11.3.14 Explain major political developments the post-war era

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					       11.3.14 Explain major political
       developments the post-war era, including
       the establishment of the United Nations,
       the creation of Israel, and the Cold War

By: Kayla Obrero, Cailin-Tiana Sabado, Rikki Peralta, &
Taalamesi Taala
          Post War Era
Post war period is when the war is over
and as long as war is over then it is know
as post war.
If a war continues it is know as an
interwar period meaning war between
the same parties but resumes later on.
        Post War Era
The post war era is referred to
clement Attlee 1945 to Margaret
Thatcher 1975
Post was took place in 1914 & 1945
after the 2 world wars were over
Post war involved everyone who was
in the war.
      Post War Era

The term post war era was
used so that people would
know when world war 3 was
over and western usage to
specified a shorter period
after the war.
               Cold War
The Cold war was between the United States and the
Soviet Union

The United States led the Western bloc. which also
included: Britain, Canada, France, West Germany,
Japan, the Philippines, & many other countries of
western Europe & Latin America

The Soviet Union led the Easter bloc, which included
Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany,
Hungary, Poland, and Romania.
Cold War
            Cold War
The Cold War actually wasn’t a war
because there was no fire, weapons, or
actual fighting.
The Cold war is the term used to
describe the intense rivalry that
developed after WWII between groups of
Communist & non- communist nations.
          Cold War
The cold war occurred from 1947-
This was happened because of
mutual distrust suspicion, and
misunderstandings by both the
United States and the Soviet Union
and their allies.
 United Nations
United Nations is an
organization of nations that
works for the world peace and
security and the betterment of
humanity. Almost all of the
world’s independent countries
belong to the UN.
United Nations
       United Nations
The United Nations was created on
October 24, 1945 after the second world
war by 51 countries.
The 2 main goals of the UN is peace &
human dignity.
The UN headquarters is located in New
York City
     Creation of Israel
The 1948, Arab- Israeli War, know
by Israelis as the War of
Independence or War of Liberation
and by the Arabs as the Catastrophe,
was the first in a series of wars
fought between the newly declared
       Creation of Israel
Israel was created in mid-May 1948
following a period of the civil war in
       Creation of Israel
Israel is located near the Sinai Peninsula
and Southern Lebanon
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel
Patriarchs of the Jewish people and
bearers of a belief in one God; settled the
Land of Israel
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