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Annual Report for HR


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									          City of West Jordan

Mission Statement:
The mission of the West Jordan City Human Resource
Department is to promote an atmosphere conducive to
teamwork and high morale among City employees through
effective recruitment, retention, employee benefits, and
employee development programs.

          Human Resource Department

             FY2004/05 Annual Report
                                City of West Jordan
                             Human Resource Department
                                       Annual Report
                                      Table of Contents
SECTION                                                                                                     PAGE

MESSAGE FROM HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR--------------------------------------------- 3

DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE----------------------------------------------- 4

DEPARTMENT GOALS FOR FY2005/06-------------------------------------------------------------- 5

DEPARTMENT ACCOMPLILSHMENTS FOR FY2004/05--------------------------------------- 6-10

SURVEYS CONDUCTED BY HUMAN RESOURCES IN FY2004/05--------------------------- 11-18

        Overview of Surveys Included in Annual Report---------------------------------------------- 12
        COLA Survey----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-14
        Prosecutor Survey------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15
        Population Survey------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16
        FLSA Police & Fire Survey------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17
        Mayor Salary & Benefit Survey------------------------------------------------------------------- 18

EXHIBITS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19-31

Exhibit “A” Court Clerk Organizational Analysis Questionnaire -------------------------------- 20
Exhibit “B” Wellness Fair Flyer------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
Exhibit “C” Wellness Fair Flyer------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22
Exhibit “D-G” City Connection---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23-26
Exhibit “H” Fish Customer Service Training Poster-------------------------------------------------27
Exhibit “I” Salt Lake Tribune Article----------------------------------------------------------------- 28
Exhibit “J” State of the City Flyer------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29
Public Works Director Recruiting Brochure Developed by HR ------------------------------------ 30-31

PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------ 32-36

        Recruitment Statistics------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33
        New Employee Orientation Statistics------------------------------------------------------------ 34
        Workers Co mpensation Accident Statistics---------------------------------------------------- 35
        Turnover Rates--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 36

CONCLUSION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 37

                                                                          West Jordan City
                                                                          Human Resource Department
                                                                          8000 South Redwood Road
                                                                          West Jordan, Utah 84088
                                                                          (801) 569-5037
                                                                          (801) 569-4049 Fax

                                                                       Debbie Bell
                                                                       Human Resource Director
City Officials and Citizens of West Jordan:

The City of West Jordan is similar to a fast-paced private-sector company in that our City Manager, Gary Luebbers,
continually seeks to improve the product we provide to the customer, and deliver it in a cost efficient manner. To
support this effort, human resources strive to provide management and staff with quality human resource support to
ensure we have the employee resources needed to deliver important services to our citizens.

Behind the scenes, in 2004/05, this entailed testing the waters with new recruiting strategies such as the Police and
Fire Recruitment Fair in August. By developing a good applicant pool, through efforts such as these, Human
Resources helps to ensure quality recruitment processes flow seamlessly so we can find the best possible
candidates to support our citizens.

In 2004/05, Human Resources also coordinated the process of putting our medical, dental, life, and LTD benefits
out-to-bid. By working methodically through this process, we worked to find cost effective plans that maintain the
level of benefits our employees enjoy, with the least amount of changes necessary to contain costs.

Human Resources continues in 2004/05, to sponsor new employee events such as five upcoming State of the City
meetings in which our City Manager will speak to employees about our insurance benefits and costs, financial
outlook for the upcoming year, and major City projects. In conjunction with the State of the City meetings,
Human Resources are obtaining food donations from various West Jordan businesses for employee breakfast
buffets that will be hosted after each meeting. In addition, Human Resources continues to provide an employee
health fair each year to encourage employee and spouse wellness through free screenings such as blood pressure,
cholesterol, vision, body composition, diabetes screening, etc.

In keeping with Human Resources’ mission statement to provide development programs, we coordinated a training
program for supervisors and managers featuring a local labor attorney, who presented a training session based on
his recently published book “Managing to Stay Out of Court.” In addition, in 2005, Human Resources will
coordinate sexual harassment training for all employees aimed at continually educating our management and staff
of the legal liability of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Programs such as these aim to educate our staff
and keep the City out of court.

With the employee turnover rate at 0.23%, the Human Resource Department looks ahead to 2005/06 with optimism
and enthusiasm. Our efforts will continue to focus attention on recruiting strategies and employee satisfaction
programs aimed at retaining our low turnover rate and high level of employee satisfaction.

Debbie J. Bell

                                     HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT
                                      ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
                                           City of West Jordan
                                        Human Resource Department

                                                    Debbie Bell
                                               of Human Resources

                                 Anna Yu                            Jon Gardner
                              Human Resources                 Human Resource Technician

                                        Human Resource Director Job Duties
Ø   Assumes full management responsibility for ensuring City complies with Federal, State, and Local human resource
    regulations and laws including recruitment, selection, EEO, ADA, FMLA, workers’ compensation, benefits
    administration, personnel records, and administration of classification and appraisal systems.
Ø   Formulate City policies and maintain Employee Handbook and Benefit Booklet.
Ø   Plan and direct the City’s employee benefits program; negotiate for contracted benefits and services including medical,
    dental, life, LTD, workers’ compensation, and related coverage.
Ø   Formulate and oversee HR Department budget.
Ø   Prepare various staff reports for City Council approval of programs and changes as required by the City Manager.
Ø   Oversee management of employee relations issues, and work with management and employees to interpret/administer
    the City’s Progressive Disciplinary Process. Advise department heads in terms of personnel policy interpretation.
Ø   Analyze data and provide statistical information to the City Manager for compensation, benefits, employee turnover.
Ø   Identify trends and formulate programs or recommendations to improve morale (i.e., wellness fair, employee
    luncheons/special events, employee recognition programs, etc), enhance benefits, identify cost saving measures related
    to benefit and program administration.
Ø   Manage HR staff in terms of projects and oversight of vision and direction of the Human Resource Department.
                                               HR Technician Job Duties
Ø   Reconcile monthly benefit statements including medical, dental, life insurance and long-term dis ability
Ø   Process and track all performance evaluations
Ø   Handle all aspects of the Worker’s Compensation program
Ø   Conduct new employee orientation and process all paperwork and change forms
Ø   Coordinate drug testing and maintain drug testing logs
Ø   Maintain personnel files
Ø   Coordinate terminations – including conducting exit interviews, coordinating COBRA notifications and processing
    required paperwork
Ø   Manage education reimbursement program
Ø   Assist with recruiting process – including tracking incoming applications and sending out notification letters and
Ø   Prepare monthly “City Connection” newsletter
Ø   Manage the records destruction schedules
Ø   Process HR bills for payment
                                               HR Generalist Job Duties
Ø   Recruiting Process- Creation or revision of job descriptions, Job Postings/Ads, website updates, publications,
    newspapers, Interview, Question formulation, Assessment Centers, Job Offer, Correspondents to applicants
Ø   FMLA Tracker, Employee Ids, Employee Ids
Ø   Employee Recognition Program – nominations and photos
Ø   Employee Wellness Fair
Ø   Benefits Fair/Open Enrollment
Ø   Supplemental Life Insurance bill reconciliation, Cobra reconciliation, Retiree’s insurance tracking
Ø   Reports on census, attrition, benefit participation, employee data…
Ø   Complete compensation and classification surveys
Ø   Research on federal and state laws as needed
Ø   Various City Events (Luau, Halloween, Bring Kids to Work, State of the City…)
        Human Resource Department Goals For FY2005/2006
  •      Organize annual URMMA required employee and management sexual
         harassment training sessions.
  •      Convert all eligible employees to Beneficial Life Ins plan by July 1, 2005.
  •      Plan the City’s annual Open Enrollment Meetings and process open enrollment
         forms by 7/1/05.

  •   Implement new career ladder testing software for Microsoft Word, Excel, and
      type testing.
  •   Continue to track employee turnover statistics, identify trends, and propose
      recommendations to City Manager.
  •   Begin participation in Wasatch Front City Compensation Committee.
  •   Continue to conduct various compensation surveys as required by the City
      Manager and make appropriate recommendations.

HR System Improvements
  •     Have I.T. Department assist HR to create an on-line Employment Application.
  •     Review, archive, and streamline terminated/overflow personnel file system.

Employee Relations
  •    Finalize plans for the State of the City meetings scheduled for May 2005. The
       City Manager will speak to City employees in five different meetings, and will
       update employees on important issues impacting the City.

   •     Introduce new Employee Recognition Program to City employees. Note: HR has
         developed two optional recognition plans which will be presented to the City
   •     Complete audit of employee Federal I.9. forms.

   •     Update Employee Handbook and Benefit Booklet and distribute to all employees
         in early fiscal year 2005/06.

   •    Organize an employee event such as Bring Your Kids to Work Day or employee
Health & Wellness
  •     Organize annual employee health fairs. Continue to offer new health screening
                 Human Resource Department
                   Major Accomplishments

    ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY – COURT (Employee Relations)
•   HR Director conducted two organizational studies of the Courts;
    October 2004 and a follow-up study in March 2005. The study
    consisted of individual interviews with all court clerk personnel, and an
    initial detailed written report with recommendations for the
    City Manager and Judge outlining suggestions for improvement. The
    follow-up organizational study was conducted again in March 2005,
    and also included another follow-up report which showed survey
    results and the strides made in the Court. (See Exhibit “A”)

    FLSA ANALYSIS (Compensation)
•    HR Director completed an analysis of all City positions for exempt
    versus non-exempt status as specified in the Fair Labor Standards Act.
    Due to recent changes in the FLSA regulations, the City was required
    to re-evaluate each position for qualification for exemption for
    overtime compensation. This entailed formulating an Employee FLSA
    Questionnaire which was completed by staff and analyzed against the
    new regulations. A letter was distributed to each employee outlining
    their status under FLSA – either exempt or non-exempt, and a detailed
    explanation as to what their classification entailed in terms of
    qualification or non-qualification for overtime.

                  Human Resource Department

•   Revised Career Ladder Requirements (Compensation)
    At the City Manager’s request, the career ladder process was
    overhauled to implement basic skill testing for Administrative
    Assistants and other positions. In addition to basic skill testing such as
    Microsoft Word, Excel, and type speed testing, the process was
    changed to require employees receive at least an Exceeds Expectation
    performance review rating, not be on disciplinary action for the
    preceding year, and pass basic skill testing requirements. The
    objective in implementing these changes was to reward excellence in
    both technical and interpersonal job performance.

    The HR Director and HR Generalist analyzed 19 City positions that
    qualified for career ladder promotions. Of the original 19 positions,
    17 were approved for career ladder status. The analysis of these
    positions included dissecting each job description to identify the
    qualifications for advancing from one career level to the next. The HR
    Director then met individually with department heads to obtain input as
    to what new technical requirements to incorporate in individual jobs.

    Once the City Manager approved the new process in April 2005,
    Human Resources distributed a detailed Revised Career Ladder
    Process to department heads for dissemination to applicable

    The next step in the process will be for Human Resources to purchase
    testing software for Microsoft Word, Excel, and type testing.

                 Human Resource Department

•   Police and Fire Recruiting Fair – August 2004 (Recruiting)
    In an effort to boost the number of applications for Police Officer and
    Firefighter, HR coordinated with Police and Fire to conduct the
    Recruiting Fair. The fair was held on a Saturday morning at City Hall,
    and showcased the various divisions within Police and Fire. Each
    division had a both inside City Hall with displays, equipment, and staff
    available for applicants to ask questions. Outside City Hall, Police and
    Fire displayed equipment and personnel were available for questions.
    The fair was well attended and was a success.

•   Employee Wellness Fairs (October 2004 and May 2005)
    (Employee Relations)
    The Human Resource Department organized semi-annual health fairs
    in FY2004/05 in which all City employees and their spouses were
    invited to participate in various health screenings such as blood
    pressure checks, complete cholesterol screenings (with diabetes
    testing), strength and flexibility testing, bone density, minute massage,
    etc. We also have local West Jordan businesses such as Sams and
    Wild Oats MarketPlace who attend the fair and donate food items. HR
    varies each health fair by inviting different vendors and companies
    who offer new screening tools. The goal of the Human Resource
    Department is to promote wellness and health to our employees. (See
    Exhibits “B” and “C”)

•   Monthly Employee Newsletter (City Connection)
    (Employee Relations)
    The Human Resource Technician is responsible for preparing the
    monthly newsletter for the City. Common features include the
    Employee Spotlight, promotions, new employees, City events,
    birthdays, etc. (See Exhibits “D-G”)

                 Human Resource Department
                 Accomplishments FY2004/05

•   Workers Compensation Training for Supervisors (Training)
    The Human Resource Technician developed a workers compensation
    overview supervisory training module that was presented to managers
    and supervisors in the Engineering, Community Development, Fire,
    Police, and Public Works Departments in March 2005. This training
    highlighted the basic information supervisors need to know when their
    employee is injured on-the-job.

•   Customer Service Training for all Employees (Training)
    A customer service training session for all employees and managers
    was conducted in September 2004. The training centered around a
    nationally renowned training program titled “Catch the Energy –
    Release the Potential” utilized by large organizations such as
    American Express and the University of Utah. Based on an actual
    company - Pike’s Fish Company in Seattle, WA., the video portrays
    their methods for garnering employee enthusiasm in a supposedly
    mundane occupation such as selling fish. This non-conventional
    program had FUN written all over it and was designed to spur
    employee enthusiasm for delivering good customer service.
    (See Exhibit “H”)

•   Managing to Stay Out of Court (Management Training)
    January 2005, Human Resources organized a supervisory training with
    outside labor attorney, Jathan Janove, Esq. He trained 50 of our
    supervisors/managers (and an additional 60 participating URMMA city
    members) on how to avoid the deadly sins of mismanagement, which
    was based on his recently published book Managing to Stay Out of
    Court – How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement.
    Mr. Janove defends employment claims throughout the country, and
    helps employers prevent claims through effective training programs
    and consultation. He frequently writes columns for both HR
    Magazine’s “Legal Trends” and “Management Tools” sections. He is
    a frequent presenter at various local and national HR conferences. He
    received his J.D. from the University of Chicago.
    (See Exhibit “I” – Excerpt from Salt Lake Tribune article)

•   State of the City Meetings (Employee Relations)
    The Human Resource Department is organizing five communication
    meetings , to be held in different City venues, in which the City
    Manager will speak to employees about insurance benefits and costs,
    financial outlook for FY2005/06, and major City projects. There will
    also be time for employees to ask questions. In conjunction with these
    meetings, Human Resources is also obtaining donations from various
    West Jordan businesses for an employee breakfast buffet which will be
    served after each meeting. (See Exhibit “J”)

•   Attrition Tracking (Employee Relations)
    The Human Resource Department began tracking attrition (employee
    turnover rate) for full-time employees in January 2005. This data is
    reported on the bi-weekly report to the City Council.

•   Tracking Referral Source (Recruiting)
    The Human Resource Department began tracking the referral source
    for our applicants in 2005. This data is collected from the employment
    application and tells us where the applicant heard about the job
    opening. This data allows HR to maximize our recruiting efforts.

           Various Surveys Conducted
               Human Resources
                 In FY 2004/05
The following pages include examples of various surveys Human Resources
                  has conducted thus far in FY2004/05.

                        Sample Surveys Conducted by HR
                                 In FY2004/05

•   Utah City COLA Survey April 2005 (Completed by HR Director)
    The City Manager requested HR survey Wasatch Front Cities to obtain
    information on the amount of cost of living increases for the last three years. The
    survey data was also averaged for each City, as well as an overall City average
    was calculated. The City Manager will review this data with employees in the
    May 2005 State of the City Meetings.

•   City Prosecutor Survey – 2005 (Completed by HR Generalist)
    At the request of the City Attorney, HR completed a comprehensive Prosecutor
    salary survey of sample Utah cities of similar size to
    West Jordan. The survey obtained salary ranges and actual salaries of
    prosecutors in local jurisdictions. This data assisted West Jordan in establishing
    an appropriate salary range for the new Prosecutor position. It also gave us
    market data to estimate a competitive wage for the prosecutor position.

•   Utah City Population Survey – April 2005 (Completed by HR Technician)
    As per request of the City Manager, 15 select cities in Utah and surrounding
    western states were contacted to determine population, number of full-time
    employees, and the number of employees per 1,000 residents. The data was used
    as a benchmark to determine West Jordan City has the lowest ratio of employees
    per 1,000 residents of all 15 cities. The City of West Jordan’s ratio is 3.97 full-
    time employees per 1,000 number of residents in West Jordan, compared to
    Salt Lake City who has 14.53 full-time employees per 1,000 of residents.

•   FLSA Survey – February 2005 (Completed by HR Director)
    A survey of how local jurisdictions classify their Police and Fire Command Staff
    in terms of FLSA status was conducted in conjunction with the entire City FLSA
    project. The data was used as a comparison to evaluate our Police and Fire
    supervisory personnel for appropriate FLSA status. The survey supported our
    decision to keep our Police Captains, Police lieutenants, and Fire Battalion Chiefs
    exempt from overtime payment. In addition, it supported our decision to keep
    Police Sergeants non-exempt, and therefore eligible for overtime payment.

•   Mayor Salary & Benefit Survey – January 2005 (Completed by HR
    As per request of the City Manager, a salary and benefit survey was conducted
    for 8 local cities to determine if the salary and benefit package paid to our Mayor
    was competitive. The survey results determined that our Mayor was paid
    adequately compared to cities with the same form of government as West Jordan.

                                                                     COLA Survey

City Contacted                     2005 COLA %              2004 COLA %                2003 COLA %                Average of 3 Years

Bountiful                                 *2.0%                      2.0%                       1.5%                      1.83%
*Proposed, but not yet approved.

Clearfield                                 2.0%                      2.0%                       2.0%                      2.0%

Draper                                     *                         2.0%                       2.0%                      2.0%
*Amount is undecided.

Farmington                                 2.9%                      1.2%                       1.2%                      1.76%

Kaysville                                *3.0%                       1.5%                       2.0%                      2.16%
*Not sure if they will grant a COLA based on a 20% increase to their health insurance premiums .

Layton                                     2.5%                      2.0%                       2.0%                      2.16%

Midvale                                    1.0%                      1.0%                       1.0%                      1.0%

Murray                                     2.1%                      1.5%                       over $50K = 1%            1.61%
                                                                                                Under$50K = 1.5%

Ogden                                      2.0%                      -0- COLA or merit          1.0%                      1.0%
    Note: Due to an initial projected 19% increase to their health insurance premiums, they had to make changes to their benefits: from $250/$500 deductible to $500/$1,000
                                        deductible and to $15/$30/$60 prescription co-pay, and from a $10 office visit to a $20 office visit.

Orem They do an annual market analysis of their positions. It is not an across the board increase.                        2.0%
The average received is 2%.

Provo                                      *                         1.0% (eff.1/1/05)          1.0% (eff.1/1/04)         1.0%
                                                                               *No idea.

                                                                     COLA Survey

City Contacted                   2005 COLA %                2004 COLA %                 2003 COLA %                Average of 3 Years

Salt Lake City                  *2.0%                       0%                                   2%-2.5%                    1.41%
*Still negotiating with 3 unions, so not yet approved. The increase may be from 0% to 2.0%.

Sandy                            no information            *1.0%                                 0%                         1.00%
4.0% in 2004 was their market and merit.

South Jordan                     2.0%                       2.0%                        info not available                  2.0%

St. George                       *                          -0-                                  2.0%                       0.66%
                    They aren’t sure if they will grant a market increase due to cost of the flooding. They call the increase a market increase, not a COLA.

West Valley                     *2.5%                       *-0-                                 -0-                        0.83%
               *They are anticipating a 2.5% COLA, but it has yet to be approved. Note: West Valley has not received a COLA or merit increase for 18 months.

                  JORDAN: 1.52%

West Jordan                      2.7%                       1.5%                                 2.3%                       2.16%

                                      CITY PROSECUTOR SALARY SURVEY

                                              City Prosecutor Salary Information

City                              Job Title                     Salary Range         Actual Salary (Hourly)

Provo                             Sr. City Atty/Prosecutor      $20.02 - $35.60      $37.73 - EE was grandfathered under a longevity program.
West Valley                       Chief Prosecutor              $29.30 - $43.05      $34.47
Sandy City                        City Prosecutor               $25.22 - $39.72      $38.97
Orem                              City Prosecutor               $25.55 - $38.33      $34.17
Ogden                             City Prosecutor               $16.91 - $38.60      $34.87

Average Salary:                      $36.04 per hour         ($74,963.20 annually)

Director of Human Resources concurs with the City Attorney's recommendation to place the City Prosecutor in Salary Range 79

(Minimum $33.15/hour and Maximum $42.31/hour). This is in the same range as the Police Captain.


Department Head                                              Date

Director of Human Resources                                  Date

City Manager                                                 Date

                               POPULATION SURVEY

                                                        # of Full- time    # of Employees
                                 Population              Employees        per 1,000 residents

Salt Lake City        182,342                          2,650              14.53
Austin, TX            700,407                          10,002             14.28
Fort Collins, CO      123,500                          1,400              11.34
Bellevue, WA          116,500                          1,186              10.18
Yuma, AZ              85,000 – doubles in the winter   864                10.16 in summer
                      months                                              5.08 in winter
Tempe, AZ             165,000                          1,620              9.82
Scottsdale, AZ        222,600                          1,976              8.88
Ogden                 79,250                           580                7.32
Missoula, MT          57,053                           366                6.42
South Jordan          40,372                           221                5.47
Sandy                 89,319                           488                5.46
Provo                 115,000                          615                5.35
West Valley           119,266                          541                4.54
Orem                  89,465                           390                4.36
West Jordan           95,000                           377                3.97

 Updated 04/18/2005

                          FLSA Police & Fire Survey - February 2005
Listed below is a survey conducted of local agencies to determine FLSA status for Police Lieutenants,
Police Sergeants, Police Captains, and Fire Battalion Chiefs. Note: As per the FLSA regs, firefighters,
Fire Engineers, Fire Captains, Police Officers, Detectives, Police Sergeants, are non-exempt.
POLICE                 FIRE                  POLICE                         POLICE
SOUTH SALT LAKE          NO LIEUTENANT             EXEMPT                             NON-EXEMPT               EXEMPT

WEST VALLEY CITY NON-EXEMPT                     NON-EXEMPT                         NON-EXEMPT
*NOTE: WVC is considering changing the FLSA status of Police Captains to non-exempt.

PROVO CITY               EXEMPT                    EXEMPT                             NON-EXEMPT               EXEMPT

SANDY CITY               EXEMPT                    EXEMPT                             NON-EXEMPT               EXEMPT

OREM CITY                EXEMPT                    NON-EXEMPT                         NON-EXEMPT               EXEMPT

OGDEN CITY             EXEMPT                     EXEMPT                             NON-EXEMPT                EXEMPT
NOTE: The duty Lieutenant “chained to a desk” can receive overtime while functioning as the duty Lieutenant.

LAYTON CITY            EXEMPT                     *EXEMPT                             NON-EXEMPT               EXEMPT
NOTE: The Battalion Chief position was recently changed to exempt.

PARK CITY                EXEMPT                    *NO BATT CHIEFS                    NON-EXEMPT *NO CAPTAINS
                                                   Not big city                                  Not big city

                           City of West Jordan
                       Mayor Salary & Benefit Survey
                             January 27, 2005

  Sandy City          Full Time          Receives all benefits        $48.65/hr or

   Provo City         Full Time          Receives all benefits   $41.24/hr or $85,779/yr

  Ogden City          Full Time          Receives all benefits         $36.92/hr
South Salt Lake       Full Time          Receives all benefits         $71,739/yr

West Valley City      Part Time          Receives all benefits         $21,800/yr

     Orem             Part Time           $50,000 term life            $18,648/yr
                                          insurance policy,
                                         medical and dental
  Layton City         Part Time          $800 auto allowance        plus $800/auto =
                                                                    $18,800/yr total

   St. George         Part Time          Receives all benefits         $30,000/yr

West Jordan City      Part Time          Receives all benefits        $18,366.40/yr
                                         including $2,886/yr      plus $2,886/yr auto =
                                           auto allowance            $21,252.40 total

  AVERAGE            PART TIME                                        $22,312/YR

  AVERAGE            FULL TIME                                        $83,875/YR


The following includes examples of various project, programs, and
          communication documents created or used by
    Human Resources in FY2004/05 to support HR programs.

Exhibit “A”                             Court Clerk
                                         Organizational Analysis

Employee Name: ________________Job Title: ___________________
Time In Position: _________
Explain that we have 15 minutes to complete the survey. Ask applicants to be concise and to the point in
answering their questions in order to give enough time to address all questions.

   1)      Rate the morale in your department : Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor,
           What would you describe as the major contributor, either positive or negative, to the level of
           morale in the department?

   2)      How would you rate the level of overall professionalism and effectiveness in the department in
           terms of the direct supervision you receive? Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
           Offer feedback to support your answer.

   3)      How would you rate the level of teamwork and cooperation within you’re department?
           Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
           Offer feedback to support yo ur answer.

   4)      Describe any changes with the department, either positive or negative, that you have observed
           since the last study was conducted in October, 2004.

   5)      Describe any problems or issues that need to be addressed with priority within the department.

   6)      Describe any suggestions or improvements needed for the department.

Exhibit “B”


       SCREENING SERVICES                                  OTHER SERVICES
               Blood Pressure Check                   Minute Massage
               Body Fat Percentage                    Massage Chair
               Complete Cholesterol Screening         Dietician
               (with Diabetes Screening)              Olympus View Dental
               PSA Screening                          Costco Membership
               Physical Fitness Testing (step,        Xcel Spa Gym Membership
               strength, flexibility)                 Wild Oats MarketPlace
               Bone Density Screening
               Hearing Test

              Please RSVP with Anna Yu in Human Resources at ext. 5030 by
              Monday, November 15 th if you are attending the Wellness Fair.
              We will schedule your appointment between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00
              p.m. Please remember to fast 8 to 12 hours before coming to your
              appointment for blood-testing purposes.

     We would like to thank FirstMed, Jordan Valley Hospital, First Health Choice,
     Xcel Spa & Fitness, Turley Insurance, Health Quest, Olympus View Dental,
     Costco, and Wild Oats MarketPlace for their participation and contributions to
     the Fair.

Exhibit ”C’
                                                             Free screenings include:
                                                          Blood Pressure Body Fat
                                                          Complete Cholesterol Screening
              presents                                     (with diabetes check) PSA
                                                              Physical Fitness Testing
                 Employee’s                                 (step, strength, flexibility)
                                                            Bone Density Eye Test
         WELLNESS                                                 Other Services:
                                                          Massage Dietary Analysis

             FAIR                                           Xcel Spa Sam’s Club
                                                             Pharmacy Optical
                                                            Wild Oats Market Place

                               May 5, 2005 (Thursday)
                 Council Chambers, City Hall (Third Floor) 8
                             a.m. to 12 noon

       Please RSVP with Anna Yu in Human Resources at ext. 5030 by Tuesday, May 3rd, if you
       are attending the Wellness Fair. Appointments will be scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and
       12:00 p.m. Please remember to fast 8 to 12 hours before coming to your appointment for
                                       blood-testing purposes.

                           Our thanks to the following sponsors:
                           Urgent and Industrial Health
                 First Health Choice

    Jordan Landing Smiles             Jordan Valley Vision        Turley Insurance Agency
         Exhibits “D-G”
                                                                                           Volume 12
                                                                                           Issue 4
                                                                                           April 2005

 Brian Clegg has been with the City for over 15 years. He
 First started as a Seasonal Parks Laborer, then worked in
 Maintenance and finally became the Cemetery Sexton. So
 what exactly does a Cemetery Sexton do? Brian takes care
 of the 2 City-run cemeteries in West Jordan. This includes
 the grounds, records, coordinating funerals and
 opening/closing gravesites. There is also the occasional
 casket that needs to be relocated. Next time you see Brian,
 ask him about his experience digging up and re-opening a
 casket – an experience he’ll never forget. In addition to
 these duties, Brian oversees the Seasonal Parks Laborers,
 and irrigation for all city owned properties.

 When Brian isn’t working, he enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing and spending time with his family. Brian
 was quick to point out that he does almost all the cooking in his house and he finds cooking a great way
 to relieve stress. Kalua pig, steak, shrimp and sushi are some of Brian’s favorite dishes. If Brian could
 travel anywhere in the world, he would like to go to Alaska on a guided hunting trip. If he could meet
 any person living or dead, Brian would like to meet Ted Nugent (Ted is an avid bow hunter and of
 course a famous rock star).

 Little Known Fact #1 – Brian buries about 60 people each year. That’s about 900 for his career.
 Little Known Fact #2 – Fish Lake is Brian’s favorite fishing spot.
 Little Known Fact #3 – Brian enjoys landscaping and is working toward a Bachelors Degree in

      In this month’s          :
~ Employee Spotlight
~Movie Ticket Information                               MOVIE TICKETS FOR
~Wellness Fair Information
~State of the City Information
~Education Reimbursement Reminder
~Open Enrollment Information                       Don’t forget, Human Resources sells
~Police Update                                          movie tickets to Cinemark
~Mountain America Thank You                              Theatres (Jordan Landing) for
~Softball Information
~Quotes You Can Quote
                                                         only $5.50/ticket. You need a
~Congratulations                                          night at the movies…for
~Condolences                                                    less!
~For Sale
~New Employees
~May Birthdays

 Will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2005
 from 8:00 AM – 12 Noon in the Council                                         MEETINGS
   Chambers (City Hall, Third Floor).
Free Screening for employees and spouse.

               SCREENING                                      (A BREAKFAST BUFFET WILL BE SERVED)
                                                                        You are invited:
   Blood Pressure Body Fat Complete
                                                            On behalf of Gary Luebbers, City Manager, you are
Cholesterol Screening (with diabetes                        invited to attend a State of the City meeting. This
check) PSA Physical Fitness Testing                         meeting will give you a chance to ask questions and
(step, strength, flexibility) Bone                                update you on important issues such as:
Density Eye Test                                            Ø Update on insurance benefits and cost
                                                            Ø Projected COLA increase for FY05/06
                                                            Ø Financial outlook for the coming year
                                                            Ø Update on major City projects
  Massage Dietary Analysis Xcel
Spa Sam’s Club Pharmacy Optical                                               Meeting Specifics
                                                             Please plan to attend one of the meetings in your area:
  Wild Oats Market Place
                                                           May 10 Fire Station 53 Training Room         7:30 a.m.
RSVP with Anna Yu in Human Resources at                    May 11 Fire Station 53 Training Room         7:30 a.m.
                                                           May 16 Public Works Break Room               7:30 a.m.
ext. 5030 by Monday, May 2nd if you are                    May 18 City Hall Council Chambers            8:30 a.m.
attending the fair. Appointments will be                   May 19 City Hall Council Chambers            8:30 a.m.

                       Deadline for Fiscal Year
                       2005/06 Education Plan
                       Forms is June 1st !                   Please plan to attend one of these sessions:
                                                           June 1 (Wed.) - City Hall (Council Chambers)
Late forms will not be accepted so start planning                            9 am – 11 am
now! The forms must be complete before turning             June 2 (Thurs.) - Fire Station 53 (EOC Room)
them in to HR so make sure you get your Department                           9 am – 11 am
Head signature and attach proof of your degree. You        June 6 (Mon.) - City Hall (Council Chambers)
can get forms from HR or from the City Intranet.
                                                                             2 pm – 4 pm
Remember to include ALL receipts and proof of a            June 7 (Tues.) - Public Works (Shop Bay)
“B-“ grade or better when submitting reimbursement                           130 pm – 330 pm
forms for previously approved courses.
Please use current versions of all forms!                  Representatives from various benefit companies
                                                            will be at the fair to answer your questions.

                        Look What’s Happening in Our Police Department

The Police Department began its "Mobile COP" season on Tuesday, March 15th. The Crime Prevention
Specialists, Community Oriented Policing Officers, Community Service Officers and Code Enforcement
Officers all spent the day in the Camelot Park (2030 West Robyn Way) area. The mobile command
post was set up to receive citizen visitors, fi ve dumpsters were delivered around the area for residents
to use in their efforts to clean up the neighborhood, and officers issued informational and warning
notices throughout the subdivision. This was the first of a dozen such events that will be focused on a
variety of locations throughout the city this year.

The Crime Prevention Specialists have recently completed their presentation of EYES (Employees
Yielding to Emergency Situations) to most of the city's employees. Your observations and timely
reporting of suspicious and criminal activity can make the difference in the Police Department's ability to
solve some of our growing problems. If you or your workgroup have not taken the one-hour EYES
course, please contact Human Resources (ext. 5037) or the Crime Prevention Specialists (ext. 5232).

 We would like to thank Mountain America
 Credit Union for their generous donation of
                                                                       GET READY FOR
 $1,300 to fund our Team of the Quarter award
 for the 2005/2006 fiscal year.
                                                                      If you have not already heard, Inner-
                                                                          City Softball is about to begin!
 This is the 2nd year in a row that they have
 supported the City of West Jordan through                            The first game is on May 16th @ 7pm.
 donations to this program.                                          Games will be on Monday nights at the
                                                                          Ron Wood Baseball Complex.
                                                                          All employees and their family
                                                                     members are invited to come out and
                                                                                  have some fun.
   Quotes You Can Quote                                               We need spectators to so even if you
                                                                         don’t want to play, come out and
        The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to
        the other end in an awful hurry.                             support your Employee Softball Team
        -John Jensen
                                                                     Contact Pete Simmons
        Enthusiasm is contagious. Be a carrier.
        -Susan Rabin                                                 at peters@wjordan.com
                                                                     or 569-5098
        It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years   for more information
        that counts!
        -Adlai Stevenson

♦      Sione Hafoka, PW, got married on March 11th.
♦      Kathy Jemison (Jarvis), PW, got married on March 12th.                            BIRTHDAYS
♦      Jeff Standiford, Finance, and wife had a new baby boy
        on March 15th.
♦      Scott List, Police, and wife had a new baby boy on           TERRY PAGE            BECKSTEAD      5    1
        March 18th.                                                 KARYLEE               WEBB           5    1
♦      Erik Andersen, Fire, and wife had a new baby boy on          DENNIS L              THATCHER       5    2
        March 18th.                                                 DENNIS CHRIS          HOLM           5    2
                                                                    CHARLOTTE MARIE       BOWERBANK      5    4
♦      James Kangas, Police, and wife had a new baby girl on
                                                                    GARY                  GUNNELL        5    5
        April 3rd.
                                                                    CHARLES               KIRBY          5    5
♦      Virginia Pulou, Police, had a baby boy on April 5th.
                                                                    K REED                WARNICK        5    6
♦      Scott Annis and Gary Gunnell, PW, both became
                                                                    MARLIN                EK             5    7
        grandpas again.
                                                                    DUANE                 PAXTON         5    7
                                                                    SHEILA D              JENNINGS       5    7
                                                                    GARY M                LUEBBERS       5    9
                                                                    DEBRA                 ANDERSON       5    9
                                                                    SHELLEY R             THOMAS         5    10
                                                                    ALLISON               OXBORROW       5    10
                                                                    JIM                   MARCUSEN       5    11
                                                                    RICHARD JUSTIN        YOUNG          5    11
                                                                    TINA                  MURDOCK        5    11
                                                                    BARBARA               BAUER          5    12
                                                                    CRYSTAL               ZITTING        5    12
                                                                    TRACI E               WATTS          5    16
    Luis Pabon, PW, whose sister- in- law passed away.              JASON                 MELTON         5    16
    Hayden White, PW, whose grandfather passed away.                ROBERT                MCLAM          5    17
                                                                    GORDON                WALTERS        5    18
                                                                    JON                   GARDNER        5    18
                                                                    ROBERT                LEMON          5    19
                                                                    RONDA                 LYNCH          5    19
                                                                    BRYAN                 BRINKERHOFF    5    19
                                                                    GARY                  CHRISTENSEN    5    20
                                                                    JASON                 BOSS           5    20
                                                                    CYNTHIA A             JACOBSEN       5    21
                                                                    LARRY C               MONTGOMERY     5    21
                                                                    CARL                  JESSOP         5    22
                  Corinne McCall – Crossing Guard                   SHERLA                MICHAELIS      5    23
                  Kimberly Babbel – Crossing Guard                  MICHAEL               BRIGHT         5    23
                   Jennifer Hoyle – Crossing Guard                  MELANIE               BRIGGS         5    23
                   Rachael Shaw – Crossing Guard                    MATTHEW               BIRCH          5    24
            David Hales – Director of Finance/Admin. Svcs.          BROOKS                NIELSON        5    25
                    Mindy Stewart – PC Specialist                   AURELLIA J            BOWEN          5    26
                      Russell Ferre – Firefighter                   JOSEPH                TERRY          5    29
                    Daniel Griffin – Seasonal Parks                 LORI                  LEATHAM        5    29
                   David Clements – Seasonal Parks                  VICTORIA              HAUSERMAN      5    29
                   Kevin Marrelli – Seasonal Parks
                                                                    STEVE                 HUTCHINGS      5    30
                  Jeffery Anderson – Seasonal Parks
                                                                    ROY                   TODD           5    31
                  Edwin Josephson – Seasonal Parks
                   Dusty Johnson – Seasonal Parks
                   Michael Stidom – Seasonal Parks
                  Katharina Iverson – Seasonal Parks              Employee Association Winners for April are:
                                                                                      John Lorence
                                                                                   Richard Schaffnit
                                                                                     Michael Rossi
                                                                  Please contact Marsha Lancaster in Finance by April
                                                                                 29 to claim your prize!
Exhibit “H”

                   Catch the Energy
                 Release the Potential!
              (Customer Service Training)

 Key Principle #1:

 Play - What is Play? If you think of it as
 learning, experimentation or interaction, it
 makes sense. Anywhere creativity
 flourishes, play is happening. We learn the
 same way we did as children: by playing
 with ideas. Encouraging play doesn’t mean
 to not be professional – quite the contrary.
 Play means be positive with citizens and
 coworkers, have some fun with them, smile,
 take a potentially negative encounter and
 turn it into a positive experience.

A workplace that works
Salt Lake City lawyer shows companies how to avoid litigation over employee
By Jordan Burke
The Salt Lake Tribune

Exhibit “I”
When it comes to dealing with employee problems such as bad behavior,
poor communication or harassment, Salt Lake City lawyer Jathan Janove says
companies should convert the "instinct to avoid into a trigger for doing the
   The move to tackle disturbances directly might not come instinctively, but
avoiding them can be even costlier if they lead to litigation. To avoid
potential snags, Janove suggests managers change their "sins" of avoidance
into "virtues" of good management. He provides details in his new book
Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of
Mismanagement, published by the Society for Human Resources
  Janove, an attorney with the Salt Lake City law firm of Janove Baar
Associates LC, might not seem a likely management consultant, but he
tackles the topic armed with years of experience as an employment lawyer.
  "People don't often think of lawyers as good managers," said Mike O'Brien,
a Salt Lake City attorney affiliated with the Society for Human Resources
Management. But "the world of legal complaints isn't really that different."
  Instead of avoiding problems, Janove suggests managers be direct,
immediate and specific with workers.
  Often, he says, managers let e mployees speculate too much and are timid
leaders. They fail to listen to others' perspectives, don't see the broader
picture, rationalize away the truth and are inconsistent in their actions.        "It's designed for anyone who
  Although Janove's law practice focuses on helping employers who end up in manages other people," says
court over such failings, he hopes his book will lead to fewer legal              attorney Jathan Janove of his
entanglements.                                                                    new book Managing to Stay Out
  Throughout the book, Janove offers "tools and techniques" and "legal            of Court. The publication
nuggets" to teach the reader about legal positions and ways to avoid the          discusses how any company can
courtroom. Want to avoid a harassment lawsuit? Janove suggests addressing avoid mismanagement. (Leah
the offender quickly and politely so he or she knows what was uncomfortable Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune)
and unwanted.
  Want to avoid a discrimination suit when firing someone? Explain why the
employee is being let go. If you don't, they will fill in the blanks themselves and make faulty assumptions.
  Employee/manager problems can be hard to deal with. Often
  when problems develop, managers enter unfamiliar and unnerving territory.
  "A lot of time managers are so busy producing the product of the company that they forget the necessity of
managing people," O'Brien said.
  The challenge remains to act swiftly, not abruptly or carelessly, to help people work out problems and
accomplish the company goals. Through it a ll, communications should be kept open so co-workers don't
overspeculate and underperform.
  "They see something that makes them afraid or scared and it makes them do the opposite," Janove said.
  If managers feel they can't fully be honest, seek legal counsel, Janove suggests. "An attorney consulting
session can serve as a useful way to speak your mind freely without fearing the consequences of loose lips."
  The book is an extension of Janove's consulting work for companies. He hopes to get the same instructions he
offers as a consultant into the hands of more managers who often deal with workplace problems.

 Tips for managers looking to stay out of court

 *   Be direct, immediate and specific when dealing with employee problems.
 *   Make honesty the only policy.
 *   Avoid inconsistency with workers.
 *   Kick speculation with open information.
 *   Actually listen to employee concerns.

Exhibit “J”


                                   You are invited:
On behalf of Gary Luebbers, City Manager, you are invited to attend a State of the City meeting. This meeting will give
                     you a chance to ask questions and update you on important issues such as:

       Ø        Update on insurance benefits and cost
       Ø        Projected COLA increase for FY05/06
       Ø        Financial outlook for the coming year
       Ø        Update on major City projects
Meeting Specifics
       Please plan to attend one of the following meetings in your
         DATE                     LOCATION                          ROOM                              TIME

       May 10                    Fire Station 53          Training Room                             7:30 a.m.
       May 11                    Fire Station 53          Training Room                             7:30 a.m.
       May 16                    Public Works             Break Room                                7:30 a.m.
       May 18                    City Hall                City Council Chambers                     8:30 a.m.
       May 19                    City Hall                City Council Chambers                     8:30 a.m.

  Compensation and Benefits

The salary range for this position is $79,955 - $102,044 per year. The
City of West Jordan offers one of the most competitive benefit
                                                                                     The City of
programs in Utah including:
    v Health Benefits – City offers medical (90% city paid
        premium) and dental insurance.
    v Long Term Disability – City paid.
                                                                               West Jordan
    v Vacation – 13 days per year.                                                        Utah
    v Sick Leave – 12 days per year.
    v Paid Holidays – 14 days per year.
    v Life Insurance – 3 times annual salary plus $10,000
        (maximum of $250,000).
    v Executive Leave – 160 hours per year.
    v Car Allowance – $5,590 per year.
    v Retirement – Utah State Retirement Systems (City
        contribution at 11.09%), Deferred Compensation (City
        contribution at 5%, employee may defer up to 25% of
        gross salary not to exceed $13,000 annually), 401
        Retirement (City contributes 1.76%, employee contributes

  Application Process

If you are interested in applying for this exciting career opportunity,
                                                                               invites your interest for
please submit a City application which may be downloaded from
www.wjordan.com, and resume to:                                                    the position of
                       City of West Jordan
                       Human Resource Department
                       8000 South Redwood Road                                        Public Works Director
                       West Jordan, Utah 84088
Submission deadline is September 20, 2004 by 5:00 p.m.
Human Resources will evaluate all applications and forward
applicants whose background closely match the position
requirements to City Administration. Most qualified applicants
will be invited for an interview.                                         30
        The City and Community                                                               The Position

   Situated between the Oquirrh Mountain Range to the west                                        The Public Works Director directs,
   and the Wasatch Mountain Range to the east and                                                 supervises, and coordinates the
   strategically located in the southwest portion of Salt Lake                                    Public Works Department’s
   County is the City of West Jordan. It is Utah’s fourth                                         programs and activities including
   largest city, with approximately 93,000 residents. Its                                         water production and distribution,
   proximity to major transportation corridors provides easy                                     snow removal, sewer collection
   access to the Salt Lake International Airport, world-class                                    maintenance, streets, storm drains,
   destination resorts, universities and colleges, and numerous          parks, urban forestry, fleet, street lights, street sweeping,
   employment opportunities along the Wasatch front.
                                                                         and solid waste.
The City of West Jordan is a rapidly
                                                                         The Public Works Director provides highly responsible and
growing suburb of Salt Lake County,
with a balanced housing stock,                                           complex administrative support to the City Manager,
quality commercial districts and a                                       manages a department budget of $12.8 million and a total
strong industrial base. The Jordan                                       of 88 full-time and part-time employees.
Landing mixed use development,
carefully located in the major growth area of Salt Lake
County, is the focal point of retail development.
                                                                                     The Ideal Candidate
   The City of West Jordan operates under the
   Council/Manager form of government, a system that
   combines the policy leadership of elected officials in the            Requires a minimum of eight years of responsible public
   form of a city council, with the managerial expertise of a            works experience including four years of management
                    City Manager. The city council is                    and supervisory experience. Equivalent to a Bachelor’s
                   comprised of the Mayor and six members.               degree from an accredited college or university with
                   The Mayor is elected at- large and serves a           major course work in engineering or a related field. A
                   four-year term. Of the six Councilmembers,            master’s degree is desirable.
                   four are elected by district and two at-large.
                   The Councilmembers serve four-year terms.

The City of West Jordan has a 2004/2005 total budget of
$106 million and the general fund budget is $37 million.

Performance Measurements
     In FY 2004/05
The following includes examples of various performance
measurements accomplished by Human Resources in

HR has conducted 37 separate recruitments over that past fiscal year. HR utilizes the City website, local
newspapers and even national trade journals and publications to attract the best employees available. (For
an example of a job posting, see Exhibit “N”).

                             Recruitments by Month for Fiscal Year '04/'05'

                      Ju            Au     Se      Oc      No     De    Ja      Fe       M     Ap
                        ly            gu     pte     tob     ve     ce    nu      bru     ar     ril
                                                               m            ary             ch
                                        st      m
                                                        er      be mbe               ary
                                                   r              r    r

                        Recruitments by Department for Fiscal Year '04/'05





















New Employee Orientation
HR has held New Employee Orientation for 60 employees over the past fiscal year. The orientation
typically lasts about 4 hours for full-time employees and 2 ½ hours for part-time employees.

                  New Employee Orientation by Month for Fiscal Year '04/'05

                      Ju     Au     S   O     N    De    Ja      Fe      M  Ap
                        ly     gu epte ctob ove      ce    nu      bru arc    ril
                                                m            ary      ary h
                                 st   m
                                           er    be mbe
                                         r         r    r

              New Employee Orientation by Department for Fiscal
                               Year '04/'05























Worker’s Compensation
The HR Department keeps records of all worker’s compensation claims, files the claims with our
Insurance and tracks the claim status until completion. During the ‘05/’06 fiscal year, there were 38 total
worker’s compensation claims filed.

              Worker's Compensation Claims by Month for Fiscal Year '04/'05

                      Ju          Au     Se      Oc      No     De    Ja      Fe      M
                        ly          gu     pte     tob     ve     ce    nu      bru    ar Apri
                                      st      m       er     m
                                                              be mbe
                                                                          ary      ary ch     l
                                               be               r    r

               Workers' Compensation Claims by Department for Fiscal Year














Turnover Rates
The City has an exceptionally low turnover rate of 0.23%. For the entire fiscal year, we only had 16 full-
time employees who left the City (either through resignation, termination or retirement).

                       Employee Turnover by Month for Fiscal Year '04/'05





                        Ju          Au     S   O     N    D    J     Fe      M  Ap
                          ly          gu epte ctob ove ece anu         bru arc    ril
                                                       m         ary      ary h
                                        st   m
                                                  er    be mbe
                                                r         r   r

              Employee Turnover by Department for Fiscal Year


















On behalf of the Human Resource Department, we hope
that this synopsis of the department’s achievements for
fiscal year 2004/05, as well as a list of our goals for the
upcoming fiscal year 2005/06 has been informative. If you
have any comments or questions about the report or about
the department, please contact us at (801) 569-5038 or on
our web site at www.wjordan.com.

Thank You,

Debbie Bell, Human Resource Director
Anna Yu, Human Resource Generalist
Jon Gardner, Human Resource Technician


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