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									   XYZ Position
90-Day Action Plan

                Chip Brueckman
XYZ Position
90-Day Action Plan


 Personnel: meet associates, staff and managers.

 Administration: become familiar with business functions, systems
                 and reporting methods.

 Business: address immediate needs and support initiatives in
            progress; identify opportunities and areas for action.

 Partnerships: meet and assess business relationships
         customers (internal/external).

 Team: focus on leadership and building rapport with team
        and customers.

                                                          Chip Brueckman
XYZ Position
90-Day Action Plan


  •   Review current personnel and functions.
  •   Utilize organizational chart to assess depth within departments.
  •   Become familiar with staff functions and capability.
  •   Review key personnel policies and procedures.
  •   Review payroll functions and processes.


  •   Review position duties and responsibilities.
  •   Observe and understand staff functions/role.
  •   Attend all department meetings.
  •   Solicit feedback: strengths and opportunities
  •   Review budget and forecasting processes.

                                                                  Chip Brueckman
XYZ Position
90-Day Action Plan


  • Review financial reporting processes and functions.
  •   Review budget and forecasting processes.
  •   Review reporting and performance metrics.
  •   Solicit feedback from all departments for opportunities.
  •   Participate in all meetings.


  • Review inter-departmental roles and functions.
  •   Review department financials and contribution to plant operations.
  •   Attend all department meetings and contribute to dialogue.
  •   Enhance inter-departmental communication and sense of mission.
  •   Focus on customer perception and service issues.
  •   Active trade participation.
  •   Examine and understand brokers, distributors and direct routes-to-market.

                                                                 Chip Brueckman
XYZ Position
90-Day Action Plan


 •   Active participation in community and plant operations.
 •   Provide clear and challenging trade vision and market mission.
 •   Support/lead/challenge; share tools, ideas for improvement of team.
 •   Create/support competitive environment based on merit and performance.
 •   Challenge trade performance in order to increase competitive edge.
 •   Active trade visits and timely constructive feedback.
 •   Build competitive team and future leaders for .
 •   Institute and conduct business in “open door” fashion.
 •   Conduct business in truthful and straightforward manner with all customers.
 •   Seek feedback and monitor own progression for adjustments/changes.

                                                                  Chip Brueckman

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