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Remarks in Phoenix Arizona August


									                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Aug. 11                                                               1561

                              The President. I appreciate that. One                       former Representative Manual Lujan, Jr., of New
                           more? Okay, hold on. Let me tell you what                      Mexico; Allen Weh, chairman, New Mexico Re-
                           else you can do. Let me tell you what else                     publican Party; former President Saddam Hussein
                           you can do. Register people to vote. And                       of Iraq; Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United
                           then, right around election time, start saying                 Kingdom; Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of
                           to people, we have a duty; we have a duty                      Italy; President Aleksander Kwasniewski of Po-
                                                                                          land; and Prime Minister John Howard of Aus-
                           in a free society, no matter what you believe;
                           we have a duty to vote. So I appreciate your
                           enthusiasm and your drive. Convert it to get-
                           ting people to the polls too, which I know                     Remarks in Phoenix, Arizona
                           you will.
                              Okay, final question. One more, this is it.                 August 11, 2004
                           Then we got to go to Arizona.
                                                                                             The President. Thank you all for coming.
                           Support for Troops                                             So yesterday, there we were in a bus in north-
                              Q. Mr. President——                                          ern Florida, and old John McCain said, ‘‘Wait
                              The President. Yes, ma’am. No more                          until you get to Phoenix.’’ He’s right.
                           hands going up; I’m a man of my word.                             I’m working hard to ask for your vote. I’m
                              Q. And I am a persistent woman. My name                     here to let you know there is more to do
                           is Cassandra Dennis. My husband is Captain                     to make America a safer place, a stronger
                           Dominic Dennis. He sends his hellos all the                    place, and a better place. I’m here to ask
                           ways from Log Base Seitz, Iraq.                                for your help. We won Arizona last time;
                              The President. Good. Thank you. He’s a                      we’re going to win it this time. And we’re
                           captain—in the Army?                                           going to win a great national victory.
                              Q. Army National Guard.
                              The President. Very good.                                      Thank you all for coming. I only wish that
                              Q. I want your prayers for him.                             Laura were here to see this crowd. She is
                              The President. You got it. Thank you very                   a remarkable woman. She is a great wife, a
                           much. Yes. And tell you—I’ll tell you what                     fantastic mother. I’m going to give you some
                           do. You know, one of the interesting possi-                    reasons tonight to put me back in, but per-
                           bilities now, because of high-tech, because                    haps the most important reason of all is so
                           of the high-tech world, is that you can e-mail                 that Laura has 4 more years.
                           your husband, correct?                                            I’m proud to be running with Dick Che-
                              Q. We e-mail. We do instant-messaging.                      ney. Now look, I admit it, he’s not the
                           We’ve got webcams. We have telephones.                         prettiest face in the race. [Laughter] I didn’t
                              The President. All right, why don’t you                     pick him for that reason. I picked him be-
                           do this, then? Would you do me a favor?                        cause of his judgment, his experience. I
                              Q. Yes.                                                     picked him because he can do the job.
                              The President. Would you rather e-mail
                           him or instant-message him?                                       I’m proud to be traveling with a great
                              Q. I’m going to instant-message him.                        American and a fine citizen of this State, a
                              The President. Instant-message him. In-                     person who served his Nation with distinc-
                           stant-message him this: The Commander in                       tion and honor—John McCain. I want to
                           Chief is grateful and incredibly proud of his                  thank his wife, Cindy, for joining us as well.
                           service.                                                       She’s a class act, good lady.
                              Thank you all. God bless. Thanks for com-                      I also want to thank my friend Jon Kyl,
                           ing.                                                           the other Senator from this State. You got
                                                                                          two fine United States Senators from Ari-
                           NOTE: The President spoke at 1:40 p.m. at the                  zona.
                           Eclipse Aviation hangar. In his remarks, he re-
                           ferred to Darren White, sheriff, Bernalillo Coun-                 I want to thank my friends from the con-
                           ty, NM; John Sanchez, southwest regional chair-                gressional delegation, Renzi, Franks, Shad-
                           man, Bush-Cheney ’04, Inc.; Patrick H. Lyons,                  egg, J.D. Hayworth, Jeff Flake, for their lead-
                           New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands;                       ership.

VerDate May 21 2004   12:02 Aug 17, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00061   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                             1562                                                   Aug. 11 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                                I’m proud that Secretary of State Jan                       science and math. We need to bring tech-
                             Brewer is here. I want to thank Jan for com-                   nology into classrooms in America. What I’m
                             ing, and State Treasurer David Petersen. Lis-                  telling you is, after 4 more years, a rising gen-
                             ten, thank you all for coming.                                 eration will have the hope and the skills nec-
                                I want to thank the grassroots activists who                essary to succeed in this world.
                             are here. I want to thank my friend Luis Gon-                     We have got more work to do to make
                             zalez and his great wife, Christine. I know                    sure health care is available and affordable.
                             my friends the Lehmans are here. I’m glad                      We addressed the issue of our seniors square
                             they’re here. Old Tom Lehman, I could use                      on. You might remember that political cam-
                             a putting lesson. [Laughter] I don’t have                      paign after political campaign, our seniors
                             much time to practice these days; I’m out                      were promised a stronger Medicare system.
                             working.                                                       We got the job done. Our seniors now have
                                See, I’m asking for your help to register                   the ability to choose a plan that meets their
                             voters. You’ve got a lot of new people moving                  needs, and there will be coverage for pre-
                             in this State, and they, like you, have a duty                 scription drugs for our seniors. We’re doing
                             in a democracy to vote and to participate.                     more to make sure health care is available
                             We’re asking for people to do a little extra                   and affordable. We’re expanding community
                             work to register our fellow citizens and urge                  health centers for low-income Americans.
                             them to go to the polls. And when you get                      We’re providing health savings accounts so
                             them headed to the polls, you might just tell                  American families can save tax-free to meet
                             them America will be better off with Bush-                     their own health care needs.
                             Cheney in the White House.                                        In order to make sure American families
                                The past few years—in the past few years,                   have got health care, we must allow small
                             Americans have been through a lot together,                    employers to join together to be able to pur-
                             a whole lot, and we’ve accomplished a great                    chase insurance at discounts that big compa-
                             deal. But there’s only one reason to look                      nies are able to do. We’ll harness technology
                             backward at the record, and that is to deter-                  to reduce costs and prevent mistakes. We’ll
                             mine who best to lead us forward. I’m run-                     expand research and seek new cures. And
                             ning—I’m asking for your vote because so                       to make sure you’ve got affordable health
                             much is at stake. We have much more to                         care, we need to end the frivolous lawsuits
                             do, much more to do to move this country                       that are harming our docs and harming our
                             forward and make it a better place.                            patients.
                                We’ve got more to do to make our public                        You cannot be pro-patient, pro-doctor, and
                             schools the centers of excellence we all know                  pro-trial-lawyer at the same time. You have
                             they can be so that no child is left behind                    to choose. My opponent made his choice,
                             in America. When we came to office 31⁄2                        and he put him on the ticket.
                             years ago, too many of our children were                          Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                             being just shuffled from grade to grade, year                     The President. I made my choice. I am
                             after year, without learning the basics. So we                 for medical liability reform now. In all we
                             challenged the soft bigotry of low expecta-                    do to improve health care here in this coun-
                             tions. We raised the sights of everybody. We                   try, we will make sure the health care deci-
                             believe in accountability. We believe in local                 sions are made by doctors and patients, not
                             control of schools. We believe in challenging                  by Washington, DC, bureaucrats.
                             schools that refuse to change and refuse to                       We got more to do to make sure this econ-
                             teach.                                                         omy is stronger. We’ve been through a lot.
                                And we’re making progress. We’re closing                    We’ve been through a recession; we’ve been
                             that achievement gap here in America. More                     through corporate scandals; we’ve been
                             of our children are learning to read and write                 through the terror attacks. Yet we’ve over-
                             and add and subtract, and there’s more to                      come these obstacles. We’ve overcome these
                             do. We want our high school diplomas to                        obstacles because we’ve got great workers in
                             mean something. We need to make sure our                       America. We’ve overcome these obstacles
                             children are educated for the jobs of the 21st                 because the entrepreneurial spirit is strong
                             century, so we need to concentrate on                          and the small-business sector of our economy

VerDate jul 14 2003   22:08 Aug 16, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00062   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                             Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Aug. 11                                                             1563

                             is flourishing. We’ve overcome these obsta-                    chainsaw to public forests. I understand the
                             cles because we’ve got great ranchers and                      West. I understand the issues you face out
                             farmers. And we’ve overcome these obstacles                    here. Yet, when he came out West to cam-
                             because we delivered well-timed tax relief to                  paign, he turned that position around. Now
                             the American people. Because we acted, our                     he says he likes a lot of the parts of the law.
                             economy has grown at a rate as fast as any                     I guess it’s not only the wildfires that shift
                             in nearly 20 years. Because we acted, we’ve                    with the wind. [Laughter]
                             added nearly 1.5 million jobs over the past                       I’m running for 4 more years to keep our
                             year. Because we acted, Arizona’s unemploy-                    Nation’s economy the strongest in the indus-
                             ment rate is at 4.7 percent.                                   trialized world. I’m running so our small
                                We’re making progress. We’re not turning                    businesses are vibrant. I’m running so our
                             back. So long as anybody is looking for work,                  farmers and ranchers are healthy, and I’m
                             we’re going to keep working to make sure                       running so people can find good-paying jobs.
                             there’s a job available for them. There is                        We have more to do to wage and win the
                             more work to do to keep jobs here in Amer-                     war against terror. America’s future depends
                             ica and to keep this job base growing; we                      on our willingness to lead in the world. If
                             need to become less dependent on foreign                       America shows uncertainty or weakness in
                             sources of energy. We need to reduce the                       this decade, the world will drift toward trag-
                             regulations on our employers in America. We                    edy. This will not happen on my watch.
                             need real, meaningful tort reform in America                      Audience members. Four more years!
                             to keep jobs here. In order to keep jobs here                  Four more years! Four more years!
                             at home, we need to be opening up markets                         The President. The world changed on
                             for Arizona products. We must not become                       that terrible September morning, and since
                             economic isolationists in America. We must                     that day, we’ve changed the world. Before
                             be confident—you see, we can compete with                      September the 11th, Afghanistan served as
                             anybody, anytime, anywhere, so long as the                     the home base of Al Qaida, which trained
                             playing field is level. In order to be keeping                 and deployed thousands of killers and set up
                             jobs here in America, we’ve got to make sure                   cells in nations around the world, including
                             our workers are trained for the jobs of the                    our own. Because we acted, because we
                             21st century. That’s why I’m such a strong                     acted with our friends, Afghanistan is a rising
                             backer of the community college system, not                    democracy. Afghanistan is an ally in the war
                             only here in Arizona but all across our coun-                  on terror. Young girls now go to school for
                             try. In order to make sure we keep jobs here,                  the first time in Afghanistan, and America
                             we’ve got to be wise about how we spend                        and the world are safer.
                             your money, and we’ve got to keep your taxes                      Before September the 11th, Pakistan and
                             low.                                                           Saudi Arabia weren’t joining us in the war
                                We’re working together to protect our                       on terror. Today they are. Today, Pakistan
                             residents and forests across the West from                     and Saudi Arabia are allies in the war on ter-
                             catastrophic wildfires. Listen, I understand                   ror. They’re after Al Qaida. America and the
                             you’re in a severe drought. Water is a pre-                    world are safer.
                             cious commodity. And as a result of the                           Because of our leadership, we’re changing
                             drought you’re in, our national treasures                      the world. Before September the 11th, Libya
                             are—forest fires—are vulnerable. That’s why                    was spending millions to acquire weapons of
                             I worked with John McCain and Jon Kyl to                       mass destruction. Today, because America
                             pass a bipartisan bill called Healthy Forests                  and our allies have sent a clear message and
                             Restoration Act.                                               a strong message, the leader of Libya has
                                I understand the West. I understand the                     abandoned his pursuit of weapons of mass
                             issues of the West. Some people took a dif-                    destruction, and America and the world are
                             ferent view of that Healthy Forests legisla-                   safer.
                             tion. Back in October, my opponent told us                        Before September the 11th, the ruler of
                             Healthy Forests would let people chop down                     Iraq was a sworn enemy of America. He was
                             mountainsides of old-growth trees. When I                      defying the world. You might remember he
                             signed the bill, he said we’re taking a                        was firing weapons at American pilots who

VerDate jul 14 2003   22:08 Aug 16, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00063   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                             1564                                                   Aug. 11 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                             were enforcing the world’s sanctions. He had                      Now, almost 2 years after he voted for the
                             pursued and he had used weapons of mass                        war in Iraq and almost 220 days after switch-
                             destruction. He harbored terrorists. He in-                    ing positions to declare himself the antiwar
                             vaded his neighbors. He subsidized the fami-                   candidate, my opponent has found a new nu-
                             lies of suicide bombers. He had murdered                       ance. He now agrees it was the right decision
                             tens of thousands of his own citizens. He was                  to go into Iraq. After months of questioning
                             a source of great instability in the world’s                   my motives and even my credibility, Senator
                             most volatile region.                                          Kerry now agrees with me that even though
                                We saw a threat. We looked at the intel-                    we have not found the stockpiles of weapons
                             ligence, and we saw a threat. And as we did                    that we all believed were there, knowing ev-
                             so, we remembered a vital lesson of Sep-                       erything we know today, he would have voted
                             tember the 11th, and that lesson is we must                    to go into Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein
                             take threats seriously, before they fully mate-                from power. I want to thank my opponent
                             rialize.                                                       for clearing that up. But just remember,
                                I knew it was important on this vital matter                there are 83 days left in the campaign—time
                             to work with the United States Congress. So                    enough to change his mind again.
                             I went to the Congress and said Saddam                            I’m running for 4 more years because I
                             Hussein’s a threat. The Congress looked at                     know we must continue to work with our
                             the same intelligence, and members of both                     friends and allies to aggressively pursue the
                             political parties, including my opponent,                      terrorists and the foreign fighters in places
                             agreed that Saddam Hussein was a threat.                       like Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.
                             And then we went to the United Nations                         See, you cannot talk sense to these people.
                                Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                  You cannot negotiate with these people. We
                                The President. And the United Nations                       must engage the enemy around the world
                             looked at the intelligence and concluded that                  so we do not have to face them here at home.
                             Saddam Hussein was a threat. And they                             During the next 4 years, America will con-
                             passed a resolution that said ‘‘Disclose, dis-                 tinue to lead the world with confidence and
                             arm, or face serious consequences.’’ As he                     moral clarity. We put together a strong coali-
                             had for over a decade, Saddam Hussein de-                      tion to help us defeat terror. Listen, we’ve
                             fied the free world. As a matter of fact, when                 got nearly 60 nations involved with the Pro-
                             we sent inspectors in—or the world sent in-                    liferation Security Initiative. Nearly 40 na-
                             spectors in, he systematically deceived the in-                tions are involved in Afghanistan. Some 30
                             spectors. And so I had a choice to make. My                    nations are involved in Iraq. I’ll continue to
                             choice was do I forget the lessons of Sep-                     build our alliances and work with our friends
                             tember the 11th——                                              for the sake of peace, but I will never turn
                                Audience members. No-o-o!                                   over America’s national security decisions to
                                The President. ——and hope for the                           leaders of other countries.
                             best——                                                            America and the world are safer. We’re
                                Audience members. No-o-o!                                   heading to peace because our commitments
                                The President. ——and trust the word                         are kept by the men and women of our mili-
                             and deeds of a madman, or do I take action                     tary. I want to thank the veterans who are
                             to defend America. I will defend America                       here for setting such a great example to the
                             every time.                                                    men and women of our military. I’ve had the
                                Even though we have not found the stock-                    privilege of meeting with those who defend
                             piles we expected to find, we do know that                     our country and sacrifice for our security. I’ve
                             Saddam had the capability to make weapons                      seen their great decency and their unselfish
                             of mass destruction, and he could have                         courage. Ladies and gentlemen, the cause of
                             passed that capability on to our enemies.                      freedom and peace is in really good hands.
                             That was a risk we could not afford to take.                   And anytime—and our troops deserve the
                             Knowing what I know today, I would have                        full support of the United States Govern-
                             taken the same action. And America and the                     ment.
                             world are safer because Saddam Hussein sits                       Last September, while our troops were in
                             in a prison cell.                                              combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, I proposed

VerDate jul 14 2003   22:08 Aug 16, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00064   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                             Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Aug. 11                                                             1565

                             supplemental funding to support them in                        war with the terrorists is actually improving
                             their missions. This money was going to—                       their recruiting efforts. His logic is upside-
                             this money did provide body armor and vital                    down, and it shows a dangerous misunder-
                             equipment, hazard pay, health benefits, am-                    standing of the enemy we face. During the
                             munition, fuel, and spare parts for our mili-                  1990s, terrorists were recruiting and training
                             tary. In the Senate, only a small, out-of-the-                 for war with us, long before America went
                             mainstream minority of 12 Senators voted                       to war with them. They don’t need an excuse
                             against that funding. Two of those twelve                      for their hatred. It’s wrong to blame America
                             Senators are my opponent and his                               for the anger and the evil of those killers.
                             runningmate.                                                   You don’t create terrorists by defending
                                Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                  yourself and fighting back; you defeat the ter-
                                The President. My opponent tried to ex-                     rorists by fighting back.
                             plain his vote this way: ‘‘I actually did vote                    Listen, the September—the 9/11 Commis-
                             for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.’’              sion wrote a good report, and it said that be-
                             End quote. And then he went on to say that                     cause of the actions we’ve taken since Sep-
                             he was proud he and his runningmate voted                      tember the 11th, our homeland is safer, but
                             against it, and then he went on to say, at                     we’re not yet safe. I agree with that conclu-
                             another time, the funding issue is a com-                      sion. There’s more work to do. Beginning im-
                             plicated matter. There is nothing com-                         mediately after September the 11th, we start-
                             plicated about supporting our troops in com-                   ed the hard process of reform. We created
                             bat.                                                           the new Department of Homeland Security.
                                In the long run, our security is not guaran-                We passed the PATRIOT Act, which is vital;
                             teed by force alone. We must work to change
                                                                                            it is necessary to give our law enforcement
                             the conditions that give rise to terror: poverty
                                                                                            the tools necessary to disrupt terrorist activ-
                             and hopelessness and resentment. I see a
                                                                                            ity. We’re integrating intelligence and law
                             lady holding a sign there that says, ‘‘My son
                                                                                            enforcement better than ever before.
                             is in Iraq.’’ I want you to know, ma’am, that
                             your son is performing a duty that is changing                    We’re taking up a lot of those rec-
                             the world. A free and peaceful Iraq and a                      ommendations. We’ve got to do a better job
                             free and peaceful Afghanistan will be power-                   of securing our ports and borders and train-
                             ful examples to their neighbors. These                         ing our first-responders and dramatically im-
                             parts—people in these parts of the world are                   proving our intelligence-gathering capabili-
                             desperate for freedom. In Iraq and Afghani-                    ties. I called on Congress to create the posi-
                             stan, there are now strong leaders who un-                     tion of National Intelligence Director so that
                             derstand the power of free societies. And we                   one person is in charge of coordinating our
                             understand the power of freedom in Amer-                       intelligence efforts overseas and here at
                             ica. We know that free societies do not export                 home. There’s a lot of really good people
                             terror. We know that in free societies, leaders                working hard to defend the American people,
                             listen to the hopes and aspirations of their                   and I’m proud of their efforts.
                             people.                                                           Now, reforms are never easy in Wash-
                                By serving the ideal of liberty, we are                     ington. It takes on—it requires taking on the
                             bringing hope to others, and that makes our                    entrenched interests, those who are happy
                             country more secure. By serving the ideal of                   with the status quo. It’s not enough to advo-
                             liberty, we’re making the world more peace-                    cate reform; you have to be able to get it
                             ful. By serving the ideal of liberty, we’re serv-              done. When it came to reforming our public
                             ing the ideals of our country. Freedom is not                  schools, we’re getting the job done. When
                             America’s gift to the world; freedom is the                    it comes to giving our health care reforms
                             Almighty God’s gift to each man and woman                      to our families, with more access and more
                             in this world.                                                 choices, we’re getting the job done. When
                                I’m running for 4 more years because I                      it comes to creating jobs in America, we’re
                             know we’ve got a lot of work to do to protect                  getting the job done. When it comes to de-
                             us. Enemies who hate us are still plotting                     fending America and spreading the peace,
                             to harm us. My opponent says that going to                     we’re getting the job done. And when it

VerDate jul 14 2003   22:08 Aug 16, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00065   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                             1566                                                   Aug. 11 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                             comes to choosing a President, you better                      of us understands we are responsible for the
                             have a President who can get the job done.                     decisions we make in life.
                                Audience members. Four more years!                             If you’re fortunate enough to be a mother
                             Four more years! Four more years!                              or a father, you are responsible for loving
                                The President. We live in a time of rapid                   your child with all your heart and all your
                             change. These are exciting times. One way                      soul. If you’re worried about the quality of
                             to help American citizens during this time                     the education in the community in which you
                             of change is to encourage an ownership soci-                   live, you are responsible for doing something
                             ety. We want people owning and controlling                     about it. If you’re a CEO in corporate Amer-
                             their own health care accounts. We want our                    ica, you’re responsible for telling the truth
                             Social Security system to work. Listen, for                    to your shareholders and your employees.
                             old people like me and McCain—[laugh-                          And in a responsibility society, each of us
                             ter]—the Social Security is sound enough for                   is responsible for loving our neighbor just like
                             us. I’m worried about the younger workers.                     we’d like to be loved ourselves.
                             I’m worried about the solvency of Social Se-                      I’m seeking the vote because I want to
                             curity. Therefore, I think younger workers                     continue to rally the armies of compassion
                             ought to be allowed to have personal savings                   for the next 4 years. I understand the
                             accounts that they can call their own.                         strength of this country is the hearts and
                                                                                            souls of the American people, and I know—
                                We want more people owning their busi-
                                                                                            and I know that by rallying the great strength
                             ness. I love the fact when somebody says to
                                                                                            of America, we can change our society one
                             me, you know, ‘‘I just started my own busi-
                                                                                            heart, one soul, one conscience at a time.
                             ness.’’ We want more people owning their                          For all Americans, these years in our his-
                             own home. Homeownership rate is at an all-                     tory will stand apart. There are quiet times
                             time high in America. What a fantastic                         in the life of a nation when little is expected
                             thought to know that more and more Ameri-                      of its leaders. This isn’t one of those times.
                             cans are opening up their front doors saying,                  It’s a time that requires firm resolve, strong
                             ‘‘Welcome to my home.’’ You see, this ad-                      belief in the values that have made our coun-
                             ministration understands that when you own                     try great.
                             something, you have a vital stake in the fu-                      None of us will ever forget that week when
                             ture of our country.                                           one era ended and another began. As John
                                In this time of change, there’s some things                 mentioned, on September the 14th, 2001, I
                             won’t change: our belief in liberty and oppor-                 stood in the ruins of the Twin Towers. It’s
                             tunity and in the nonnegotiable demands of                     a day I’ll never forget. There were workers
                             human dignity; the individual values we try                    in hardhats yelling at me, ‘‘Whatever it
                             to live by, courage and compassion, rev-                       takes.’’ I remember—I remember working
                             erence and integrity; the institutions that give               the ropeline, thanking people, and a fellow
                             us direction and purpose, our families, our                    grabbed me. He had bloodshot eyes. He had
                             schools, our religious congregations. These                    been searching the rubble for somebody that
                             values and institutions are fundamental to                     he had worked with, and he said, ‘‘Do not
                             our lives, and they deserve the respect of                     let me down.’’
                             Government.                                                       He took that day personally. All the work-
                                We stand for institutions like marriage and                 ers took it personally. I know you took it per-
                             family, which are the foundation of society.                   sonally, and so do I. I have a duty that goes
                             We stand for a culture of life in which every                  on. I wake up every morning thinking about
                             person matters and every person counts. We                     how to best protect our country. I will never
                             stand for judges who faithfully interpret the                  relent in defending America, whatever it
                             law instead of legislating from the bench. We                  takes.
                             stand for a culture of responsibility in Amer-                    We’ve come through much together.
                             ica. This culture of ours is changing from one                 We’ve done a lot of hard work. There’s more
                             that has said, ‘‘If it feels good, just go ahead               work to be done over the next 4 years. We
                             and do it,’’ and ‘‘If you got a problem, blame                 will spread ownership and opportunity to
                             somebody else,’’ to a culture in which each                    every corner of America. During the next 4

VerDate jul 14 2003   22:08 Aug 16, 2004   Jkt 203250   PO 00000   Frm 00066   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P33AUT4.013   P33AUT4
                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Aug. 12                                                               1567

                           years, we’ll pass the enduring values of our                   was back here recently. She went on the
                           country on to another generation. During the                   Leno show the next night. [Laughter] She
                           next 4 years, we will continue to lead the                     said something along the lines, what happens
                           world to spread freedom and peace.                             in Vegas stays in Vegas. [Laughter] I was in-
                              Four years ago, I traveled this great coun-                 terested in hearing her say that. [Laughter]
                           try asking for the vote. I made a pledge to                       She’s doing great, by the way. I was a lucky
                           my fellow Americans that if you honored me                     fellow when she said yes. And she’s a won-
                           with this great responsibility, I would uphold                 derful First Lady and great mom. I’m going
                           the dignity and the honor of the office to                     to meet up with her here in a little bit to
                           which I have been elected, so help me God.                     continue our journey throughout the West.
                           And with your help, I will do so for the next                     Really what I’m doing is traveling around,
                           4 years.                                                       letting the people know that I’m interested
                              Thanks for coming. Thank you all.                           in earning your vote. I really believe that a
                                                                                          person running for office—I’m also inter-
                           NOTE: The President spoke at 6:22 p.m. at Ari-                 ested in letting people know I’ve got more
                           zona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. In his re-                    to do to make this country a better place,
                           marks, he referred to Arizona Secretary of State               a stronger place, and a safer place. And I
                           Janice K. Brewer; Arizona State Treasurer David                appreciate the chance to come and talk about
                           A. Petersen; professional baseball player Luis                 my vision for the future of this country here.
                           Gonzalez and his wife, Christine; professional
                           golfer Tom Lehman; Col. Muammar Abu Minyar
                                                                                             I want to thank Doug, and I also want to
                           al-Qadhafi, leader of Libya; former President Sad-             thank his brother Mike. I’m not sure which
                           dam Hussein of Iraq; and the National Commis-                  one of them is prettier. [Laughter] But
                           sion on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States               they’re both smart, and they’re both good
                           (9/11 Commission).                                             Americans.
                                                                                             I want to thank Dale Shoemaker for his
                                                                                          leadership here. I want to thank Doug Banes
                           Remarks to the United Brotherhood                              and Andy Silins, Bill Irwin. These are all folks
                           of Carpenters and Joiners of America                           who make this facility work well—appreciate
                           in Las Vegas, Nevada                                           your hospitality. It’s great to meet the work-
                           August 12, 2004                                                ers from all around our country.
                                                                                             I went to the facility next door where Doug
                              The President. Thank you all. Thank you                     and his folks are training people how to work
                           all very much. Thank you all very much for                     on these big GE engines, and there’s people
                           coming. Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s                      from Fort Smith, Arkansas, and southern In-
                           good to be back here in Nevada.                                diana, and a fellow from McAllen, Texas.
                              Audience member. We love you!                               People from all around the country are here
                              The President. Thank you. I want to                         to gain the skills necessary to be able to work
                           thank Doug and the good folks here in this                     and put food on the table. And again, that’s
                           training facility for welcoming us. I appre-                   why I’m here. This is a program that works.
                           ciate your smart work and your hard work                          I want to thank my friend the Governor,
                           and your dedication to helping our fellow                      Kenny Guinn, for coming out to say hello.
                           citizens gain the skills necessary to be able                  I appreciate him being here. Congressman
                           to find work.                                                  Jon Porter—he’s a good fellow, a really good
                              And I just want to talk a little bit about                  fellow, and I appreciate him coming out.
                           the importance of education, but the reason                    Congressman Jim Gibbons—he’s from
                           I’m so grateful that the Carpenters have been                  northern Nevada.
                           so hospitable here is that this is an example                     I know we got members of the Nevada
                           of what works. That’s what we’re interested                    National Guard, First Squadron, 221st Cal-
                           in in life; we’re interested in finding things                 vary. I appreciate you being here. Thanks for
                           that work and heralding them. And I want                       your service.
                           to thank Doug for your leadership.                                I told you one of the things I’m working
                              I’m not the only Bush who’s recently been                   on is to make the country a better country.
                           in Las Vegas. You might remember my wife                       See, I know the strength of the country is

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