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					Project /ISU : Fall 2011

Additional Support Material for Unit 4
Lesson 23.1: Summative Evaluation – Written or Oral Presentation Describing
the Evolution of Physical Activity and Sport (courtesy of Ophea Support
Documents, 2002)
Assignment Outline:
Lead fellow classmates in an engaging 20-minute seminar/tutorial presentation outlining a
specific issue in Canadian society related to the evolution of physical activity and sport.
(A seminar or tutorial is an instructional approach that brings together a small group of students to
discuss topics of interest or examine areas in greater depth under the direction of a teacher or
discussion leader.)
You are responsible for leading a seminar/tutorial to discuss a researched topic that relates to the
evolution of physical activity and sports. A list of topics is provided for you to review and select
from. Each student selects a topic. A presentation date is to be mutually agreed upon by both the
student and teacher.
Class time will be provided for you to independently research (e.g. Internet, resource centre,
textbooks) your topic. You are encouraged to search out as many research avenues available to
make for a challenging and engaging presentation for students in your group. During the
seminar/tutorial, share your findings, move discussions along, accept input from others, and
encourage all members to contribute.
The teacher meets with students throughout the research process to provide feedback regarding
the progress, materials/resources, and method of presentation.
The oral presentation is evaluated using a communication rubric.
Students will be required to submit written work detailing their seminar/tutorial following the
Oral Presentation Criteria:
�� length of presentation - 20 minutes
�� evidence of student preparation
�� audience participation/appeal
�� audio visual/technology
�� presentation of the information (logical, flowing)
Written Portion Criteria:
�� presentation of content/information (e.g. organized, logical)
�� length of assignment (1000-word essay)
�� style and layout (language conventions, list of resources and cited references)
�� accuracy of content/information presented
Select one of the following topics to research for your seminar/tutorial presentation. Please check
with the teacher to ensure that your topic has not been selected. Both you and the teacher will
mutually agree upon the selection of your topic and your seminar/tutorial presentation date.
1. Drugs and the Athlete
2. Violence in Sport
Exercise Science: Teacher's Manual 304
3. Gambling, Vice, and Game Fixing in Sport
4. Canadian Government’s Role in Fitness and Sport
5. Sport and Feminism
6. Slogans, Logos, and Fads: Sport as Big Business
7. The Minority Athlete
8. Commericalizaton in Sport
9. Sport and Globalization
10. Power, Control, and Ownership in Media Sport
11. Has the Media Corrupted Sport?
12. Is Sport a Threat to Our Environment?
13. Sport and Making of Nations
14. Sport and the Breakdown of Gender Roles
15. Race and Ethnic Relations in Media and Sport
16. The American Influence in Canadian Sport
17. Stress and the Athlete
18. Sport and Politics
19. Sport Role Models
20. The Disabled Athlete: Equal Access?
21. Contemporary Coaching Attitudes and Philosophies
22. Prejudice in Sport
23. Performance Enhancing Substances: Myth or Reality?
24. History of Sport at Your High School
25. Sporting Legends and Their Impact on Canadian Sport Culture
26. Homosexuality and Sport
27. Sport Participation in Decline
28. Contemporary Controversies in Sport
29. Sport and Team Spirit and Pride: Why Are We Different from Americans?
30. The Value and Importance of Sport in Society
31. Questionable Coaching and Training Methods
32. The Values of Sport for Children
33. Sport as a Reflection of Society
34. The Importance of Sport in Our Schools Today
35. Sport Millionaires vs. Third World Inequities: International Imbalance?
36. The Female Athlete
37. Socialization and Participation in Sport or Physical Activities
38. Other
* NOTE: The marking scheme for this Summative Evaluation appears on the following page
Exercise Science: Teacher's Manual 305

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