The fitures of a business letter by


									                    The features of a business letter
    An effective business letter must have certain special qualities that can aid the
businessman to reach their target results the special qualities are as follow:

   1. Definite: A good business letter must follow a definite structure heading . Inside
       address and other parts of a letter if pleased as prescribed by or rules increase the
       attractiveness of a letter.
   2. Proper planning: It is the first step in writing and it involves making conscious
       decisions about the purpose audience content and organization of the message
       Proper planning causes effective and fruitful communication.
   3. Conciseness: Business letters should be brief but informative it must be in such a
       size which is complete to provide effective message.
   4. Relevance: A good business letter should bear information which is relevant and
       state true fact, it should avoid irrelevant material that wastes reader’s mind.
   5. Completeness: The written of such letter must be careful to make a complete
       picture in the mind of receiver any incomplete or partial data must not be
       incorporated in a letter.
   6. Simplicity: A business letter should be written in simple language so that receiver
       can understand the meeting and the significance of the letter confusing and
       complex words must be avoided.
   7. Clearness: Messages of a business letter must be clear in meaning and therefore
       it should bevery precise in meaning in the sense as the sender interned.
   8. Specific purpose: The purpose of a business letter should be specific enough to
       justify the success of the message vague message will bring no action but wastage
       of time effort and money.
   9. Neutrality: It is essentially an urgent quality of a good business letter a letter
       needs to reflect the neutral outlook of the writer.
   10. Courtesy: There is an English proverb that “courtesy cost nothing bit gains more”
       All business letter writer must keep this proverb during the writing a business
   11. Cordiality: One of the important qualities of a business letter is Cordiality When
       the writer is more careful to his letter it becomes very attractive and beautiful.
   12. Free from Error: The letter must be free from error All words should be formal
       and grammatically correct.
   13. Sincerity: Nobody should represent false irrelevant and irrational information
       honestly is the best policy this should be kept in mind at the time of writing a
       business letter.
   14. Pleasing personality: The Pleasing personality should be best reflected in the
       letter when the writer uses words showing modesty taste and courtesy his Pleasing
       personality is exposed in the letter.
   15. Arrangement of subject matter: The subject matter if his letter should be
       accurately and reasonably arranged in order that its attractiveness and
       effectiveness are increased to the readers.
   16. Absence of Redundancy: While writing a business letter Redundancy of
       information should be avoided by the writer to please the readers only the
       necessary information should be presented in such a manner that the subject-
       matter becomes acceptable to the readers.

       At lest we can say that a business letter is always formal the writer must pay
proper attention at the time of writing a letter the success or failure of a letter completely
depends on the writer’s presentation capacity.

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