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					Project Management
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Define what is Project ? Define Project Scope Definition Define Project Control

what is Project?

• A project is an endeavor to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated tasks and the effective utilization of resources.

Examples of Projects
• Planning a wedding • Designing and implementing a computer system • Hosting a holiday party • Designing and producing a brochure • Executing an environmental clean-up of a contaminated site • Holding a high school reunion • Performing a series of surgeries on an accident victim

What is management?
• Planning - deciding what is to be done; • Organizing - making arrangements; • Staffing - selecting the right people for the job, etc.; . Directing giving instructions; • Monitoring - checking on progress; • Controlling - taking action to remedy hold-ups; • Innovating - coming up with new solutions; • Representing -liaising with users, etc
* Open University Software Project Management module(1987 )

Project Management
• Project management (PM) is the application of knowledge, skills tools and techniques to perform activities that are temporary and unique for an organization;
• In other words, it is the activity, temporary undertaken, of planning, executing and controlling to create unique products or services with an interdisciplinary team, constrained by limited resources.

Importance of Project Management
Project Management is at the heart of an IT project, having the very important responsibility of coordinating the technical project teams, as well as facilitating the flow of information between top management, employees, and third parties.

Project Sponsor


Project Management


Business Analysis Systems Development Systems Integration

Technical Architecture User Preparation Testing & Release

Objectives of Project Management
 To ensure that the project is correctly designed to meet

its objectives
 To ensure that the project is completed on schedule,

within resources and budget
 To provide a mechanism for monitoring the project

To ensure that the project is correctly designed to meet its objectives
• ensure that the project objectives and outcomes are
fully agreed by all involved

• ensure that the objectives are achievable
•ensure that the objectives satisfy customer needs

To ensure that the project is completed on schedule, within resources and budget • ensures that the resources and budget are agreed
and are consistent with the needs of the project

• ensures that the life of the project is clearly defined

To provide a mechanism for monitoring the project • ensures project does not depart from agreed path
• provides mechanism for examining project progress (quarterly progress reports, agreed regular communication….+ ?????) • provides mechanism for correcting or stopping failing projects (project restructuring)

Project Management Framework

Project Management Framework
PM processes can be organized into five groups of one or

more processes each:
• Initiating processes – recognizing that a project or particular phase should begin and committing to do so; • Planning processes – elaborate and maintain a workable scheme to accomplish the business need that the project was undertaken to address;

Project Management Framework
• Executing processes – coordinating people and other resources to carry out the plan; • Controlling processes – ensuring that project objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress and taking corrective actions when necessary; • Closing processes – formalizing acceptance of the project and live the final output of the project in ordinary operation.

Activities covered by software project management

Characteristics Project

The characteristics of projects can be summarized as follows. • • • • • • • • non-routine tasks are involved; planning is required; specific objectives are to be met or a specified product is to be created; . the project has a pre-determined time span; work is carried out for someone other than yourself; work involves several specializes; work is carried out in several phases; the resources that are available for use on the project are constrained the project is large or complex..

Attributes of a Project
• A project is carried out through a series of interdependent tasks in a certain sequence in order to achieve the project objective. • A project utilizes various resources to carry out the tasks.

• A project has a specific time frame - a start time and a date by which the objective must be accomplished.

Attributes of a Project
• A project may be a unique or one-time such as developing a new product. • A project has a customer that provides the funds necessary to accomplish the project. In a business setting, the customer can be internal or an external to your organization. • Finally, a project involves a degree of uncertainty based on certain assumptions and estimates the project budget, schedule, and work scope

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