A new bank account by lanyuehua


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                                       A new bank account


How to open a new bank account.


Which- what                             Which friend did you invite?
                                        What books do you prefer?
Comparing equals                        My brother is as tall as my dad.
Words ending in “ever”                  however, whatever, whenever, etc.
Yet- not yet                            Have you met him yet?
The place of “enough”               This is clean enough.
Construction of compound nouns
Use of compound nouns
Construction of present perfect continuous
Use of present perfect continuous       They’ve been living together for a long time.
For how long- since when                How long have you been traveling for?
                                        It has been snowing since Monday.


Current account, savings account, difference, information, application form, identity, residence, proof,
passport, landlord, enquiry desk, process, chequebook, statement, monthly, fortnightly, bother, detail,
leaflet, withdraw, cash dispenser, current, gift, introductory pack, gift, cash point card, PIN number,
entitle, contain, work address, boss, vouch, business.


Permanent- temporary        inish- start      income- expenditure       earn- spend
Straightforward- complicated         open- close      withdraw- deposit


I would like to open an account.
Can I have some information about opening an account?
I’m only here for 6 months, so a current account will be fine.
I’m not earning enough for a savings account.
I’ve got my passport with me and a letter from my landlord.
I can easily provide proof of who I am, but I haven’t got a permanent address yet.
I think monthly statements would be fine.
I’m not bothered with a chequebook, but I need some way of withdrawing cash.
                             Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
I’m told you can help me open an account.
Can I withdraw money whenever I like?
I think I’ll settle for the current account, then.
The current account would seem to suit me best.
I’m sure my boss will vouch for me. Here’s her card.

How to Open a Bank Account
Opening a bank account is part of everyday life and is something most people should do by the time they
begin earning money.

1. Talk with friends and relatives about where they have their accounts. Find out what they think and
   whether they are satisfied with their own banks.

2. Determine what type of account(s) you want. The most typical accounts are checking and
   savings. A savings account allows you to deposit money and receive interest on the money held in
   the bank. A checking account generally does not generate interest, but allows you to write checks.

3. Determine what services are important to you - low prices, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) access,
   customer service by phone, Internet banking or how close the branch is to your home or business.

4. Go to the bank of your choice, fill out an application and provide the bank with money with which to
   open the account. You will be given an account number (or two) as well as an ATM card if you choose
   that option. You will also be given a book of checks if you decide to open a checking account.

  Open your account(s) at a bank near your home or office so that it is convenient for you to make
  deposits, use an ATM or talk with bank employees.

  Consider how many ATMs the bank offers, whether they charge a fee and whether 24-hour customer
  service is available by phone.

  Low price does not always mean best choice. Look into the services you are getting for your money.
  Do they meet your needs or will you have to spend extra to get those services?

  Make sure that any bank with which you open an account is FDIC-insured, which means your money
  is insured up to $100,000.

Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!

                         Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
At the bank - dialogue

          Clerk: Do you want to open a bank account for students? Are you studying here in
                 England? Do you have any identification, a passport, a driving licence?
       Student: I have …..
          Clerk: …or an identity card?
       Student: ….. an identity card.
          Clerk: Now you have opened an account!
       Student: …. Mhm
          Clerk: Would you like to sign here?…
       Student: Yes,of course
          Clerk: … and down here
       Student: Yes, but how does it work?
          Clerk: How does the account work? Well, you will get a card…
       Student: Do you mean a cash dispenser card?
          Clerk: Yes, if you like!
       Student: Yes,I would like that!
          Clerk: You can collect the card or we can send it to you in fourteen days.
       Student: Fourteen?
          Clerk: Yes, in two weeks!
          Clerk: For students the whole account, including the credit card, is free of charge for
                 the first year. There are no bank charges.
       Student: Brilliant!
          Clerk: Do you have any confirmation of enrolment from the University?
          Clerk: The confirmation shows that you are studying here.
       Student: Oh,yes. By how much money am I allowed to be in the red?
          Clerk: To be overdrawn, you mean?
       Student: Yes, up to………?

                          Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
            Clerk: One thousand or two thousand pounds. Let's say up to one thousand pounds.
       Student: How can I check my account?
            Clerk: As soon as you have received the card you will be able to print off your bank

A.     Self introduction (5 minutes)
B.     Warm up (10 minutes)

1.     Vocabulary (10 minutes max)

a.     Vocab card

Select some words from the following and ask the students to make a sentence to demonstrate they
know the meaning and proper usage. DO NOT SHOW the card to the student, in order to test their
listening comprehension.

Lesson 5 Airline workers – Vocab card

                  To withdraw                                        To stipulate
                   Whichever                                      Savings account
                  Warehouse                                          Repayment
                  To vouch for                                        Overdraft
                  Uncertainty                                      To lose out on
        To take out a standing order                                Interest rate
                  To subtract                                         In arrears

2.     Key grammar (15 minutes)
a.     Emphatic questions with ‘ever’

Have the students complete the sentence using the following emphatic questions

       1.    Where ever
       2.    How ever
       3.    What ever
       4.    Why ever
       5.    When ever

                      Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
Have the students change the question to make an emphatic question.

       1. Who gave you permission to do that?
       2. Why didn’t you ask an expert to look at it?
       3. When did they go to Iceland?
       4. What will she say next?
       5. Where shall I put this umbrella?
Have the students use as + adjective or adverb + as to make a comparative sentence.

        1.    Beijing – Shanghai
        2.    Hong Kong – Tokyo
        3.    Amazon – Nile
        4.    Cheetah – Gazelle
        5.    Nanjing – Shanghai

b.      Yet

Have the students listen to and correct the word order of the sentence and use yet.

        1.    the / tickets / got / haven’t / We
        2.    swimming / you / joined / the / Have / club
        3.    don’t / I / her / I / she / often / where / went / miss / wonder
        4.    know / They / they / they / won’t / on / trying / keep / win
        5.    started / I’ve / French / much / but / haven’t / I / learnt / learning

Have the students complete the sentence using yet.

        1.    I want to order my meal but-
        2.    Please don’t leave so soon the party-
        3.    I have booked the ticket but I-
        4.    I haven’t started to speak-
        5.    We haven’t reached our sales targets-

Have the students contrast yet with other adverbials of duration

Have the students contrast yet with other adverbials of duration
1. John doesn’t live in London-
2. The children haven’t gone to bed-
3. Is Ann here? No she-
4. Beth hasn’t gone to university / she is still at school
5. have you started your new job-
6. Tom had eaten well but he was / hungry
7. I offered to help Joe with the car but he had / mended it.
                      Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
8. Have you finished your home work-
9. Are you / doing your home work?
10. He quit his job because he couldn’t take the stress-

C.         How + adjective or adverb

Have the students construct a questions with the following + How

Have the students construct a questions with the following + How
1. Tall – you
2. Far – Beijing
3. Far – the beach
4. Hot – Egypt – July
5. High – Pyramids
6. Old – the castle
7. Long – the Amazon
8. Deep – the river
9. Long – drive – Beijing – Shanghai
10. Often - cinema

D.         Have the students listen to the question and answer it using one of the perfect tenses.

     1.    Where is Alla?
     2.    Do you know Peter?
     3.    Can we go out?
     4.    May I borrow your book?
     5.    Do you know London well?
     6.    How do you feel?
     7.    Why isn’t Jon at work?
     8.    Do you still work at Smith’s?
     9.    Do you live near here?
     10.   Are you going to see the film tonight?

Have the students complete the following with a perfect tense.

     1.    He told me Alla-
     2.    I didn’t go to the film because-
     3.    I didn’t know Peter. In fact-
     4.    We couldn’t go out until-
     5.    I couldn’t lend you the book because-
     6.    I knew London well-

                              Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
     7.    I felt so bad, I was sure that-
     8.    John couldn’t go to work because-
     9.    We don’t live in Seven oaks any more. We-
     10.   I haven’t been to the shop for a while because-

3.         Role-play / Discussion (10 minutes)

Discussion: The bank

Do you have a bank account? How long have you had it? How often do you go to the bank? Is there a
branch near your home? Which is the best bank in China? Why? Are the banks safe? Do they offer a full
range of services? How old do you have to be before you can open an account? Can you have internet
banking in China? Would you use this service? Why? Why not?

Role-play: At the bank

Assign a role for each student. Have them play out their roles according to the role cards.

                                                              Lesson 5 – At the bank card 2
Lesson 5 – At the bank card 1

 Student A – You are a cashier in a bank              Student B – A businessperson who needs
                                                                 to open an account
Help the customer to open a new bank                  You are a businessman who had just
account. Explain to him or her all the different      arrived in London. You need to set up a
services that your bank offers and help the           bank account for your company. You need
person to choose the most suitable account.           information on the following service.

                                                      Credit account / credit cards / overseas
                                                      bank transfers / currency exchange /
                                                      interest rates for loans. Try to get as much
                                                      information as possible about the above
4.         Written activities (5 minutes)

a.         Synonyms

Have the students match up the synonyms

Lesson 5 – Written activities - A

                          Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!

Choose the correct synonyms

     1. be bothered                                    A. code
     2. cash                                           B. be content with
     3. form                                           C. document
     4. settle for                                     D. brochure
     5. PIN number                                     E. Ready money

b.   Antonyms

Lesson 5 – Written activities - B

Choose the correct Antonyms

     1. permanent                                      a. spend
     2. finish                                         b. complicated
     3. in advance                                     c. debit
     4. income                                         d. expenditure
     5. credit                                         e. in arrears
     6. straightforward                                f.   start
     7. earn                                           g. temporary

5.   Assessment / evaluation / wrap up (5 minutes)


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