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					                 Letter of Complaints and Adjustments

Every business has problems to grapple with and difficulties to
overcome. An important aspect of these problems is complaints
which come from different quarters. They can be about poor
services, damaged goods, billing mistakes, undue delay in supply,
discourteous treatment and so on.

As in business one cannot afford. To lose temper the complaints
call for tactful handling. The letter should be well-worded and
smack of good manners. Thus, while writing a letter of complaint
or adjustment the information about dates, order number, invoice
numbers, description of goods, and quantities must be specific.
One must check up one’s reference properly. The unpleasant words
like dishonest, careless, unfair, false, etc, should be avoided.
Confine your complaint to statement of facts and a polite enquiry as
to what your supplier propose to do about it.

Some reasons for writing complaints making claims:

1. Delayed delivery of goods causing an upset o plans
2. Arrival of goods in damaged condition
3. Receiving goods other than those ordered
4. Difference in quantity/quality from that ordered.
5. Price charged higher than quoted.
6. Unsatisfactory service.
7. Goods delivered at the wrong place
8. Discourtesy shown by the staff of shop/office
9. Mistakes in a bill
10. Breach of others terms and conditions.

Points to be noted while complaining:

1. Promptness in making complaint
2. Cause of complaint and your concern about it
3. Detail of order number, invoice number and other relevant details.
4. Asking for cause of delay and your further
instructions about acceptance/cancellation
5. Any inconvenience caused to you.
6. Your suggestions for adjustment, making up the loss or damage in transit etc.
            Letter of Complaint

Dear sir,
Please refer to my letter dated 20th February, placing
an order for a wait dining table with six chairs. I am
sorry to say you that despite your promise to supply it
within three weeks I have not received it till now.
In case the delivery is not made within two weeks. I
will be complied to cancel the order. Please let me
know at your earliest whether you will be able to
deliver the furniture within the specified time or not?

Thanking you

             Reply to complaint

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Your letter of April 25, was received this morning, I am sorry to learn
that the dining table and chairs have not been delivered to you yet, and
regret the inconvenience caused to you.
The furniture was dispatched by a truck of Rajput
Transport on March 25, and it should have been
delivered latest by 8th April. I feel that the delay is
apparently because of some transit problems. We have
checked with the transporters and have been assured
that the furniture will reach you within one week.
Please accept our apologies for the delay and our
appreciation for bringing the matter to our notice.

Thanking you

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