Pre-Employment Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Consent Form


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									This Pre-Employment Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Consent Form may be used by a
company to have a drug and/or alcohol test administered to a job applicant. Employers
may require applicants to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test as a condition for their
application to be considered. By signing this form, the applicant voluntarily consents to
undergo the testing process. This document informs the applicant of his or her rights
and states that the results of the test will be held confidential. This should be used by
employers that require job candidates to submit to drug or alcohol testing.

                     Pre-Employment Drug And/Or Alcohol Testing Policy

As a condition for an employment application to be considered, applicants must understand and
agree to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test. If the test results are positive, the applicant shall not
be considered further by _____________________ [Instruction: Insert the name of company]
(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) for employment.

The Company will pay the cost of the pre-employment drug/alcohol test. Any additional
treatment or cost relating to the results of the testing is the applicant’s responsibility.

The Company will maintain the results of the pre-employment drug/alcohol test.

                                PRE-EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

I, ___________________________________ [Instruction: Insert the name of the Applicant],
understand the above conditions and hereby agree to comply with them (I understand what I am
being tested for), the procedure involved, and do hereby freely and voluntarily give my consent
to the testing laboratory designated by the Company to perform analytical tests deemed
necessary to determine the absence or the presence of alcohol and/or drugs [Instruction: Check
(X) for all that apply) in my ___ urine, ___ blood, _____ hair, or ___ breath as specified by
statute and regulation of the Company. In addition, I understand that the results of this test will
become part of my record.

I understand that:

1. The authority may request proof that I am taking a controlled substance as directed pursuant
    to a lawful prescription issued in my name. If requested, I must provide such proof within 48
2. I have the right to request a re-test of the initial specimen at a licensed laboratory of my
    choice if I have a positive test for drugs. All requests for a re-test of the sample must be
    made within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the original positive test result. The
    results of the sample must be forwarded to me by the appointing authority of the agency.

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3. That only duly-authorized Company officers, employees, and agents will have access to
    information furnished or obtained in connection with the test; that they will maintain and
    protect the confidentiality of such information to the greatest extent possible; and that they
    will share such information only to the extent necessary to make employment decisions and
    to respond to inquiries or notices from government entities.
4. I understand that the Company will require a drug screen and/or alcohol test under this policy
    randomly, and whenever I am involved in an on-the-job accident or injury under
    circumstances that suggest possible involvement or influence of drugs or alcohol in the
    accident or injury event, and I agree to submit to any such test.
This policy and authorization have been explained to me in a language I understand, and I have
been told that if I have any questions about the test or the policy, they will be answered.

I hereby authorize these test results to be released to ___________________________
[Instruction: Insert the name of company]

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     Applicant/Employee Signature                                            Date

__________________________________                            _______________________

          Supervisor’s Signature                                             Date

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