Notice to Vacate


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									This Notice to Vacate is intended to be used to serve a tenant with a notice to vacate
the property and this document is intended to fully abide with state laws in which this
notice is given. This document is intended to be acceptable under state laws in
situations where one decides to proceed with a court action. This document contains
language commonly used in this type of notice; however, the landlord may add
additional language to suit his or her needs. This form can be used by landlords when
giving a tenant legal notice to vacate.
                                           NOTICE TO VACATE

        State of _________________

        County of ________________________ [Instruction: Insert the County]

        To: __________________________________________________

        [Instruction: list each tenant who will be affected by this notice]

        Address:         ______________________________________



                         [Instruction: Insert the address of the property]

        You     are   hereby    notified   that   within   Thirty   (30)   days   as   per   Section
        __________________________, of _________________ Statutes, after delivery of this
        notice, I demand possession of said property listed above, now occupied by you, which
        you illegally detain from me. Unless you vacate at once, I shall proceed to repossess said
        property which you now owe ________________ ($____) [Instruction: Insert amount
        of rent due e.g., Two Thousand dollars ($2,000)] for rent through the _______ [date]
        day of _______ [month], 20_______ [year] and/or for the reason(s) listed herein:

        _________________. [Instruction: State reasons for eviction]

        If you fail to vacate the premises by the above date, the undersigned may commence
        eviction proceedings against you and/or exercise other available rights and remedies
        under the law.

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        Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

        Very truly yours,


        [Instruction: Insert the landlord's name]




        [Instruction: Insert the address and phone number of Landlord]

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