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					By Réka Puskás 10. A
     Music is involved in every man's life.
      There are many different styles of
     music. Here are some known styles
     and I am telling you what is typical
                 about them.
 The hip-hop is a music genre and a lifestyle that also includes
   many things such as music, dress, slang. The hip-hop comes
  from the United States, Bronx. The first hip-hop represents a
    subculture, because it has its own musical style, which is
MCing, rapping and DJing/Scratch. It has its own dance culture,
which is called break. Hip hop’s drawing style is graffiti, and the
 fans love a lot of sports: basketball and street ball. The works
of hip-hop theme, mood, the genre in any area is loose, strong,
   aggressive, sometimes whimsical. This the style is from the
United States, especially from those times when the oppressed
 African-Americans .The hip hop style dates back to 1973. The
pioneers were: Africa Bambaataa, Kool Herc and Grandmaster
Perhaps surprising, but the first line of hip hop in Hungary was produced by

Miklós Fenyő and we have to mention the name of his. We say thanks to him

and then our country appeared to break. The entire break began when Fenyő

took a visit to Germany and saw the "strange" moving young people. But not

only was this seizing, but the music as well. After returning home he went to

a studio and made a hip hop album using the new experience. In the media

            he sold it so. He formed break-clubs, competitions.

                                The teams:

      Turbo Break Company or the Harlem Company, and nowadays:

                                Black Time.
Just like the Graffiti and Break, this genre
comes from the Unite States and Los
Angeles’s dark streets, too. The forming date
is 1960. First this music style spread among
black people, then they became famous for
it. The genre is still stand under the
domination of black people in America, but
there are different people with emerging
talent such as Eminem. In America this genre
became very popular quickly. Its reason is
that the lyrists were about a real world
beside the rhythmic rhythms. This musical
genre has many kinds. There is Rap,
Underground hip-hop, R & B these days is
more popular, and so on. They differ from
each other a lot, however they have the same
Hungarian rap bands are: Kamikaze, Mentha,
Foreign rap bands: 50 Cent, DMX, Eminem
Rock is a pop genre. It started after World War II,
throughout political tenseness the Cultural Revolution
started. On 12 April 1954 Bill Haley sent his record
titled ‘Rock Around The Clock’ simultaneously to a
„museum”, to famous singers and performers, like
Frank Sinatra. The rebellion in them provided an
opportunity to the young generation for the expression
of a feeling, since this music spoke to them only,
advocated their feeling. The change of their dressing
style and the full behaviour culture followed the
musical renewal. The rock spread like wildfire in the
United States, then after Great Britain all over Europe.
Finally by the 1960s it had made a conquest of the
Hungarian rock bands are: Ossian, Tankcsapda,
Foreign rock bands: Simple Plan, My Chemical
Romance, The Stiff Dylans
  The disco, electro, funk, synthpop and R & B
 styles are descendant. The House music style
was subject to quite a spectacular event. In 1985
 some music fans simply burned their hated or
 old discotheque discs after a basketball match
 in Chicago Komishi park. This was the end for
   the disco music and the beginning of House
  conquering the world spectacularly. The disco
  music conquered the world. The house is one of the
  dancers easiest technostyle counts. The house is not
    only big festivals play today, but every Friday and
    Staurday night in the discos is. The house concept
       includes the many styles. For example the
           Hungarian DJs: Wallas, Bárány
      Foreign: David Guetta, Matthew Dekay

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