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									Car Accident Effects On Insurance

Car accidents usually boost your insurance rates. Even if you are not guilty, your
insurance company has to acquire some costs. Premium rates increase in case of
accident because accidents are rated against your coverage that includes collision,
personal injury protection, and medical coverage. Suppose if you are found guilty for
accident coverage like personal millstone and collision will protect you and your vehicle
and personal injury to the other person involved in the accident with you. Now the
question arises how car accident effects on insurance?

Even if you have met with an accident only insurance quotes increase thats because
you are considered as a high risk driver. Insurance companies usually give points
credits to your policy and these will be charged for a certain period of time from 3 to 7
years depending upon the company and the policy. The time interval between accident
and your premium decreasing depends upon the company providers service. You will
receive high insurance quotes if you are involved in an accident, it might be possible
you have to pay higher deductible rates for the insurance. Another reason when car
accident effects on insurance when you are found guilty in accident, there are some
accidents that wouldnt insure you. Your quotes will be higher if theirs is no competition
in your business. If you want to know how a car accident effects on insurance you just
need to add the points credits you have. If you are not found guilty in an accident its a
rare chance that your premium rates will increase. According to Insurance Services
Office's (ISO) your premium rates will increase to 20-40% when you are involved in an
accident. According to insurance services offices, for single-car policies it is 40 percent
and for multi-car policies, the additive charge is 20 percent of the base rate. There are
many factors that can be taken into consideration on which increase in percentage
depends; these are age, gender and driving record. The increase is not because to get
the money back rather it for the risk of accidents in which you may be involved in.
Different companies have different policies that depend upon the risk of you being
involved in an accident. The more you are involved in an accident causes increase in
insurance premiums.

The best you can do to stop increase in the premium rates is to avoid accidents

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