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                               Presentation Council # 10478
                                                                                                        Father McGivney, pray

                               Newsletter November 2011                                                        for us.

                              Gil Dalben, Grand Knight                           Council Website:
                              Editor: Randy Burns 209-817-2496                             Email:

                                                                          any other brothers for whom you would like us to pray, please
                  Grand Knight’s Message                                  email me.

                All Hands On Deck!                                                              McGivney Guild
        I understand that we have fallen on hard                          Consider joining the Father McGivney Guild. Membership is
economic times and that most families are now duel                        FREE and the Guild prays for McGivney’s canonization and
                                                                          also prays to him as an intercessor. We should be supporting
income. This makes it very hard to balance time                           the man who gave us our start. Fr. McGivney would be the
with work and family. The knights have seen less                          first American born priest to be declared a saint.    Go to
and less numbers at events and meetings as of                    or look in your next issue of your
recently. So I am calling on those who are still                          Knights’ magazine for an application to sign up.
active to reach out to fellow knights, pick up a
                                                                                                  Dues Update
phone and give someone a call you haven’t seen at a                       If you know of a Brother Knight who is unable to pay his
meeting in a while, give them a personal invite. As                       dues, please let us know so that we may provide him with a
the Holidays approach, we will down to only one                           waiver.
meeting for November and December. Let’s make
2012 a great year of participation.                                                            Monthly Food Deliveries
                                                                          Al Espinor is always looking for a few more helping hands to
                                                                          deliver food to needy families on the 3rd Thursday of each
                          Gilbert Dalben, Grand Knight                    month. They meet early, around 7 AM, and the deliveries take
                                                                          around an hour of your time. You don’t have to commit to do
                        Contact Us!                                       it for a year, but it’s nice to have a brother Knight chip in once
New to the Knights or want to have the newsletter emailed                 and a while to help Al out.
to you? Email us at and tell us!
You can get the newsletter in full color and without the
delay of standard mail. If you know of a new Knight who
is not getting the newsletter, please let us know. If your
email (or that of a Brother Knight) has changed, please let
us know. Please save us the $ of printing and mailing your

                                                                                         Common LTC Missconceptions
                 Monthly Pancake Breakfast
Each month our council hosts a pancake breakfast on the first                  Baby Boomers have reached retirement years, long-term
Sunday. For a mere $4 you get pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit              care (LTC) insurance products have gotten more public
and a drink. You can’t beat that price! The low price makes it            attention, but they’re still not well understood, especially
possible to feed a whole family for the price of a trip to                when it comes to how to pay for care.
Starbucks! You are also welcomed to come and help out at
the breakfast, anytime between 6AM and 11AM in Guadalupe                       For example, many Americans believe that Medicare pays
Hall. See you there.                                                      for long-term assistance with the basic activities of daily living
                                                                          — but it doesn’t. It applies only to those who have been in the
                                                                          hospital 72 hours and are diagnosed as requiring “skilled
                                                                          care.” Medicaid covers care only if and when the person has
                                                                          gone through a “spend down” and has no other means to pay
                                                                          for it. Not a good situation to be in.
                  Lord, Hear Our Prayer…
Please pray for our fellow brother knights, wives and families:               Another common issue is that Boomers think they can
Bishop Blaire, Fr. Kelly, Ryan C., John R. and wife, David P.,            wait to buy LTC. Unfortunately, this could be a financial
and our fine men and women in the military. If you know of
                                                                          devastating choice. What happens if you suddenly become ill

or uninsurable before you have made this purchase? Again,
not a good situation.

     Waiting to buy will also increase the cost of the premiums
you pay. Consider this example. If you buy a Knights of
Columbus Comprehensive Long-Term Care policy for
yourself with a $200 daily benefit, lifetime benefit duration
and 30-day elimination period at age 40, your annual premium
                                                                                                    Louis Dawang 11-1
will be $739.20. The total premium paid by age 85 will be
$33,264. If you decide to wait to buy the same policy until                                        Zade Al-Sayegg 11-1
you are 60 years old, your annual premium will be $2,374 and                                            John Olive 11-2
the total premium paid by age 85 will be $59,350. That’s a                                              Mark Wall 11-4
difference of more than $26,000. (This example is for                                                 Craig Garfolo 11-7
                                                                                                      Thomas Kiley 11-7
comparison purposes only.)
                                                                                                       William Mar 11-7
    Personal service is crucial in choosing LTC policy                                                  Robert Lee 11-11
options, and for adjusting them as necessary. Group LTC may                                        Joseph Rishwain 11-12
indeed be a viable option for you, but as your Knights of                                              Phil Cordova 11-12
Columbus agent, I can help you compare the details so you                                          Rajahayag Marku 11-12
                                                                                                       Joe Carranza 11-12
can make an informed decision.
                                                                                                          Joe Telena 11-27
     To contact me with regards to LTC or                                                             Tony Reynoso 11-29
any of your insurance needs, please call my
office at (209-483-1047) or e-mail me at
                                                                                             Crab Feed Dinner Set!
                 Fraternally, Your Brother and Field
         Agent, Steven Truelsen
                                                                       Our annual crab feed dinner date has been set. It
                                                                      will be held on Friday January 13th. Make sure to be
                    Council Calendar                                  at the meetings as to stay informed as we will need
    Here is a list of special events for the 2011-2012 year:
            August – Council Family Picnic TBA                            all of the help we can get. A flyer with all the
                   September – Fall Fest TBA                            details will be posted in December’s newsletter.
            October – Columbus Day Dinner TBA
              October - Tootsie Roll Drive TBA
           November – Thanksgiving Baskets TBA
           December – Angel Tree Deliveries TBA
                    January – Crab Feed TBA
             February – Free Throw Contest TBA
              March – Corned Beef Dinner TBA                               Sun               Mon     Tue    Wed             Thu                Fri   Sat

                April – Asparagus Festival TBA
                                                                                                      1      2               3                  4      5
                 Grand Knight Photos                                       6
                                                                                 Breakfast   7        8      9
                                                                                                                                  Meeting      11     12
Do you have any photos of past Grand Knights of our council?                                                                      Food

The church is looking to put some pictures of our PGKs up in               13                14      15     16              17    Deliveries
                                                                                                                                               18     19
the room named after the Knights in the Youth Center. If you               20                21      22     23
                                                                                                                                  giving       25     26
may have some photos from more than 5 years ago, call Gil or
bring them to a meeting.                                                   27                28      29     30


                                                                    TITLE               NAME                     PHONE
                        Phone Bus/Fax: 209-483-1047                 Grand Knight        Gilbert Dalben           957-4521
                     E-mail:               Deputy G.K.         Al Espinor               351-3180
                                                                    Chaplain            Msgr. Larry Mc Govern    472-2150
                                                                    Chancellor          Joseph Telena            456-3108
                                                                    Recorder            Paul Shane               957-3161
           Steven Truelsen                                          Treasurer           Bob Pemberton            547-9843
                Insurance Field Agent                               Finan. Sect.        Jim Keating
                                                                    Warden              Jason Trinidad
                                                                    Lector              John Tucker              957-2618
Agency Department                                                   Advocate            David Poss               472-7908
                                     CA LIC. # OF47150              Inside Guard        Tom Morris               476-9736
Knights of Columbus
                                                                    Outside Guard       Patrick Koenig           464-5680
                                                                    1st Trustee         Louis Dawang             401-5752
                                                                    2nd Trustee         Will Mar                 639-3371
                                                                    3rd Trustee
  Barkhurst Accountancy Corporation                                 Insurance
                                                                                        Ned Hand
                                                                                        Steven Truelsen

     William K. Barkhurst, MBA, CPA
     Certified Management Accountant

     949 N. Center St. #A Stockton, CA 95202
     Office # 209-948-6400 Fax# 209-948-6022
                                                                            After reading me, please recycle or pass me on!
                                                                                     COUNCIL COMMITTEES
                                                                    COMMITTEE             CHAIR         CO-CHAIR
                       Harold Hand, M.D.                            Church             Emanuel Ponte                    ?
                                                                    Community          Al Espinor                       ?
  HAND, MD Ophthalmology                                            Council
                                                                                       Bob Pemberton                    ?
  California’s Advanced Institute of Vision Medical GP., INC.                          547-9843
        1801 E. March Ln., C-350, Stockton, CA 95210                Family/Youth       Joe Nava                         ?
                                                                    Membership         Gilbert Dalben           Ned Hand
Ph: 209-474-2121                        1-800-345-2020                                 957-4521                 951-5081
Fax: 209-474-1181                                                   Right to Life      Al Espinor               John Rehn
                                                                                       351-3180                 477-0089

                                                                             All Council meetings are held in St. Joachim
                                                                              Room at 7 P.M. the second and fourth
               PAUL JACOBS                                                    Wednesdays of the month.
                        Realtor                                              Chapter meetings are held in Salida the
Res: 209-951-2631
                                                                              second Thursday of each month.
Office: 209-478-8121                 878 W. Ben Holt Dr.                     Fourth degree meetings are held in Guadalupe
Fax: 209-474-9452                    Stockton, CA 95207                       Hall the 4th Thursday of each month.


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