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					Pro Bono 101

             Joel Bashevkin
Executive Director West Coast
Taproot Foundation Overview
The Taproot Foundation strengthens nonprofits
by engaging business professionals in service.

     Traditional           Volunteer
                           Volunteer           Professional
    Foundation     +   Matching Company
                       Matching Company   +   Services Firmx
                                              Services Firm
                                              Services Firm

 Founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Aaron Hurst
     Strong need in nonprofit community for capacity
    building services
     Modeled after the Peace Corps
     “Pro Bono 2020”
Taproot Overview: Our Delivery

Demand:         >2,500 grant applications to date
                855 pro bono consulting projects awarded
                ~220 projects under way at one time

Value:          > $34 million

Supply:         >15,000 professionals have applied to volunteer
                >5,000 are currently Active
                Each volunteer donates about $8,000 worth of time/project

Impact:         97% of grantees agree project will strengthen

Satisfaction:   92% of grantees are satisfied with final deliverables

The Pro Bono Action Tank

                    PBAT Mission:
Ensure organizations serving the public good have access to
 the high-quality professional services they need to achieve
   their missions in addressing the social, economic, and
               environmental issues of society.
Goals for Today

By end of session, you will be able to…

1.   Understand the types of pro bono work happening across the
2.   Appreciate the challenges associated with using pro bono
     consultants and common solutions to overcome those challenges
3.   Know more about how to access pro bono consulting services and
     some best practices
  Community Engagement Spectrum

    Most common nonprofit needs:

    Making                            Extra Hands                     Infrastructure and Capacity

   Financial           Hands On                            Skills-Based Volunteering
   Support            Volunteering         ‘Non Core’ skills     Pro Bono Work         Board Service

• Cash grants         • Beach clean up    • Mentoring            • Collateral design   • Board placement
• Dollars for Doers   • Soup kitchen      • Junior Achievement   • IT assistance       • Board member
• Matching gifts      • Habitat for       • Science fair judge   • HR consulting
What is “pro bono” service?

    Professional services made accessible to
      organizations serving the public good.

 Pro bono services can be rendered by a company, professional services firm,
 intermediary, association or individual professional, but must leverage the
 core competencies and expertise of the professional(s) engaged to meet the
 client’s need. These services are typically provided without the expectation of
 a fee or at such a nominal fee as to make them accessible to the client. The
 client (the organization serving the public good) includes charitable, religious,
 community, governmental, educational and civic organizations.
Common Types of Pro Bono Consulting

 • Strategic and Business Planning
 • Human Resources/Professional Development
 • Marketing and Communications
 • Finance and Accounting
 • Information Technology
 • Logistics / Operations
Target – Redesigning Libraries
Local school library
makeovers utilizing the
design and instruction
expertise of Target’s
property development

“The new library is beautiful. It makes me cry.”
Teacher at Washington Elementary School

 “As a designer, it’s easy to take for granted what we do day in and day out.
 All I did was a sketch not realizing the impact on the whole community. It
 makes me proud to work at a company that values the community and my
 contributions.” --Reggie Reyes, Senior Design Lead, Target
Deloitte – College Summit
 Data warehouse
 developed by Deloitte’s
 IT consultants tracks
 college placement rates.

 600% increase in staff productivity related
 to improved reporting capabilities.
Wells Fargo – School District Branding

Positioning for entire
school district
completed by Wells
Fargo branding team
through a Taproot
Foundation Service

 Enabled all stakeholders to participate
 increasing citizens’ confidence in the
 school district
Parents Leadership Institute

        BEFORE                                    AFTER

• Launched new name and logo in 2006
• Within five months: 450 more people reached than ever before
• In 2007: org provided10,000+ hours of assistance to parents, or double
the number of hours of assistance provided before Taproot’s support
Breakout Session: Consulting Challenges

1.Identify 10 challenges you have
  experienced working with paid
2.How would using pro bono
  consultants impact these
Five Most Common Pro Bono Challenges

1. Projects aren’t completed in a timely manner.
2. Expectations aren’t met.
3. The project recommendations can’t be implemented, or
   can’t be implemented without continual assistance.
4. The project doesn’t actually help the client.
5. Neither party is satisfied with the experience.
Breakout Session: Overcoming Challenges

How can you structure pro bono
 work to address each of these
Ten Solutions to Challenges

1.   Know what your needs are and be prepared to explain them
     thoroughly. Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.
2.   Ensure project scope is based on an alignment of the needs and the
     competencies of the pro bono team.
3.   Ensure the pro bono team has the skills needed to ensure a high
     quality outcome.
4.   Ensure the project is a win-win before committing —
        it’s okay to say “no”.
5.   Document the scope and expectations up front and receive a formal
     commitment (i.e. signatures) from both the nonprofit and the pro bono
Ten Solutions to Challenges

6.   Develop a communication plan for the project to ensure that both
     parties are accessible and continued alignment is reinforced.
7.   Set regular milestones to formally check in on progress and solicit
8.   Define clear metrics based on the above indicators to measure the
     success of the engagement.
9.   Include an implementation and sustainability plan as the final
     deliverable for all projects.
10. Formally close the project with the pro bono team and celebrate the
    collective contribution.
Asking for support

• While pro bono services has been happening for
  a long time on an ad hoc basis; it is nascent to
  the corporate community engagement umbrella.
• Understand the core competencies of the
  organizations you want to partner with and what
  you need from them.
• Variations between:
  – Intermediaries
  – Consulting Firms
  – Corporations
  – Other
Sources of Pro Bono Support
                                 NPO        Consulting   Management   Staffing
                               Experience   Experience     Support    Support
(Taproot Foundation)

Consulting Firms                  ?

Corporations                      ?            ?
(Target, Capital One)

Informal Network                  ?            ?             ?          ?
(Craigslist, Board, friends)
Tips: Professional Service Firms

• Making contact
  – Some firms have a community involvement manager
  – Will need a Partner to sponsor your request
  – Use your Board to find a Partner in your network

• Making the request
  – Be clear about your challenge / opportunity
  – Ask for their help to determine the scope and solution = core
  – Come prepared to explain why it will increase their visibility in the
    community and be a rewarding learning experience for their
Tips: Corporations

• Making contact
  – Currently, few community involvement departments have the ability
    to deliver a pro bono team
  – You need a senior contact in the functional department to sponsor
    the project (e.g. SVP Marketing) = core competencies

• Making the request
  – Be as crisp as you can be about the exact work you need done
    and why
  – Come prepared to explain why it will be a rewarding learning
    experience for their team
Checking In – Questions?

Do you now…
1.   Understand the types of pro bono work done across the country?
2.   Appreciate the challenges associated with using pro bono
     consultants and common solutions to overcome those challenges?
3.   Know different ways to access pro bono and some best practices?
Potential Next Steps
• Access or
  – Review the online Pro Bono Case Study Showcase
  – Subscribe for latest trends and updates
  – PBAT Activities:
    • Definition         • Best practices              • Skills Map Toolkit 1.0
    • Dollar valuation   • Communications Toolkit      • Advocacy plan
    • Key metrics        • Nonprofit Readiness tools

• Conduct an internal audit of your own needs to understand
  how you can best leverage pro bono services
• Contact a local intermediary (such as Taproot Foundation)

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