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Raja Harishchandra (1913) was the first silent feature film made in India. It
was made by Dadasaheb Phalke. By the 1930s, the industry was producing
over 200 films per annum. The first Indian sound film, Ardeshir Irani's
Alam Ara (1931), was a super hit. There was clearly a huge market for
talkies and musicals; Bollywood and all the regional film industries quickly
switched to sound filming.

The 1930s and 1940s were tumultuous times: India was buffeted by the
Great Depression, World War II, the Indian independence movement, and
the violence of the Partition. Most Bollywood films were unabashedly
escapist, but there were also a number of film makers who tackled tough
social issues, or used the struggle for Indian independence as a backdrop
for their plots. In the late 1950s, Bollywood released its first color films;
however, the majority of films continued to be black-and-white until the
mid-1960s. At this time, lavish romantic musicals and melodramas were the
staple fare at the cinema. Successful actors included Dev Anand, Dilip
Kumar and Raj Kapoor and actresses like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Nutan and
Madhubala. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, romance movies and action
films starred actors like Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra. In the mid-1970s,
romantic confections made way for gritty, violent films about gangsters and
bandits. Amitabh Bachchan, the star known for his "angry young man"
roles, rode the crest of this trend with actors like Mithun Chakraborty and
Anil Kapoor, which lasted into the early 1990s. Actresses from this era
included Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan and Rekha.

In the mid-1990s, the pendulum swung back towards family-centric
romantic musicals with the success of such films as Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
(1994) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) making stars out of a new
generation of actors (such as Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh
Khan) and actresses (such as Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Kajol). In that
point of time, action and comedy films were also going strong with actors
like Govinda and Akshay Kumar and actresses such as Raveena Tandon and
Karisma Kapoor. Furthermore, this decade marked the entry of new
performers in art and independent films, some of which were successful at
the box-office, with critically acclaimed performances by actors like Nana
Patekar, Ajay Devgan, Manisha Koirala, Tabu and Urmila Matondkar.

The 2000s meant a growth in Bollywood's popularity in the world. This led
the film making to new heights in terms of quality, cinematography and
innovative story lines as well as technical quality advances. Some of the
largest production houses, among them Yash Raj Films and Dharma
Productions were the producers of new modern films. The opening up of
the overseas market, the more Bollywood releases abroad and the explosion
of multiplexes in big cities, led to wider box office successes in India and
abroad, including Devdas, Koi... Mil Gaya, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer-Zaara and
Dhoom 2, delivering a new generation of popular actors (Hrithik Roshan,
Abhishek Bachchan) and actresses (Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta and Rani
Mukerji), and keeping the popularity of actors of the previous decade.
Bollywood Lounge is a new concept which combines

the heady cultural colours and extravagance of the
Bollywood film industry with the aromas and
flavours of the cuisines of the Indian sub continent
with a fusion of western tastes.

With this menu we have modernised Indian cuisine
taking it to its next level - yet still keeping its
authentic flavours - approached in a contemporary
fusion manner, with different accents from around
the world added to dishes, making this visit a unique
and enjoyable experience.

Our staff are friendly and attentive; it is their aim to
ensure that your visit will make a lasting impression.

                  Medium                            Contains Gluten

                  Spicy – Fairly Hot                Contains Nuts

                  Very Hot                          Suitable for Vegetarians
                  Only for the Brave!

Although great care has been taken in preparing your food, some dishes
may contain small bones. Please ask when you order if you are not sure.

                                          Traditional Starters
1. Onion Bhaji                                       £2.30
The world famous Indian snack of crisp onions, moulded
into a sphere mesh, then deep fried in a coating of gram
flour batter until golden brown.
2. Pakoras                                           £2.85
Succulent pieces of chicken or vegetables delicately spiced
then coated in gram flour, batter and deep fried.
3. Chicken Chaat                                     £3.35
Small cubes of succulent chicken cooked with spring
onions, garlic, mixed herbs, spices, chat masala and
coriander served on a puri.
4. King Prawn on Puri                                £4.95
Mouth watering juicy king prawns cooked with spring
onions, garlic, mixed herbs, spices, fenugreek and
coriander served on puri.
5. Bollywood Sizzling Cocktail                       £6.95
Selection of traditional starter's chicken tikka, sheek kebab,
onion bhaji, chicken pakora and vegetable samosa.
Serves 2 people.

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                                      Chargrilled Starters
6. Chicken Wings                                    £2.30
Succulent chicken wings delicately spiced with our own
herbs & spices and grilled until golden brown.
7. Sheek Kebab                                      £2.40
Traced back to Ghengis Khan who invaded Asia and
sent many rulers scurrying across the Hindu Kush.
These Nawabs brought with them the rustic, but
delicious kebab. The traditional mince of lamb with
the distinct flavours of fresh herbs and aromatic
8. Chicken Kebab                                    £2.85
Mince of chicken with the distinct flavours of fresh
herbs and aromatic spices
9. Lamb Chops                                       £2.95
Tender pieces of lamb chops delicately spiced with our
own herbs & spices and grilled until golden brown.
10. Chicken or Lamb Tikka                           £2.85
Tender pieces of chicken breast fillets or morsels of lamb
grilled in the tandoori clay oven until golden.

                                              Fusion Starters
11. Zeenat                                          £4.95
Diced tiger prawns tossed with chopped shallot, ginger
& garlic, blended with minced green chilli, fresh coriander
and spices. Filled in thin pastry sheets, sealed in roll shapes
and deep fried. Served with lemon vinaigrette and herb salad

12. Shabana                                         £4.95
Thai fishcakes with shashlik vegetables and coriander
13. Neetu                                           £4.95
Pieces of venison marinated with our own blend of herbs
and spices and grilled. Served with salad.
14. Sunil                                           £4.95
A favourite of the Indian connoisseur. Deep fried savoury
triangular pastries with an array of delicious fillings.
Served with cucumber salad and garlic chilli dip.
15. Shatrughan                                      £4.95
Giant prawns cooked in the shell with garlic, Indian
shallots spices, fenugreek coriander, served with paratha
and salad dressing.
16. Karishma                                        £4.95
Morsels of the finest haddock lightly spiced with spices
& herbs served with a garlic chilli dip.

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                                               Fusion Dishes
17. Joi Yorkshire                                   £9.95
Roast lamb cooked Bangla style with light spices served
with Yorkshire pudding. Served with Pilau Rice.
18. Joi Wakefield                                   £9.95
Tender Spring Chicken with rhubarb, garlic, spring onions,
shallots, methi, creating s symphony of Eastern and
Western flavours. Served with Pilau Rice.
19. Joi Ripon                                       £9.95
Honey glazed chicken coated with mixed herb and spices
char grilled until golden brown. Pan cooked with shallots,
spring onions, coriander, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & bullet
chillies. Flavours of true India.
20. Haddock                                         £9.95
Prime haddock fillet cooked with shallots, garlic green
peppers using traditional Goan recipe. Served with
onion rice.
21. Lamb Shank                                      £9.95
Braised lamb shank in nentara sauce served with fondant
potato and herb paratha.
22. Duck                                            £9.95
Shredded comfit of duck flavoured with tandoori spices
served with spinach rice and orange jalfrezi sauce.
23. Monk Fish                                       £9.95
Spiced monkfish & new potato, capponata served with
coriander rice.
24. Borishali Cod Biran                             £9.95
Lightly spiced cod fillet garnised with tuna salad and
mustard sauce. Served with sweet chilli rice.
25. Sylheti Sea Bass                                £10.95
Pan fried fillet of sea bass served with khao phad narok
(Thai Chilli Rice) and red pepper sauce.

                                     New World Dishes
26. Ostrich                                         £11.95
Ostrich meat cooked with aromatic herbs and spices,
garlic, ginger, spring onions, methi, shallots & fresh
bullet chillies. Served with Keema Pilau rice.
27. Venison                                         £11.95
Luscious pieces of venison cooked with aromatic spices
and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring onions, methi, shallots
& fresh bullet chillies. Served with Mushroom rice.
28. Crocodile Ghajini                               £11.95
Pan seared crocodile meat, lightly spiced with mustard,
shallots, herbs, tomatoes and coriander. Fresh green chilli
is added to give it a slight bite.
29. Kangaroo                                        £11.95
Kangaroo meat is similar to lamb therefore we cook this
dish with an array of difference spices and herbs, capsicum,
spring onions, garlic and ginger simmered to a thick bhuna
based dish.

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                                                Atkins Dishes
Using Doctor Atkins dietary programme our chefs have
created some delicious low carbohydrate meals that are
simply a delight for the health conscious.
30. Hritikh                                         £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken, marinated with our finely
selected spices and herbs then grilled in the tandoori
clay oven with cheese sprinkled with chat masala,
served with lightly spiced stir fried minced lamb and
a french style salad.
31. Bipasha                                         £9.95
Tandoori fish, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori duck
and sheek kebab combined together to produce and
array of distinctive flavours and aromas, Served with
a crispy low carbohydrate sweet salad.
32. Amisha                                          £10.95
Succulent and juicy king prawns marinated in our
exclusive sauce then barbecued in the tandoori clay
oven then stir fried with capisicum and spring onions
served with smoked mackerel salad.
33. Bobby                                           £10.95
Venison steak cooked with spices and garlic, served
with crispy salad and creamy garlic mushrooms.

                                     Special Thali Dishes
A carefully selected choice of three mouth watering
dishes from our exclusive cuisine, giving and array of
traditional home cooking served with pilau rice and
home made puff pastry paratha.

34. Hema                                            £9.95
Chicken and lamb dishes prepared in different blends of
herbs and spices to give a delicious assortment of flavours.

35. Rekha                                           £9.95
A collection of meat, poultry, fish and fresh organic
vegetables, offering a complete meal.
36. Vinod                                           £9.95
Selections of our most popular mild and fruity chicken
and meat dishes, a brilliant choice for novices in Indian
37. Shashi                                          £9.95
A collection of the world famous masala dishes meat,
chicken and king prawn.
38. Rishi                                           £9.95
A purely vegetarian dish made with a carefully chosen
selection of contrasting vegetables.

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                                  Award Winning Dishes
39. Sangam                                            £8.95
A popular dish all over northern India and Bangladesh.
Luscious pieces of chicken or tender lamb cooked with
aromatic spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring onions,
potatoes, methi, shallots, fresh bullet chillies. This recipe
is from a gourmet Sylheti family in Bangladesh. This is
the dish-celebre of Bengal cuisine.
40. Trishul                                           £8.95
Another very popular curry from the Sylhet region of
Bangladesh fillet breast of chicken or tender lamb cooked
with aromatic spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring
onions, cauliflower, methi, shallot, fresh bullet chillies,
mustard seeds a very tasty dish.
41. Aradhana                                          £8.95
Tender Spring Chicken or Lamb with garlic, spring onions,
shallots, methi garnished with crispy potato dressing
the result is a delightful symphony of flavours.
42. Deewar                                            £8.95
Highly recommended for the purveyors of traditional Indian
cuisine succulent pieces of chicken cooked with aromatic
spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring onions, methi shallots,
fresh bullet chillies we believe cooking is an art this dish is a
masterpiece created by the artistry of our chef rich in tradition
and taste.

                                                Signature Dishes
All our signatory dishes are made using the Bhuna process,
whereby the ingredients are stir fried in light oil so that the
flavour of the spices are released into the oil.
43. Sholay                                            £7.95
Chicken or lamb charcoal grilled. Cooked with onions,
capsicum, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander.
44. Thakur                                            £7.95
Morsels of chicken with fine a mince of lamb, ginger,
garlic, spring onions, shallots, methi and not forgetting
the exclusively selected spices and herbs that make this
dish a delight for the Indian culinary pundits.
45. Dilip Kumar                                       £7.95
Succulent pieces of chicken tikka or tender lamb tikka
cubes cooked with spinach, garlic, spring onions, methi,
shallots, fresh bullet chillies, sprinkled with a cheese
46. Manoj                                             £7.95
A classical Afghanistani dish comprising of lamb or
chicken which considering the expense and efforts
involved is normally cooked for royalty. Cooked very
gently in a rich sauce, finely chopped spring onion,
flavoured with saffron and served with tomatoes.
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                                               Signature Dishes
47. Jay                                              £7.95
Luscious pieces of chicken or tender lamb cooked with
aromatic spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring onions,
methi, shallots, fresh bullet chillies.
48. Akshay                                           £7.95
Pieces of chicken and tender lamb cooked together with
aromatic spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, spring onions,
methi, shallots, fresh bullet chillies and mixed peppers.
49. Gabbar                                           £7.95
Succulent pieces of chicken or tender lamb cubes marinated
in aphrodisiac spices, garlic, spring onions, methi, shallots,
fresh green chillies and crispy red peppers will activate
sensuality and inhibit clear and higher thinking. Very hot,
only for the very brave.
50. Veeru                                            £7.95
Famous Persian dish lavishly garnised with fresh garlic,
spring onions, ginger, green chillies, tomatoes, lemon and
chana dall. It’s surerb! Chicken or lamb. .

                                               Signature Dishes
Mild & Fruity
51. Basanti                                          £7.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast fillet cooked with crushed
pineapple, cream almond powder, coconut powder and
mango pulp.
52. Madhuri                                          £7.95
Succulent pieces of chicken cooked with honey and our
special buttered sauce which is made with coconut, almonds,
sultanas & cream giving it a rich creamy texture.
53. Sharaabi                                         £7.95
Diced chicken tikka cooked with mixed tropical fruits,
cream, coconut, almonds and pistachio simmered with
tia maria, thus giving this dish a totally Caribbean flavour.
54. Sridevi                                          £7.95
Chicken tikka cooked with a special mild sauce consisting
of pistachio powder, cream coconut, fresh cream, mango
and jackfruit. Probably the only dish in the UK that has
jackfruit (jackfruit is one of the national fruits of Bangladesh).
55. Sambha                                           £7.95
Amazing mixture of chicken or lamb with fresh cream,
sugar, egg, mango pulp & coconut impart sumptuous
richness to this lightly spiced curry and sprinkled with
fresh coriander.

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                                                    Classic Dishes
These dishes do not need any explanation, they are
evergreen dishes of almost all Indian restaurants in
Britain, All classic dishes are available in chicken, lamb
or prawn.

56. Korma                                            £4.95
57. Madras                                           £4.95
58. Vindaloo                                         £4.95
59. Bhuna                                            £4.95
60. Dhansak                                          £5.45
61. Dopiaza                                          £5.45
62. Rogan Josh                                       £5.45
63. Pathia                                           £5.45
Please note: Any of the above dishes made with
king prawns £9.95

                                      Traditional Specialities
64. Karahi                                           £6.95
Chicken, lamb or prawn.

65. Zalfrazi                                         £6.95
Chicken, lamb or prawn.

66. Balti                                            £6.95
Chicken, lamb or prawn.

67. Biryani                                          £7.95
Chicken, lamb or prawn.

Please note: Any of the above dishes made with
king prawns £10.95

                                                Dish of the Day
68. Chef’s own Preperation                           £8.95
This dish is prepared by the chef using the same traditional
methods and ingredients used throughout the homes of the
Indian sub-continent. The dish is carefully created to give a
very unique balance of flavours using in-season ingredient
and the choicest of herbs & spices. The end result is a dish
our Chef's mother would be proud of.

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                                  Tandoori Sizzling Dishes
An ancient style of cooking which originated in the
rugged North-West frontier of India. The natural,
healthy and earthy tones of our Tandoori dishes are
achieved by the use of fresh herbs and spices in the
marinade resulting in the most delicious of dishes.
Served sizzling on a bed of chopped onions with a
crispy salad.

70. Tandoori Chicken                                   £6.95
All time favourite. Half of a tender spring chicken grilled
in the tandoori clay oven.
71. Chicken Tikka                                      £6.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast fillets grilled in a
tandoori clay oven until golden.
(Gluten free also available)
72. Lamb Tikka                                         £6.95
Tender pieces of lamb cubes marinated with our
finely selected herbs and spices then grilled in the
tandoori clay oven.
73. Chicken Shashlik                                   £8.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast fillets grilled in a
tandoori clay oven with capsicum, tomatoes and
74. Tandoori King Prawn                                £10.95
The best freshwater king prawns from Bangladesh
marinated in our exclusive sauce then barbecued in
a tandoori clay oven.
75. Tandoori Cocktail                                  £10.95
A variety of succulent meat, poultry, king prawns,
mince and fish combined together to produce an
array of distinctive flavours and aromas. An excellent
way of sampling our Tandoori specialities.

                                     World Famous Dishes
United Kingdom's best selling and most popular dish cooked
with our own special tandoori sauce, almond powder, coconut
powder, sultanas & fresh cream (mild)

76. Chicken Tikka Massala                              £6.95

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                                       Bollywood Dishes
76. Kaalia                                           £7.95
The most complex of all great curries. Comprises of
twenty one ingredients each roasted individually,
this lends to a deep rich brown colour. Choices
of chicken or lamb.
77. Shilpa Spice                                     £7.95
Grilled chicken or lamb cooked with fresh garlic,
green chillies and fresh herbs in a thick sauce.
78. Big B                                            £7.95
Chicken in butter, cheese and traditional light herbs
and spices. Its rich, creamy and cheesy. Chicken or
79. Ashwariya Rai                                    £7.95
Our chef's creation to suit the weaker palate, cooked
in a mild sauce with lots of flavours. Chicken or
80. Shah Rukh Khan                                   £7.95
Lamb or chicken cooked in a lightly spiced sauce
with a variety of fresh herbs and spices, fresh tomatoes
and plain yoghurt. Very highly recommended.

                         Organic Vegetarian Dishes
Inspired by the Brahmins of Bangladesh and India. Using
only fresh organic vegetables the chefs have created a
vast range of vegetarian delicacies which are simply a
delight waiting to be discovered, some of the most
aromatic and full flavoured dishes fit for every dinner
81. Danny                                            £5.50
Mixed organic vegetables cooked with herbs and
spices, green chillies, onions and tomatoes.
82. Govinda                                          £5.50
Mixed organic vegetables delicately flavoured with
fresh herbs and spices, coconut powder, almond
powder and sultanas to suit the weaker palate.
83. Salman                                           £5.50
Mixed organic vegetables cooked fairly dry with
herbs and spices, spring onions, tomatoes sprinkled
with coriander.
84. Kishore                                          £5.50
Mixed organic vegetables cooked fairly dry with
herbs and spices, spring onions, bullet chillies and
tomatoes sprinkled with coriander. A large influence
of garam masala is used in this dish.
85. Pran                                             £5.50
The vegetarian version of the world famous tikka
masala using mixed organic vegetables.

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                          Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
Please note there is a significant difference between
bhaji and bhazi, the bhaji's are deep fried in batter
and the latter are cooked in a moist curry form.
86. Bhindi Bhazi               Regular   £4.50    Small   £2.75
Sliced deep fried okra tossed with cumin, mustard
seeds and curry leaves. This is a dry preparation and
makes an excellent accompaniment with other dishes.

87. Tarka Dall                Regular    £4.50    Small   £2.75
A combination of toor and masoor Daal (yellow &
pink lentils) cooked and sizzled with chopped
garlic, cumin red chilli. This process of sizzling
is known as 'Tarka' and thus named Tarka Daal.

88. Saag Aloo / Bhazi         Regular    £4.50    Small   £2.75
Chopped spinish tossed with dices of potato,
chopped shallots, garlic and cumin with spices.

89. Bombay Aloo               Regular    £4.50    Small   £2.75
There are three styles of Bombay aloo known
as (dum aloo in northern India, Kashmir and
Bangladesh) this is the Bengali version.
90. Aloo Gobi                 Regular    £4.50    Small   £2.75
Very popular dish around Mangalore and
Bangladesh florets of cauliflower and potatoes
cooked with a various spices and herbs.

91. Cauliflower Bhazi         Regular    £4.50    Small   £2.75
In India and Bangladesh cauliflower is usually
cooked as a dry vegetable, this is a classic version
cooked with shallots, spring onion, mustard seeds,
fenugreek lightly spiced.

92. Cucumber or Onion Raitha                              £1.55
93. Green Salad                                           £1.50
94. Assorted Pickles & Relishes                           £1.65
95. Popadums (Plain or Spicy)                             £0.45
96. Chips                                                 £1.50

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                                                     Rice Dishes
97. Steamed Rice                                     £1.95
Steamed boiled long grain American rice.

98. Pilau Rice                                       £2.25
Using kernel Basmati rice the worlds best,
cooked with aromatic spices

99. Mushroom, Egg or Lemon Rice                      £2.70
100. Onion, Keema or Vegetable Rice                  £2.70
101. Shahi Pilau                                     £2.75
This rice dish was cooked for the Moghul Emperors
on very special occasions. Basmati rice cooked with
delicately spiced mince lamb, egg, spring onions,
garnished with nuts and sultanas.

102. Meetha Naricol Pilau                            £2.75
Using kernel Basmati rice the worlds best, cooked
with aromatic spices, dried fruits, coconut and sugar.

                               Various Bread Essentials
103. Naan Bread                                      £1.95
Made with refined white self raising flour egg, milk
and a little sugar.
104. Peshwari Naan                                   £2.55
Stuffed with a blend of chopped dried fruits, desiccated
coconut, almonds, mango pulp and cream.
105. Keema Naan                                      £2.55
Stuffed with minced lamb blended with coriander
and spices. This naan is an all time favourite among
our diners.
106. Garlic Naan                                     £2.55
Stuffed with fresh garlic.
107. Shirazi Naan                                    £2.55
Stuffed with Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Keema, Cheese,
Onion, Chillies and mixed spices.
108. Filmi Naan                                      £2.55
This new creation of naan was made for some of
our guests, stuffed with spring onion, cheese, chilli,
minced lamb and garlic which has been put on the
menu at their request.
109. Paratha                                         £1.95
The all time special needs no explanation.
110. Tandoori Roti                                   £1.50
Made with leavened ground wholewheat.
111. Chapati                                         £0.70
Made thinly with leavened ground wholewheat.

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