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									Official Newsletter of the Illinois Subdivision of the Division
                                                                                                                         V OLU ME 1 3, I SSU E 1
for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children

 Upcoming Events                           A Message from the IDEC President
                                           Deborah A. Bruns, Ph.D.
    Division for Early
    Childhood (DEC)                        I am very excited to be       Children’s Action Network Co-
                                           President of the Illinois     ordinator and urge you to join         Board. I also want to per-
Annual International Con-                  Division for Early Child-     CAN and add your voice to the          sonally thank Past-
 ference on Young Child                    hood for the 2006 – 2007      exchange of ideas. Please con-         President Jennifer Loncola
 with Special Needs and                    term. I have been in-         tact me at to          for her leadership in mak-
     Their Families                        volved with IDEC for over     add your name to the CAN               ing IDEC an active and for-
                                           10 years and look forward     listserv.                              ward-looking subdivision.
   October 19th to 22nd,
                                           to a productive year for
           2006                                                          Closer to home, we are facing          You may contact Debbie
                                           families, professionals,
                                                                         the prospect of federal funding        Bruns at Southern Illinois
Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center   administrators, students,
                                                                         cuts for some special education        University Carbondale, Col-
                                           and faculty in early inter-
       Little Rock, Arkansas                                             programs and services. Reim-           lege of Education and Hu-
                                           vention/early childhood
                                                                         bursements, via Medicaid for           man Services:
   For more information visit              special education.
                                                                         example, will be reduced or cut, (618) 453-
        http://www.dec-                                                                                         2311 (phone) or (618) 453-            It is important to remem-     for mandated services such as
                                           ber that the more things      speech therapy and nursing             7110 (fax).
                                           change, the more they         support. The shortfall will di-
                                           stay the same. The Indi-      rectly impact school districts,
                                                                                                                        Illinois Subdivision of
                                           viduals with Disabilities     many of which are ill-equipped                 the Division for Early
       Inside this issue:                  Education Act has been        to shoulder additional costs for                   Childhood of the
                                           reauthorized and the          general or special education.                        Council for
                                                                                                                        Exceptional Children
  Membership Matters                2      regulations for Part C
                                           and Part B have been          Also, join me in congratulating
  Family Relations                   2                                   Mary-alayne Hughes taking
                                           released. I am pleased
                                           that IDEC has been in-        over as President-Elect and                Find us on the web
  Congratulations to…                2
                                           volved in providing input     Julie Evans as Vice President.                     at
  DEC President’s                          that will assist children     Julie brings with her a wealth
  Message                            3     and families in our state     of knowledge through her work   
                                           receive the services and      at the Illinois State Board of
  Sharing a Vision                   3     supports they deserve. I      Education. IDEC is lucky to
                                           also hold the position of     have her on our Executive
  PREP PROJECT                       4

  Resources                          4
                                           FAMILY RELATIONS: Invitation for participa-
 The IDEC Newsletter is a quarterly
 publication of the Illinois Division
 for Early Childhood. Please send
                                           tion in Family Article Series by Lisa A. Ellis
 your inquiries, comments, and
 article submissions to:                   In Fall 2005, this newslet-    and social needs in the schools.        provided practitioners
        Hasan Zaghlawan                    ter introduced its readers     In a more recent edition we            with a family perspective
     Publications Co-Coordinator           to Brian*, a boy with au-      met Tara*, a toddler with              on early childhood special
      Email:             tism who was born in Ko-       Down’s Syndrome. In this arti-         education in Illinois. Each
        LaShorage Shaffer                  rea. His mother provided       cle we learned about her               family story shared pro-
     Publications Co-Coordinator           us with a comparison of        mother’s hopes for her daugh-          vides depth to our perspec-
      Email:             service delivery in Korea      ter’s life with this disability. In    tives of the families we
       288 College of Education            and Illinois. She also         addition she shared her suc-           serve.
         1310 S. Sixth Street              shared her struggles with      cesses and challenges in col-
        Champaign, IL 61820
                                           finding a balance between      laborating with early interven-        We know there are Illinois
                                           meeting her son’s academic     tion providers. Both articles                 Continued on page 2
                                                                                                        V OLU ME 1 3, I SSU E 1

  Membership Matters! Come and join us!!!
   The Division for Early Chil-           •   Access to CEC publications such    •   Online Member-Only discussion
   hood(DEC) of the Council for Excep-        as, Exceptional Children,              forums
   tiona Children (CEC) is a nonprofit        Teaching Exceptional Children,
   organization advocating for indi-          and CEC Today Plus, DEC Pub-       •   Discounts on services such as
   viduals who work or on behalf of           lications such as the Journal of       Car Insurance, car rentals and
   children with special needs, birth         Early Intervention and Young           professional insurance
   through age eight, and their fami-         Exceptional Children.
                                                                                 CEC’s 2006 “Back to School” Stu-
                                          •   Discounts on resources and ma-     dent Membership Campaign!
   Founded in 1973, DEC, promotes             terials specifically for special   Students save $10.00 off CEC’s
   publications and advances evidence-        educators.                         student membership if they join
   based practices that support fami-                                            or renew by November 30, 2006.
   lies and enhance the optimal devel-    •   Professional development op-
                                              portunities, such as the CEC       More information about membership
   opment of young children who have
                                              Annual Convention and Expo                   can be found at:
   or are at risk for developmental de-
   lays and disabilities.                     and the DEC Conference.        
   Here’s a sampling of membership        •   Networking opportunities for
   benefits:                                  professional support.

   Family Relations (continued from page 1)
   families out there whose voices        Illinois. Interviews conducted ei-      Families contact Lisa Ellis via
   need to also be heard but we need      ther in person or by phone, can        email at or
   your help in reaching them.            include more than one family           phone at 217.377.9348 if they are
   Please pass information about          member. Perhaps, a grandparent         interested in being a part of this
   this article series on to families     or close friend has also been an       project.
   who have a child with a disability     important person in your early
   between the ages of zero and           intervention. We are interested in     *Names have been changed to
   eight. Sharing one’s story can be      the perspective of the entire fam-     provide confidentiality to fami-
   powerful in many ways for family       ily. All of the published articles     lies and children.
   members as it facilitates healing,     will maintain confidentiality by
   acceptance, and family advocacy.       changing any identifying informa-
                                          tion such as names in the article.
   The project requires families to be    Also, families will be given the
   willing to be interviewed regard-      opportunity to review their story
   ing their experiences with early       prior to it’s publication.
   intervention in the state of


Donna Nylander will be honored at                                                        Greg Cheatham will be honored at
the 2006 DEC conference with the                                                         the 2006 DEC conference with the
prestigious Excellence in Profes-                                                        J. David Sexton Doctoral Stu-
sional Practice Rose C. Engel                                                            dent Award!
PAGE 3 13, ISSUE 1
VOLUME                                                                                                          V OLU ME 1 3, I SSU E 1

      Tweety Yates, Ph.D.

      As the current President of the Di-      practice sessions, what’s happening     that you think DEC should address
      vision for Early Childhood (DEC) of      in Washington sessions, crackerbar-     or if you would like to become more
      the Council for Exceptional Chil-        rel sessions, poster sessions, career   involved. Contact information can
      dren, I feel very honored to be writ-    fairs, family focused sessions and      be found on the DEC website.
      ing this letter for the IDEC News-       meetings, a special event at the
      letter. Not only am I proud to be an     Clinton Presidential Library, and       Thank you again for your interest,
      IDEC member, but I am also appre-        many exhibits! In addition, there       support and participation in IDEC
      ciative of the IDEC members who          will be a special poster session for    and DEC. Most especially, thank
      have served on the DEC Govern-           subdivisions and we would love to       you for your ongoing efforts in sup-
      ance Board over the years! Thanks        have a large Illinois group at the      port of young children and their
      to all of you and your commitment,       IDEC poster! It is a great opportu-     families. Hope to see you in Little
      IDEC is one of the strongest subdi-      nity to “show off” IDEC!                Rock!
      visions within DEC and serves as a
      model for other subdivisions!            I would also like to take this oppor-
                                               tunity to challenge all of us to do
                                                                                       Submitted by Tweety Yates, DEC
      I hope that Illinois will be well rep-   just a little more (I can hear all of
      resented at the 2006 Annual DEC          the loud groans as you read this!)! I
      International Conference on Young        know we are all very busy, but
      Children with Special Needs and          could you find a few minutes to en-
      Their Families. This conference will     courage someone to visit the IDEC
      be held in Little Rock, Arkansas on      website (
      October 19-22. The theme for this        or the DEC website (www.dec-
      year’s conference is Advancing  for more information
      Knowledge, Enhancing Opportuni-          about what both organizations are
      ties. It is an interesting time for      doing and how they can become in-
      early intervention and early child-      volved? Can you find a few minutes
      hood special education and this con-     to look over the websites to gather
      ference provides a great opportunity     useful information and determine
      for us to grow personally and pro-       how you can become more involved?
      fessionally. There will be full day      Please feel free to contact me, or
      pre-and post-conference workshops,       any of the DEC governance, if you
      conference sessions, research-to-        have questions, issues or concerns

  Sharing a Vision 2007                         Sharing a Vision Planning
  update!                                       Committee Calendar

                                                Are you interested in joining the         October 27, 22006
  The 10th Illinois Statewide Collaborative
  Early Childhood Conference will take          planning committee for Sharing a          January 19, 2007
  place on October 17-19, 2007 in               Vision 2007? We welcome new faces
                                                                                          March 23, 2007
  Springfield, Illinois. The conference         and collaborative partners. If you
  committee is already busy with initial        would like to help with a conference      May 18, 2007 (Crowne Plaza Hotel)
  planning and excitement over the 2007         committee, please contact Susan           July 20, 2007
  conference is brewing. We have many           Ferry at 217-824-4776 or
  exciting sessions and activities planned . Meetings         September 21, 2007
  for 2007 but we need your help! Now is        will be held in either the                October 17 2007 (Crowne Plaza Hotel)
  the time to consider volunteering during      Bloomington, Illinois area or at the
  the conference. For four hours of time, we    Crown Plaza Hotel in Springfield on       Submitted by Jennifer Loncola, SAV
  will grant one complimentary conference       the dates listed                          conference Co-Chair. Jennifer may be
  registration. More information regarding                                                contacted at 773-325-7637 or
  volunteer opportunities will be made                                           .
  available in the coming months.
                                                                                                                              V OLU ME 1 3, I SSU E 1

                                       Preparing Relationship-based Early Intervention Personnel:

                              PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
                                        The Early Childhood/Infancy program in the Department of Special Education at the University of
                              Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been awarded federal funding to support students interested in attaining a
                               master's degree in early childhood special education, with an emphasis on working with infants/
                               toddlers with disabilities and their families. This is a 2 year program of study for full-time students; some
  FOR INQUIRIES:               students also work toward this degree on a part-time basis.
  Contact:                    Completion of the master's program will provide the student with the core content requirements that are nec-
                              essary to apply for Illinois' Early Intervention Developmental Therapist credential. Future employment
  LaShorage Shaffer, PREP
  Project Coordinator         opportunities for individuals holding this credential include
                                       --early interventionist in a social service agency that serves infants/toddlers with disabilities
                                       --self-employed service provider in early intervention
  Dr, Mary-alayne Hughes,
  PREP Project Co-
  Principal Investigator               --child care provider or early interventionist in an integrated child care setting
                              Funding is limited and will be awarded on a competitive basis. This funding consists of a tuition waiver plus
  University of Illinois at   waiver of some fees, and a traineeship (10 hours/week; approximately $666/month compensation). Inter-
  Urbana-Champaign            ested individuals should apply to the graduate program in the Department of Special Education and explain in
  Department of Special       their goal statement why they are interested in working with infants and toddlers with disabilities and their
  Education                   families. They should also indicate their interest in participating in the PREP Project.
  1310 S. Sixth St.           Deadline for Fall 2007 admissions is April 1, 2007.
  Champaign, IL 61821
  (217) 333-0260

    RESOURCE CONNECTIONS: Illinois Early Care and
    Professional Development Network by LaShorage Shaffer
    The Illinois Early Care               families. These re-                    decisions regarding, current and future
    and Professional Devel-               sources range from pro-                professional development plans. The net-
    opment Network is a re-               viding information on                  work also publishes a free newsletter,
    source website under the              early childhood educa-                 Gateways Insider, quarterly that contains
    Illinois Network of Child             tion as a career, train-               early care and education news and views
    Care Resource and Refer-              ing, credentialing, fi-
    ral Agencies and the Illi-            nancial opportunities,                 Visit the website at:
    nois Department of Hu-                professional develop-        
    man Services. It is de-               ment, advocacy, and
    signed to provide state-              more. The network has
    wide resources to indi-               Professional Develop-
    viduals that work with                ment Advisors (PDAs)
    young children and their              that provide support in

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