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					    Interdisciplinary Rural Immersion Week orientation agenda

   1) Introductions
   2) Review of purpose of the week
   3) Review of draft schedule
   4) Housing decisions
   5) Carpooling decisions
   6) Group investigation options
          a. Community and economy
          b. Education
          c. Law enforcement and public safety
          d. Air, land, water and energy
          e. Health care
                 i. acute care
                ii. long-term care
                iii. public health
               iv. mental health
   7) Media and funder information
   8) Debriefing and evaluation expectations

   Contact: Mark Deutchman MD
             Cell: 303-956-7058

Rural Interdisciplinary Immersion week orientation          Page 1
                           Summer Immersion 2011 participants San Luis Valley
Students                   Grad
Name             School    Year   #                email                                Cell
Terra                                                                                  303-917-
Thompson         Nurs                 1            TERRA.THOMPSON@UCDENVER.EDU         1907
Stuart           Nurs       11        1  
Chandra Ruiz     Nurs                 ?            CHANDRA.RUIZ@UCDENVER.EDU
Jeff                                                                                   720-244-
DesMarteau       Nurs       12        1            JEFFREY.DESMARTEAU@UCDENVER.EDU     6102
                                        Shane -
Janet Hassell    Nurs       12        2 analyst    JANET.HASSELL@UCDENVER.EDU
Julia Fairbank   PA         14        1            JULIA.FAIRBANK@UCDENVER.EDU         5142
Eisenbrown       PA         14                     Kelli.eisenbrown@UCDENVER.EDU
Luis                              maybe
Hernandez        PA         14       2?  
Erin Marten      scholar    13        1            ERIN.MARTEN@UCDENVER.EDU
Danielle                                                                               719-251-
Stutzman         SOP                  ?        2892
Ana Marie                               Lenling-                                       970-988-
Delgado          SOP                  2 teacher            0053
Ionita Pierre    PH         11        2 owner      IONITA.PIERRE@UCDENVER.EDU
Catia Chávez     PH                   1  
Henry            PH                      
Stephen Wills    SOM        14        1            STEPHEN.WILLS@UCDENVER.EDU          5120
Cole Wiedel      SOM        14        ?            COLE.WIEDEL@UCDENVER.EDU            5209
Taisa Priester   SOM        14        1           4313
Joshua Bollan    SOM        14        1            JOSHUA.BOLLAN@UCDENVER.EDU
Sara Parke       SOM        14        2 boyfriend SARA.PARKE@UCDENVER.EDU              4604
Susan Ulmer      SOM        14        1            susaN.ULMER@UCDENVER.EDU            7636
Robert Rivard    SOM        14                     3553

Rural Interdisciplinary Immersion week orientation                                   Page 2
                   Draft Schedule for Interdisciplinary Rural Immersion week
                      San Luis Valley, Colorado June 13-17, 2010
                                    Draft if 3/29/11
Day         Time         Activity
Monday      7:30 AM      Leave Denver (Aurora Anschutz campus)
June 13
            Noon         Arrive Alamosa 4 hours, 170 miles
            Noon         Lunch at Adams State College – Luther Room SLV Pizza
                         Company 2069 1st St
                         Alamosa, Colorado 81101
                         Randall Pierson (719) 589-4749
            1 – 4 PM     Community orientation with speakers
            4 PM         Scavenger hunt
                         Check in at Comfort Inn, 6301 US Highway 160 719-587-9000
            7 PM         Dinner as a group at Calvillo’s Contact: Jose 587-5500

Tuesday     8 AM         Breakfast at hotel
June 14
            9 AM to      Group instructions followed by community exploration in
            4 PM         groups; box lunches ( Jamie Martinez (719-849-0914) $10.00
            6 PM         Group dinner at Amish farm possibly preceded by work at farm
                         (the Miller Farm). Miller’s will provide horse/buggy rides for
                         the students. Contact: Laura Miller 719-852-0967

Wednesday 8 AM           Breakfast at hotel
June 15
          9 AM to        Group instructions followed by community exploration in
          noon           groups; box lunches (Jamie Martinez 719-849-0914)
          Noon to 6      Afternoon off (See table of suggestions below)
          7 PM           Group dinner at SLV brewery 631 Main Street Alamosa, CO
                         81101 Contact: Chris Chandler 719-587-2337

Thursday    8 AM         Breakfast at hotel
June 16
            AM        Continued community exploration in group
            Noon      Lunch at Hunan’s 419 Main Street
                      Alamosa, CO 81101-2617
                      Contact: Fred Allen (719) 589-9002
            Afternoon Work on reports
            6 PM      Group dinner (BBQ) Ron Neilson (274-5716). will cater this
                      event – 80 people min.

                         Salazar Ranch visit with community members; Mariachi and

Rural Interdisciplinary Immersion week orientation                                        Page 3
                           Semilla Dancers Domingo Estra- 719-589-9000 Nick Branchel
                           Cell 575-770-3286 and Bonnie 575-770-3286.Frank Vigil 676-
                           4470 or 379-3263

Friday        8 AM         Breakfast at hotel
June 17
              9 AM         Debriefing; group reports at Adams State, Porter Hall, Room #
              Noon- 1      Lunch catered by Bistro Rialto and depart (or stay for the
              PM           weekend on your own) 714 Main Street
                           Alamosa, CO 81101-2540
                           Contact: Kent Holtcamp (719) 589-3039, Cell: 588-7991 (We
                           take of drinks)Spaghetti& and Marinara fettuccine
                           Alfredo/chicken/plain, garlic bread stick and salad. 2 6ft tables
              5 PM         Arrive Denver

                         Ideas for Wednesday afternoon free time
Attraction                 Distance from Alamosa            Times            Cost
Sand Dunes                 35 miles Northeast of Alamosa    Open 24 hours    $3.00 per person
Zapata Falls               30 miles Northeast of Alamosa    Open 24 hours    free
Stations of the Cross      50 miles South East              Open 24 hours    free
Old Spanish Cemeteries     Varies                                            free
Hooper Hot Springs         20 miles North East of Alamosa   10:00 AM-        College Students with
                                                            10:00 PM         ID $10.00
                                                                             Adults $12.00
Fort Garland Museum        25 East of Alamosa               8:00 AM –        Adult $3.50
                                                            4:00 PM
La Garita                  47 miles North West              Open 24 hours    free
Fishing: Rio Grande        Varies
Fishing: South Fork        Varies
Alligator Farm             17 miles North of Alamosa        9:00 AM –        Adults $6.25
                                                            7:00 PM

Rural Interdisciplinary Immersion week orientation                                             Page 4
               2011 Rural Immersion Week (SLV) Evaluation form Draft
          Please indicate how nearly you think these objectives were met
           Objective           Met             Met        Met         Not at all
                               completely      mostly     partially   met
Identify the components of a
rural community and focus
on one area
Assess factors that facilitate
healthy living
Assess factors that serve as
barriers to healthy living
Develop an impression of
whether living and working in
a rural area is a personal and
professional “fit” for you

1) Was the experience adequately planned and organized?

2) Was the hotel acceptable?

3) Were the meals adequate?

4) Was this experience worth your time?

5) How important was the stipend in your participation in this week?

6) What recommendations do you have for improving this experience?

7) What is your area of healthcare study or practice and year? ___________

8) What previous rural life or work experience have you had?

9) What thoughts about rural life and career did this week’s experiences reinforce or

10) How is your interest in future rural life and work affected by this week? (Increased,
    decreased etc.)

11) What, if any, questions did this week’s experiences bring up for your career planning
    and how do you intend to answer them?

12) Did you attend Rural Grand Rounds this past year (often, occasionally, never)

13) Do you intend to attend Rural Grand rounds this coming year?

Rural Interdisciplinary Immersion week orientation                                   Page 5

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