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					    Project Name            Sector     Product/service        Country/ Location

                                                           Country        Location

                          Tourism    Charter vessel      Fiji Islands   Fiji waters
   Malolo Surf Co.                   operations

                          Tourism    Spa, food and       Fiji Islands   Vunuku
Sustainable Destination              entertainment

                          Tourism    Accommodation       Kiribati       Abemama
 Abemama Tourism

                          Tourism    Accommodation       Marshall       Majuro

 EneKalamur Island
                         Tourism   Accommodation   Palau   Koror State

 Aman Resorts Palau

                         Tourism   Accommodation   Palau   Koror State

The Meuns Bay Vills of

                         Tourism   Accommodation   Palau   Koror State

 Ngermid Bay Resort
                           Tourism   Accommodation   Palau       Koror State

   Carolines Resort

                           Tourism   Accommodation   Papua New   Milne Bay
                                                     Guinea      Province

   Driftwood Resort

                           Tourism   Accommodation   Papua New   Buka,
                                                     Guinea      Bougainville

  Bougainville Hotel

                           Tourism   Accommodation   Papua New   Wewak, East
                                                     Guinea      Sepik
 Sepik Surfsite Lodge

                           Tourism   Wellness        Samoa       Apia
Le Spa Lelalelei o Samia             Accommodation
                      Tourism   Accommodation      Solomon   Various

   Surf Solomons

                      Tourism   Accommodation      Solomon   Ysabel
                                                   Islands   Province

Kharuo Island Unity

                      Tourism   Accommodation      Solomon   Munda,
                                                   Islands   Western

 Sea Spray Traders

Fuel and Gas Storage Tourism    Fuel & Gas storage Tonga     Nuku'alofa
      Facilities                tanks
 Lomipeau Marina Tourism        Over-the-water Fale Tonga    Nuku'alofa
 Resort Holding Ltd             Resort
                     Tourism    Motel              Tonga     Nuku'alofa
     Rising Sun

                      Tourism   Resort Hotel       Tonga     Kanatea
 Island View Resort

                      Tourism   Airport Transfer   Tonga     Nuku'alofa
    Rising Sun

                      Tourism   Holiday/Ecotourism Tuvalu    Fualefeke
  Fualefeke Resort                                           Island
                         Tourism   Accommodation   Vanuatu      Port Vila

   Moorings Hotel

                         Tourism   Accommodation   Vanuatu      Port Vila

 The Havannah Resort

                         Tourism   Accommodation   Vanuatu      Port Vila

    Manuro Shores

                         Tourism   Accommodation   Vanuatu      Espiritu Santo

Lapita Boutique Resort

                         Tourism   Resort Hotel    Cook Islands Rarotonga
    Day Dreamers

 The Rarotongan Beach Tourism      Resort Hotel    Cook Islands Rarotonga
     Resort & Spa
Sanctuary Rarotonga on Tourism     Resort Hotel    Cook Islands Rarotonga
   the beach Resort
                       Tourism     Resort Hotel    Cook Islands Aitutaki
Aitutaki Lagoon Resort
                        Tourism   Resort Hotel        Cook Islands Rarotonga
    Vaitapu Resort

                        Tourism   Luxury Villas       Cook Islands Rarotonga
     Muri Villas

                        Tourism   Resort Hotel        Cook Islands Aitutaki
  Rangimaia Resort

                        Tourism   Resort Hotel        Cook Islands Aitutaki
 Samade on the Beach

                        Tourism   Hotel properties    Fiji Islands   Nadi
    Palm Groove

                        Tourism   Integrated Resort   Fiji Islands   Malolo Island
  Malolo Ocean Club               Development

                        Tourism   Marina operations   Fiji Islands   Vuda, Fiji
Vuda Marina Expansion             and villa sales

                        Tourism   Integrated Resort   Fiji Islands   Viti,
 First Landing Resort             Development                        Levu/Vuda
  Expansion Project

                        Tourism   Resort              Fiji Islands   Viti, Levu
 Namuka Bay Resort

                        Tourism   Resort Development Fiji Islands    Nanuiya
    Nanuiya Island                                                   Island

                        Tourism   Tourist Centre      Fiji Islands   Navua
 Edge Water Tourist

                        Tourism   Resort              Fiji Islands   Labasa
    Resort Sports

                        Tourism   Hotel and           Fiji Islands   Rewa Delta
 Canaan Development               Residential
     Enterprise                   properties
                        Tourism   Tourism Resort      Fiji Islands   Colo-I Suva

   Raintree Lodge
                          Tourism   Hotel/Resort   FSM   Pohnpei

 Pacific Skylite Hotel

                          Tourism   Hotel/Resort   FSM   Yap State,
                                                         Ulithi Atoll

Ulithi Adventure Resort
                                                                                                      Project          Project Size/Investment
                Brief Summary/Project Description                            Project Status
                                                                                                  Promoter/Partner              Value

60 foot sailing catarman and 2 auxillary craft                          Operational           Triple T Industries &    USD$2,000,000
                                                                                              Pioneer Land group

Development of resort facilities and wellnes village                    New, start up         Nick & Meggan Chamulak

Seeking joint venture partner to invest, develop and manage the project Unstarted. Seeking    Triple Tee Enterprises   AUD500,000
into a marketable resort to an international tourist standard.          investors for Joint

Seeking JV (preferably with established Pacific hotel operator) for the Not started           Enemanit-Latuma          USD1.5 million
development of an eco-friendly island resort property comprised of 5                          Extended Family
overwater bungalows including mini-kitchenettes. The ideal investor                           Association (ELEFA)
will provide and promote clean energy, energy efficiency and climate
friendly operations. It is anticipated the investor will develop and
accommodate water-borne activities not endangering coral heads and
their living ecosystems, maintain sustainable clean water supply, and
maintain sanitary upkeep of island and facilities including garbage
collection and separation systems. Transportation to and from the main
island of Majuro will also be required. This project is a new
development utilizing a single family owned island on Majuro Atoll.
Aman Resorts Palau is operated under the leadership and branding of Not started      PHC Company (Palau),      USD20 million
the Aman Group - one of the most successful high-end resort chains in                Ltd.
the world. The Aman business development model is local-based, and
as a result, the project will be built by a local contractor, employ local
staff, and will utilise local products to the extent possible. This
approach, along with Aman’s status as the premier high end resort
worldwide, will bring many benefits to Palau and its population. Land
leases and water use rights have been secured. The major
environmental approvals and other licenses have been issued and
foreign investor permits have been issued. Financing is needed to get
the project started and proponents are seeking a JV, partnership, loan
or equity partner to construct and operate the property.

A high-end gated community of villas, townhouses and condominiums New                Finley Interests and Renew USD10 million
to serve the needs of executive-level residents and long-term visitors to            Consultants
Palau. It is a new development however the land has already been
secured. The proponents are exploring opportunities for JV,
partnership, loan, equity partner for site development (power, water,
earth moving) and construction.

Ngermid Bay Resort will be the only eco-friendly, bungalow-style       Not started   Samuel D. Scott & Martul USD4 million
accommodation with waterfront access in Palau. Plans include 10                      Scott
tropical timber duplex bungalows with 20 units. 5,593 square meters of
land in Ngermid, Koror has been secured on the hill side overlooking
the beautiful Nikko Bay. The total project cost is USD4 million. The
National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) is willing to fund up to
USD3 million so proponents are seeking an additional USD1 million.
The investor will be a shareholder owning up to 25% of the
corporation. The Resort will be very closely linked/connected with
Sam’s Tours, the leading tour operator in Palau.
The Carolines Resort is the most unique resort in Palau. All rooms are Existing          Receivership for Pacific   USD3.3 million
hand crafted bungalows, each of which are modeled after traditional                      Savings Bank, Ltd.
Palauan architecture using local materials such as bamboo, mahogany
and mangrove. Each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, TV
and VCR, refrigerator, mini bar and private bath and guests have
access to the only private beach in Koror. The owners are seeking
investors for expansion and upgrade of resort facilities.

Driftwood Resort is a unique resort with 8 Cape Cod-style bungalows Existing             Driftwood Ltd              AUD2 million
and direct waterfrontage to Milne Bay. We are looking for investors to
build a further 7 bungalows and a conference centre. Driftwood Ltd is
an approved international enterprise and the development was started 4
years ago and occupies traditional land with a 25 year renewable
Lease. We are seeking a JV or equity partner to add additional
bungalows and related services, a conference centre and a franchise
centre (which are already in the process of construction approval). No
additional licenses or approvals are required other than the Physical
Planning Approval for construction. All foreign investor and
incorporation requirements are in place.

There is currently a lack of quality accommodation in Buka and             Not started   Lawrence Belleh, former Capital expenditure
therefore minimal competition. The aim of the project is to construct                    MP of Autonomous         required for full
and manage a 40 room hotel in Buka, the capital of AROB. The hotel                       Bougainville Government. construction, fit out of 15
will also feature other key facilities such as restaurants, conference                                            rooms, restaurant, bar
rooms and entertainment venues. Land for the construction site is                                                 and conference facilities
being negotiated with local landowners. The site of the proposed hotel                                            for Phase 1 is PGK 1.7
development is situated on a hill overlooking Buka Town and the Buka                                              million (AUD710,000)
Passage and would be within easy access to key infrastructure
including Buka Airport, town and Parliament. It is likely the hotel
would be used by visiting dignitaries, business people and politicians
whilst visiting Bougainville. Investment is being sought because of a
lack of initial capital to progress the project. Once a potential investor
has been identified, submissions will be made to establish a joint
venture corporate structure.

The company is Gala Enterprises Ltd and owns and operates two      Under construction    Gala Enterprises Ltd       Seeking investment of
tourism businesses (Ambunti Lodge in Ambunti and Adventure Tours                                                    PGK2.75 million
in Wewak). The Surfsite project is 50% complete, and is under
construction, however the proponent is seeking additional funds to
complete the development of this 44 room Lodge. The National
Development Bank of PNG has already contributed PGK250,000.

Business expansion to construct 5 premier suites, changing rooms, 2       Existing       Ivy Warner and Russell     WST$375,000
treatment rooms and other facilities.                                                    Jobling
Operating since 2007, Surf Solomons is a social enterprise developing Existing                 Tony Jansen and Steve   AUD250,000 - 400,000
adventure surf tourism products to mid-to-high-end international                               Francone
markets in partnership with indigenous Solomon Islanders.
The company is seeking a joint venture, equity investor, or strategic
partner investment to expand surf camps into new sites at locations
offering world-class, and as yet, undiscovered waves. The project is
foreign investment approved and has all relevant licenses.

This proposed island resort is to be developed on a small island outside Not started           Mr.Ben Vasula as         SBD850,000
of Buala Town, the capital of Ysabel province. From Honiara city to                            Chairman
Fera airport (6km from the proposed site), it takes around 40 minutes                          Mr.Walter Vasula as
by aircraft. The islet is owned by the proponents and a decision made                          Secretary
by the Maringe House of chiefs on the 16th November,1998 has also                              Mr.Ian Vasula as Finance
affirmed this. The Provincial Premier of Ysabel Province endorsed this                         & Operation Manager.
project in 2005 for go-ahead and application to a fund under the
Ministry of Tourism and Culture. However, because there was a
funding shortage, the project did not commence. The tourism activities
that are likely suitable for this islet would include accommodation,
diving, water skiing, surfing, catering,bar and conference rooms. The
proponent is seeking 40% foreign investment.

The local proponent owns a perpetual estate title land called “Barikihi” Not started           Mr.Ronald Kevisi        USD3 million
and is looking for an investor to develop this island into a tourist resort
and/or an aquaculture business.This particular island is situated in the
Roviana lagoon,near the international sea port of Noro and 3
kilometres from Munda airport. Munda station is about two hundred
meters away and has access to water supply, electricity and modern
telecommunication systems. The total land area of this island is 53.9
Ha. The local proponent is still looking for a 60% shareholding from
an interested foreign investment partner.

Development of a new facility                                            Land secured.         Tatafu Moeaki           TOP10,700,000

Development of first class multi-fucntion international tourism resort   New, start-up         Hon. Afeaki, Pousima    TOP20,000,000
at Fanga'uta Lagoon
Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                            Currently operating   Starford 'Aho           TOP200,000

Development of a new resort                                              Land secured but      Starford 'Aho           TOP2,000,000
                                                                         construction yet to
Transfer buses from international airport to Nuku'alofa                  New project           Starford 'Aho           TOP200,000

To expand our tourism industry in Tuvalu, promote our beautiful and      New, unstarted        Pese Maatia             AUD400,000
diverse culture to the whole world.
Moorings Hotel was established in 2007 and comprises 30 studio            Existing              Mr Justin Johnson     AUD2 million (Stage 1
rooms and a 60 seat restaurant. Due to strong occupancy pressure, an                                                  Additional Rooms);
opportunity exists to further develop the existing site with the addition                                             AUD11 million (Stage 2
of a further 20 rooms. Furthermore, vacant land adjoining the site is                                                 Strata Title)
available for strata titled development of 30 saleable lots which will
enhance the core hotel business. All building and municipal permits
and other operating permits are well in hand.

Luxury resort and going concern. 16 rooms, 45 Acre beach front            Existing              Greg Pechan, Andrew   Currently on offer 30%
property.                                                                                       Hobbs                 equity AUD $1.2Million
                                                                                                                      net of debt. Required
                                                                                                                      investment of approx
                                                                                                                      another AUD$1-
                                                                                                                      $1.5million for 100%
                                                                                                                      stage three.

Manuro Shores is a unique and luxurious residential lifestyle, golf and New                     Joseph Franconieri    AUD3 - 10 million
hotel resort development located only 35 minutes from Port Vila, the
capital of Vanuatu. The features, to name just a few, include 228 home
sites, an 18 hole golf course, a marina, a village centre with shops and
offices, a large resort and a unique 20 hectare nature reserve. Recently
the first stage has been completed. In place is a strata subdivision of 71
oceanfront lots with water and power including internal unsealed roads
and detailed planning of an 18 hole golf course and hotel site.
The land is owned by the development company, and the business has
been established over the last 4 years. Seeking JV, partnership or
equity partner to fund subsequent stages such as construction of the
golf course and marina. All licenses and approvals are in place for the
development. The company is incorporated in Vanuatu.

Lapita is a managed eco-friendly residential/resort development           Not started           Matthew Woon          Residential Lots
located one of the most beautiful tropical coastlines in the South                                                    AUD80,000-140,000;
Pacific. It will consist of private residential land holdings and three                                               Resort Sites
resort developments – one of which will include an international                                                      AUD850,000+;
standard 18-hole golf course. Stage 1 of the development, Lapita                                                      Investment in Resort
Boutique Resort, will offer 30 luxury independent villas surrounding                                                  AUD6.5 million
large tropical feature pools, bars, restaurant and luxury guest

Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                             Currently operating   Dallas Young                         $850,000

Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                             Currently operating   Tata Crocombe                      20,000,000

Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                             Currently operating   Tata Crocombe                       5,000,000

Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                             Currently operating   Tata Crocombe                      12,500,000
Development of a new resort                                           Land secured but       Tata Crocombe                            3,000,000
                                                                      construction yet to
Development of a new resort                                           Land secured but       Tata Crocombe                            1,500,000
                                                                      construction yet to
Development of a new resort                                           Land secured but       Tata Crocombe                            3,000,000
                                                                      construction yet to
Expansion and upgrading of an existing resort                         Currently operating    Adrianne Vakalahi                       $1,800,000

Development of hotel property in Denarau Road, Nadi                   New, start up          Adrian Sofield

32 Villa development in 2 stages                                      Planning, design EIA   Triple T Industries &      USD$20,000,000
                                                                      complete               Pioneer Land group

Superyatch marina expansion project                                   Operational            Triple T Industries &      USD$20,000,000
                                                                                             Pioneer Land group

First Landing seeks to expand and accelerate its project in a staged   Operational           Barstock Investments       Fiji$113,000,000
development. The adjacent Vuda Yacht Marina is obtainign a                                   (Fiji), Ltd.
foreshore development for the construction of a second marina to cater
for super yachts.
Development of resort facilities                                      New, start up          Mr. Ali & Mrs. Saira Ali

Development of resort facilities                                      New, start up          Yasawa Group

Development of resort facilities, café' and internet café', and       New, start up          Timoci Sakiusa
entertainment center                                                                         Manumanunivalu

Development of sports facilities in the resort area                   New, start up          Hansel Whippy

Development of eco-tourism in the Rewa Delta, Fiji                    New, start up          Seci Ligairi Tawake and
                                                                                             Viliame Yabakivou

Raintree Lodge occupies a 3-acre site on the Princess Road at Colo-I- Existing               Raintree Lodge
Suva. It is considered as the Fiji's premier ecotourism resort.
3 story hotel comprising of 18 rooms all with private bath facilities,   Existing    FSM Development Bank   USD150,000
balconies, and interior access. The property is located conveniently
nearby to Kolonia and government complexes and only 5 minutes from
the International Airport making it very attractive for business and
government travellers. The hotel was constructed in 1995 and features
reception-area drop off point as well as a restaurant, conference rooms,
bar and parking area.

The business includes a 10 room furnished oceanfront hotel and           Existing.   FSM Development Bank   USD150,000
restaurant that has been in operation since 1998. Ulithi Lagoon is
popular with scuba divers (WW2 wrecks) and fishers and the hotel is
perfectly located on the lagoon to attract this clientele. The resort is
minutes away from Ulithi Airport (ULI), with flights arriving and
returning on Mondays and Fridays from Yap Island, a short 45 minute
flight over stunning blue ocean. Continental Airlines provides flights
to Yap Island through Guam with convenient connections from Asia or
North America. Seeking investment for renovations and operations.
FSM Development Bank is seeking investors to purchase, carry out
improvements, operate and take over ground lease.
                                        Project Documentation Status                                                        Contact Person

              Financial Statements         Land Titles            Marketing Collateral     Financing         Name          Phone
Available    Available                                       Equity           Adam Yared (679) 970 0952

To be written None                   Private Lease                                                       Nick &        (679) 836 2039
To be written None                   Ownership             None                          Joint Venture   (686) 26691   tekeeuatarati@t

To be written None                   Private lease         None                          Joint Venture   (692) 247     yurimad@gmai
Existing      Existing                Government Lease. The None (see       Joint Venture / (680) 488   tiger@palaunet.
                                      hotel portion of the                                       Equity          7282        com
                                      project sits on 53,000 sm                                  Partnership /
                                      of land leased from the                                    Loan
                                      government until 2051
                                      (40 years left on the
                                      lease), and an additional
                                      13,000 sm of ocean
                                      fronting the hotel (for
                                      overwater units) that has
                                      the same lease term. An
                                      additional 12,000 sm of
                                      privately owned land has
                                      also been leased adjacent
                                      to the government land
                                      for use in future phases
                                      of the project, so the total
                                      area on land is 65,000 sm
                                      and overwater is 13,000

In Progress   Not applicable as yet   Private Lease             Yes <> as Joint Venture / (680) 587    mar@palaunet.
                                                                well as brochures and CDs       Equity          1210         com
                                                                                                Partnership /

Existing      Existing                Private Lease (75 years   None                             Equity          (680) 488   info@samstour
                                      remaining)                                                 Partnership     7267;
Existing    Existing      Private Lease            Yes                                 Sale            (680) 5871859 carolinesresort
                                                   <>                   / 60;

Existing    Existing      Private Lease (75 year   Yes (         Joint Venture / Mr. Brendan
                          renewable)                                                   Equity          Coombs

Existing    Existing      None                     None                                Joint Venture   Ms. Carla      +61 438 493
                                                                                                       Ewin           670

None        latest 2008   99 year government lease Businesses already operating        Seeking loan, or Mr Alois      adventurepng@
                          (with 89 years                                               potentially      Mateos
                          remaining)                                                   investor or

Available   Available                                                 Equity          Ivy Warner and
                                                                                                       Participation/J Russell Jobling
Existing     Existing               Honiara ‘Longhouse’ - Yes <>           Equity            (614)         tonyj@surfsolo
                                    Ownership. Surf camps –                                    Participation /   79033414
                                    Operating with leases on                                   Joint Venture
                                    customary land.

Existing     None                   Ownership (family's   Project proposal and architectural   Equity            (677) 20031; ivasula@flysol
                                    customary land)       plan of the resort.                  Participation     (677) 7488984

Existing     None                   Ownership             Yes                                  Equity            (677) 62261

Available    To be written          Government lease                                           Equity            Tatafu Moeaki (676)23-688
Available    Available                                                                         Equity            Hon. Afeaki, (676) 878 3729
                                                                                               Participation     Pousima
Available    Audited Financial      Ownership                                                  Equity            Starford 'Aho (676)28-798
             Statements Available                                                              Participation
To be written None                  Ownership                                                  Equity            Starford 'Aho (676)28-798

Available    To be written                                                                     Equity            Starford 'Aho (676)28-798
To be writen Yet to commence        Ownership             A Website, Internet Marketing,and
                                                          other medium of advertisement.
Existing    Existing               Private lease - (71 years Yes <> Joint Venture / Mr Justin
                                   remaining, renewable)                                    Loan            Johnson

Existing    Existing               75 year lease (68 years    Yes <>        Equity          Mr. Greg      (678) 22385
                                   remaining)                                                  Participation   Pechan; Mr.

Existing    Existing               Private lease (75 years)   Yes.                             Joint Venture / Mr. Pieter van (614) 431 620
                                                              <>   Equity          Hooff          610

Existing    Existing               Private Lease (73 years Yes, <>            Purchase /     Mr. Matthew (612) 9999
                                   remaining with option for                                   Equity Partner Woon        2999; (678) 779
                                   additional 75 years)                                                                   3180

Available   Audited Financial      60 year lease                                               Equity          Dallas Young (682)25965
            Statements Available                                                               Participation
Available   Audited Financial      60 year lease     Equity                     Tata          (682)25-800
            Statements Available                                                               Participation   Crocombe
Available   Audited Financial      60 year lease     Equity                     Tata          (682)25-800
            Statements Available                                                               Participation   Crocombe
Available   Audited Financial      60 year lease     Equity                     Tata          (682)25-800
            Statements Available                                                               Participation   Crocombe
Available    Project yet to commence 60 year lease Equity                 Tata       (682)25-800
                                                                                  Participation   Crocombe

Available    Project yet to commence 60 year lease Equity                 Tata       (682)25-800
                                                                                  Participation   Crocombe

Available    Project yet to commence 60 year lease Equity                 Tata       (682)25-800
                                                                                  Participation   Crocombe

Available    Audited Financial       60 year lease          Equity          Adrianne   (682)31526
             Statements Available                                                 Participation   Vakalahi
To be written None                                                                                           Equity
Available    Available               Private Lease                                  Equity
                                                     m                                                       Participation/J
Available    Available               Private Lease                                   Equity
Available    Available                                                                                       Equity

To be written None                                   www.touristinformationfiji

To be written None

To be written None                   Private Lease   website

To be written None                   Private Lease   website

To be written None                   Private Lease

Available    Available                                                                                       For Sale
To be written None   Private Lease          Yes                                Sale   Ms. Nora E     (691) 320 2840
                                            <        Sigrah, Esq.

To be written None   Private Lease (until   Yes                                Sale   Ms. Nora E     (691) 320 2840
                     2038)                  <        Sigrah, Esq.
Contact Person


         Mr. Tekeeua Tarati

         Mr. Yuri Maddison
Mr. Terangue "Tiger"

Mr. Francis M Matsutaro

Ms. Martul S. Scott;
Mr. Samuel D. Scott
Mr. Francis Remengesau;
Mr. Kaleb Udui Jr



(675) 4562525

(685) 38601               info@le-
Mr. Tony Jansen

Mr. Ian Vasula

Mr. Ronald Kevisi





(679) 672 5138     sofield@c Adrian
(679) 970 0952     adam@m Adam Yared

(679) 970 0952     adam@m Adam Yared

(679) 666 6171     jrdunn@fi James R
                   rstlanding Dunn

(679) 670 0243     touristinf Mr. Ali &
                   ofj@conn Mrs. Saira

(679) 666 0679     yvonne@f Laisiasa

(679) 360 0048     alpinecent Timoci
                   re@yahoo Sakiusa
(679) 330 3645     HanselW      Hansel
(679) 978 7457     sceiltawak   Seci Ligairi
                   e@yahoo.     Tawake
(679) 332 0113     tomdavis     Tom Davis

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