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					                                     Literature Searching for Nursing
                                           Points to Remember

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Also available from OneSource, under Common Links; you do NOT have to go through OneSource
Get basic help at ASK Desk: 292-4861

If you are off campus, you must sign in with your OSU name.# (not med center login)

Not sure where to start? Try an electronic book. Found in Core 25 list and also Library Catalog. Use drop
down menu and choose E-Books. Search by keyword to find relevant books.

Databases for Nursing

       Medline/PubMed (1950 forward)
          Millions of journal article citations
          Mainly biomedical, some nursing though
          Can do keyword searching or MeSH terms
          Handy limits in EBSCO interface (found in Advanced Search in PubMed): English, Humans,
             Nursing journal subset, publication type (for specific kinds of studies)

           Focused on nursing and allied health
           Contains records for all kinds of content, not just journal articles, so pay attention to the
           Can do keyword searching or use CINAHL subject headings
           Handy limits: date of publication, Research article, many publication types

       Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
           Full-text systematic reviews
           Mostly medical topics (care issues not addressed as much)
           Updated regularly
           Studies included are usually selected by rigorous criteria
           You may find these in a PubMed search. You have to go into the database itself to get the full
             text (the Find It button doesn’t work in PubMed for these)
           Full text= EBP topic review

Need one-on-one help? Call Stephanie to set up an appointment. She can come to you to make it more
convenient if needed. If you’re doing a clinical trial/major research project, we have a research librarian who
can help ensure you’ve done a thorough search of the literature before starting the project. Contact Fern
Cheek at 688-4505 or Health sciences librarians abide by HIPAA regulations.

Stephanie Schulte, MLIS                                                                            3/11/2010