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Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010
Conference Rooms A & B

Supt. Rounds welcomed everyone. He addressed the Classroom Walk-Through (CWT) process
and discussed how the data will help our teachers grow professionally, positively impact their
actions in the classroom and increase student achievement. He inquired as to how the
walkthroughs were going, asked whether principals were getting to all classes, and how the
collected data is helping them understand day-to-day instruction in their building. He found out
the biggest challenge was with the technology (i.e., many leaving paper behind, aren’t generating
reports, most recent uploads-not getting all complete information).

Objectives: Collect CWT trend data across school and district to:
                   1. Give greater validity to formal observations
                   2. Give greater knowledgebase for making decision about the school’s/district’s
                   3. Identify common areas of decisions that might prove valuable for staff
                   4. Monitor effectiveness of endeavors to impact teaching behavior in the classroom
                   5. Help supervisor keep perspective about his/her work
                   6. Give opportunity for teacher/administrator reflection on own work

Questions and Comments:
*Updated form on technology and familiarity with “Look-Fors”. Only a handful of people have
been trained. Principals do not know what to look for. The Lesson Plans are still not active.

SUGGESTION by Mr. Rounds- make a list of what they think is appropriate to look for and
incorporate into our chart. When they go into a classroom, they need to know in their minds
what to look for-as far as what is happening, and measure if that is there.

He noted that Las Cruces Public Schools is being recognized in the top ten of the nation in

* Principal recommended a Cheat Sheet for Look-Fors, so that everyone is looking at the same

Principals expressed some concern that their buildings are not technologically prepared yet.
How do we obtain funding? Mr. Rounds confirmed there’s money set aside in a fund.

As part of the CWT process, Mr. Rounds discussed the importance of transitioning between
formative evaluation and summative evaluation that is required for all employees. He explained
that formative discussion is not just “I went into the class and it wasn’t there.” It’s more of a
counseling session or a curriculum dialogue, as part of professional growth and development.
The principal should now be ready for the required evaluation as the walk through process
provides a good understanding of what is happening in classrooms.
What are the issues of critically? What’s most important that they aren’t doing? You want to get
them to the things most essential and get them to grow in this manner.

Dr. Sanchez – asked the principals to think about the walk through as a way to engage teachers
in reflecting on what decisions they make as they engage their students in the learning process.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Pam Egan spoke on all resources available. Said everything was free.
The following are STEM Programs provided and contact people for information.
   1. Professional Development Center (grades K-12)
       Mary Sloan, Math Specialist
       Martha Trost, Technology Specialist
       Terri Hansen – Elem. Science and Math
   2. The Aerospace Equation (grades 6-12), Bobbi Eichhorst
   3. Science Advisor Program, SCIAD (grades K-12), Pam Egan
   4. Scientifically Connected Communities - SC2 (grades K-12), Terri Hansen
   5. Mathematically Connected Communities – MC2 (grades 6-12)
       Wanda Bulger-Tamez, Michelle Rodriguez, Patricia Carden, Kathe Kanim, Diane Waller

Bobbi Eichhorst announced two field trip opportunities. One is ISPCS for both teachers and
students, which will be a public forum held Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 at the Pan American Center
from 10:00-noon. Students (grades K-12) will get to hear from NASA scientists and Virgin
Galactic to see rockets launched. Contact Bobbi for more information. The second is to take
teachers on a Field Trip to Spaceport America on Nov. 6, 2010. A question was raised about
whether this trip would be allowed as their 183rd day. Dr. Sanchez prefers to provide a stipend.

A question was raised about who to contact for the Science Kits. It can be located on the LCPS
website, under Professional Development Training Registration.

Dr. Sanchez encouraged integration in Science, Language Arts, and Math and also encouraged
getting students to participate in a variety of activities, i.e., Battle of the Books and Knowledge

Dr. Elizabeth Marrufo said there were two documents.
   1. Ten in Every Hundred, which will be presented at the Sept. 21st Board Meeting. This is a
       process for identifying and should flow through RTI structure. She mentioned that we
       are working on a Tier 2 component.
   2. Characteristics of Dyslexia, at K-2nd , DIBELS and reading comprehension via DRA;
       at grade level 3rd-8th, phonological awareness; and at grade level 9th-12th, chronological
       Training will be provided by someone from the SAT Team.
   3. Identification – on Nov. 1st, which is a Professional Development Day, a session for
       administrators, teachers, SPED leads, and interventionists will be available. An intensive
       training will be held for diagnosticians from 10:30-2:30 on Nov. 1st.
   4. We currently have the Take Flight program and are seeking for a process to identify
      teachers to go training.
   5. How to maximize systems for secondary students and having our own Dyslexia Center
      that can provide students with additional help in an after-school setting.

Graduate NM
Dr. Marcy Oxford has been appointed half-time contact person for our district. The intent is to
get people who have dropped-out of school to “drop back in.” This effort is available for anyone
over the age of 18 years.
Dr. Sanchez noted that elementary principals had and could make their elementary parents aware
of this opportunity. He stressed that Graduate NM is NOT for 16 year-old students. Oñate High
School is making an effort to bring back their drop-outs. They have a Drop-Out Prevention

Erlinda Martinez, Director of Federal Programs is going to provide day care at the five Parent
Centers for Graduate NM students who are working on their courses.

Application packet may be obtained from the Instruction Department.

Technology Plan
Dr. Marcy Oxford presented the district technology plan. Our vision is technology is integral to
the teaching and learning process. The Technology Plan consists of five goals:
    1. Learner
    2. Teacher
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Data
    5. Funding
Activities in the Technology Plan includes students having the capability to use computers in
classrooms. An action item in place is to develop on-line courses appropriate for levels which
will become a teaching and learning opportunity. Dr. Oxford is working on obtaining
information on research-based outcomes. As of last week, we provide student email (and email
addresses) for students in third grade and up. This effort allows students and teachers a way to
communicate in a safe and filtered environment. There is a link on web page to access student
email. Some schools are utilizing Blackboard and Moodle are now being used to share
professional development.

The state of NM and the district have both formally adopted ISTE NETS some of the technology
standards that we are committed to. Reading material was made available to principals in their
packets for standards for students, teachers, and administrators.
Another great resource is IST.ORG, which provides a lot of information. Professional
development for principals will be put in place soon.
On-line discussions are one way of expanding classrooms. Teachers at Oñate High School and
in most of our middle schools are utilizing online venue for instruction.
Dr. Oxford stated that we are building a library of on-line courses because eventually we are
going to offer fully on-line classes.
Title I Supplemental Education Services
Erlinda Martinez stated this is a service we have to provide. SES tutoring applies to Title I
schools. If you are an R2 corrective action or restructuring Title I school, then your school
qualifies for outside supplemental education services. This year the state has approved 39
vendors. It will cost $1,342 for every student who signs up for SES services. The packet will
be delivered to your school by Friday, Sept. 24, 2010. These applications must go out by next
week. Parent must return completed applications to your school site.

We are discouraging venders from using school facilities for tutoring or computer lab courses.
We are not distributing the flyers for vendors. They can advertise via newspapers or other
means. If any vendor is resistant to this request, refer them to Ms. Martinez or your School
Resource Officer.

Balanced Calendar schools will also have a four-week turnaround time, as well.

Ms. Martinez suggested that when SES applications are sent home, to attach a school flyer
advertising your school’s program, at the same time. Another reminder to parents is that we do
not provide transportation.

Ms. Martinez needs the middle and high schools summary pages from the Parent Focus Surveys
to be posted. The state was requiring us to post them again. Ms. Martinez talked to them and
came to the conclusion that if you had already posted the results last year, you do not need to do
them again this year. This is a requirement of corrective action in R1 schools. The four
components are:
    1. Principal Reflection
    2. Staff reflection
    3. Parent
    4. Student
And will be posted on the first goal under Reading and Language Arts Surveys.

EPSS Peer Review Visits
EPSS final draft should be ready for review by September 30, 2010. The state will review it on
November 1, 2010. We will have EPSS Peer Review during the entire month of October. We
are not doing Classroom Walk-Throughs for this first review, we want to concentrate on
feedback on your EPSS plan with strategies met etc. We are estimating two to three hours on
conversation. Then on October 15th, she will make PDF files and post those on our district
website for public access. On November 1, 2010, the state will access and scrutinize your plans
and principals will receive additional feedback.

The second visit will be at the end of February 2011.

Subs for EPSS reviews will be provided, if part of your EPSS development plan. Title I can be
Transformational model addresses what you are going to do as you go into the depths of AYP
depravity. Principals need to be specific and address what it is that is going to be most
significant. A question about whether if it’s in the district’s EPSS, why do they have to put it in
their EPSS? Dr. Sanchez responded that they should include the district goals because they are
personalizing it at their site. It was noted that last year, teachers weren’t clear as to the contents
of the EPSS Plan and principals were asked to ensure that all staff are aware of the contents of
the EPSS.

With regards to iVisions, Dr. Sanchez asked Terry Dean if the principals would be able to extract
information about professional development. Mr. Dean responded they would not be able to
conduct this tracking and stated the state would probably be changing their account code
structure. For professional development, Dr. Sanchez recommended to use from federal funds
first, since these are replenished next year. In February, we will be able to provide a better
picture of the budget cuts. He said the Superintendent is anticipating an additional cut in the
budget for next year. Dr. Sanchez is very proud of the directors in their effort to support the
learning of our children by way of collective sharing of funds.

Mr. Dean reiterated that we are still experiencing some problems with the single server. After
Finance and Human Resources meet to discuss ePAR routing issues, they will update us on any

Substitute requests – Dr. Sanchez has asked for people entering data, to please be more specific
justifying the leave on either the Comments or Notes sections. If there’s no cost to district other
than a sub cost, then be sure to type in “no cost to district, EXCEPT for a sub.” Indicate if travel
for teacher/employee is part of a grant, NEA-related, etc.

He reminded everyone of the 48-hour window of approval for ePARs.

Meet and Confer meetings with elementary principals. Regarding the agenda we are going to try
to get very specific with timelines.

Tracie O’Hara briefly reminded everyone of the COGNOS training.

Meeting adjourned into the elementary and secondary breakout sessions at 11:05 a.m.

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