What is the writing way of export-import correspondence by tabassum17


									               Export-Import Correspondence and Co-operation

George Bernard Shaw, the famous British dramatist of 20th century, had
once remarked: “The universal regard for money is the one hopeful fact
in our civilization”. It is of course, true that money is a very important
aspect of our life. In the modern times, due to the quick modes of
communication and transportation the world is becoming shorter and
people of different places are coming closer. As a result the foreign trade
is becoming the most important of all trades. It is, therefore, necessary to
have sufficient knowledge of correspondence dealing with foreign trade,
foreign exchange regulations and foreign banking.

Because of the involvement of a second country in this case, correspondence has more
facets and intricacies to it than the internal trade correspondence.
Different kinds of letter and performs are used for handling this
correspondence. The main features of this correspondence are clarity,
courtesy and completeness. This correspondence must be assigned to a
person who is fully capable of conveying the business policies of the firm
within the framework of foreign exchange rules and regulations. His
understanding of the clients on the other side, his own thinking, and
interest of the foreign trade must synchronize.

                     Exporter’s Inquiry from Manufacturer

Apprise the manufacturer of foreign demand of goods:

1. We are pleased to inform you that one of our clients in Europe is
interested in large-scale purchase of tussah silk shirts.
2. You will be pleased to learn that one of our clients in Italy wishes to
make large scale purchase of Indian handicraft goods.
3. It will be of interest for you to learn that a reputed foreign dealer
in imitation jewelers wishes to introduce Indian fashions in his
4. We are glad to inform you that a foreign firm is interested in
making huge purchase of India Silk cloths.
5. It may be of interest for you to note that a foreign firm is very
keen in making purchase of ‘Televista’ television sets for supply to
Kenya.Now ask the manufacturer about his supply position:

6. So we wish to know if you are in a position to supply us with
  an adequate quantity of high quality shirts of the material.
7. Consequently, we are interested in knowing if you can undertaken to
supply such goods of export quality.
8. So could you please send us details and specifications of articles
available with you which you can supply in bulk at short notice.
9. We are specially interested in small carved pieces of rosewood and ivory.
10. We are basically interested in fabrics printed essentially with Indian motifs.
11. Our client is particularly interested in sandalwood articles.

                   Suggest competitive price:

12. This is a competitive quotation and likely to open up a very good
avenue for your products in the western Europe.
13. We need not tell you that a really competitive quotation can mean
excellent future prospects to you.
14. This offer is, of course, with the assumption that your price
would be within certain definite limits which our customer has in

                   Close your letter with a note about making the best of the

15. Our trial order will convince you of the promising prospects of this dial.
16. It will be clear to you that supplying a genuine product could
bring you huge
 profits in the form of regular orders.
17. We hardly need to point out that this is an excellent opportunity for
you to enter the export market in a big way provided the quality of
your products meets high western standards.

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