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									Funeral Planning Without The Funeral – 3 New Options

Once you've begun the estate planning process and start looking towards practical concerns such as
funeral planning, you may want to consider some new options that are currently available. No longer
are people only limited to a choice between a burial and cremation. Today there are several alternatives
you can consider when trying to decide what you wish to do with your earthly remains.

New Option 1: Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Available to both men and women, a company called Cremated Solutions offers you the chance to take
a portion of your cremated remains and turn them into a diamond. The service will use a physical and
chemical process to transform the remains into an artificially created diamond that you can then have
placed in a jewelry setting or any other form of remembrance. The service ranges in price from
between about $2,500 to $25,000, with the difference depending on the carat size and color you choose.

New Option 2: Under the sea.

Another possibility is to have your remains cremated and entombed as part of an artificial reef. Eternal
Reefs Charges between about $3,000 and $7,000 to have your cremated remains encased in a concrete
ball that will then serve as the basis for new reef life under the ocean.

New Option 3: Sustainable burial.

If you still want a traditional burial but are concerned that cemeteries and burial plots take up too much
land, you can ship your body to Australia where Upright Burials will place your remains vertically, so
you take up less space. Depending on the laws of your state, you may also choose to have a home
funeral and even a backyard burial service.

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