Sami Al-Arian, Amer Jubran and the Los
the Vietnamese, along with a mass U.S. The names may have changed but the                        permeates throughout the entire criminal       Angeles 8 are being threatened with prison
anti-war movement.                            struggle is the same. This time the U.S.           justice system. According to Mother            and/or deportation for defending Palestin-
   Four years earlier, another heroic strug- military has carried out another brutal war, in 2000 some 66 percent of          ian resistance against Israeli occupation.
gle of resistance had taken place inside the against Iraq and is bogged down in a racist         those incarcerated were people of color.          The movement for social change has
U.S. The battlefield was in upstate New occupation of that once sovereign country.               This is hugely disproportionate to their       important political allies locked away who
York at the notorious Attica prison. Like the Vietnamese, the Iraqi people are                   numbers in the population. There were          must never be forgotten in the heat of bat-
Hundreds of prisoners—African Ameri- putting up a heroic resistance. This occu-                  more Black men in prison in 2001 than in       tle. While fighting French colonialism, Ho
can, Latino, Native and white—organized pation is part and parcel of Bush’s so-                  college. (Justice Policy Institute)            Chi Minh wrote from his prison cell,
a united front and took over the prison for called war on terror.                                   People of color, especially youth, are      “People who come out of prison can build
four days in September 1971.                     The economic and political repression           demonized and criminalized in the media        up the country... Those who protest at
   These prisoners exposed to a largely inside the prisons has deepened over the                 to help drive an invisible wedge between       injustice are people of true merit...
uninformed U.S. population and to the past 30 years.                                             the multi-national and multi-cultural com-     When the prison doors are opened, the
world that U.S. dungeons were nothing            During the era of Attica, there were an         munities, who have common interests.           real dragon will fly
more than concentration camps for the estimated 300,000 prisoners in the U.S.                       This same divide-and-conquer tactic is      out.”
poor. The demands they made of the Today U.S. prisons and jails are now filled                   a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy as
prison officials and the ruling-class gover-   with over 2.1 million poor and working            leaders like Saddam Hussein, Robert
nor, Nelson Rockefeller, reflected                       people, more than any other             Mugabe and Fidel Castro are portrayed as
both the daily inhumane treat-                           industrialized country.                 “tyrants” and “dictators” by the main-
ment that exists for prisoners                               Women prisoners, many of            stream media and U.S. government to jus-
along with concerns for the                                them single mothers, con-             tify imperialist aggression.
worldwide problems caused                                  stitute the fastest-growing
by racism, capitalist greed                                 prison population. It has been       Repression & political prisoners
and imperialist war.                                         documented that at least               The U.S. government likes to ostracize
   Among the prisoners’                                      70 percent of imprisoned            other countries for having political pris-
demands was the right to                                     women and men were con-             oners—especially those countries that                                           Mumia
be unionized to win a                                         victed of non-violent, drug-       favor a different economic system such as                                    Abu-Jamal
decent wage with benefits                                                                                                                                    
                                                                  related “crimes.” Many         Cuba, North Korea and China.
like other workers. Anoth-                                       suffer from HIV/AIDS,              The truth is that there are
er demand was for willing                                        other disabilities and illit-   U.S. prisoners who have been
prisoners to be granted                                          eracy. Amnesty Interna-         victims of illegal frame-ups
political asylum in social- Leonard Peltier                      tional and other groups         because they have a history of
ist Cuba.           
                                                                 have accused the U.S.           being outspoken opponents
   The political conscious-                   prison system of violating many interna-           against racism, imperialism
ness of these prisoners was inspired by the tional laws, especially the racist, anti-poor        and colonialism. The more
writings of anti-imperialist Vietnamese application of the death penalty.                        well-known political prisoners
leader Ho Chi Minh as well as other revo-        The building of private prisons, includ-        include Mumia Abu-Jamal,
lutionary figures like Che Guevara, Karl ing juvenile detention centers, has been                Leonard Peltier, Jamil Abdullah
Marx and George Jackson.                      one of the most profitable markets for Wall        Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap
   This rebellion was drowned in blood as Street investors. Prison slave labor has               Brown), the Cuban 5, the
Rockefeller ordered the National Guard to enriched the coffers of U.S. corporations to           Angola 3, the Puerto Rican
open fire, resulting in a slaughter that left the tune of over $1 billion annually. This         independentistas, members of

                                                                                                                           Merle Africa, martyred MOVE 9
                                                                                                                           member              Ho Chi Minh

                                     Iraqi prisoners of war in 2003.
Dr. Sami Al-Arian www.

 Angola 3—from left, Herman Wallace,
 Robert Wilkerson (now freed), Albert
 Woodfox Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay today.                               Aftermath of Attica rebellion, 1971
Page 10 Oct. 30, 2003

Mobilize to end the occupation, but
Only socialism can
abolish imperialist war
By Fred Goldstein                              stop the liberation movements became           ing industrialists and military contractors.    destruction of capitalism—which is the
                                               intertwined with the imperialists’ own         Friedman may have left these latter out of      very foundation of imperialism and can-
   The Bush administration’s invasion and      inter-imperialist rivalry, and this became     his “Manifesto” but they turned up in           not, once having reached the monopoly
occupation of Iraq, bombing and whole-         another source of imperialist war and          London, along with McDonald’s.                  stage, be reversed or shifted onto a peace-
sale destruction visited on Afghanistan,       intervention.                                     ExxonMobil, Delta Airlines, American         ful path.
and its proclamation of an era of “endless                                                    Hospital Group, Bechtel, Motorola and
war” have confronted the current genera-       The Iraq War and imperialism                   several giant British monopolies, includ-       Imperialism created
tion with the same crises and struggles           Iraq is a classical example of how impe-    ing British Petroleum, were on hand. The        the world basis for socialism
faced by generations over the past hun-        rialism operates as a system.                  conference, according to the Guardian,             Lenin demonstrated a second impor-
dred years who have had to fight against          Washington’s goal is to roll back all the   “was set up in June last year. Its support-     tant conclusion: that imperialism was
imperialist war and intervention.              gains of the 1958 national revolution that     ers say it attracted the support of 145         creating an interdependent worldwide
   U.S. soldiers, mostly workers in uni-       kicked the British colonialists out of Iraq.   multinationals. The alliance has close con-     network of production, which in turn lays
form—for the rich don’t fight their own        Direct imperialist investment was at first     tacts with the Pentagon.”                       the basis for socialism.
wars—are being called upon to kill and be      put under Iraqi control and eventually for-       So there’s the nexus of imperialism in          By shipping factories, expanding trans-
killed to make Iraq safe for the transna-      bidden. The oil was nationalized and the       one room in London: the banks, the giant        portation and communication, and
tional corporations. The anti-war move-        resources of the country were taken out of     corporations and the Pentagon gathered          exporting capital investment, imperial-
ment must do everything in its power to        the hands of the transnational banks and       to divide up Iraq. One keynote speaker          ism has created a worldwide apparatus
mobilize mass opposition to the occupa-        corporations.                                  was Dr. John Shaw, an undersecretary of         involving the synchronized, harmonized
tion and to stay the Bush administration’s        During the era of the Soviet Union and      defense from the Pentagon who spoke on          production of hundreds of millions of
hand that is threatening Iran, Syria, North    the socialist camp, the USSR’s military        “Understanding the Contracting Process          people around the globe. This network
Korea, Cuba and any other country that         strength acted as a deterrent on any open      for the Reconstruction of Iraq.”                has actually socialized the operations of
refuses to bow down to its dictates.           military attempt by the West to recolonize        For all the talk by Paul Bremer, head of     day-to-day worldwide production. But
   But in the course of the struggle against   Iraq. Furthermore, Iraq was able to obtain     the U.S. occupation in Iraq, about not pri-     billionaires own this productive appara-
war and occupation, this question must be      Soviet anti-imperialist economic and mil-      vatizing the Iraqi oil industry, one of the     tus privately, reducing these workers to
addressed: how to put an end to the recur-     itary assistance.                              key addresses was by Mahdi Sajjad.              wage slaves.
ring and expanding cycle of imperialist           Once the USSR collapsed, however, the       Sajjad, a vice president of Gulfsands, a           So under private ownership, this world-
war, intervention and occupation. The          U.S. ruling class felt it had a free hand in   Houston-based oil company, spoke on             wide means of production has become an
answer to this most serious question           the Middle East and it began to target Iraq.   “Privatization of the Iraqi Oil Sector.”        instrument for expanded suffering of
depends entirely on understanding the          Furthermore, it made an alliance with its         The U.S.-Iraqi Business Council repre-       workers trapped in sweatshops or forced
war drive’s character and cause.               junior partner, former colonialists in Lon-    sents the elite U.S. and British finance cap-   into the giant transnational corporations’
   The Bush administration has pro-            don, to keep the other imperialists out.       italists, who together with the business-       global division of labor.
claimed the right of “pre-emptive war”                                                        people in uniform are driving the war.             The owners of this vast socialized appa-
based on a phony “war on terrorism” and        McDonald’s and more                            Bush had the support of the entire ruling       ratus of production have absolutely noth-
the supposed threat of “weapons of mass           Imperialism, of course, tries to hide its   class, including those who objected to his      ing at all to do with production itself. They
destruction.” Beneath the false slogans        motives for war from the masses. But           diplomacy, to carry out the war.                only live to profit off it. They are utterly
and fraudulent justifications for war lie      every once in a while, one of its spokes-         It was an imperialist war in the sense       unnecessary to it. Yet they operate it as
profound ruling-class interests—profit         people gets bold, loses inhibitions and        that Lenin described this in 1916: a war to     their own private property.
interests, which flow from a historically      blurts out something close to the truth.       re-divide the Middle East, based on the            They close factories when they are not
developed social system of global exploita-    Thus did Thomas Friedman of the New            USSR’s collapse and Washington’s rise to        making enough profit, throwing workers
tion and plunder that is over a century old.   York Times. Drunk with triumphalism            a position of enormous military superior-       out of jobs. They shut down operations,
   This system is called imperialism.          over the Pentagon’s unrivaled power and        ity over its rivals. For example, the           only to open them up again in other
   In 1916 V.I. Lenin, leader of the Russian   dazzled by U.S. technology, Friedman           Deutsche Bank, Siemens, the Societe             regions or countries to get cheaper labor.
Revolution, wrote a fundamental analysis       wrote an article headlined “A Manifesto        General, Alcatel and France Telecom were        They impoverish whole countries so that
entitled “Imperialism: the Highest Stage       for the Fast World” that ran in the Times      not invited to London.                          the workers and peasants have to migrate
of Capitalism.” In this work, Lenin made       Sunday Magazine on March 28, 1999.                                                             and be uprooted by the tens of millions.
special note of the Spanish-American War          Friedman wrote: “The hidden hand of         Imperialism rooted                                 A handful of directors at General
of 1898 in which the United States inau-       the market will never work without a hid-      in capitalism                                   Motors, Citibank, Alcoa and General
gurated its own era of imperialist war by      den fist—McDonald’s cannot flourish               But a most important conclusion of           Foods can sit in a boardroom and decide
defeating the Spanish empire and colo-         without McDonnell-Douglas, the designer        Lenin’s work was that imperialism is            the fate of millions of workers across the
nizing the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba      of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps    rooted in capitalism. In the final analysis,    globe. Human need and the environment
and Guam.                                      the world safe for Silicon Valley’s tech-      all the giant monopolies rest upon the          mean nothing to them. Only profit.
   Lenin wrote this book during World          nologies is called the U.S. Army, Air Force,   profits sweated from the working class day         The world is suffering under this grow-
War I, the first worldwide imperialist con-    Navy and Marine Corps.”                        in and day out.                                 ing contradiction between private owner-
flagration.                                       Friedman seemed to have forgotten all          The bosses fight each other by expand-       ship and this vast, socialized productive
   Lenin characterized imperialism as the      about McDonald’s when he became an             ing the number of workers under their           system. The working class creates all the
highest stage of capitalism—an irre-           avid supporter of the current Pentagon         control, bringing down wages to increase        wealth, while the owners use all the instru-
versible evolution from its competitive        war against Iraq. He should peruse an Oct.     the rate of profits. This means expanding       ments of labor to increase their wealth at
stage to its monopoly stage. In this           14 article in the London Guardian in           throughout the world in search of cheaper       the workers’ expense.
groundbreaking work he showed, by ana-         which its diplomatic editor, Ewen              labor, more resources and greater spheres          This contradiction can only be resolved
lyzing a mass of economic and political        MacAskill, described a London confer-          of influence.                                   by expropriating the factories, mines,
data, that imperialism is characterized by     ence that began on Oct. 13.                       Militarism is an essential ingredient of     offices, health facilities, banks, telephone
the merger of the giant banks and corpo-          In the piece, the first of “The ‘Doing      imperialism because war and intervention        companies and transportation systems—
rations into what was called finance-cap-      Business in Iraq’ Series” subheaded            are deeply rooted in the monopolies’ class      and putting them under the ownership of
ital, which dominated economic and polit-      “Kickstarting the private sector in Iraq,”     need to expand their profits. It is not         the working class to run on behalf of soci-
ical life.                                     MacAskill wrote: “About 100 private com-       merely the result of this or that political     ety as a whole for human need and not for
   The great powers of Europe, the United      panies, mainly from Britain and the U.S.,      grouping’s policy, which could be reversed      profit. That is socialism.
States and Japan had all reached this stage    gathered in London yesterday to discuss        by changing leaders.                               Only when capital is eliminated will the
by the end of the 19th century.                investment opportunities in post-Saddam           To put an end to war, imperialism itself     global struggle for profit and domination
   In the process they had intensified a       Iraq.                                          must be destroyed. That means the               be eliminated along with imperialist war.
furious struggle among themselves to              “The companies, mainly oil and bank-                                                        Socialism is the only way to do it.
divide the globe into colonies and spheres     ing, are being invited by the U.S. and
of influence.                                  British governments to move in as soon as
   The process of brutal colonization had      security is restored. The fast-food chain,
been going on for centuries, since the ear-    McDonald’s, which has a branch in most
liest stages of capitalism. Whenever there     parts of the world, was predicted by the
was a significant change in the relation-      conference organizers to open in Baghdad                                         The Bolsheviks and War
ship of forces among these imperialist         next year.”
                                                                                                                                Lessons for today’s anti-war movement
powers, a new struggle would open up to           In Friedman’s “Manifesto,” McDon-
re-divide the globe and war would result.      ald’s was a name that made a cute juxta-                                         By Sam Marcy
   After Lenin wrote the book, the era of      position next to McDonnell-Douglas. And                                          $4.95 plus $1 for shipping
                                                                                                                                Order from: World View Forum
socialist revolutions and national libera-     hamburgers do not sound nearly as                                                55 W. 17th St., 5th fl., NY, NY, 10011
tion struggles began in earnest. Imperi-       threatening as giant, blood-sucking oil
alism’s drive to roll back socialism and       monopolies or parasitic bankers, exploit-                              
                                                                                                                                             Oct. 30, 2003    Page 11

Revive the struggle for socialism
By Larry Holmes                                  the struggle for worldwide socialism.           anti-war and anti-imperialist movement,           virtually put itself on ice until after the
                                                    There is reason to believe that now is       the struggle of colonized countries and           elections. It’s a mistake that is far more
   The following is excerpted from a talk        such a time.                                    peoples—indeed the world class struggle           likely to be made by those in the move-
given by Holmes, a member of Workers                There is a relatively large political        between the mass of exploited and                 ment who have concluded that their only
World Party’s Secretariat, to a Sept. 20         movement that has been radicalized and          oppressed, and the infinitely smaller but         alternative is to choose between imperi-
meeting in New York City.                        mobilized by the war. There have been           all-too-powerful class of exploiters and          alist politicians, because they lack another
   What are our big problems as activists,       huge demonstrations like the ones last          oppressors.                                       direction—a world direction, a socialist
militants, socialists and all revolutionar-      spring. This movement needs a world-               What can we do to open up a new chap-          direction.
ies, both in the United States and around        wide revolutionary socialist perspective.       ter in the struggle to revive the world              Actually, both the UN Security Council
the world? Well, there is U.S. imperialism,      Armed with such a perspective, the move-        struggle for socialism?                           that rubberstamped the U.S. occupation
which is on the rampage, unchecked.              ment will be far better prepared to uphold         This is a central responsibility for revo-     of Iraq, and the U.S. Congress that rub-
There’s Bush. There is this deepening cap-       real internationalism in the struggle.          lutionary organizations and for the               berstamped Bush’s request for a fortune
italist crisis, which is intensifying               What this means is the ability to see the    broader movement in the United States.            to pay for bombs, bullets and more death
exploitation and oppression. There are           struggle against the war as not merely the      Because as the detachment of the move-            and destruction, have shown once again
unprecedented dangers for a world at the         desire for peace, or merely important           ment located at the center of U.S. imperi-        that they are no brake on the war. They
mercy of a new violent and destructive           because of the toll it has taken on the lives   alism, we have an extra obligation to be          are flunkies for it.
phase of imperialism.                            of U.S. soldiers or the enormous amount         strong, to be unflinching internationalists,         Is there another alternative we can rely
   But that’s just one side of the problem.      of money that has been wasted on it.            to do all that we can in the class struggle       on to stop endless wars and occupations?
   The other aspect of the problem is on            There is nothing wrong with those rea-       at home, the anti-war struggle at home—              We saw a glimpse of the working-class
our side of the class barrier. Those of us in    sons for opposing war and occupation.           but also to embrace and demonstrate con-          movement on a worldwide basis asserting
the socialist movement with an anti-             But the movement cannot sustain itself,         crete solidarity with our sisters and broth-      itself on the scene last spring. Remember
imperialist, revolutionary outlook—what-         comprehend events and remain indepen-           ers around the globe who are fighting the         those incredible massive marches to stop
ever the political differences among par-        dent unless it clearly sees itself as part of   imperialist empire.                               the war?
ties and organizations that have managed         a world movement to defeat imperialism             Actually this is not a duty; it is a privi-       New York Times writer Patrick Tyler
to hold onto a generally revolutionary per-      and to support the liberation struggle of       lege that we embrace fully.                       wrote a front-page article about these
spective and play a key role in organizing       all who find themselves under the thumb            How do we go about taking this task            demonstrations in which he compared
the surprisingly strong mass resistance to       of imperialism. It is ultimately impossi-       to the next level? Strengthening our              the literally tens of millions of people who
U.S imperialism’s endless war—such               ble to uphold such a position unless you        work in the anti-imperialist movement             took to the streets to a “second super-
organizations, and we count ourselves            see the struggle as a means to replace          is certainly a big part of this. And so is        power.” Tyler was earning his pay by
among them, are waging an uphill battle          imperialism with a fundamentally differ-        finding new and bold ways to engage               warning the powers that be that the
to attain real political influence within the    ent social order that acts in the interests     and help the process of radicalizing the          movement could become a force more
broad working class, the unions, and the         of humanity.                                    broader workers’ movement.                        powerful than the UN or any alliance of
mass movement.                                      If there is not a broad socialist move-         A big problem that the movement will           government leaders. And that force was
   The seriousness of the world crises has       ment with strong organizations that one         be grappling with for the next 12 months          the mass of the people worldwide rising
made us sharply aware that we must find          way or another is influencing the struggle      is the pressure to close itself down, sus-        up from below in a way that no one has
the way to strengthen our position among         in that direction, then it should come as       pend demonstrations, and focus solely on          seen in a long time, if ever.
the workers, especially those who are            no surprise that some opponents of the          defeating President Bush in the 2004 elec-           Such a force could tear down the
becoming radicalized and who are in              war conclude: “Why not have the United          tion. The broad problem with being drawn          old order and build a new order, a
motion. This is in order to wage a far more      Nations come in and take over Iraq? True,       into the “lesser of evils” desperation is that    socialist one. This is the direction we
effective and bolder class struggle to           the UN is dominated by imperialist pow-         the problem is not merely Bush or                 must move in.
answer the day-in, day-out class war             ers, but what’s the alternative? At least       Rumsfeld or any of the other scary “neo-             In December 2003, Workers World
waged against us by an unstable capital-         the U.S. role would be diminished.”             cons” running the war.                            Party will be hosting a conference with the
ist system ever more prone to resort to             The imperialists act in their own               It’s imperialism. And it’s the deepening       theme “How Can the Worldwide Struggle
economic and military war against the            interests. But if there is no alternative       crises that drive this malignant system           for Socialism Be Revived?”
people of the planet.                            world struggle for socialism that has           toward catastrophic acts no matter who’s             This conference will be a small but
   The reality is that our class worldwide,      growing influence in the mass move-             in the White House.                               timely step through which we hope to
but especially here at the center of U.S.        ment, why would someone not conclude               The more practical problem is the dan-         engage activists in a serious discussion, at
imperialism, needs strong leadership and         that the best course for the Liberian           ger that the movement will abandon its            a time when the mass struggle is showing
strong organizations. If this problem is         people is for the imperialists to come          struggle against the occupation of Iraq           signs of new life, about how those who
avoided or denied it will only leave the         there, save them, bring them food, sta-         and Afghanistan, or the huge funding that         share the dream of a new world can go on
working class more and more disori-              bilize the situation to reduce deaths and       Congress just approved for the war, and           the offensive.
ented, disorganized, immobilized and at          unnecessary casualties?
the mercy of bourgeois ideology.                    And of course the same holds true for
                                                 the electoral struggle. If there is no alter-
New anger rising                                 native socialist struggle, then why should
   Today in the United States, even after        one not be for the Democratic party pres-
what has seemed like an endless mood of          idential candidates as the only pragmatic
defensiveness and passivity on the part of       solution to Bush? Even the most militant
key sectors of the working class, a new          activists and revolutionaries with good
anger is rising from below. It is there, from    hearts, who love the struggle, are affected
the tens of thousands of striking grocery        by this.
workers to the legions of new immigrant
workers who have brought new militancy           From anti-capitalist to socialist
and a high level of class consciousness to          I often pick up “High Tech, Low Pay,”
the many industries in which they have           by Workers World Party founder Sam
become the predominant force.                    Marcy. He wrote that the new crisis in the
   And it’s scaring the hell out of a capi-      labor unions, which comes as a result of
talist establishment that for quite some         an entirely new phase of the capitalist
time has been convinced that it has the          economy—restructuring engineered by
workers under control.                           the intervention of technology—is push-
   The question must be asked: Can the           ing down wages and permanently elimi-
vanguard organizations help this new tide        nating jobs on a worldwide basis.
of struggle, influence it, help sustain it and      And he pointed out how this develop-
foster meaningful solidarity with it? The        ment has the potential of radicalizing the
answer is clear. Only if we strengthen our-      working-class movement. It brings to the
selves to the point where we can go on the       fore a new composition of labor.
offensive politically—or more to the point,         In order to fight back against these
advance the struggle for socialism.              changes in the economy, it is necessary to
   Many of us who are serious about              move from the limitations of trade union-
socialism have felt like we were on the          ism to a more bold, revolutionary, politi-
defensive. But the event of course that          cal approach—both tactically and pro-
accentuated this problem and pushed it to        grammatically. In other words, an
a higher level, made it an even deeper cri-      approach more consistent with an anti-
sis, was the collapse of the Soviet Union.       capitalist, pro-socialist perspective.
As we look back to 1991, we might say that          In so many ways, the critical question
this event signified the beginning of a new      of how to advance the worldwide social-
obstacle for the struggle for socialism. In      ist movement affects the tenor and tone
many ways, we have been waiting for the          of the struggle, of politics, in the labor
opportunity to open up a new chapter in          movement at every level. It affects the
Page 12 Oct. 30, 2003

U.S., Israel step up war
against Palestinians
By Richard Becker                               rushed to the rescue, a second missile was      and we continue to reiterate that view.”        ried out several days of attacks and house
                                                fired into the crowd.                              Ereli added that the Bush administra-        demolitions in Rafah, the southern Gaza
   With full backing from Washington,              The toll in the camp was seven killed        tion also “reminds the Palestinians of their    city and refugee camp that borders Egypt.
Israel has qualitatively escalated its war      and 75 wounded. Among the dead was a            commitments to crack down on terror.” As        At least 15 Palestinians were killed and
against the Palestinian people in recent        doctor who was treating victims when a          usual, “terror” is a word reserved only for     more than 1,200 left homeless.
days. Predictably, the corporate media          second missile struck.                          Palestinian actions.                               Israeli militarized bulldozers—supplied
here have focused on Israeli casualties in         According to the Guardian newspaper,            PA spokesperson Saeb Erekat called the       and specially armored for the job by
the conflict, and largely ignored the sig-      Israel’s Channel 10 TV said that all of those   attacks in Gaza “a bloody massacre.”            Caterpillar Corp.—destroyed more than
nificance of the United States-Israeli esca-    killed were civilians, and called the              The supposed pretext for bombing Gaza        100 Palestinian homes in Rafah. The aim,
lation.                                         refugee camp strike a “mistake.”                was a battle in the West Bank near              claimed Israeli authorities, was to destroy
   The Bush administration has stepped             The use of deadly high-tech weaponry         Ramallah in which three Israeli occupa-         tunnels used to bring in arms.
up both its support for Israel and its pres-    against civilian areas violates both U.S.       tion soldiers were killed and one                  And on Oct. 21, Israeli Prime Minister
sure on the Palestinian Authority to crack      and international law, though you would-        wounded. The Israeli and U.S. govern-           Ariel Sharon, whose efficiency at refugee
down on the Palestinian resistance. In          n’t know it based on the loud silence from      ments, as well as the corporate media,          camp massacres is unrivaled, announced
response to developments in both                Washington.                                     referred to the Palestinians involved,          in a speech to the Israeli parliament that
Palestine and Iraq, anti-U.S. sentiment            Under U.S. law, Israel is restricted to      reportedly the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade,         Israel remains committed to the
has risen sharply throughout the region.        using such U.S.-provided weaponry for           as “terrorists.” Images of weeping Israeli      “removal” of PA President Yasir Arafat.
   On Oct. 20, U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter-      “self-defense”—that is, in case of attack by    troops, mourning the deaths of their fel-          Sharon cynically labeled Arafat “the
bombers and attack helicopters struck           another state.                                  low soldiers, were everywhere in the            greatest obstacle to peace.” Arafat has
northern areas of densely populated Gaza,          The extremely mild U.S. response to the      media.                                          been under house arrest inside his largely
in and around Gaza City and the Nusseirat       Gaza air raids stood in stark contrast to its      The heavy bombing of Gaza civilians          destroyed presidential compound in
refugee camp.                                   standard ringing condemnation of any            was presented as retaliation for the Israeli    Ramallah for more than a year-and-a-half,
   At least 11 Palestinians were killed and     Palestinian act of resistance. “We urge the     military casualties. But if that were in fact   prevented from leaving by Israeli forces.
more than 130 wounded—among them                government of Israel to take all appropri-      the case, then the bombing would by def-        Thus far, Washington has blocked Sharon
many elementary-school children—in the          ate cautions to prevent the death and           inition be an act of collective punishment,     from expelling the PA president, fearing
day’s six air raids.                            injury of innocent civilians and damage to      also prohibited under international law.        that such a move might ignite a firestorm
   The great majority of the casualties         civilian and humanitarian infrastructure,”         The news stories left out the fact that      of protest in the Middle East and beyond.
were civilians—and not unintentionally.         said State Department deputy spokesper-         people living under military occupation            Sharon also announced that Israel is
According to an account in the Oct. 21 Los      son J. Adam Ereli. “We continue to make         have the universally acknowledged right         accelerating construction of its apartheid
Angeles Times, in the attack on Nusseirat       clear that while Israel has a right to          to resist by whatever means are at their        wall in the West Bank. The wall will fence
a missile was first fired into a car by an      defend itself, we remain concerned of the       disposal.                                       in the Palestinian population while fenc-
Israeli combat helicopter. After people         impact of its actions on innocent civilians,       The week before, Israeli forces had car-                       Conmtinued on page 14

Conference builds unity with Palestine
                                                the conveners resolved to unify the PSM,           • The PSM’s strength is in the great         ing educational campaigns on Palestine
  Following are excerpts from a report
                                                maintain the centrality of divestment as its    diversity of its membership. The PSM            in all areas, the conference resolved to
by Elias Rashmawi on the Third North
                                                anchor, and protect its founding principles     welcomes individuals of all ethnic and          support and call for the following:
America Conference of the Palestine
                                                that were set in Berkeley, Calif., in 2001.     religious backgrounds to join in solidar-          • Strengthen and support the estab-
Solidarity Movement, held at Rutgers
                                                   With more than 1,000 letters of support      ity with the struggle for justice in            lishment of a Divestment Resource
University in New Brunswick, N.J., on
                                                worldwide, and an endorsement list that         Palestine.                                      Center
Oct. 10-12. The conference resolved to
                                                intersects North America with the Arab             • As a solidarity movement, it is not           • Called for nationally coordinated
propose to the movement that the fourth
                                                World, this three-day event was historic in     our place to dictate the strategies or tac-     action in commemoration of Land Day
PSM conference be held in Northern
                                                the tasks placed on its shoulders.              tics adopted by the Palestinian people in       (March 30) and the Deir Yasin Massacre
                                                                                                their struggle for liberation.                  (April 9).
                                                Conference Decisions                                                                               • Called for nationally coordinated
   Defeating one of the most vicious
                                                   The conference resolved to affirm            Strategy                                        action in support of Palestine on May 15,
Zionist and right-wing-orchestrated
                                                unchanged the existing principles of unity         • The PSM seeks to promote the fol-          2004, in commemoration of the Nakba
assaults on Palestine solidarity in North
                                                set forth in the founding Conference in         lowing campaigns: Divestment from               in 1948.
America in recent history, the Third North
                                                Berkeley, Calif., 2001. These principles        Israel; ending U.S. aid to Israel; right of        • Support the Oct. 25 mobilization
America Conference of the Palestine
                                                are:                                            return                                          against war in Washington, D.C. and San
Solidarity Movement at Rutgers
                                                   • The PSM is committed to a core set            • Using tactics which may include:           Francisco, and organize a Palestine soli-
University concluded its proceedings and
                                                of principles.                                  Education; public demonstrations and            darity contingency
activities with a resounding success and a
                                                   • The PSM believes that the                  rallies; civil disobedience or direct action       • Call for national Palestine solidarity
determination to forge forward to build a
                                                Palestinian people must ultimately be              • The PSM does not endorse activities        protests at the Republican and
unified and principled movement.
                                                able to decide their future in Palestine.       that contradict the guiding principles as       Democratic National Conventions
   In what will be recorded as a defini-
                                                Certain key principles, grounded in, but        stated above.                                      * Support the mobilization in defense
tional event in the history of Palestine sol-
                                                not limited to, international law, human           • Individuals or groups acting as mem-       of Mumia Abu-Jamal
idarity in the U.S., this was the first-ever
conference of this size and significance to     rights, and basic standards of justice, will    bers, representatives, or sponsors of the
                                                                                                                                                Support for Civil Liberties:
announce its actual venue only 48 hours         be fundamental to a just resolution to the      PSM agree to abide by the code of con-
                                                plight of the Palestinians. These include:      duct and promote its guiding principles.           The conference issued the following res-
prior to convening to outmaneuver the
                                                the full decolonization of all Palestinian         • In the interest of building a more         olution:
enormous systematic pressure imposed
                                                land, including settlements, which are          unified and expanding solidarity move-             “The Third PSM Conference condemns
by the Zionist movement and right-wing
                                                illegal under international law; the end of     ment for justice and human rights in            the assault on civil liberties on all people,
forces that had caused the cancellation of
                                                the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip        Palestine, individuals or groups may            particularly Arab Americans and Muslims,
all previously secured venues.
                                                and West Bank, including East                   endorse and sign on to the above guiding        and demands the repealing of the USA
   Yet, despite all stacked odds, between
                                                Jerusalem and all Arab lands; the recog-        principles.                                     Patriot Act, and calls for support for all
Oct. 10 and Oct. 12 at least 300 commit-
                                                nition and implementation of the right of                                                       those who have been unjustly criminal-
ted national activists, including many
                                                return and repatriation for all Palestinian     Establishing a PSM                              ized, in particular the LA-8 and Dr. Sami
founders of the PSM and divestment
                                                refugees to their original homes and            Coordinating Committee                          Al-Arian.
movement that was initiated in 2001 in
                                                properties; and an end to the Israeli sys-        In order to facilitate open and voluntary        “The conference further rejects all
Berkeley, Calif., participated undeterred
                                                tem of Apartheid and discrimination             coordination within the constituent mem-        attempts to vilify Palestine solidarity work
in the proceedings and activities of the
                                                against the indigenous Palestinian popu-        bers of the PSM, and in an effort to include    and calls on all to join in the solidarity
Third PSM Conference. They came from
                                                lation.                                         within the movement both student and            movement for Palestine.”
as far as California and Florida to join
                                                   • Just as the PSM condemns the               community organizations, the Conference            For more information visit:
many others from the Midwest and the
                                                racism and discrimination inherent in           resolved to establish a National Coor-
East Coast determined to register a unified
                                                Zionism underlying the policies and laws        dinating Committee of the Palestine                Rashmawi is a member of the na-
stand in solidarity with Palestinian people.
                                                of the state of Israel, the PSM rejects any     Solidarity Movement. ...                        tional steering committees of the Free
   Reflecting the worldwide support
                                                form of hatred or discrimination against                                                        Palestine Alliance and the International
extended to the Third PSM Conference
                                                any group based on race, ethnicity, reli-       Action Plan:                                    ANSWER coalition.
through the enthusiastic endorsement of
229 organizations and 1,498 individuals,        gion, gender, or sexual orientation.              In addition to calling for implement-
                                                                                                                                           Oct. 30, 2003     Page 13

Overthrown president surfaces in Miami as
Bolivian people get ready for next round
By Alicia Jrapko                                resented the Bolivian oligarchy and U.S.                                                        of Bolivian Workers (COB), Felipe Quispe
                                                imperialist interests, and had close ties to                                                    Huanca from the United Confederation of
                                                Enron.                                                                                          Workers and Peasants of Bolivia
   After a mass upheaval in Bolivia, Latin         When the former president announced                                                          (CSUTCB) and Evo Morales, leader of the
America’s poorest country, the president        he would sell billions of dollars worth of                                                      Movement toward Socialism. In the last
has fled to the U.S. and the vice president     Bolivia’s natural gas to the United States                                                      election, Morales almost became presi-
has been sworn in as the new head of state.     and Mexico, thousands of outraged people                                                        dent. He enjoys great popularity among
   Ex-president Gonzalo Sánchez de              took to the streets. Miners, students and                                                       the small farmers who grow coca—which
Lozada found immediate safe haven in            Indigenous people marched miles on foot                                                         in leaf form is a mild, non-addictive stim-
Miami just days after he resigned, and has      to shut down the capital. More than 80                                                          ulant that has been grown in the Andes for
since flown to Washington. His replace-         people were killed by the U.S.-trained and                                                      hundreds of years—as well as other sectors
ment, Carlos Mesa, is another millionaire       -backed military before he finally                                                              of the population.
in a country where the average salary is $5     resigned.                                                                                           The COB and Morales have a similar
a week and 70 percent of the people live           The Bolivian people have a long history                                                      position: stop the massive offensive
below the official poverty line. However,       of defending their natural resources.                                                           against neoliberalism and multinational
Mesa claims to be politically independent       Between 1933 and 1935 Bolivia fought a                                                          corporations in order to give the new pres-
and distanced himself from the president        bloody war against Paraguay to defend its                                                       ident a little break to see if he is capable of
when La Paz, the capital, was surrounded        oil. In 1969, under the presidency of                                                           fulfilling the demands of the great major-
by tens of thousands of demonstrating           Alfredo Ovando Candia, the government                                                           ity of Bolivians.
workers and farmers.                            nationalized the Bolivian Gulf Oil Co., tak-                                                        Felipe Quispe, on the other hand, has
   Sánchez de Lozada has been a close ally      ing control of 90 percent of its hydrocar-       neoliberalism in the country.                  taken a tougher approach. He gave the
of the U.S. ruling class and implemented        bon reserves. But in 1972, under the dic-           What interventionist plans is the Bush      new president 90 days to answer the
the policies of privatization, “free trade”     tatorship of Hugo Banzer, a new hydro-           administration drawing up? The U.S. gov-       demands of Indigenous people—who
and austerity that have come to be known        carbon law opened the doors to the multi-        ernment has been relatively quiet, but on      make up 60 percent of the population—or
as neoliberalism.                               national corporations.                           Oct. 17 dispatched a military team to          he will call a general uprising aimed at tak-
   In Latin America today, there are no            This history of the Bolivian people has       Bolivia to “assess the situation.”             ing power.
illusions that neoliberalism is about           created strong feeling against the Free             Mesa has promised to call early elec-           The situation in Bolivia is very volatile.
modernization or improving the stan-            Trade Agreement of the Americas, which           tions and to look into the hydrocarbon         The Bolivian people have shown to the
dard of living of the majority of people.       the U.S. has been pushing.                       laws. But the leaders of the mass opposi-      world a great deal of determination. After
For the poor, it means selling off their nat-      So far Carlos Mesa does not seem to rep-      tion are skeptical that he will make any       a month of struggle, they defeated a pro-
ural resources to make a handful of             resent any threat to U.S. imperialist inter-     changes because he is also a fervent sup-      ject but not the system. They won a battle
rulers, foreign banks and transnational         ests. But the Bolivian people are in motion,     porter of a “free market” economy. Mesa        but not the war.
corporations richer.                            and things can change rapidly.                   enjoys the support of the traditional par-         The road to real and profound change
   Sánchez de Lozada was one of the rich-          The new president will have to work           ties, which see him as the only possibility    is full of obstacles, but the people of Bolivia
est people in Bolivia, with a fortune calcu-    with the masses, who are invigorated by          to preserve a failed and archaic system.       and of Latin America sooner or later will
lated at $220 million and investments in        their recent victory, but will also face pres-      The main leaders of the opposition are      own and control their resources. Until
South America, Asia and Africa. He rep-         sure from those who want to maintain             Jaime Solares from the powerful Central        then, the struggle will continue.

Popular movements shake Latin America
By Rebeca Toledo                                   As always, imperialism discounted the         tinue their sabotage of the Venezuelan         Gutierrez, a mid-level officer, as president
                                                level of suffering, and thus resistance, it      government, particularly in the economic       in 2002.
   As resistance grows against the U.S.         would create. Today, Argentina lies in ruin      sphere—which they still control. There is         Lula da Silva in Brazil was also brought
occupation of Iraq, so does the resistance      because of these measures. One of many           also speculation that the CIA has plans to     into office by working-class and peasant
in Latin America against continued impe-        countries rich in natural resources and          assassinate President Chávez. However,         organizations in 2002.
rialist domination. No matter what bour-        agriculture, Argentina now imports food          with every battle, the revolutionary              The noteworthy and significant elec-
geois pundits may claim, what is happen-        for its people. The Argentine people rose        process has grown stronger and the             tions that have occurred in many countries
ing in the Middle East, together with the       up two years ago to say “no” to any more         Bolivarian Circles, based in neighbor-         in Latin America recently are not just pas-
tumultuous developments of Latin Amer-          privatization or belt-tightening.                hoods throughout Venezuela, have played        sive acts in the voting polls. They clearly
ica and the Caribbean, bodes ill for U.S.          In Colombia, the resistance has grown         a key role in its success.                     represent a response to neo-liberal poli-
imperialism. Indeed, the adage—a specter        strong despite the neo-fascist government           In 1994, the Zapatistas captured the        cies. They are a great source of hope for the
is haunting imperialism—is quite true.          there. In the 1990s, general strikes and         imagination of the world movement with         people.
   In October, Bolivia erupted against a        armed struggle have increased and                their bold armed resistance to NAFTA, the         But it remains to be seen when the peo-
proposed natural gas theft led by British       become stronger. The U.S. is now attempt-        imperialist trade policy to further strangle   ple of Latin America will take things fur-
oil companies. The street protesters were       ing to kill the movement through repres-         Mexico. Since then, the Indigenous move-       ther and not only take office but take state
a coalition of Indigenous, labor, student       sion and military intervention. The presi-       ment in the region has been awakened.          power. In any case, the people have voted
and peasant organizations. When the             dent of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, is a will-          In Puerto Rico, the U.S. Navy was suc-      against continued imperialist plunder and
smoke cleared, the military and police had      ing U.S. puppet, carrying out Colombia’s         cessfully thrown out of Vieques in 2003 by     domination.
killed some 70 people. But the people had       version of Homeland Security.                    a four-year civil disobedience campaign           U.S. imperialism touted that, with the
also ousted President Gonzalo Sánchez de           But trade unionists, students and peas-       that reinvigorated and united the move-        collapse of the Soviet Union, history as we
Lozada, known as “el gringo,” and his sell-     ants continue to find new room to strug-         ment. The struggle continues in Puerto         knew it had ended and capitalism had
out plan.                                       gle. The guerrilla groups FARC-EP and            Rico for reparations and independence.         won. And then after 9/11, the U.S. believed
   Emboldened by the collapse of the            ELN have formed an alliance against the             Haiti saw the re-election of President      it had carte blanche to dominate the world.
Soviet Union, U.S. imperialism in the           military and the paramilitaries and con-         Aristide in 2000, after the ruling elite and      The collapse of the Soviet Union cer-
1990s had embarked on a belligerent             tinue to engage them in combat.                  the U.S. had overthrown him in 1986.           tainly was a big blow to the communist
strategy throughout the world. In Latin                                                             Socialist Cuba survived the “special        and progressive movement worldwide.
America the policy, known as neo-liberal-       ‘The whole world will rise up!’                  period,” a time of great economic hardship     And it continues to resonate. National lib-
ism, focused on economic strangulation,            In 1998 the people of Venezuela voted         brought on by the collapse of its trading      eration struggles and the remaining
as well as supporting and orchestrating         in President Hugo Chávez as an answer to         partners in the Soviet Union and Eastern       socialist countries continue to feel the loss.
counter-revolutionary activities that           neo-liberalism and corruption. Since then,       Europe. The mobilization and the victory          But as the heroic people of Iraq are prov-
aimed to turn back revolutionary strug-         the Chávez government has rewritten the          of the Cuban people to return Elián            ing, dialectical materialism is still the tool
gles. The Nicaraguan revolution was over-       constitution and begun implementing              González to his father showed the world        for analyzing the class struggle. Oppres-
thrown. The struggles in El Salvador and        economic and social changes that benefit         the strength of the revolution, as well as     sion and repression breed resistance.
Guatemala were dealt dangerous blows, as        the working class and peasantry.                 the weakness of the counter-revolution.           That is exactly what is happening in
were others.                                       In April 2002, Chávez was overthrown          Today’s U.S. threats against Cuba are          Latin America today in more countries
   In order to continue the centuries-long      by the ruling elite—backed by the U.S. But       again being challenged by the mobiliza-        than can be mentioned in one brief
policy of robbing the riches of the conti-      within 48 hours, the workers and peasants        tion of the people. And in Cuba and            overview. The mass movement through-
nent, privatization of nationalized indus-      in the streets and the progressive sectors       throughout the world, millions are fight-      out the region varies in tactics, orientation
tries became the main goal of imperialism.      of the military had undone the counter-          ing to free the Cuban Five, Cubans held        and success. But the common thread is
Argentina, Bolivia and others became            revolution, proving once again that the          unjustly in U.S. prisons.                      resistance.
models for International Monetary Fund          role of the workers is central and decisive         In Ecuador, in 2000, an Indigenous and         Latin Americans are also fierce inter-
and World Bank austerity measures. To do        in the revolutionary process. Chávez was         mid-level military alliance in the streets     nationalists and have stood strong against
its bidding, imperialism found willing ser-     re-installed and the base of the Bolivarian      overthrew the president and his neo-lib-       the U.S. war in Iraq. A popular chant there
vants throughout the region who sold their      Revolution flexed its muscle.                    eral policies. The organized Indigenous        sums it all up: “Iraq, hold on, the whole
countries out for cheap.                           Today the U.S. and the ruling elite con-      population was key in the election of Lucio    world will rise up!”
Page 14 Oct. 30, 2003

                                                                                                        As U.S. puts pressure on north

           Congo, Africa                                                                                   Korean people
                                                                                                        By Deirdre Griswold                               The People’s Action in Opposition to

           & imperialism                                                                                   Under heavy pressure from the Bush
                                                                                                        administration, the South Korean gov-
                                                                                                                                                       Troop Dispatch, the ad hoc coalition
                                                                                                                                                       encompassing hundreds of community
                                                                                                                                                       and social groups, said it will hold a mas-
                                                                                                        ernment on Oct. 18 decided to send sev-        sive rally on Oct. 25—the same day that
   The Democratic Republic of Congo,                 and lowest-cost cobalt project.”
                                                                                                        eral thousand additional troops to Iraq.       anti-war forces are demonstrating in the
formerly Zaire, is one of the richest                (Reuters, Oct. 2) The Kolwezi project
                                                                                                        It’s a decision that has offended not only     U.S. and other countries against the war
countries on the face of the earth in                involves an estimated 800,000 pounds
                                                                                                        the country’s vigorous anti-war move-          and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
terms of mineral wealth. It is home to               of cobalt and 3.7 million pounds of cop-
                                                                                                        ment but students, workers, professionals      Other demonstrations are planned
large reserves of tantalum, a very rare              per.
                                                                                                        and a coalition of over 350 civic groups,      around the country.
mineral that is essential in creating                   With the Congo government hard-
                                                                                                        which has been formed to plan massive             South Korea is being roiled by the bel-
coltan. Coltan is essential to the high-             pressed on all sides, the World Bank got
                                                                                                        demonstrations against the move.               licose statements and actions of the U.S.
tech needs of the electronics industry.              Gecamines to revise its mining code.
                                                                                                           According to a report in the daily          government on two fronts: first, by threats
Once processed into a powder to coat                 Tim Read, AMF’s chief executive, told
                                                                                                        Chosun Ilbo on Oct. 20, 1,500 riot police      directed at the northern half of Korea
capacitors, its ability to hold an electric          Reuters that “For the first time in 20
                                                                                                        have been deployed around the U.S.             itself, where the Democratic People’s
charge makes it indispensible in high-               years the Congo is investable. The min-
                                                                                                        Embassy in Seoul in anticipation of the        Republic of Korea (DPRK) is determined
tech equipment including cellular                    ing code brings a stable, transparent and
                                                                                                        protests.                                      to hold onto its independent social system
phones, computers, jet engines, missiles             robust legal and fiscal regime. It brings
                                                                                                           The Korea Times of the same day             in the face of stepped-up military and eco-
and weapons systems. A major portion                 great confidence.”
                                                                                                        reports that a huge student rally is           nomic threats from Washington; and, sec-
of the world’s tantalum is found in                     And why is the Congo now
                                                                                                        planned for Nov. 1. The student group          ond, by the Bush administration’s
Africa, of which 80 percent is located in            “investable”? Because the new mining
                                                                                                        Pomchonghakryon issued a statement             demands that South Korea, where 37,000
the DRC’s eastern region.                            code reduced the stake of Gecamines in
                                                                                                        that “The dispatch of combat troops to         U.S. troops still occupy the country more
   Despite all this abundance of wealth,             this $300-million project from 40 per-
                                                                                                        Iraq is an act which cannot be justified as    than half a century after the 1950-53 war
the DRC has one of the world’s poorest               cent to just 12.5 percent.
                                                                                                        it will intervene in an unjustified war and    against the north, support its hated war in
populations. While hundreds of millions                 Now wonder that the share price of
                                                                                                        increase the possibility of war on the         Iraq.
of impoverished people, many in Africa,              American Mineral Fields has doubled in
                                                                                                        Korean peninsula.” It is taking turns with        The population has become increas-
live on $1 a day, according to United                the last few months.
                                                                                                        other student organizations to stage daily     ingly indignant and resistant to
Nations statistics, the people of the DRC               The media, in writing about the dev-
                                                                                                        demonstrations in downtown Seoul, the          Washington’s pressures in recent years, to
live on 25 cents a day. Since a civil war            astation in the Congo, leave out the role
                                                                                                        capital.                                       the point where one of the most popular
broke out in the DRC in 1998, an esti-               that U.S. and European imperialist
mated 4 to 5 million Congolese have lost             intervention have played in wreaking
their lives. In 2001, the previous DRC               havoc upon its economic and political

                                                                                                        Building unity with
president, Laurent Kabila, who spoke                 development since the end of the 19th
out against the IMF and World Bank’s                 century, when the Belgians first brutally
stranglehold on his country’s economy,               colonized this country.

                                                                                                        Palestinian struggle
was assassinated.                                       This past August, the deputy com-
   Reports have recently appeared in the             mander of U.S. forces in Europe, Gen.
U.S. media expressing optimism that the              Charles Wald, went to the DRC accom-
war is over and peace is on the horizon,             panied by a U.S. military delegation of
                                                                                                                                                       and 97 percent believe the United States
after an agreement three months ago to               20 members to join French and Belgian              Continued from page 12
                                                                                                                                                       is biased in favor of Israel.
set up a transitional government in                  military forces there. The Pentagon,               ing out more than 50 percent of West Bank         Results of the new survey contrast
which the government of the                          along with NATO, is planning to estab-             land.                                          sharply with one from only five months
Democratic Republic of Congo must                    lish military facilities in areas in west-
                                                                                                                                                       ago. At that time nearly half of respon-
share power with rebel groups. But the               ern, eastern and northern Africa,                  Anti-U.S. sentiment deepens
                                                                                                                                                       dents expressed the belief that the United
Congo government in Kinshasa disputes                enabling the U.S. to rival its European            throughout Middle East
                                                                                                                                                       States supported a Palestinian state.
this, saying that foreign troops from                allies for hegemony from Congo to                     As both Israeli repression and Pales-          The UN’s Arab Human Development
Uganda and Rwanda, which backed the                  Liberia to Zimbabwe.                               tinian resistance continue, and as the         Report, issued on Oct. 20, reported deep-
rebels, are moving back into the area.                  The U.S. and other imperialists cloak           United States steps up its multi-pronged       ening radicalization and anti-U.S. senti-
   What the media are not writing about              their interventions in Africa as humani-           offensive in the region, the polarization of   ment throughout the region.
is how this terrible war has served the              tarian efforts, but the hard economic              the Middle East is rapidly intensifying.          In a recent front page editorial, As-
interests of the imperialist-owned cor-              facts show that for every penny of aid             Whether this polarization is prelude to a      Safir, the biggest daily newspaper in
porations that want to exploit the                   they give, they take out vast fortunes in          wider war remains to be seen.                  Lebanon, wrote: “One does not reveal a
Congo.                                               stolen resources and labor.                           Washington has made it clear that its       secret by saying many Palestinians, Arabs
   One of those corporations is                         The worldwide anti-war movement                 objective is to eliminate all independent      and Muslims kill an American every day
American Mineral Fields, a relatively                can assist the resistance of African peo-          states and popular movements in the area.      in their dreams. ... The United States is
small company originally based in Hope,              ples to the giant profiteering banks and           With the full support of most of the U.S.      responsible for massive catastrophes that
Ark.—the hometown of Bill Clinton. It                corporations by connecting the struggle            Congress, the Bush administration is           have befallen this region and its people.”
announced early in October that it was               for reparations for Africa to the struggle         threatening new sanctions against Syria           The editorial followed an unprece-
about to conclude an agreement with the              against war and occupation. This will              and Iran and giving a blank check to the       dented bomb attack on a U.S. diplomatic
Congo’s state minerals agency,                       help strengthen international solidarity           Sharon government in its war on the            convoy in Gaza on Oct. 16, in which three
Gecamines, for the development of                    with working and oppressed peoples                 Palestinians—while at the same time wag-       U.S. contract personnel were killed. The
“what could become the world’s biggest               here and abroad.                                   ing its own war against the Iraqi people.      three were employees of DynCorp, the
                                                                                                           So one-sided is the U.S. support that       infamous Virginia-based security firm
                                                                                                        when Israel deliberately undermined            that has supplied mercenaries for U.S.

Subscribe to                                                                                            Bush’s own “road map for peace,”
                                                                                                        Washington blamed the Palestinians.
                                                                                                        Likewise, when Israel bombed Syria, Bush
                                                                                                                                                       operations around the world.
                                                                                                                                                          In an Oct. 20 speech, Syrian Vice
                                                                                                                                                       President Zuhair Masharka condemned

Workers World                                                                                           blamed the Syrians, and the United States
                                                                                                        went on to veto a United Nations Security
                                                                                                        Council resolution condemning the bla-
                                                                                                                                                       what he called a “war of extermination
                                                                                                                                                       perpetrated by the war criminal Ariel
                                                                                                                                                       Sharon who wants to depopulate the
SPECIAL TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION                                                                              tant violation of international law.
                                                                                                           This year U.S. taxpayers will involun-
                                                                                                                                                       occupied territories.
                                                                                                                                                          “Massacres carried out several days ago
$2 FOR EIGHT WEEKS (NEW SUBSCRIPTION)                                                                   tarily donate around $5 billion to the         in Rafah” in the southern Gaza Strip and
                                                                                                        Israeli state.                                 the ensuing “enormous destruction” are a
                                                                                                           None of this escapes the attention of       “clear sign that Sharon the terrorist is an
$25 for one year
                                                                                                        public opinion in the Arab world.              enemy of peace and that his government
                                                                                                           “Negative perceptions of the United         is a government of war,” said Masharka.
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        States have always been there, but this is        “Without the help, support and protec-
                                                                                                        the worst we’ve ever seen it,” said Khalil     tion of the American administration,
Phone number ____________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center    Israel could never commit such terrorist
                                                                                                        for Policy and Survey Research, which          acts against Palestinians. The United
                                                                                                        conducted a poll of 1,387 Palestinian resi-    States provides Israel with political, mili-
                                                                                                        dents in the West Bank. The poll found         tary, economic and financial support,”
City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        that more than 95 percent of Palestinians      and “tries to justify [Israeli] crimes on the
Workers World Newspaper                                                                                 believe the United States does not really      pretext that the Zionist enemy is acting in
55 West 17 St. NY, NY 10011              (212) 627-2994                                                 support the creation of a Palestinian state,   self-defense,” Masharka said.
                                                                                                                                         Oct. 30, 2003   Page 15

and south

resist Bush's war drive
songs in the south describes the U.S. with      Joong Ang of Oct. 16 reported that “Four
a four-letter word.                             out of every 10 university graduates are
   The crushing of two Korean schoolgirls       jobless, according to a recent survey done
by a U.S. tank in June 2002 produced a          by Scout, a job agency.” Korean families
firestorm of fierce emotion against the         sacrifice a great deal to put their children
military occupation. This forced President      through college. This is a deep blow to peo-
George W. Bush to eventually apologize to       ple of all generations.
the Korean people for the deaths—some-             Gone is the illusion that the U.S. mili-
thing he was loath to do.                       tary presence and the links between U.S.
   These political crises come at a time        and Korean capital would sustain healthy
when young South Koreans are facing a           economic growth in the south. Koreans
grim future. According to an article in         are looking more and more to how they
Chosun Ilbo on Oct. 20—the same day it          can break down the barriers—erected by
reported on the angry reaction to the troop     the United States—that separate north
deployment—”job hunters are facing one          and south. Reunification of the Korean
of the most brutal job markets ever.”           nation is the fervent desire of the Korean
   The newspaper described the situation        people.
at both large and small firms.                     The hardline grouping in the U.S. rul-
   “For the 11 job openings at Yuhan-           ing class that refuses to leave Korea has
Kimberly, 4,234 persons applied, leaving        maneuvered for decades to prevent this
a ratio of job seekers to jobs at 385 to one.   from happening. Now they are focused on
The ratio was 233 to one at Aekyung             the DPRK’s nuclear defense capabilities.
Industries, which recently hired 15 new            In 1994 the Clinton administration and
workers, and 223 to one at Namyang              the DPRK negotiated an Agreed
Dairy Products. ...                             Framework under which North Korea
   “The competition ratio was no better at      would abandon its nuclear energy pro-
major firms. When Hyundai Motor and             gram if the U.S. provided energy assis-
Kia Motors announced that they would            tance and helped it to build a different type
hire about 800 new employees, about             of nuclear reactor that would have no mil-
32,000 persons applied, for the ratio of 40     itary applications. That agreement was
to one, while the ratio at the SK group         sabotaged by the U.S. government. It
reached 70 to one, as 35,000 applied for        never fully supplied the oil North Korea
about 500 job openings at the group. It         needed and the new reactors were never
could have been worse. GM Daewoo had            built.                                          Demonstration in Seoul, South Korea, opposes sending troops to Iraq, Oct. 11.
20 job openings; 2,000 applied.”                   The DPRK gave notice a year ago that it
   This refutes the perception many hold        was forced to resume work on its original
in the United States that manufacturing         nuclear program. As the belligerent tone        insult to and a blatant interference in the       “It would be the biggest mistake for the
jobs, while scarce here, are abundant in        of the Bush administration became more          internal affairs of an independent sover-      U.S. to calculate that the DPRK would sit
lower-wage countries. In fact, it was           extreme, it also reiterated its right to        eign state but a unilateral hostile act of     idle and disarm itself, taken in by
recently confirmed that there is a world-       defend itself against attack.                   grossly violating and completely nullifying    Washington’s trick.
wide crisis of capitalist overproduction,          On Oct. 20, the Korean Central News          the AF [Agreed Framework] which called            “When an appropriate time comes, the
stimulated by the tremendous expansion          Agency reported an important statement          on the two sides to respect each other’s       DPRK’s increased nuclear deterrent force
of capital goods in the boom years of the       from the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK,          sovereignty, build mutual confidence and       will be proved in practice.
1990s and the scientific-technological rev-     which said in part:                             improve the bilateral relations. ...              “The U.S. can never evade its responsi-
olution that has raised productivity so            “The U.S. designation of the DPRK as            “Now it is as clear as noonday that the     bility for having unilaterally scrapped the
quickly.                                        part of an ‘axis of evil’ and a target of its   U.S. is set to seize the DPRK by force,        DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and
   The economic crisis is not confined to       preemptive nuclear attack and its open          through high-handed actions and by mil-        blocked the denuclearization of the
factory jobs. The South Korean daily            call for ‘regime change’ are not only an        itary means.                                   Korean peninsula.”

Una cortina fraudulenta para la ocupación
Contiua de Pagina 16                               El bombardero suicida que atacó ayer         Saddam. En Falujah y Mosul, predomi-           de jazz a todo volumen por altoparlantes,
ados globales, a la utilización de la diplo-    al Hotel de Bagdad usado con frecuencia         naron las fuerzas musulmanas. En cada          han desarraigado una vieja arboleda de
macia para obtener su participación en la       por personal de los EE.UU. fue el cuarto        área existían diferencias ideológicas entre    palmas datileras y árboles de naranja y
misión en Irak. ... Si Washington no cam-       miembro de la resistencia iraquí en             los luchadores. Pero a pesar de eso, la        limón en la parte central de Irak como
bia, el papel de los EE.UU. puede volverse      matarse por la causa. El atentado se pro-       lucha los está uniendo.                        parte de una política nueva de castigo
aún más sangriento, costoso y solitario.”       dujo solamente tres días después del aten-         “En los pequeños callejones de Mosul,       colectivo contra pequeños agricultores
   Es cierto que el Pentágono está deses-       tado suicida contra una estación policial       poco después de la captura de la ciudad,       que no ofrezcan información sobre guer-
perado por ubicar tropas de otros países        que dejó un saldo de por lo menos ocho          me encontré frente a frente con un grupo       rilleros que atacan a las tropas de los
para que los soldados de los EE.UU. no          personas muertas. Por lo que he oído en         de hombres armados, gritando y dis-            EE.UU.”
tengan que enfrentar solos la mayoría del       las reuniones que he tenido con                 parando sus armas en varias direcciones.          Un kilómetro de área cultivada fue
fuego de la resistencia iraquí. Con la intro-   luchadores de la resistencia en distintas       Les pregunté quienes eran: algunos se          destruída y 50 familias perdieron su sub-
ducción de las tropas de Turquía, el tri-       partes de Irak, no cabe duda que se van a       presentaron como ex miembros del               sistencia en Dhuluaya. Cuando Sheikh
unvirato colonial estaría completo: el          producir muchos más ataques semejantes          Partido Baath, otros dijeron que perte-        Hussein Ali Saleh al-Jabouri fue en una
poder que mantuvo un imperio tiránico           en el futuro.”                                  necían a organizaciones islámicas ... todos    delegación a una base militar esta-
por 400 años en la tierra que es actual-           Chehab se reunió con combatientes en         aceptaban el mando del mismo comité en         dounidense cercana, los oficiales descri-
mente Irak, se une a Bretaña, el poder          Ramadi, Mosul, Tikrit, Falujah, Samarra,        la ciudad que estaba encabezado por un         bieron lo que había pasado como “un cas-
colonial del Siglo XX, y el superpoder de       Bagdad y en otros lugares. Él se refirió a      grupo de líderes religiosos. Más tarde des-    tigo a la gente local porque “Ustedes saben
los EE.UU., el cual actualmente intenta         las matanzas en puntos de inspección,           cubrí que existían relaciones similares en     quien pertenece a la resistencia y no nos
colonizar a Irak en el siglo XXI.               arrestos masivos arbitrarios, disparos          Falujah y Samarra”.                            dicen”.
                                                desatinados, registros íntimos de mujeres,         Mientras crece la resistencia, EE.UU. se       Lo que los israelíes han hecho como
EE.UU. comienza castigos
                                                registros invasivos de hogares, castigos        vuelve más frustrado y más brutal—a            forma de castigo colectivo contra los
colectivos al estilo de Israel
                                                colectivos, la creencia generalizada de que     pesar de los comentarios de Bush de que        palestinos, está ocurriendo ahora en Irak,
   Esta es una fórmula que garantiza la         EE.UU. vino por el petróleo, y el saber ser     “la cosa va bien”.                             dijo Sheik Hussein.
resistencia. Por ejemplo, el coche-bomba        ocupados militarmente, como algunas de             Patrick Cockburn, escribiendo en el            Preguntado sobre el valor de su
de la embajada de Turquía. Zaki Chehab,         las causas provocando la resistencia.           periódico el London Independent del 12         arboleda perdida, uno de los campesinos,
un redactor político de la estación de tele-       Según Chehad, los diferentes movi-           de octubre, reveló que el mando militar de     Musayef Jassim, contestó, “Es como si
visión árabe al-Hayat-LBC, hizo un              mientos en Irak se han unido para resis-        los EE.UU. está comenzando a actuar            alguien me hubiera cortado las manos y
resumen de su estudio de la resistencia         tir. En Ramadi, la resistencia “se definió      como sus clientes israelitas. “Soldados de     me preguntara cuánto era el valor de mis
iraquí en la edición del 14 de octubre del      como nacionalista”. En Tikrit, los              los EE.UU.”, escribió Cockburn, “mane-         manos”.
Guardian de Londres:                            luchadores entrevistados eran leales a          jando tractores niveladores, con música

                                                Resolución de la ONU sobre Irak:

Una cortina fraudulenta
  para la ocupación
Por Fred Goldstein                              olución de la ONU que daría la “soberanía”   será una vergüenza para cualquier gob-        grande. Se trata del derecho a la soberanía
                                                temprana a un gobierno provisional de        ierno que vote por esta.                      para negociar—a costa del pueblo iraquí.
   La Administración de Bush finalmente         Irak y un “papel central” a la ONU en la        Los franceses, alemanes y rusos han
puede que obtenga su resolución del             formación del proceso político y             estado ofreciendo enmiendas pero              Lucha sobre cómo
Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU la cual          económico de “reconstrucción” de Irak.       Washington ha puesto una pared ante           conquistar a Irak
calificaría la ocupación colonial                                                            cualquier cambio sustancial. Las tres            La lucha entre la administración de
británica—estadounidense como “una              Washington no cede en puntos                 potencias dicen que no se opondrán al         Bush y un sector de la clase gobernante de
fuerza multilateral de la ONU”. La resolu-      substanciales                                voto. Aparentemente tienen miedo de           los Estados Unidos sobre cómo hacer que
ción dejaría al ejército de los Estados            Por el momento, parece que                profundizar la división con los imperialis-   la ONU también participe, surge del
Unidos al comando y con autoridad               Washington no cedió nada substancial y       tas estadounidenses. Tienen que vivir con     miedo y la creciente resistencia que el
política absoluta sobre Irak por un futuro      que los franceses, alemanes y rusos han      la realidad de que el Pentágono tiene el      ejército estadounidense ha enfrentado,
indefinido.                                     tenido que aceptar la resolución de la       control sobre Irak. Si acaso hubiera alguna   además del enorme costo de la guerra. Esa
   Washington aparentemente ha podido           administración de Bush. Esta declara que     esperanza de que estos puedan entrar a        lucha se reduce a estos dos campos: aque-
forzar el apoyo de siete miembros depen-        el Consejo gobernante títere—nombrado y      ese territorio, el echar más leña al fuego    llos críticos de la administración de Bush
dientes del Consejo de Seguridad que            manejado por Paul Bremer—y la Coalición      de las relaciones con los imperialistas       que quieren que la ocupación y la con-
junto con los votos de EE.UU., Bretaña y        de Autoridad de la Ocupación será la que     estadounidenses, lo haría más difícil para    quista del pueblo iraquí sea un éxito, pero
España, lograría 9 o 10 votos, suficientes      “representará la soberanía de Irak, mien-    el futuro. Si estos votan por la resolución   piensan que vale la pena dar algo para
para lograr su resolución. El gobierno          tras que la ONU jugará un “papel vital”,     será una señal de que se hicieron tratos      recibir ayuda, y aquellos en la adminis-
ruso, el francés y el chino según los           como el entrenamiento de la policía, la      secretos para dejarlos participar del botín   tración de Bush quienes quieren ayuda
reportes, han dado señas de que no              supervisión de las elecciones y otras fun-   de guerra.                                    pero no están dispuestos a hacer conce-
vetarían la decisión.                           ciones similares.                                                                          siones, sólo unas mínimas atmosféricas.
   Con la creciente cifra de bajas y el            La resolución deletrea un proceso pro-    ‘Soberanía’ bajo el imperialismo                 Hay una tercera posición, lo cual está
ejército del Pentágono incapaz de detener       longado y puramente teórico al darle al         El movimiento mundial debe estar           provocando una guerra dentro de la
la resistencia o de controlar la situación en   Consejo Gobernante hasta el 15 de diciem-    absolutamente claro de lo que significa       administración de Bush. Es la posición de
el territorio, además del enorme costo de       bre para que escriba una constitución.       esta lucha sobre la tal “soberanía” iraquí.   Donald Rumsfeld—y posiblemente de
la ocupación, los imperialistas franceses,      Luego establece un proceso electoral que     Bajo el contexto de Irak es un concepto       Dick Cheney—que quiere que no haya con-
alemanes y los capitalistas contrarrevolu-      presuntamente llegaría a convocar elec-      estrictamente legal, según los imperialis-    cesiones. No quiere reconocer la necesi-
cionarios de Rusia han buscado cómo             ciones y un gobierno iraquí. Pero mientras   tas. La soberanía, para los gobiernos         dad de un apoyo humillante de las demás
tomar ventaja de la dificultad que están        tanto, la ocupación estadounidense tiene     franceses, rusos y alemanes, significa un     potencias imperialistas. No quiere
pasando los Estados Unidos.                     la autoridad total para gobernar.            estatus gubernamental. El estatus guber-      ninguna interferencia en el papel del
   Washington fue obligado a ir a la ONU           Nadie ha explicado cómo el Consejo        namental da el derecho legal de negociar      Pentágono ni la legitimación del papel de
para conseguir una resolución como              Gobernante puede “representar la sober-      arreglos con otros gobiernos y con corpo-     la ONU en Irak.
condición para obtener tropas y dinero de       anía” de Irak mientras Bremer y compañía     raciones extranjeras. Ahora mismo toda la        Esta posición ha sido forzada a retro-
otros países. Sus rivales han buscado usar      tienen la autoridad total de gobernación.    autoridad está en manos de los Estados        ceder, por lo menos por el momento, con
la ONU como una cuña para entrar en Irak        La resolución, de tal manera, es muy con-    Unidos. Una vez que un llamado “régi-         la elevación de la Consejera de Seguridad
y romper el dominio estadounidense en la        tradictoria. Es una cubierta fraudulenta     men” sea declarado en Irak, los otros         Nacional,      Condoleezza       Rice,    el
ocupación. Con este fin exigieron una res-      para la ocupación estadounidense. Al final   imperialistas podrán negociar con el gob-     Departamento de Estado, la CIA y el
                                                                                             ierno.                                        Departamento del Tesoro al papel de
                                                                                                 La soberanía, en su sentido legal, no     supervisión de la ocupación, bajo el nom-
                 Estas Invitado(a) a Participar en una                                       tiene nada absolutamente que ver con la       bre de Grupo de la Estabilización de Irak.
                CONFERENCIA NACIONAL ESPECIAL                                                soberanía en su sentido político de un gob-      La oposición a la administración de
                                                                                             ierno capaz de determinar sus propios         Bush fue mostrada en un editorial de Los

  ¿Como se Puede
                                                                                             asuntos, o en el sentido de la indepen-       Angeles Times del 10 de octubre con el tit-
                                                                                             dencia nacional o de la autodetermi-          ulo: “Sordos sobre Irak:” “Las tropas esta-
                                                                                             nación. Cualquier régimen iraquí creado       dounidenses han aprendido que los

  Revivir la Lucha
                                                                                             bajo las botas del imperialismo, ya sea por   iraquíes saludan un ejército foráneo de
                                                                                             el “unilateralista” gobierno esta-            ocupación con granadas lanzadas por
                                                                                             dounidense o el grupo “multilateralista”      cohetes, no con flores. Y esto fue antes del
                                                                                             bajo la bandera de la ONU, incluyendo a       último golpe: la propuesta adición de

                                                                                             los ladrones empresarios franceses, ale-      hasta 10.000 soldados del ex patrón colo-
                                                                                             manes y rusos, estaría completamente          nial, Turquía. ...
                                                                                             dependiente financiera, económica, mili-         “Los EE.UU. deben cambiar de una
                                                                                             tar y políticamente de las grandes poten-     política de beligerancia militar, hacién-

  Mundial?                                                                                   cias. La legalidad es sólo una pequeña
                                                                                             cubierta que esconde algo mucho más
                                                                                                                                           dolo todo solo y dando sermones a sus ali-
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