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									Auto Insurance For Rental Vehicles

Countless travelers are either unsure or totally unaware on their car insurance coverage
when it comes to a vehicle rental. A lot of consumers are just so confused and are so
ignorant on their insurance. These same consumers always end up wasting money by
purchasing unnecessary insurance they thought they didn't already have with their
existing one. Before you purchase or pay for anything check first if your own personal
car insurance program can provide adequate coverage without you buying any other
additional insurance. Many credit cards offer some protection but it is usually secondary
to your personal one.

 Before availing auto insurance for rental cars make yourself familiar with the options
first. If you have an existing and outstanding personal car insurance verify with your
insurance company or call your agent to see if the rental vehicle will be covered in your
personal policy as well. Check with your credit card company too, a phone call will
always be cheaper than purchasing insurance you already have coverage for. Of
course if you use your personal insurance, the usual coverage will apply to the rental

 If you do happen to purchase auto insurance from the rental car provider, your
personal policy will then be secondary. Before your personal policy covers for charges,
the rental car insurance will pay first. Like any other car insurance this will also be
subject to a deductible. Checking first with your primary insurance provider lessens the
risks of duplicating a coverage you already have. This will save you from an
unnecessary purchase. If you are doubtful on the limits by which your policy insures you
with you can always acquire extra coverage. This is where totally comprehending your
existing policy becomes important. Some rental companies offer accidental death and
personal property coverage. Some even go through the extent of providing personal
effects coverage for when your personal stuff gets stolen from the car you rented.

 Auto insurance for rental vehicles gives you security while traveling in a rented vehicle.
You may decide to get insurance from the rental company. The practical way is to
compare the options being presented to the insurance you already have. There is no
need for unnecessary expenses if you already have coverage. If your personal policy
does not give you sufficient coverage then do not hesitate to purchase extra benefits.
After all, your safety will always be worth more than the insurance you're paying for.

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