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					  Lights, Camera, Action

Using Windows Live Movie Maker
      Today’s session outline
 Share PowerPoint presentation
 Watch a pair of video tutorials
 Live demo of Windows Live Movie Maker
 Watch example of movie made with
  Windows Movie Maker – Ralph Wilson
 Close with 4-minute movie created with
  WLMM 2011
 Q&A
           What is WLMM?
 Windows Live Movie Maker is video
  creation / editing software
 Turns photos and videos into polished
  movies that are easy to share
 Provides special effects, transitions,
  sounds, and captions to help tell your
        How do I get WLMM?
 Free download from Microsoft
 Not applicable to pre-Vista versions of
 Part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011
  software suite
    Windows Live Essentials 2011
 Messenger – chat tool
 Photo Gallery – similar to iPhoto & Picasa
 Windows Live Mesh – like DropBox using
  5GB of free synced SkyDrive storage
 Windows Live Mail – ‘grandchild’ to
  Outlook Express
 Writer – blogging tool
    Windows Live Essentials 2011
 Family Safety – Parental Controls
 Bing Bar – search without leaving the
  website you’re in
 Silverlight – multimedia browser plug-in
 Movie Maker – our subject today
        Birds of a Feather

 Microsoft Photo Story (MPS)
 Windows Movie Maker (WMM)
 Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 (WLMM)
        Microsoft Photo Story
 Slideshow software with effects,
  transitions, narration, background music
 ‘Ken Burns Effect’ (pan, zoom)
 Free download for validated XP users
 Outputs as a WMV file (Windows Media
  Video) – playable on PC, but not on a
  home DVD player
    Microsoft Photo Story (Cont’d)
   Version 2 released as part of Microsoft
    Plus! Digital Media Edition and MS Digital
    Image Suite v9 and v10.
     Supported  exporting photo story as a Video
      CD (VCD file)
   Version 3.0 - free download but removed
    direct VCD burning.
     Includesbasic photo editing and touch-up
     Can generate background music
    Microsoft Photo Story (Cont’d)
   Last version (3.1) was included with
    discontinued Microsoft Digital Image 2006.
     Restored the ability to burn a Video CD
     Would work with Vista and Win7
     No longer available.
        Windows Movie Maker
 Video creating/editing application
 Included with Windows ME, XP, and Vista
 Effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio
  track, timeline narration, and AutoMovie
 Replaced in Win7 by WLMM
    Windows Movie Maker Versions
 1.0   in   WinME - 2000
 1.1   in   WinXP – 2001
 2.0   in   WinXP – 2002
 2.1   in   WinXP-SP2 – 2004
 2.5   in   WinXP Media Center Edition 2005
 2.6   in   Win Vista – 2006 – w/o h/w accel.
 6.0   in   Win Vista – 2006 – w/ h/w accel
       Windows Live Movie Maker
   Video creating/editing application
   Complete rewrite of Windows Movie Maker
   Not compatible with pre-Vista versions of
   Incorporates ‘ribbon’ interface
   Final version released Aug. 19, 2009
   Publish videos to SkyDrive, Facebook, YouTube,
    and Flickr
   Can save videos in Hi Def Formats (720, 1080)
             WLMM 2011
 Final version released Sept. 30, 2010
 Must be installed in tandem with Windows
  Live Photo Gallery
 Able to record video clips from a webcam
 Includes new animated video titles
             WLMM 2011 (Cont’d)
 Six AutoMovie themes facilitate styling
  your movie
 'Animations' offers 77 transitions
     Diagonals,   Dissolves, Patterns & Shapes,
     Shatters, sweeps, curls, wipes, slide-downs

   Text: titles, captions, credits
     Animations   such as Fade-in, Fly-in, Stretch,
Six AutoMovie Themes
  Black and White
  Cinematic
  Contemporary
  Fade
  Pan and Zoom
  Sepia
WLMM 2011 (Cont’d)

   Four artistic effects
     Blur
     Posterize
     Threshold
     Pencil   Drawing Style
    WLMM 2011 (Cont’d)
   Other effects:
     Filtersfor B&W Video
     Mirror Views
     Warps
     Pixelation
     Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns Effect)
           ‘Ken Burns Effect’
 Popular name for a type of panning and
  zooming effect used in video production
  from still imagery.
 Technique principally used in historical
  documentaries where film or video is not
 Name derives from documentarian Ken
  Burns of PBS fame. He credits filmmaker
  Jerome Liebling for teaching him the skill.
Working with Windows Live
   Movie Maker 2011
     WLMM Supported File Types
   Photo Files:
     JointPhotographic Experts Group (JPG)
     Tagged Image Files (TIF)
     Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
     Bitmaps (BMP)
     Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
     HD Photo Files (WDP)
WLMM Supported File Types

   Audio Files:
     Windows  Media Audio (WMA, ASF)
     Pulse Code Modulation (AIF, WAV)
     Advanced Audio Coding (M4A)
     MP3 Audio (MP3)
     WLMM Supported File Types
   Video Files:
     Windows   Media Video (WMV)
     Apple Quicktime (MOV and QT)
     DV-AVI files (AVI)
     MPEG 1, 2, 4 movie files (MV1, MP2, VOB)
     AVCHD files (M2TS, M2T)
     Microsoft Recorded TV Shows (DVR-MS, WTV)
     WLMM Supported File Types
   Exceptions:
     Video   & music files protected by DRM can’t be
     MPEG2 and Microsoft Recorded TV Show files
      require Vista or Win7 versions Home Premium
      or higher
     AVCHD files with Dolby Digital Audio require
      Win7 Home Premium or higher
Parts of a WLMM Screen
Initial Blank Workspace
                      Workspace With ‘Assets’
Title Bar


            Full Screen Button


                       Time /
 Home
 Animations
 Visual Effects
 Project
 View
 Edit
  Home Tab

Animations Tab
Visual Effects Tab

  Projects Tab
View Tab

Edit Tab
  Time for some professional
         show and tell.
      Say ‘Hi’ to Brian!

     Microsoft Intro / Tutorial
         Another Brief Tutorial
          Created By A User

  Discusses WLMM (not 2011) versus
             WMM for XP
Focuses on manual editing vs Automovie
                 Say ‘Hi’ to Rich!
            Real Life Demo
 Import photos or videos
 Arrange to suit
 Add music if desired
 Select Automovie Style
 Adjust music for fade-in or fade-out
 Fill in title and credit pages
 Save project
 Convert to movie file or share to web
Enough yackin’

Let’s get crackin’

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